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Prayer for a guy to call on a date


Smile, perfume or a seductive look? How to drive him crazy in just a few minutes

A study by the University of Salamanca with more than 1,500 respondents aged 16-86 years proved that women need at least five to six meetings to finally decide whether to start a relationship with a partner, while men are more likely to become victims of fulminant sympathy. One of the five representatives of the stronger sex at least once in a life felt love at first sight and more than half - after the first date. What can make him lose his head here and now?

2. Naturalness in communication

Naturalness captivates not only in appearance, but also in communication. Never try to make yourself out of who you are not. Standing men on the spirit do not tolerate shamanism and falsehood. Be yourself, no matter how naive and uninteresting it may sound: other people's gestures, buzzwords and habits, like shoes not in size, cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience.

3. Curiosity

Yes, brains are still sexy. Men love women who can maintain a conversation on any topic and calmly argue their own point of view. And if you can distinguish rugby from handball, angular from a penalty, and Vasily Berezutsky from his brother Alexei - get ready for the fact that on the third date he will introduce you to your parents.

Your smile works like a magnet. And, apparently, they know this from the course of physics. A woman who laughs at men's jokes and at the same time has a good sense of humor herself will never be alone.

5. Tight-fitting long dress or skirt

There are fabrics and styles that compliment your figure better than an experienced plastic surgeon. No miniskirts and neckline work so excitingly as a toned and contoured silhouette as a whole - this gives scope for his imagination.

The main love potion in the whole image is, of course, perfume. A weapon that will help him to fall in love with you literally with his eyes closed. Fragrant cheat sheet: vanilla notes are associated with tenderness, jasmine is a synonym for temptation, patchouli helps to relax, and the tropic motif, like citruses, increases sexual desire in every fourth man. We take it into service all at once. Moreover, a trouble-free composition is in the Lacoste brand aroma portfolio - EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Magnetic Pour Elle.

8. Gap template

In theory, men are looking for a woman who reminds them of their mother or, like Barbie, is fitted to some kind of pattern. Standing beauty can not be compared. Do not be afraid to emphasize your personality, and men will reach for you.

Men love beautiful shoulders - and this, in fact, is a medical fact that must be taken for granted and be able to emphasize. For example, a drop of perfume.

11. Be sexy, but not be aware of it

All of the above (including clothing and perfume) is a natural extension of our personality and works on a subconscious level without your additional intervention. Behave as naturally as possible and if you really like the man, do not be afraid to show him this.

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How to magically force a guy to date you

A famous proverb claims that “all means are good in love,” and each of us was able to verify the correctness of these words. If you do not have a personal relationship, then magical folk conspiracies and love spells can come to the rescue. There are a lot of similar spoken rituals, because the sphere of love is multifaceted and diverse, but conspiracies that have helped to overcome the timidity of a partner and invite you to a first date have been especially popular for a long time.

Conspiracies that help overcome the shyness of a partner and invite you on a first date

Indecision in personal relationships is very common, but there are few ways to solve this problem, and few of them have really effective results.

To attract the attention of the opposite sex and push even the most modest gentleman to the first step, it is best to turn to magical rites. Implementing them is quite simple, and the result will certainly exceed all your expectations.

Love spell on the moon

One of the most powerful at all times was considered to be precisely love conspiracies committed during the phase of the approaching moon: only in these days did the heavenly body bestow all its power on magical ritual.

One of the most powerful at all times was considered to be love conspiracies committed in the phase of the arriving moon

A conspiracy that is perfect in this phase will help you not only make the guy invite you on a date first, but also turn his love in your direction. In order to successfully fulfill both wishes with the help of the same conspiracy, it is necessary to take into account several prerequisites before performing the magic ritual:

  • The text of the love spell prayer is read strictly to the sun rising from the horizon.
  • The moon should be in a phase of increasing its growth. Otherwise, the object of the plot will penetrate you with a passing passion and no more.
  • You will have to be patient, since this conspiracy, for a man to invite on a date, should be used for at least twelve days in a row.

