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How to clean gold and diamonds?


Hello, our dear readers! What thoughts come to mind when mentioning the word “diamond”? Something bright, brilliant, radiant and expensive. But does he always manage to maintain his pristine appearance? Reading this article will tell you about all the "tricks" that allow you to return the famous brilliance to diamonds, as well as talk about how to clean diamonds at home.

In addition, reading the article will help you understand what should not be done when cleaning jewelry. We are sure this article will help you. We wish you a pleasant and fascinating reading!

Why do you need jewelry care?

Care for jewelry is a mandatory part of the operation, which is definitely not worth neglecting. In the process of wearing, jewelry is in contact with the skin, then, with body fat, interacting with the environment. This leads to darkening and accumulation of dirt. In addition to the fact that the dirt looks terrible and spoils the appearance of the products, they are also dangerous to health, as they can lead to inflammation of the earlobe, irritations, wounds, etc. And if you take into account that earrings, rings, bracelets, chains and pendants are very quickly covered with grease and dust, then the lucky owners of luxurious jewelry need to clean gold and diamonds every month.

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To do this, you can contact a specialized jewelry workshop, where the master professionally, quickly and efficiently returns products to their original luster and charm. Or try to get rid of dirt at home.

Professional help or home cleaning?

Each holder of precious items faces the right choice of how to clean gold and diamonds. What to choose is up to you, because each method has its advantages:

  • Professional cleaning is a guaranteed result. The jeweler knows exactly how to handle precious materials and stones, has the necessary solutions and tools to restore the splendor and charm to masterpieces, to preserve the master's filigree work.

Before proceeding with cleaning, it is necessary to determine the type of dirt and only then choose a cleaning method. Do not forget that gold is considered a soft material and damaging it is quite simple. Other metals, such as copper, zinc, silver, etc., are also part of gold. If they come in contact with moisture, they may turn green or black. Even small black and green spots can greatly change the appearance of jewelry. Therefore, complex, expensive or exclusive jewelry is better to trust the hands of a professional.

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The only drawback of professional cleaning is the money that you will have to pay for each treatment. But this amount is incommensurable with the risk that exists with inept handling, inexperience and lack of knowledge, which can lead to serious consequences. And if you consider that the cost of gold jewelry and diamonds is high, then it’s probably not worth the risk.

  • At home, you can clean gold and diamonds inexpensively. This is the main and perhaps the only bonus of self-cleaning. You can also note the time savings, because you do not have to go to the jewelry workshop, adjust to the work schedule or leave the kit. You can start cleaning jewelry at any time convenient for you. But the risk of making a mistake is extremely high. The indestructibility of a diamond is known to everyone, but after cutting on the surfaces even the smallest scratches become noticeable. Lack of knowledge and experience can cause improper selection of cleaning agents and reagents, as a result, cleaning will be ineffective or cause even more problems: reduced gloss, clouding, stains or scratches. And mechanical stress and temperature increase can cause cracks in the crystal. In addition, there are times when cleaning products is not enough and after a set of measures it is necessary to carry out polishing.

If jewelry is really precious to you, it is best to entrust the cleaning to the hands of a professional.

How to clean diamonds at home?

Does the brilliance of diamonds begin to fade and the gold darken? How to clean gold and diamonds safely? For self-cleaning, masters offer several safe recipes:

  • Soap solution. To do this, pour water into a small container and add liquid soap or shampoo. In the prepared solution, you can lower the diamond for several minutes, then remove and rub with a toothbrush. This method does not remove all types of contaminants, but effectively fights against a yellowish coating.
  • Ammonia. To prepare the solution you will need: water, a few drops of ammonia. It is enough to lower the product into the prepared solution for 30 minutes, then brush it with a toothbrush and put it back into the solution for several minutes. After that, it is enough to gently wipe with a napkin and can be worn.
  • Vodka solution is made in a ratio of 1: 1. The decoration is placed at night, and in the morning it remains to brush, rinse and wipe.
  • In some jewelry stores, gold and diamonds can be quickly cleaned with special tools. Therefore, together with a new masterpiece in the collection does not hurt to purchase them.

