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Mom, play with me! »How to be with a child every day and not get tired


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In this game you will need to put baby Helen to sleep. It will be very difficult to do this!

Why give the child more than he asks?

On holidays, when both children and parents are at home, kids can literally be exhausted with their demands. The way out - and very useful from the point of view of attachment theory - is to work ahead of the curve, offer care yourself. How and why to do this, said psychologist Olga Pisarik at an online lecture at the Ursa Major School.

Offer more intimacy than the child asks. This advice most often causes a desire to argue, because many mothers are with children all day, and their fatigue is an obvious fact. What lies behind this advice?

Be generous and always try to give more than you ask.

Give the child the feeling that he received intimacy and care not for his merits and without making efforts.

In a relationship, try to take the first step, for example, after a quarrel.

How to offer more intimacy?

First of all, this is done carefully, especially if the child often resists your leading role. Children often themselves prefer to direct the manifestation of love: “Mom, hug me! Mom, read me a book! No, this, no, not this! Well, let's go for a walk! Mom, get ready! Mom, don’t talk while driving! Drive carefully! Let's go here! Let's go there! Lie with me! Talk to me!". From this it follows that in relations and care one must take the initiative in one's own hands: do not be guided by a request, but try to predict it, offer it first.

In my family, this is very well manifested in the rituals around food. For a long time, my children asked if they could get ice cream or milk, meaning if it was possible to open the refrigerator. They put themselves in a dependent position, for which, of course, I never ashamed, but said: “Yes, open it and see what ice cream is!”. Sometimes, I pretended that I do not care what kind of ice cream to eat or how much it will eat. Or she suggested: “Let me decorate you with chocolate on top!” Or “Let me sprinkle nuts on top of you!”, “Let us mix!”, “Do you want me to help you put it in a glass?”

This is called “getting ahead or offering more than is required” in the simplest situations: “Mom, can I have some candy?” - “Take three.”

The parent satisfies the needs of the child, not his requirements.

We also understand and distinguish this: there are needs, but there are requirements. The child demands what, in his opinion, can improve his life and the life of his family. Say, today he must watch “Smesharikov”, and not go for a walk on the street. But you perfectly understand that the true needs of the child are to be accepted as he is, to be considered significant, appreciated. That is, it is a need for affection, and not for Smeshariki.

When through requirements we can see needs, then it will be easier for us to show generosity in relationships, recognize needs and prevent them.

“Mom, play cars with me!” The child asks once again, but you already hate these cars. You feel that if you touch the body, it will become bad in the literal sense. And we solve this situation, for example, like this: “Come, son, to me, we better read about cars! Look, what an interesting book I have! Look, I’ve found something about cars on the Internet! ”

That is, we provide contact, intimacy, dependence, and not animation or a non-stop game 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For example, your child is 2-2.5 years old, he loves to draw, and you need to take possession of it. You understand that proximity through similarity is already relevant at this stage of the relationship. And so you sit down and draw a mom with a daughter or do a photo shoot “Mother and daughter” in the style of “Family Look”. This will maintain your relationship.

All this gives the child the feeling that he is loved. If we answer the child’s requests or fulfill his requirements, then let this look like your idea:

- Mom, read to me!

- Listen! I was just about to tell you: “Come on, we read!”

- Mom, read to me! - the child asks and holds out a thin book.

- No, it's something too thin, wait a minute! Let's read this one, and then I have this one, this one, and this little book. Well, get on my hands and read on!

- Mom, hug me! Dad, hug me!

- Ah! Just take it and hug it? Just take it and hug it - and that’s it? No, it's just that you won’t get off!

That is, we give the child the feeling that this is our idea, ours! This means "interrupt", in the sense of trump card (from the English trump). It is as if we are interrupting, with our trump card of relations, affection, care, the child’s desire to receive this care. We give more.

- Hug you once? Well, no - five, at least five times I’ll hug you!

- Tell a story? Yes, I was just about to tell you two amazing stories!

The general idea is this: the last word should be yours, and you give more than the child asks.

The more you do this, the more you feed it, the less he will ask. It is not for nothing that we use the metaphor of hunger for attachment. When a person knows that he has the last piece of bread left, it is impossible to relax. In such a situation, we tend to seek food everywhere. If there is confidence that there is plenty of food and money to buy, we will eat as much as we need.

Excellent hostess and caring mom - can it be combined?

Many young mothers face a very big problem - how to combine worries about their little baby, which has just been born and requires maximum attention, and household chores, which can not be avoided? The first cause of postpartum depression in women is precisely because they do not have time and begin to doubt their abilities. But, in fact, combining a pleasant pastime with the baby and boring daily housework can be completely calm, without prejudice to the child and household chores.

· The first and most important rule that you need to remember is never refuse helpthat relatives and friends offer you. It is those mothers who try to do everything on their own who most often suffer from an inferiority complex and cannot do anything. I agree, there are duties that I do not want, or even impossible to entrust to anyone. But banal washing, cleaning, cooking, or walking on the street with a child, it is quite possible to entrust your husband, mother, mother-in-law or the best friend who see how tired you are and are eager to alleviate your suffering a little.

· Plan your day in advance. For such a thing, I advise you to have a notebook or a diary where you can write down everything you need and would like to do. Thus, you will be able to more rationally assess your strengths and capabilities, to distribute matters among the most important and most urgent, not very important and not very urgent, and, of course, not urgent and not important, which you can or may not do , or do only when there is a free minute.

· Observe the daily routine. When a child eats, goes to bed and walks at the same time, it will be much easier for you to plan your day and manage to do as much as possible in the shortest possible time.

· Wake up a little earlier than a baby. It would seem - well, what can be done in half an hour? But in fact, in 30 minutes you will have time to do exercises, put yourself in order, and calmly have breakfast. Perhaps at first you will feel sorry and hard for yourself, but over time you will get used to it and understand the charm of such a schedule.

· Never forget about yourself! Mom, who by the evening simply falls off her feet, and for the whole day could neither sit down, wash, or comb her hair, will not be able to give either her husband or child the warmth and positive that a loving mother should radiate. Wash and tidy up, of course, it is very important, but in this cleanliness and beauty, it will be uncomfortable with an irritated and angry woman who reproaches everyone around herself and herself for plowing like a horse for days without receiving any gratitude.