On a day that meets all the requirements, it is necessary to say the following words:

“I conjure that (the name of the object) becomes one with (your name) just as pure Fire, Air and Water are one with the Earth firm, so that thoughts (the name of the object) are as pure - only about (your name), as the rays the bright sun is ruled by the unquenchable Light of the world and its white virtues. And let the high spirit (your name) circulate over the strong spirit (the name of the object), like soft water over solid earth. Make it so that (the name of the object) cannot eat, sleep, drink, walk, enjoy life without (your name). ”

This prayer should be said exactly twelve times in a row, turning your face to the morning dawn.

The text of the love spell prayer is read strictly to the sun rising from the horizon

After the completion of the above actions, or before them, you should eliminate the possible negative consequences of a love spell. To do this, look away from the sun and read those prayers that you know. It will be especially good to pray to your saint, asking her for help and protection.

After all twelve days, immediately receive from a guy who has become the object of a love ritual, an invitation to a date and a fiery declaration of love.

Fast love spell

Quite often there are situations when, for one reason or another, you simply cannot wait for a long time for a response from your loved one and you need him to invite you on a date as soon as possible. In this case, you should pay attention to the ritual below: it will help you draw the attention of the desired guy without any special efforts and in a short time. Quite often, this conspiracy is used if you already have a relationship with your loved one, but for some reason you can’t be together, maybe you have a quarrel.

The ritual will help you attract the attention of the desired guy

This love spell is also performed at dawn itself, or before it, however, the month should at this moment be in the full moon phase.

Another important condition for the ceremony will be the correct and complete cleansing of your thoughts and consciousness from any negative: just spend a couple of minutes in silence, focusing on your thoughts and emotions, directing them in the right direction. To achieve greater effect, you can read the prayers you know.

The text of the plot should be pronounced, turning your face to the rising sun, but it is best to keep your eyes closed:

“Just as a person can’t live long without tasty water and food, so God's servant (name) can no longer live day or night, without God's humble slave (name), his any other half.”

These words must be repeated exactly seven times in a row, and the ceremony itself, in order to consolidate the successful result, must also be spent seven days in a row. In this case, your loved one will not only turn his attention to you, but also invite you to a date that you are waiting for.

Love potion

Another possible way to get a guy to ask you out may be to give him a special magic potion. It is prepared quite simply, and the effect is very strong, since it directly enters the body of the object of love magic.

Drinking a loved one with a special magic potion

In order for a girl to make a love potion, you will need the following items:

  • Clean glass.
  • A little red wine.
  • A drop of your menstrual blood.

It is best to cook them in advance, just before the rite.

Before you start mixing a magic drink, you need to rid your mind of extraneous thoughts, focusing on your desire to be with your loved one.

Once you are in the right mood, just pour the prepared wine into a glass and add one drop of your menstrual blood there: this drink will have a strong love spell.

Pour the cooked wine into a glass

If you don’t have the opportunity to drink a guy, you can put a little of such a drink on his food, or drop it on his clothes. The effectiveness of this will not decrease too much and soon you will be invited to a date.

Do not forget to read the prayers of the saints you know after the ritual in order to protect yourself from the possible negative consequences of dark magic.

Conspiracies for a guy to date

At least once in her life, any girl dreamed of meeting a guy she liked. But if a man only needs to prove himself for this, then for a woman to take the first step, sometimes difficult, or even impossible task. By virtue of upbringing, shyness, moral principles, the desired meeting may remain a desire. Then unconventional methods that are tested by more than one generation are used.

What is important to remember?

Before talking to a lover for a meeting, be sure to try to create a situation in which you could meet without magical intervention. For example, ask friends to invite you to visit together or get out with friends in a place that a young man likes to visit. Remember that the impact on a person’s energy field, forcing him to do something against his will is unfavorable. Your actions can then turn against you.

Important Terms

You must clearly understand why you need this meeting. If the reason you want to meet a man is not serious, then you should not resort to magic, albeit white, in vain.

If you understand that you definitely need to see him in order to discuss your future future, tell him about your strong feelings, protect him from any danger or for any other reason important to you, then boldly speak up to him.

At the time of the plot, your sincerity is important. Imagine the image of your man before your eyes, imagine your date, the way he touches you. At this moment, you should clearly feel his presence.

