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How to speak with a girl you like for the first time


You met eyes, inside - inexplicable excitement. Her voice, eyes - excite the soul. But what to do next? How to talk with a girl who liked? Where to begin?

It hardly matters under what circumstances your chance encounter occurred. She is studying with you at the same school, university, acquaintance of friends, just a passerby on the street? Your goal is to win the girl to you, to please her. Gain her attention. In all these situations, there are several options for how to start a conversation:

1. Come and say hello.

The easiest, most open way to talk to a girl. Further, or improvise, or act according to the prepared plan. Choose the reason why you turned to a young lady.

- If she is studying at the same school with you - some positive educational moment, maybe a request or a proposal.

- If we are talking about a friend of your friends, then events can probably develop in a movie, cafe or at a party. There is a unique opportunity to offer the girl you like popcorn, a cocktail or delicious fruit juice. Maybe sit on the contrary to meet your eyes more often.

- If this is a random passer-by on the street or a metro passenger, for example. It will be interesting to get a small chocolate bar or souvenir from your pocket and hand it to the girl, while saying something nice, to make a compliment. There is nothing with you - just ask about the time or find out how to get there, drive somewhere. This, of course, is a commonplace way. talk to a girl. However, any girl will immediately realize what’s what and according to her answer, tone, you can easily determine whether she is disposed to meet you.

2. Play a cute lady.

You can come up with some kind of legend, story, joke. Not quite an honest way to talk to a girl you like, but pretty effective. You can lie that you are already familiar, then picturely lament that you have misplaced. Or tell how this girl is incredibly similar to the famous actress (even if it is not). Any other positive news, a joke will cheer up every beauty. The option is very effective, depends directly on your ability to improvise, to joke. If you are frankly ill with this, refrain.

3. For the first time, you can talk with a girl by phone. But for this it is important to know her number. In a different way, alas, nothing.

The first SMS should be polite, easy, very pleasant. Sincerity tact, literacy of all correspondence - the key to your meeting live. No need to be arrogant, too persistent, annoying or tedious. There should be a measure in everything. Easy flirting, tokens, timid compliments - this is what almost any girl will like.

4. Communication on the Internet. It can be social networks, or some kind of thematic forum. Finding a girl there will be even easier than finding her phone. The rules of correspondence are the same as in the previous paragraph.

Whichever of all the methods you choose, the first conversation with the girl you like may well become fatal. The main thing is to speak logically, competently, interestingly, sincerely. Categorically it is impossible: to be rude, to brag, to deceive. And more: a neat appearance, clean hair, a pleasant aroma. You must not repel.

Look at yourself in the mirror, smile. Do you like yourself? Then go ahead, conquer, conquer. The man who took the initiative in his hands is a romantic hero of a beautiful novel. And let that random stranger react to you just like that.

What you need to do to speak with a girl

Appearance. One can judge for a long time about warmth and understanding. But in the first few moments, the girl makes an intuitive analysis of your appearance and decides whether you are worthy of her attention or not. Therefore, in order not to receive premature rejection, take care of this. It is not necessary to buy expensive clothes and accessories, the average look and confidence on the face will be more than enough.

Gait. As soon as the guys do not start to behave when a pretty girl is next to them! They begin to tell each other business stories, show off cars and plans to buy real estate in France. But the stupidest thing that can be is their gait. Some begin to walk as if they were hinged, others walk imposingly “on relaxation”, others go as if they put a hockey stick in their ass. Forget it all. Behave as if an ordinary person is standing in front of you, not a beauty queen.

Wet hands. Probably there is no guy who would not sweat his hands during the first conversations with the girl. This is perfectly normal for guys, but not very encouraged by girls. Therefore, remember a simple rule. One hand should be lowered down to the leg in order to be able to quickly dry it on the pants. And the second should be raised up at chest level. Be sure to gesticulate her to create the impression of a smart guy. That will work.

Find out what she loves. Many guys think it's right to start a conversation with words to oneself. It will be a shock for you, but the girls do not want to listen to you at the first meeting. Girls love to tell about themselves, and the only way to get their hearts. You need to find out the interests of the girl, her preferences and favorite activities. All this can be used at the beginning of the conversation and subsequent communication.

Remember, the best way to get to know each other is to make the girl talk about herself. And then you can rely on your intuition and sudden decisions.

What you don’t need to do to speak with a girl

Conversation with a mirror. Do not doubt how you look and how you behave. Do not try to look at yourself from the outside and look for elusive flaws. Do not engage in self-digging and finding the best way to speak with a girl. Your speech should be emotional, spontaneous and flexible. And training phrases and gestures near the mirror will only spoil the whole impression of you.

