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12 secrets of a comfortable flight on an airplane


Secrets for those traveling by plane.

  1. Necessary and sufficient set of documents for the flight:
    • Foreign passport (with an internal flight - a civil passport),
    • Ticket (if it is electronic, then its listing).
    You will not need any other documents at the airport or plane. Holding out a stack of papers to an employee of the airport or passport control, you force him to look for the necessary ones among them, delaying the process.
  2. If you are making an international flight, we recommend that you print out a confirmation of your airline reservation and place of residence. Quite often, security personnel of the receiving party are asked to present guarantees of accommodation and return.
  3. Be sure to grab the handle! One for each flying passenger, blue or black.
  4. Make and take photocopies of your documents with you. You can take a picture and send it to yourself in the mail. We hope that they will not be useful to you, but in case of loss or theft, you will have at least something. In general, do not give your passport in the wrong hands. Find and print the address of the representative office of the Russian Federation in the region where you are going.
  5. Carefully pack your luggage, remove all previous airport stickers, and also check the functionality of the locks on your suitcases. If your suitcase or bag does not lock, you can wrap the luggage with plastic wrap at the airport. Unfortunately, luggage theft is not uncommon; do not provoke a criminal with an open suitcase. If upon receipt of baggage you find that the packaging is broken or the baggage has been opened, immediately contact the airport employee on duty in the baggage claim area. After you have collected the bag, take a photo of its contents at home. This will help in making a claim if your luggage is lost. Do not put valuables and laptops in your luggage; most airlines will not compensate you for their cost. To avoid financial costs, check out our free baggage allowance.
  6. Check out the airport in advance so as not to be late for check-in. It is better to sit quietly in a cafe waiting for boarding than to run, counting the last seconds before the boarding of the flight closes. If possible, go through electronic registration. So you can not only choose seats, but also get a guarantee that the airline will not refuse to register at the counter (sometimes airlines sell more tickets than seats).
  7. Be sure to get to your boarding gate and only then decide whether you will stay near it or return to the cafe that you liked before. In this case, you will better navigate where and how long to go to the desired gate.
  8. At the airport you will be repeatedly searched (sometimes you can stand in line for an inspection of 30 or more minutes - consider the previous point). This should be prepared in advance - it is better not to wear a belt at all, and shoes should be removed and put on easily. Whenever possible, dress in an airplane comfortably, rather than beautifully, so that a long flight passes in comfort.
  9. At the border control passport control, only your passport and boarding pass are of interest. Border guards usually do not ask for a ticket.
  10. No liquids or sharp-cutting items are allowed in hand luggage. The full list is in the rules on the ticket or on the airline’s website. All of them should be put in baggage in advance, because after check-in and check-in they will only have to throw them away. Liquids purchased in Duty Free are packed in a special package, do not open it before boarding the plane, otherwise they will be taken away.
  11. For international flights, you should familiarize yourself with the customs rules for importing goods in advance. This may apply to pharmaceuticals, food, and unusual products. What is customary to use in our country may be prohibited in another.
  12. If you have several credit cards, put one in the total luggage that will be stored at the hotel. If the wallet is lost or stolen, the hotel will have plan B. waiting for you. Even if your card does not have your money, you can contact your friends and quickly transfer from their card to yours.

In airplane

  1. Carefully hide your hand luggage in the luggage compartment above the chair so that in case of shaking it does not fall on your head. It is also recommended to take off your shoes, because the flight will be long, and sooner or later you will want to do it.
  2. In flight they offer meals. An open lunchbox with food should be opened like a book, and not like a laptop. In this case, the lunchbox fits perfectly on the table, and its lid forms a garbage container. You can also put drinks in it - if something, God forbid, spills, it will not be on you.
  3. Do not forget to put the smartphone in the “off” or “air mode” position. This will not only save you battery power, but also reduce the risk of conflicts with the devices of the liner.

What to do on the plane

  1. Modern airliners have televisions in the backs of chairs. Alternatively, you can watch a movie in advance on your laptop. It is better to use headphones, because the plane is quite noisy. You can also read books and drink alcohol.
  2. If you have to fly often, then it makes sense to buy an e-book to read - not so much for the sake of saving on reading, but rather so as not to carry extra load with you.
  3. Do not get drunk during long flights. Due to the sitting position and low mobility, the legs swell strongly. In addition, if you are a smoker, then you will want to smoke. The only conditionally suitable place is the toilet. The smoke detector usually triggers there. This is followed by either paying a large fine, or canceling a ticket and deducting from a flight somewhere at a refueling point. This is not a joke, I personally watched such a scene, a tourist was taken off a flight at the Dubai airport, halfway from Singapore to Moscow.
  4. Finally, you can take sleeping pills with you. After taking it, do not forget to fasten your seat belt and remove the table. In this case, the flight is faster, and after landing it is not necessary to suffer from a change in time zone.

Upon arrival

  1. "Check the contents of the pockets in front of the passenger sitting," - such an announcement was made once by a senior flight attendant. And this is true, only I mean your pocket for magazines in the passenger seat in front of you. Travelers regularly forget valuable things in it, but you should not be among them.
  2. After landing, it makes no sense to immediately jump up and run to the exit. You will have at least 10-15 minutes to get dressed, put on shoes and pack. Ahead is the path to the airport, and then - the procedure for passport control and baggage claim.
  3. Before passport control, you will need to fill out an immigration card or something like that. Here the pen, which was mentioned at the beginning, is very useful to you. In some cases, an immigration card may be given on an airplane.
  4. There are usually no problems with getting baggage and going through customs, although there are nuances. Baggage is placed on the tape, where it turns, while passengers take it apart. It will be easier if your bags are original in shape and are brightly colored.

