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Cream soda


Cream soda is the taste of childhood. Everyone who has tasted the drink at least once recalls the sweet creamy taste, the tingling bubbles, the feeling of freshness and coolness with warmth.

You can meet him now on the motley and crowded shelves of supermarkets. However, home cooking such a treat will bring much more pleasure.

Appearance story

Lemonade - is the first soda. At the end of the nineteenth century, part of its popularity was lured by cream soda.

The excessively high price made it accessible only to the upper strata of society. Ordinary workers knew about drinks only by hearsay.

Progress in the food industry has led to lower product costs. This led to a rapid increase in popularity and widespread distribution.

The name dainty was based on the components used.


To get homemade soda, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Pour water into the selected container (do not fill to the top: there should be room for a chemical reaction),
  2. Pour citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (proportions - respectively a quarter and a half teaspoon per 200 milliliters of liquid),
  3. To stir thoroughly.

Syrup + soda (recipe using drinking soda)

  • pour 200 milliliters of water into the pan,
  • add twice as much sugar
  • put the container on the fire and wait for the boil,
  • cook over low heat until sugar dissolves,
  • remove from the stove
  • leave for five minutes
  • add vanilla extract (sufficient volume - one tablespoon),
  • cool the syrup (you can put it in the refrigerator to speed up the process),
  • combine it with soda water, ice (proportions are determined based on individual taste preferences),
  • add ice cream,
  • start eating.

To give greater acidity, syrup can be prepared with the addition of several slices of lemon (they must be peeled).

Another possible supplement is food coloring. A small amount will transform the appearance of the final drink.

  • take home-made soda based on sodium bicarbonate, water and citric acid,
  • add some vanilla extract
  • pour the selected syrup,
  • add ice cream
  • mix,
  • put in the refrigerator for an hour,
  • start eating.

Yeast method (cream soda without NaHCO3):

  • prepare a liter bottle,
  • pour sugar into it (regular and vanilla, the required amount is, respectively, half a 250 gram glass and one standard bag),
  • supplement the duo with dry yeast (a minimum pinch is enough),
  • pour water (an empty volume should remain in the bottle, approximately enough for 2-3 fingers),
  • tightly screw the container and shake until the ingredients dissolve,
  • leave at room temperature for a couple of days (longer infusion in such conditions can lead to the formation of excessive pressure in the container under the action of the fermentation process, as a result, the bottle may burst),
  • after about two days, place the container in the refrigerator for a few more hours (this contributes to sedimentation)
  • gently separate the liquid from the thick (necessary to prevent yeast taste),
  • supplement the resulting drink with ice cream.

Cooking time can be shortened. To do this, you must:

  • take some water at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius,
  • pour in a teaspoon of sugar
  • add yeast
  • cover and wait until lush foam is formed,
  • put the resulting mass into a bottle,
  • add vanillin, missing sugar and water,
  • insist 12 hours at room conditions and 2 hours in the refrigerator,
  • separate from sediment and consume with ice cream.

Recommendations for use

The treat in question is perfect for any meal. However, it is better to drink it after a meal. For convenience, it is customary to use a straw.

The maximum taste is manifested immediately after cooking in a chilled form.
The product perfectly quenches thirst, tones the body, suppresses fatigue and cools in the sultry summer heat.

It consists of safe products, but they should not be abused: in excessive quantities, any wholesome food is capable of showing side effects.

General recommendations

To get a tasty product at home, you should follow a list of simple rules:

  • the use of high-quality and fresh (suitable for expiration dates) ingredients (in relation to water, the best option is a spring one),
  • strict adherence to the recommended proportions (if any),
  • following the described technological processes (making independent adjustments to the recipe can lead to a change in the final result).

An obvious alternative is a drink of industrial production. The latter may seem more attractive. The reasons for this are simple:

  • clearly selected ingredients and their proportions (the recipe is the result of the work of dozens of qualified specialists in the food industry),
  • lack of need for time for home cooking,
  • Attractive outer shell.

However, the composition with many letters "E", with various unnatural flavors and taste regulators should be thoughtful. This is especially true for children.

Application Reviews

Margarita, Vladivostok, 28 years old

I came across a cream soda recipe on the Internet. I tried to cook it at home. Expected to feel the taste of childhood. My family drank the drink in one go. I also participated in the process. It turned out delicious, but not in the way I expected. There is a similarity with the purchase option, but something is missing.

Evgeniya, Volgograd, 31 years old

I prepared a cream of my childhood, Cream Soda, for my children. They were absolutely delighted. Now this is a frequent treat on our dining table.

Drink history

Lemonade called cream soda usually has a light pinkish yellow color. Traditionally, it is flavored with vanilla or raspberry. Although in the world there are many different variations.

This is one of the fizzy drinks that has more than a century and a half history. The first egg-based drink recipe was published in the United States in 1852. It included tartaric acid, Epsom salt, sugar, egg, milk. All ingredients were mixed and filtered. Then water and baking soda were added. It was an effervescent soft drink.

From the ingredients, the origin of its name is clear:

Cream - egg white was whipped in foam plus milk, which gave it a creamy creamy taste.

Soda - from baking soda.

A patent for the production of "cream soda" was awarded in 1865 to Alexander Howell. It was made from sodium bicarbonate, water, sugar, egg whites, wheat flour. As a flavor used apples, vanilla, lemon. Before use, this soda was mixed with tartaric or citric acid.

In 1885 and 1886, patents for a beverage concentrate were registered in Canada. It had a syrupy consistency. The syrup consisted of egg whites, sugar, lime or lemon juice, citric acid, flavoring and baking soda. Adding cold water resulted in an effervescent drink.