The advantage of conspiracies is that they do not require any special attributes. The most important thing is a strong desire to meet. And you can pronounce them at any time: they do not depend on the position of the moon, stars, etc.

Words you have to memorize. To do this, be sure to copy them to a blank sheet of paper. Do not learn from the computer: it devalues ​​your efforts. As a rule, the result occurs within two to three days.

Conspiracy to meet

Close your eyes. Now you have to plunge into another reality, where only you and your young man are. Imagine a picture of how it suits you. Imagine his clothes, smell him, your touch.

When his image in your head fully develops, fold your arms over your chest, lower your head and whisper, concentrating on each word, say the words nine times:

“I, the servant of God (name), call the servant of God (name) on my porch so that years later he puts a ring on my finger. The thoughts of the servant of God (name), you call him faster, his feet, as if carrying the wind closer. And the guardian angels on both sides of the servant of God (name) will go, they will dutifully lead him to my porch. By thoughts and words of my beloved I am inviting me to myself, I close these plots to the castle. Yes, let it be everything, as I said. Amen.".

Conspiracy on a date with a photograph

A special magical tool is photography. In order to arrange a meeting with a loved one, you need to put his photo on the table next to a lit candle. Look at the image through the light and repeat the following words:

“I appeal, the servant of God (name) to the servant of God (name), to come to my house on the doorstep and find my heart here. So that his thoughts would appeal to me, that his heart would speak about me, that his legs would obediently carry to me. He will come to me, he will come, he will not knock, but he will immediately enter. Yes, let it be everything, as I said. Amen".

A plot requiring further preparation

This is a very strong and effective rite, but it is necessary to prepare for it in advance.

For three days, you must follow a strict diet based on plant foods, which must be consumed in small quantities. It is forbidden to take alcohol and smoke, and also refuse sexual relations. Avoid any negativity: do not quarrel with anyone, do not gossip, do not judge. This is necessary in order to cleanse your body.

Three days later, at sunset, light a candle in a dark room. When visualizing a meeting with your beloved man, whisper the following words:

“May the Lord Himself help me along the way. May he bless me to meet with the servant of God (name), may he give me strength and confidence. May he forbid me from unnecessary meetings, from envious glances, from an anxious heart and from fear in my thoughts. May love happen to me, the servants of God (name) with the servant of God (name) and may it be strong and strong. I will pray to the Lord, but everything will happen to our beloved. Yes, let it be everything, as I said. Amen. Amen. Amen".

There are many conspiracies for a man to call you on a date. Only the most popular of them are presented here. What matters is not so much the words you utter, but your faith in a possible meeting. Believe it and you will succeed!

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Conspiracies to date

Each of us is waiting for our soul mate. Bet on a random meeting is made big. However, not everyone meets his beloved right away. If there is no positive result, you can not despair, it is worth contacting specialists. Pros, who are they? Supersensory people with extensive life experience, knowledge of folk wisdom, able to build a chain of sequential actions. Such a person can easily plot on a date, tell you how to behave in a certain situation. Specialists are ready to work even with very desperate people who do not believe in the positive development of events in their lives.

Each of us is waiting for our soul mate

Conspiracy on a date

You can’t be skeptical about this ritual. There is a conspiracy to the fullest. An analogy is drawn with such a process. Strongly full people no longer believe that they will get rid of their ailment. Until a specialist with spiritual abilities arrives, and in just a couple of sessions, he solves the problem. So that the spell works, and the guy invited you on a date, it’s enough to have a little patience, photos of the desired person. Sometimes a conspiracy is pronounced before a burning candle, sometimes without it.

It is not possible to pronounce the text of the message on your own the first time, since the language does not have the necessary words in the necessary sequence. The main thing is to have a desire to meet, think about the fact that your beloved guy will come to you on a date, so that in your head there is a clear image of a man. Think over the future partner in life to the smallest detail: character, habits. Appearance generally passes as a separate line. Growth, hair and eye color, body structure. Experienced assistance in this area is invaluable.