With a high degree of probability during long-haul flights you will have to transfer from one aircraft to another. In this case, consider the following:

1. The best place in the cabin is at the window

Choosing a place near the window, you kill several birds with one stone: firstly, you can lean against the wall to take a nap, and secondly, the neighbors will not bother you to go out. And of course, you will be provided with a wonderful view.

2. Choose comfortable clothing

The times when the most sophisticated outfits were chosen for traveling by plane have long passed - give preference to comfortable and convenient clothes that will not hamper your movements.

During long flights, the temperature in the cabin can change, so it’s best to dress in “layers”, e.g. shirt, sweater, sweatshirt. Do not forget to bring warm socks with you so that you can take off your shoes and not freeze.

3. Take water with you, eliminate caffeine and alcohol

To avoid dehydration, do not forget to drink plenty of water during the flight. The glasses that the stewardesses offer are not too big, and in order not to wait again, it is better to stock up with several bottles of water (do not forget to buy it only after checking the baggage).

Better to Stop Caffeinated Drinks: it prevents sleep, increases dehydration. Alcohol may relieve stress a little, but can also lead to dehydration and lethargy.

4. Take care of your face

On board an airplane there is a very low level of humidity, which is why our skin suffers in the first place. To avoid discomfort, follow these tips:

  • Direct the air flow of the air conditioner where it is suitable, except for the face.
  • If the skin starts to shine, wipe your face with cleansing wipes and apply a moisturizer.
  • Do not spray water on your face - this will dry your skin even more. Or pat it dry with a cloth after spraying.

5. Sit back in the chair

Legs become numb from long sitting and the back is very tired, and the seats in the airplane are not very comfortable. Put a pillow, a folded scarf or sweater under the lower back, and do not forget to hide in a blanket. It’s better to ask for a pillow and a blanket as soon as you board the plane (sometimes they quickly end).

Also do not forget: the higher the legs relative to the floor, the better, so try to put them directly on your own luggage under the front seat chair.

6. Stock up on everything you need for a comfortable sleep

Instead of massive gadgets like a big laptop and a few thick books it’s better to take a bag with useful things in flight with you to the cabin. With them, even in economy class, you will be able to sleep and relax:

  • Earplugs or noise canceling headphones.
  • Sleep mask.
  • Neck pillow.

20 tips to help you fly with your baby

Preparing for the flight, taking into account various nuances, will allow mom to avoid many unexpected surprises on the plane, as well as mitigate the child’s first acquaintance with air transport. ( In the previous article we wrote - With a child on the plane - how to organize a flight)

The following are useful tips that will greatly simplify your preparation for the trip, the flight itself.

Before boarding

Tip number 1. A child under 2 years old usually takes a seat with the parent. At the time of purchase, you must warn about a small passenger. In this case, the most comfortable places will be selected. Most often, an infant is paid 10% of the cost of an air ticket for an adult. A number of airlines provide free flights for the smallest.

Tip number 2. If a special cradle is required for a child, then it is necessary to notify the air carrier at least one day before the flight. The same must be done if baby food is required on board.

Tip number 3. If a separate seat is bought for a small child, then you need to take care of the car seat. It must be designed for flying on an airplane. This information is indicated on the label.

Tip number 4. Passengers with children are entitled to check-in without check-in. But this can cause dissatisfaction with other passengers. In this case, it is worth arriving at the airport in advance, or contact the staff for help.

Tip number 5. The cane can not be handed over with the main luggage. The child can be transported in a wheelchair at the airport, as well as to the ramp. Hand over to her stewardess.

What to take on a plane?

Tip number 6. For children of any age, it is better to take toys, books, coloring books. The child will more easily endure the flight if he is busy with his favorite occupation. Some airlines give out a small entertaining and educational set for kids.

Tip number 7. Food for children is not always provided on board the aircraft, or the expectations of mother and child may not be met. In this case, it is recommended to take the required amount of products on board. Do not be afraid to take liquids on the plane. Their search will be thorough, but jars for children are always allowed on board.

Tip number 8. Take a change of clothes. Anything can happen on a trip. Do not neglect the advice even for older children. Spilled juice, accidentally dropped food can ruin the appearance.

Tip number 9. To help your child cope with the discomfort of his ears when taking off and landing, we recommend taking water, juice or candy. Swallowing movements remove an unpleasant effect. In addition, a favorite treat will allow the child to be distracted.

Tip number 10. On airplanes, the air conditioning system is quite powerful. To avoid hypothermia, you should take care of a warm jacket or a small blanket in advance.

Bonus flights with a child

Tip number 17. The most convenient places are selected for parents with children. In most cases, they are provided with seats in the front row. These places have a lot of free space in front, so you can get as comfortable as possible. Ahead you can put a stroller or arrange a place for the child’s games.

Tip number 18. Do not be afraid to bring a car seat or a stroller cane with you. Such items are not additional baggage, their weight is not taken into account.

Tip number 19. A child under 2 years old has a small luggage space. The weight of things per child should not exceed 10 kg. For more information, you should contact the representatives of the airline.

Tip number 20. If the flight route is selected with a transfer, then the mother with the child has the right to use the room for mothers and children. This is a good option for a vacation between two flights.

The first trips for the child can be a serious test, but the competent preparation of the parents, prudence and care will make the rest comfortable and interesting for every member of the family, even for the smallest.

At a young age, children quickly get used to everything new, easily adapt. Do not deny yourself a vacation in distant lands just because of having a small child. He can become your companion on any vacation.

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