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And do not forget that prevention is always more effective and easier than treatment. Therefore, if you wipe the diamond with a napkin every day and remove traces of dirt daily, your jewelry will retain its pristine shine and charm for a long time. By the way, with the search for napkins you can not zealous. Wipes are perfect for LCD screens and monitors. They do not spoil a stone and perfectly dissolve dirt.

How to clean white gold?

White gold has a special alloy. It involves gold, copper, nickel and palladium. It is nickel that replaces silver and gives products an amazing white color. Most often, jewelry is coated with rhodium to increase resistance to external factors, but over the years this coating can wear off and the surface becomes vulnerable.

White gold should only be cleaned with a soft cloth and you should absolutely not use powders, pastes or a toothbrush.

To help come:

  • Ammonia solution
  • 25% aqueous ammonia solution
  • Lipstick.

The latter method may surprise you. Actually explaining the effectiveness of lipstick is simple. It contains titanium dioxide, which effectively removes blackness from products. It is enough to apply a little lipstick on a cotton swab and wipe the product. Then carefully polish it.

By negligence, a drop of iodine can get on a ring of white gold. If this happened, do not be upset. Dip the ring for 20-30 minutes in a hyposulfite solution. This is a special composition that photographers use, it can be purchased without problems in specialized stores for photo products.

In general, prevention and proper storage will help preserve the pristine charm. And you won’t have to think about how to bring back the sparkle to gold and diamonds.

Proper storage will make maintenance easier!

The proper storage of gold and diamonds is a science. And if you want to wear them, you should master it perfectly:

  • You can not leave jewelry in the bathroom, high humidity has a negative effect.
  • It is necessary to store products in a dry, dark place, reliably protecting from direct sunlight.
  • Pearl products must be distinguished from other jewelry.
  • It is advisable to use closed boxes and containers that protect against dust.

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If you follow these simple rules, you can be sure that you will have to clean gold and diamonds much less frequently. The following is also important:

  • Never try to clean gold with abrasive materials.
  • Do not use unverified methods. Remember, chemicals can be damaging to stone.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use hot water or blow dry a diamond with a hairdryer.
  • Even if you manage to clean gold and diamonds at home, then once every six months you need to show the jewelry to a jeweler. He will check them for scratches, damage, remove dirt and germs from the ultrasonic bath, and if necessary, strengthen or polish them.
  • If we used to clean silver jewelry with soda, then it will not work for gold and diamonds. They will lose their luster and become dull.
  • Hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, vinegar oxidize gold and contribute to clouding of the diamond.
  • Chlorine discolors gold.
  • Household detergents and cleaners contain a high percentage of alkalis that have an adverse effect.

Be careful with precious jewelry, look at the list of prohibited cleaning products, so as not to spoil the noble shine of the gem and keep the jewelry in perfect order.

Remember that only systematic care can guarantee the mesmerizing brilliance of diamonds. A plaque accumulated over the years can only be removed by re-cutting.

How to clean diamonds at home: rules for caring for diamonds

An interesting fact: dirty diamonds look smaller than “clean” ones. Therefore, if you want them to look like brand new even several years after their acquisition, then you need timely and proper care.

Perhaps the easiest way to clean a gem is to give it to a professional jeweler. With the help of an ultrasonic bath and special chemical components, its original appearance will return.

If you do not express a desire to part with your favorite jewelry and, moreover, pay the master jeweler for work, your option is to figure out all the nuances of cleaning yourself and do this process at home.

So, how can you clean a diamond jewelry:

  • use a special cleaning component, which can be purchased at any jewelry store, pharmacy, department store,
  • ammonia solution (20%) or alcohol (can be replaced with ordinary vodka),
  • hair shampoo, liquid soap, the usual budgetary tool used when washing dishes, the main thing is that it does not contain caustic alkali,
  • soda solution
  • Coca-Cola carbonated drink
  • ammonia and cold water.

Any cleaning option involves the use of containers, soaking for a certain time, gently wiping with a dry cloth that absorbs moisture well and does not contain lint.