Effective conspiracy to have a guy call out

We speak with a small piece of soap (the size of a coin). With our left hand we scratch the name of the future chosen one, then lower it into an empty bathroom, and pronounce loudly:

“I lie in pitch darkness, without rain and wind. There is no thunder, no storms, only silence prevails. Everything planned will be calm, without dashing misfortune. ”

Then we lay a piece of soap in a purse and wear it until we meet the narrowed one.

Effective soap conspiracy to get a guy out on a date

In order for the next conspiracy to succeed, imagine the future guy as clearly as possible.

“Help me, Lord, to pack on the road. Agree to a future relationship. Скажи, в чем тайна будущего знакомства. Дай все необходимое для встречи. Пусть я буду только уверенная, но не разочарованная. Не хочу зря тратить время. Сделай так, чтобы сердце не тревожилось.Let us like each other at first sight. Lord Do not let me disappear in torment. You must not miss a chance. ”

New conspiracy to meet your loved one

This spell casts at the moment when we look at the blue sky, we watch how blue clouds swim by.

“Blessed Virgin Mary, let the clouds float, as before, float in the white sky, over the endless ocean, over the loose sands, over the Buyan island, over the fuel altar. Let the clouds pour clear water, my love, over my chosen one, over the endless meadow, in the side overseas. "

Meeting spell

In order for this conspiracy to be successful, it is enough to know the potential groom so that he does not necessarily know you. For the procedure we need:

  • red candle
  • thing that should attract attention
  • Holy water,
  • volumetric plate.

In order for the ritual to have a 100% effect, you need to say a few words about choosing a candle:

Take the red candle, not pink, not burgundy, no other shade of red. You cannot use any other. You can buy a red candle in specialized stores that sell goods from the Feng Shui area.

On the rising moon, a little holy water pours into the plate. A thing or a photograph of a loved one is placed under a bowl. A red candle is lit and picked up. The following words are pronounced so that everything works out (as long as the speech is spoken, a circle on the water is outlined with wax drops).

“My chosen one, whom I deserve, walks on the ground with my feet. May all the roads on which he walks necessarily lead to me. The road is ornate, it goes around the moon, but a circle will close on our way, a long-awaited meeting will occur. May my word become sticky like wax. Amen!"

Conspiracies to the growing moon are always used to invoke something.

At the end, drip wax onto the thing or photo of the enigmatic person. Items lie in the southwestern part of the housing, because there is a zone of love. The place where memorabilia will be stored should be cleaned, we will walk along the perimeter with a lit candle.

Conspiracy on a guy on a soap

This ritual is done only with homemade soap, so that the base is bought in a special shop. The product must glow in the church. Contact, they will help you to devote. For a conspiracy, we need a mug of water, a red candle. We light a red candle, put a piece of home-made soap in water, put a candle in front of a cup. After twelve o'clock in the morning on the growing moon the following words are read:

“As the soap dissolves in water, all barriers to the path narrowed for a future meeting disappear. May the spoken word be burned with fire in heaven. No one will destroy my spell. Amen!"

With the dawn in front of the threshold of the future groom, water spills with the words:

"For my man who was sent by God, there are no more obstacles to our meeting."

How to relax a man on a date?

  1. The first step is to come up with a reason to meet, as natural and believable as possible. So it will be easier for the girl to voice the invitation (not everyone is ready to go up and say “I like you! Let's go for a walk!”), And the risk of refusal will be minimized, because the invitation will look like a request to help, make up a company, etc.
  2. Choose the right time and place (both for the date itself, and in order to invite to it), as well as a way: during a personal conversation, via SMS or call, correspondence in social networks.
  3. The right attitude is half the success. No matter what emotions rage in the soul, outwardly you need to try to be as calm, friendly as possible, not to give out your excitement. The invitation should sound naturally, in a friendly, relaxed way.
  4. Find the right approach to a man, make him feel his own need to meet.