With the development of technology, the recipe for soda cream has changed. Nobody uses soda today. A carbonated drink is obtained when saturated with carbon dioxide.

In the Soviet Union, this lemonade was especially popular. It was sold not only in bottles, but also in vending machines. They made it on the basis of herbal syrups and the flavor of "cream soda", which included vanillin and coumarin. Thanks to herbal ingredients, the drink was not only tasty, but also healthy.

How do cream soda

Today, technology has gone even further. No longer use natural ingredients and herbal syrups. And the basis of the drink is made up of artificial flavors, preservatives. Natural only water. Although the color, smell, taste resembles that from distant childhood, soda.

Of course, they reduce the cost, but add no taste and moreover, usefulness.

It is in the assortment of many manufacturers of soft drinks. Among them there are those who want to reduce the percentage of synthetic components and, at least bring the drink closer to Soviet standards.

True, most of the standards are understood in their own way: they are produced in glass bottles and with Soviet-style labels. But this is only a visual hoax. Inside are modern ingredients and technology.

How to make soda cream recipes

Whatever it was, in the summer we all buy and drink soft sodas. But you can try to prepare soda cream yourself at home. It is fast and tasty.

A small spoonful of bicarbonate of soda, a spoonful of sugar or sweetener, lemon (or a spoonful of vinegar, preferably apple) and water. Mix all the ingredients and enjoy!

Or use this recipe.

40 ml coconut milk

40 ml pineapple juice

10 ml coconut syrup

100 grams of cream ice cream

Mix by adding a few drops of lemon juice and pour in sparkling water.

There is a very simple recipe with ice cream. It vaguely resembles an old soda recipe. Prepared on the basis of kvass.

1 pack of vanillin

3-6 tablespoons of sugar

Dry yeast - at the tip of a knife

Ice cream - 50-100 grams

Pour water into a larger bottle so that about 7-10 centimeters remain to the neck.

Add sugar, vanillin and yeast. Shake, cover and leave in a warm place for 12-24 hours. During this time, fermentation will begin in the bottle.

Then put it in the refrigerator for several hours so that the sediment from the yeast settles and carefully pour into another container.

Add ice cream (preferably creamy) and enjoy!

It's not harder to make soda with the taste of berries. For this, self-made berry syrup or bought in a store is suitable.

Pour a small amount of syrup into a glass and add sparkling table water.

Optionally, add a scoop of ice cream or cream and mix quickly.

Here are such simple recipes for a homemade antique fizzy drink. If you want, try to restore the recipe with eggs. And what you can do - share in the comments.

Step by step recipe with photos and videos

Today I propose to cook at home a delicious cream soda. This is an extremely simple composition and preparation of the drink, which includes only four basic components: cream, sparkling water, sugar syrup and a little lemon juice. Light, creamy, cool, wrapped in a fluffy hat of milk foam - this drink is itself tenderness to taste. A real treat that captivates from the first sip! Give it a try!

Prepare the ingredients on a list.

Make sugar syrup. Combine 150 grams of sugar and 150 milliliters of water. Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring until sugar is completely dissolved.

When the mixture boils, turn off the heat and cool the syrup completely. Optionally, to give the syrup a flavor, add cinnamon stick or 0.25-0.5 vanilla pod to the hot syrup.

In a shaker or blender bowl, combine the chilled sugar syrup and an equal amount of cream (I got 200 milliliters of syrup, so the cream is also 200 milliliters). Add a little lemon juice and beat for a few seconds until a smooth mixture is obtained. The amount of lemon juice can be adjusted to your taste, so that the mixture turns out with a light pleasant acidity.

To serve the drink, add 2-3 ice cubes to the glass.

Pour in the prepared mixture of sugar syrup and cream, filling the glass by about 2/3.

And then pour in soda water, filling the glass to the top. Add water carefully, in a thin stream, as the mixture will foam very actively.

Complete the drink with a straw, garnish, if desired, with a sprig of mint and serve to the table.

Yeast method

Pour 1/4 or 1/3 cup sugar into a 500 ml bottle.

Note: This recipe is for a 500 ml bottle.
Pour one tablespoon (or half a tablespoon, for a lighter flavor) of vanilla extract into the bottle.
Add a small pinch of yeast (about 1/16 teaspoon) to the bottle.

Note: If you want to achieve faster fermentation, activate the yeast separately in warm water (37 C, if the water is too hot, the yeast will die), mix 2 teaspoon of sugar.

Cover and wait until the bowl is full of foam, you can clearly hear the fragrant smell of yeast. Add this to the contents of the bottle. this will reduce the amount of time you will have to wait for carbonation.

Fill the bottle with water, install the cap and shake it until the ingredients dissolve.

Leave the bottle at room temperature to let the yeast ferment (about 48 hours).

If you mix the yeast with warm water before adding them to the bottle, the fermentation process can take only 12 hours.

Do not leave the finished cream soda in a warm place longer than necessary for fermentation.

Leaving cream soda at room temperature for more than two days, especially in the summer, when the temperature is high, can create high enough pressure to explode the bottle!

Place the bottle in the refrigerator (within 24-48 hours, to stop fermentation, the finished drink should be placed in the cold).

Pour the drink so that the sleeping yeast residue remains at the bottom of the bottle. This will get rid of the yeast taste.
Add a spoonful of ice cream (optional).

Syrup and sparkling water - the second method

Dissolve 2 cups of sugar in 1 cup of water in a saucepan. Bring the solution to a boil. When the solution brightens, remove the syrup from the heat and let it cool for 5 minutes.

Add a tablespoon of vanilla extract. Now you have the syrup.
Cool the syrup in the refrigerator or in an ice bath.
Mix a little syrup with sparkling water and ice to taste.
Add a spoonful of ice cream (optional).