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Ads from those wishing to rent a room or find neighbors for a joint lease or search for housing in St. Petersburg for a long time

I’ll rent a room in the Moscow metro area. Tel 89656803969

Peter. I’m hooked in my apartment near the metro with a good repair, absolutely nice, decent girl without children and animals, who really needs housing. For help with housework and friendship. Ready to help in all good people. Living alone is sad. We write in a personal.

I’ll rent a room for a long time! Metro Zvezdnaya, kupchino! You can 1 room. sq. in / l 89522400710 is desirable without intermediaries!

I hooked the girl. SPB, Nevsky district. Separate flat. There are no time limits.

St. Petersburg.
Free hooked adequate, pretty girl. Not a bigot.
The apartment has everything for a comfortable life.
I can for a long time.
All questions in hp)

I am looking for a neighbor to stay together in a room! 15 rubles (w / o-on + light (electricity is paid by the meter at the end of the month. Ryabovskoye Shosse121 / 2 (rzhevka)) There is everything you need: a separate refrigerator, a washing machine for 3 rooms, a separate kitchen cabinet, a TV. Internet and television are paid until December 1. Details in hp

I’m looking for a two-room apartment, an adequate paymentable girl for sharing, for a long time, for a quick street intersection with optics for an LCD house, a small Maritime district, 10 minutes away! HV with a good repair, separate rooms, two glazed panoramic balconies, everything you need for living is available, stop by and live in a sleeping area. About me I am 29 years old, I love cleanliness and order, a sports coach. The request of agents not to disturb.

Girls, who needs housing? Write, do not be shy! I’m hooked on myself for a long time. Peter. Own apartment, within walking distance from the metro.

Good day! Or evening, for those who read this announcement, my name is Andrey, I write in 4x. km square, 1k 7m. The room has a sofa, a wardrobe, and there is also a washing machine, microwave. Please call tel. 89117963874.s9: 00 to 23:30. thank

  • Floor husband
  • There are animals Yes
  • I smoke Yes
  • Gender neighbors husband
  • fridge Yes

Urgently I am looking for a neighbor / ku to rent an apartment on a blue branch, preferably at the Victory Park, write to hp. Urgently

  • Floor husband
  • I smoke Yes
  • furniture Yes
  • balcony / loggia Yes
  • fridge Yes
  • washing machine Yes
  • microwave Yes
  • television Yes
  • air conditioning Yes

If you are young and ready to live together in the same apartment, divide the rent equally and run a farm, then our site can help you with the selection of not only housing, but also find a partner for this business.

How often did you come across an ad: looking for neighbors for joint rental housing in St. Petersburg? Probably not very often, as there is no special resource for finding joint housing in St. Petersburg so far. Our site has corrected this gap, and gave this opportunity to everyone.

It doesn’t matter who you are looking for, on the site you can advertise yourself in order to find a person. Or see who is already looking for a guy or girl to live together in an apartment or room. If you wish, you can even find options for sharing in a family where caring owners will be happy to host a tenant.

You can take the initiative yourself by posting an ad: I am looking for a partner for a joint rental apartment for a long time. To rent a house together can be a great option for living in a big city such as St. Petersburg, where there are many offers to rent a room. It is enough to choose exactly the option that suits you the most.

Where to start the search

Accommodations - starting point when searching for a neighbor. You:

  • personal one-room apartment,
  • rented one-room apartment,
  • own or rented apartment with several rooms.

  • just thinking about renting a house, look for a neighbor,
  • Looking for a companion with your own or rented apartment.

Choose a same-sex companion in a one-room apartment. This eliminates the inconvenience associated with gender differences: dressing, night sleep, little things of a domestic nature.

Almost always, heterosexual cohabitation is perceived as a sexual relationship.

In an apartment with two or more rooms, gender differences can be neglected.

Different opinions about mixed sex

If your apartment, choose your neighbor carefully. In human psychology, there is a typical stamp that demonstrates a better attitude to personal property and almost indifferent to a stranger.

Want to get hooked on someone? Please note that conditions, unlike rents, may be unequal. For example, a room is worse: smaller or with poor repair. Perhaps a lot of unnecessary furniture will be acquired or the occupant of the apartment will not allow the use of appliances.

When you share, read the contract of employment for permitted sublease. There is a possibility that a neighbor will accept you without the knowledge of the owner. If the latter did not imply the delivery of housing to several people, you will be evicted without reimbursement of expenses.

Perfect option - pick up a neighbor in advance and find an apartment that suits both sides.

What are the criteria for looking for a companion

Search criteria depend on your character, worldview and habits. Note a few general tips:

  1. Pick a neighbor with the same views on everyday life as you do.
  2. Check if your biorhythms match. It is impossible to get a lark and an owl in a one-room apartment.
  3. Ask about the work schedule. If you love solitude, take a look at the person who will work when you are at home.
  4. Harmful habits of a roommate should coincide with yours.
  5. Try to find out about the health status of the person you plan to live with.

For the rest, rely on intuition or recommendations of friends. Just in case, evaluate the future neighbor on social networks before a personal meeting.

If you move into an apartment, guided by interests and friendship, such an incident may also happen.

Where to look for a companion

Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook have thematic (self-employed) or citywide communities. Post a search ad there or browse offers. You can filter candidates by hashtags, which are easy to pick up: request + city name.

Additional safe areas:

  • Service ( Leave an ad in the appropriate section or filter the options to select a neighbor. The service provides an opportunity to write a message to him.

  • Where we live. Ru ( - people who post ads here link their account on the site to their personal Vkontakte or Facebook page. Use the service for informational purposes: to negotiate with a person, write him a personal message on the social network.

How to split employment responsibilities

Get to know your neighbor in advance. Talk about the possible keeping of pets, the presence of each household appliance and its separation.

  1. Sign a lease with the landlordindividually indicating the area assigned to you. For common areas, you and your neighbor are jointly and severally liable for personal rooms. Make separate inventories when furniture and appliances belong to the owner of the apartment.
  2. Decide how you will pay the fee - together or separately. Who will be responsible.
  3. Set the lock on the door of the room. Even if you trust your neighbor 100%, you have no reason to trust his guests.
  4. Discuss the schedule for cleaning public places, the purchase of cleaning products.
  5. Solve the issue with the guests: how long can they be in the apartment, is an overnight stay appropriate.