Drink. Almost everyone is trying to drink for courage before meeting a girl. As a self-hypnosis, you can allow 1-2 glasses to calm your nerves. But you need to be careful. You can get drunk and turn into a pig, with whom they will not want to deal not only with girls, even their own friends.

Random meetings. Guys seek to arrange a meeting with a girl they like "by chance." They persuade common friends, try to adjust everything “spontaneously”. But almost all the girls immediately understand this. Some people like this, others immediately say: "No." So it will be safer to avoid such situations, there will be more chances of success.

Here are examples of what to say and what to do.

How to start a conversation with a girl? There are many ways to start communication. If before that you managed to cross your eyes, then this is even better, so try to catch this look, but if you failed, then there is nothing to worry about. For example, she goes and listens to the player. You should not be afraid (you are not doing anything illegal) to approach her from the side and lightly touch her elbow or shoulder, and after she turns around, you show her a gesture to take off her headphones.

Then you naturally say “Hello” to her and smile broadly at the same time. There are several types of so-called Openers, that is, openers, that is, questions or phrases that can be used at the beginning and to start communication.

Let's start with the Directive - it’s the simplest and you don’t have to invent anything - Hello ... .. You look cool (or some other compliment) ... .. (These dots mean a pause, that is, you have to take small pauses so that it seems natural and see her reaction to your words), stop for a minute, I want to chat with you (if she’s coming. If she’s standing, just say - I want to talk). But remember that this must be said very confidently. With a very high-quality non-verbal, by the way, read non-verbal in my other articles.

There are a couple of rules - Be sure to say “YOU”, not “YOU”, and the second rule - you never say the word “Meet” again, you replace this word with the word “Communicate”. Because this word is already like a red rag for a bull. And so you will already begin to be different from others. And if a girl tells you that she does not meet, then you will tell her - “Yes, we do not meet, we just communicate.” In general, this is important, try it yourself and see the changes for the better.

In general, Directive is my favorite opener, because nothing needs to be invented. But this is one way to start a conversation with a girl.

You can still tell her such a phrase - “You are a very unusual girl”, she will naturally ask - “What?”, This guarantees you that she will catch on, and then you already tell her what. For example - “You dress very brightly or You have very unusual eyes, especially the right one)))”. A girl can be completely ordinary, your business is just to tell her about it.

There are still ways to start talking with a girl from afar, so to speak, not directly in the forehead, but for example ask something. “Hi, tell me how to get there ...”, then she tells you, and you tell her - “By the way, you look great, you have unusual ones ... ..”. You can see her choosing some products in the store, go up to her and ask for advice on what you should choose, then the same way - by the way .... You look cool (or any other compliment) and introduce yourself - “My name is ...”.

By the way, here is another important rule - say hello and you always introduce yourself by the handle. No other way. How to talk to a girl on the street - you can ask something, for example, you can just walk by, tell her that she is very unusual ... I wrote more communication chips in the article how to drive a girl.

You can use a bottle opener such as “Accusation”. That is, you go behind the girl, catch up with her, overtake, and walk two meters ahead, you turn around, look into her eyes, smile and say, “Are you following me?))))),” And if she’s responds well, then slow down and start a conversation. It’s also a compliment that it’s very unusual, then you introduce yourself, but what can I say next?

If you ask me what to talk about next, then I will tell you about everything! About anything! There is no special topic for talking with a girl. But there are a lot of exercises to pump your conversation skills with the opposite sex. Read more about the conversation in the following articles!

Now you have learned how to talk with a girl who you like and most importantly about what's stopping you. And when you can eliminate the cause, then you can easily get rid of the effect. So the first thing you need to do is just as often as possible approach the girls and carry any nonsense, say anything, the main thing is to get used to the fact that being next to them is not scary. Remove your fear and you will get rid of problems.

Ask your questions in the comments and I will answer them!

How to survive a girl's failure

You need to understand that some girls already have guys, some are depressed because of the recent breakup, others only communicate with guys on Lexus and Geliki, and for some you just might not like it. So, with all the charisma and charm, the chance to get a refusal is quite high.

If you have been refused, you should say a little joke and calmly step aside with a smile. Do not try to threaten the girl, do not try to drag her by force into your car. You do not need to invite her friend, who is standing nearby. You do not need to wait for her to leave the club and threaten there already. All you need is a joke like: "Not bad, I'll try my luck with you another time," and leave. It is correct and worthy.

All these tips will help you with how to talk with a girl and spend the happiest day in your life.