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How to make a lego costume


It doesn't really matter what your reasons are for becoming a Lego brick. In any case, this is a truly non-trivial choice. Whatever party you or your child goes to, it is unlikely that there will be many details of the famous designer. A significant plus is that it is not difficult to make a Lego brick costume with your own hands. And yes, a lot of fun!

For a Lego brick costume you will need:

  • a rather large box (its final size should be the length from shoulder to hip and not hamper the movements),
  • pieces of thick cardboard or plastic boxes - durable and light,
  • Scotch,
  • paint juicy bright lego color,
  • brush
  • scissors and a sharp clerical knife,
  • pencil.

  • Take the box and cut it in length so that it does not interfere with walking, and in width so that it does not hamper the movement of the hands. Glue all the loose parts of the box so that it turns into a neat rectangle.
  • Mark the places where the neck and arms will pass. Measure the head - the diameter of the hole should match the diameter of the head at the widest point. Hand holes should also be large enough.
  • Cut holes with a sharp clerical knife.
  • If necessary, glue the cut points so that the cardboard does not crumble or crumble.
  • Try on the preparation of a Lego brick costume, make adjustments if necessary.

Take white paint, thick and matte, and use it as a base. You can cover the surface with a brush, or you can use a spray bottle. After applying a white background, you can achieve the intensity of the fundamental tone in one or two layers.

Apply the main paint - evenly, smoothly, brightly. It doesn’t matter if a little lego brick gets inside your costume. The main thing is that there is an impeccable coating on the outside.

To achieve the result from the first photo, use thick cardboard (maybe what is left of the box scraps is enough for you) - paint the cut pieces, glue, paint again to combine the structure.

In the second photo, plastic paint jars were used - they can be matched in color, or can be painted. They will simplify the work a little and will look more bold.

The main thing is to find jars of the right size!

It is important to remember that:

  • all circles must be the same size,
  • the distance between the circles should be equal
  • there should be six circles
  • circles should be the same color as the base.

Be sure to draw a box before gluing circles. The slightest violation of Lego geometry will create an illusion of curvature of space that is very difficult for perception. Why do you need this at a party?

Now you need to decide what will be under the box. You don’t need to sew a suit of Lego bricks, it is enough to choose clothes in color, and if the weather and the length of the brick allows you to shine with bare elbows and knees. Put on? Conveniently? You can start building a nice party!

And if it seemed to you too simple - become a real Lego man!

The basic idea will be the same - only instead of a brick will a square outline of the body appear, which you will color in accordance with your favorite character. And the most important thing that you have to work on is, of course, the yellow head and clutching hands.

In the simplest case, the head can be made out of a smaller box. However, a round yellow head will look more natural.

To make such a beautiful head you will need:

  • two large circles of foam impregnated with primer or foam,
  • one small circle for the top,
  • strong cardboard
  • Scotch,
  • yellow paint
  • knife.

Glue one large and one small circle so that the top of the head is obtained. Cut a strip of cardboard equal in height to the future head, and equal in length to the circumference of a larger circle. Now assemble them together to get a closed cylinder - using tape. In the bottom circle, cut out a hole sufficient for your head to calmly pass inward. Glue it on the bottom. Make holes for the eyes, then paint the entire structure with yellow paint (just like you painted a Lego brick suit using a white backing), draw a face, and your head is ready!

For hand grabs you will need yellow curved stripes. They can be made by cutting a plastic mug in half - then you can hold your lego hand in your fingers, like this:

You can also make a snap from cardboard by cutting a hole in it and wear it like a bracelet:

Knowing such subtleties, you can prepare yourself an outfit of any Lego character!

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