A little female trick is to push the man, to make the long-awaited date take place, but the man at the same time considered the meeting his initiative. The easiest way to do this is to tell about your interest, hobby, share plans to visit a particular place, for example:

  • “I heard a new club is opening soon, they promise a cool concert program. I haven’t had fun for a long time, I would like to go. Will you go? ”
  • “Have you heard that nosuch and ostriches were brought to our zoo?” It’s so interesting to see ... ",
  • “I find no place for joy: next week, finally, the premiere of the new“ Ice Age ”! Do you want to keep me company? ”,
  • “They were planning to go on a city day with a friend, and her schedule changed, and on that day she would have to work. It’s so insulting ... It’s boring to go by yourself; you won’t help me out? ”
  • “I have opened a bike rental nearby, so cheap! I haven’t taken it yet, but my girlfriends rode around and were very pleased. Can’t you keep me company? ”
  • “Are you busy Friday night?” So I want to go to the rink, but I ride badly. “A merry company and strong hands would not have prevented me from tearing me away from the ice, if I suddenly spread enchantingly”
  • “You heard that Luna Park is coming. Finally! Come with me? This year I plan to get around all the rides without exception! ”

Those. the essence of the strategy is to discreetly “enter” your invitation into the conversation process, to entice the guy with something interesting, so that he wants to go there himself, and he will gladly agree to join the company.

What can not be done:

  • “Hint” more than 2-3 times, otherwise from the outside it will look like an open hunt,
  • invite him with witnesses (colleagues, classmates, acquaintances) - the meeting has not yet taken place, but everything about it is already in the know,
  • take the time to invite him soon after breaking up - he may feel nostalgia for past relationships, and there is a chance of failure,
  • to avoid intrusiveness, not to groan: “Well, please, come with me!” - if he doubts
  • to avoid any romantic component, for example, to write a message in verse (a man can regard the first step as an encroachment on his freedom, imagining how he is already dragged to the registry office and is occupied by all the free hangers in his closet with his dresses),
  • counting on a serious relationship and inviting a guy to a first date, it is better to refrain from any manifestations of sexuality, so as not to create the impression of easy access.

How do men of different zodiac signs relate to the manifestation of female initiative?

Given the fact that people born under one or another zodiac sign have some similarities, they respond to certain situations in a more or less typical, predictable way.

A man-fish, for example, even if there is sympathy for a woman, due to natural indecision, does not dare to call her on a date for a long time, thinks thoroughly, weighs all the pros and cons. Therefore, she will be grateful to the woman for the initiative and the first step. However, one must be careful not to spoil the impression of oneself and not to frighten him away.

The same can be said for male weights, crayfish, virgins - sometimes they lack decisiveness, and the initiative coming from the woman will be taken positively only if she is deprived of obsession and haste.

Due to their activity and assertiveness, male lions, twins, bullocks, scorpions do not need the girl’s first step - they will do it themselves immediately and with all determination. Aries tend to immediately try to clarify the situation, so you need to be prepared for what may follow the question: "Is this a friendly meeting, or do I mean a little more to you?"

The archer’s behavior may seem strange and twofold, and all because he, like no one else, needs an emotional response from his partner. So the representative of this sign will probably also respond positively to the girl’s offer to spend joint leisure time.

6 reasons why a guy can hesitate with a date invitation

  1. One of the main phobias of the strong half of humanity is the fear of rejection.
  2. Too tight schedule, lack of free time, because of which the initiative, although there are plans, is constantly being delayed (“I need to finish the quarterly report ...”, “Just return from a business trip, call her and invite to the cinema”, “I need to urgently add diploma ... I’ll finish - and celebrate: I will call her on a date! ”).
  3. Excessive shyness, indecision. He can have the most tender feelings for a girl, walk around her, not daring to call for a walk.
  4. He has a girlfriend.
  5. Not interested in this period of time in dating for personal reasons (experiences associated with the recent separation, unrequited love for another girl, etc.).
  6. He does not approve of the initiative on the part of the woman, believing that it contradicts his nature as a conqueror.

What to do in case of failure

For female pride, rejection is the worst thing that can happen, especially if an attempt to invite a man you like on a date was the result of long deliberation and emotional throwing. However, it is worthwhile to understand that this event is far from a tragedy, and you need to be grateful to the man for honesty (if, for example, it turned out that he has a girlfriend, and this motivates his refusal). We must try to cope with emotions, so as not to betray our frustration and discontent.

A good way out of this situation is a phrase said with a sweet smile, like: “You know, I offered it in an exceptionally friendly way — I don’t invite the men on dates. But it’s okay, I respect your position, well done. ”