In the future, we will consider each of the cleaning methods in more detail, giving our readers detailed instructions for independent use.

Cleaning diamonds with special tools

Having bought a ready-made tool for cleaning jewelry, you can greatly simplify the work and keep your nerves and strength in order. The attached instructions for use on the tool will be a good and pleasant bonus to everything.

You can buy the product in any jewelry store, some supermarkets, pharmacies. As a rule, they are universal and suitable not only for cleaning diamond products, but also silver, white gold, yellow gold, silver.

It is important to carefully follow the instructions, to eliminate the likelihood of "overdoing" with the concentration of the cleaning agent and incompatibility with other components that the product contains (for example, if the ring or any other jewelry contains emeralds, sapphires, amethysts).

As a rule, a diamond jewelry is immersed in a solution and left for 8 hours, however, depending on a particular cleaning agent, the immersion time can vary significantly. Therefore, it is important to carefully read the instructions for it located on the label before starting use.

When cleaning additional accessories are used, such as

  • soft bristle brush
  • Microfiber lint-free rag
  • gloves for protecting hands (the solution can be toxic and dangerous to the skin of the hands),
  • the container into which the product will be immersed.

Sometimes some people, if they want to save money, use a regular toothbrush. This can be extremely dangerous for the product, since the brush can have hard bristles that can cause mechanical damage to the jewelry.

At the end of cleaning, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Voila, done! Your diamond jewelry has regained its former “crown” brilliance.

Cleaning with liquid soap

To clean jewelry containing diamonds from grease and dirt, it is enough to use ordinary liquid soap or dishwashing detergent. It is important that they are low in alkali.

  1. To do this, the detergent is diluted with warm water in the ratio of one teaspoon of the product to one glass of warm water. After intensive mixing, a homogeneous mass is obtained containing soap bubbles.
  2. Soak the diamond jewelry in the resulting soap solution for 5 minutes, and then continue cleaning with a brush (or a toothbrush with soft bristles).
  3. Repeat the process several times until the products are completely clean.
  4. At the end of cleaning, rinse the product with plain warm water.

That's all! The diamond looks like brand new.

Ammonia cleaning

A proven reliable jewelry cleaner is ammonia. Be sure to use medical gloves, since ammonia is very corrosive and can harm the skin of your hands.

  1. To prepare the necessary solution, you need to mix one part of ammonia with six parts of warm water.
  2. The product is placed in the resulting solution for twenty to thirty minutes.
  3. After cleaning in ammonia water, the diamond jewelry is placed in a container with soapy water for five minutes and thanks to the brush, the stone is thoroughly processed.
  4. At the end, washing with water is done and that’s it! The product is cleaned and ready to please the eye.

Clean ammonia

The method is similar to the previous one using ammonia liquid. The only difference is that ammonia is used, which is sold in pharmacies. Thirty minutes will be absolutely sufficient for complete cleaning. Do not forget to rinse with warm water!

Done! In a simple way, we gave a second life to our product.

Cleaning diamond jewelry in soda solution

Besides the fact that this method will help to clean your product, it will also add incredible shine to a diamond and other precious stones used.

Please also note that in the case of gold, on the contrary, dullness is added and the golden luster disappears. Therefore, do not use soda if a diamond-containing jewel is made of gold.

It is necessary to pour a solution of soda into the container and put the product overnight (approximately 8-10 hours). In the morning, if necessary, you can walk with a brush and rinse with warm water.

That's all. The diamond has acquired its original appearance.

Cleaning with alcohol (or vodka)

The method is very simple. It is enough to pour alcohol into a glass and place a diamond product there. Just two to three minutes will be enough for a complete cleansing. As in other methods, rinse with warm water at the end.

Only 5 minutes of your time and the product has pleasantly changed right before your eyes.

Coca-Cola Cleaning

For many people it will be strange, but such a popular drink cleanses gold and diamonds well. To clean, just put the jewelry in the drink. After two to three hours, you can get it out and rinse with warm water to finish the cleaning process.

Done! Your golden diamond ring shines like new.

How to clean gold with diamonds

If you already understand how to clean diamonds, then the next step will be to figure out what to do if you need to clean not only the gem itself, but also gold? Are there any nuances?

We hasten to please you, gold is one of the most resistant materials to chemical influences and therefore none of the above methods can harm it.

The only thing that can happen: gold will lose its luster (for example, if you use a solution of soda).

So, what can be used for simultaneous cleaning of both gold and diamond:

  • use a special cleaning component, which can be purchased at any jewelry store,
  • ammonia solution or alcohol (can be replaced with ordinary vodka),
  • dentifrice,
  • hair shampoo, liquid soap, the usual budgetary tool used when washing dishes,
  • Coca-Cola carbonated drink
  • onion juice
  • lipstick (to remove stubborn stains and stains).

Can not be used for cleaning: iodine, potassium permanganate, chlorine-containing components, soda.

What you can not clean diamonds

Very often, people make mistakes that can completely ruin a piece of jewelry.

So, what can not be cleaned with diamond jewelry?

  • Abrasive cleaners - will cause damage to precious stones.
  • Уксус — негативно сказывается на минералах.
  • Перекись водорода — убивает блеск кристалла.
  • Йод — аналогично перекиси и уксусу.

Эффективные рецепты

Один из рецептов для очистки:

  1. Изделие нужно прокипятить 10 мин. в мыльной воде. You can use soap, powder or other cleaning agent. Please note that white gold does not tolerate chlorine, it should not be in the composition of the product.
  2. Boiling in water and soda. 1 tbsp. spoon of soda per 100 gr. water. Such a mixture releases foam, so the solution may escape from your pan - be careful.
  3. After boiling, wipe the product with a flannel cloth.

How to store diamonds

It is important to understand that in order to clean jewelry you had as little as possible, you need to store them correctly.

One of the most important storage rules: diamond jewelry must be stored separately from pearls.

Other storage nuances:

  • the humidity of the room in which the decoration is stored should not be high (can not be stored in the bathroom, bath, sauna and other rooms with high humidity),
  • must not be near bleach or other corrosive substances,
  • try not to touch the gems with your hands,
  • avoid contact with other jewelry containing precious stones,
  • keep away from intense sunlight,
  • keep away from places with high temperatures,
  • remove diamond jewelry when working with hands and improvised tools, playing sports, cooking in the kitchen to eliminate the possibility of mechanical damage.

If this point is dealt with, then move on.

Interesting facts: diamond ring

A diamond ring has always been considered a valuable acquisition, pleasing not only your eye, but also the people around you. It is very difficult to find a girl in the world who rejects a ring containing such a beautiful and valuable mineral.

There are various combinations of precious stones and metals in the manufacture of rings, for example, with white gold, yellow gold, red gold, silver.

The forms of crystals used may also be different.

  • round minerals,
  • a rectangle with cut corners (the so-called emerald shape),
  • trillant (shape of an equilateral triangle), radiant (rectangular shape),
  • marquise (oval shape),
  • heart (very popular for making wedding rings),
  • droplet shape,
  • pear-shaped.

The use of one form or another of a crystal in a ring depends on the purpose and, of course, the cost.

Whatever the diamond ring is, it is important to maintain it in a good pristine condition, store it correctly, clean it of accumulated dirt and greasy deposits that remain after frequent contact with human skin.

We hope that reading the article helped you understand all the intricacies of this process.

This concludes our fascinating story about cleaning diamonds at home! Thank you very much for your interest and attention! We will be very grateful if you do not forget to recommend reading the article to friends and share it on social networks!

Toothpaste at home

It is necessary to take a paste for sensitive teeth (it will definitely not break the coating), apply to a soft brush and rub the surface of the product. After the cleaning procedure, rinse the jewelry with warm water.

Cleaning jewelry made of precious metals is not such an overwhelming task. Despite this, it is necessary to take into account the physical characteristics of metals and observe strict precautions during various procedures.

Do not use powders, gels, or abrasive cloths when cleaning. These tools can severely damage the material, and the appearance of the products will be hopelessly damaged. It is worth using brushes only with soft bristles.

Products containing chlorine and other harsh substances are not used for such jewelry. It is best to use soft components to gently remove plaque and dirt.

Can be used ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. One ampoule of ammonia is mixed with 50 ml. hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to keep gold in such a solution for at least 7-8 minutes, you can even leave it for a day. Special cleaning solution can be purchased at the store.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time searching for them, there are several simple methods for cleaning with improvised means:

  1. Sugar solution. Stir 2-3 teaspoons of sugar in warm water, put gold in the solution for 12 hours. This method is suitable for prevention, and not for serious pollution, it will return the jewelry to its former luster.
  2. Nail polish remover. There are not many aggressive components in it to harm, and at the same time it is in almost every home. You need to wipe the decoration with the composition. Better to use options without ammonia. The method is suitable for removing grease and dirt.
  3. Hyposulfite solution. Leave the decoration in solution for 20 minutes. This tool is sold in any store specializing in photography. This method works well with iodine stains.

Tips & Tricks

Before cleaning, check for damage. This is an important procedure, in the presence of chips and scratches, it is better to attribute the decoration to the master, so as not to cause even more damage by self-cleaning.

There is a risk of dropping miniature jewelry into the sewer when flushing the solution with tap water. Close the drain with a stopper or refuse a similar method of washing. Take off your white gold jewelry while swimming in the pool. In this case, we are not talking about the possibility of loss. The pool water contains chlorine, harmful to enamel from rhodium.

If the decoration is with stones, then you should refrain from cleaning with any alcohol, even ammonia. But this rule does not apply to products with diamonds.

When brushing with toothpaste, it may seem like the best solution to use a new brush, but the old one will be much more useful; a soft bristle will not damage the coating.

After cleaning, be sure to wipe the product, never leave it wetotherwise, such neglect will adversely affect the state of the metal, which will be visible even to the naked eye.

Jewelry should also be stored correctly. Cardboard boxes are not suitable for white gold due to the presence of sulfur in the composition.

Proper and safe jewelry care

Jewelry requires attention. There are stones that cannot tolerate high humidity, such as amber, turquoise and opal. Therefore, when cleaning jewelry yourself, you need to find out the characteristics of the precious stones in your jewelry; immediately, the home cleaning method should not be used.

Plaque and various dirt not only penetrate into the metal, but also clog in the cracks between the stones, making it difficult to remove them. The best tool in this case is a cotton tupfer.

It is almost impossible for them to damage the frame, which cannot be said about hard and sharp tools. Do not just clean the decoration inlaid with stones in running water - stones can fall from the frame into the drain.

When cleaning stone do not use paste or powder. This may damage the surface. Easily removes difficult cases of gasoline contamination.

When the hardness of the stone is less than 5, it is advisable to use exclusively soap as a cleaning agent. Low hardness stones are: turquoise, moonstone, malachite, opal and apatite.

When cleaning jewelry with pearls, it is important to note that this stone is of organic nature, it is extremely fragile and, of course, should not be exposed to an active chemical environment.

Folk jewelry cleaning methods

There are many folk remedies for cleaning jewelry. For example, titanium dioxide, which is present in cosmetic lipstick, helps to restore gold jewelry and give them an initial shine. Just apply lipstick and thoroughly smear the precious metal. Then rinse the product and remove any remaining lipstick.

The next method is peeling, just wipe the onion with the chopped onion. Table vinegar is also suitable for this use. Both can perfectly eliminate the blackening of platinum. In addition, their use is not dangerous and does not damage the metal.

Another interesting cleaning method is the use of lime. Pour water into a porcelain cup and dilute finely grated lime there. The mixture should be liquid. Then add salt, soda and some more water. Next, the mixture should be mixed and left for several days. After the set time has elapsed, you can start cleaning. Place white gold in a porcelain cup filled with the resulting solution, leave for two hours. After the procedure, rinse the ring with wine alcohol and set to dry.

These are the jewelry cleaning methods that we know. Following the recommendations and instructions described, you can restore and permanently preserve the original beauty of white gold.

You will learn more about how to clean gold with stones at home from the next video.