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How to apply makeup? 5 stages


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How to apply foundation, how to highlight all the advantages of your face with blush, how to conceal minor skin imperfections with concealer, and get rid of unwanted shine with powder? Almost all girls use cosmetics every day, however, we do not always know how to use our favorite beauty products 100%.

Bright Side I picked up the best tips for creating perfectly smooth and beautiful skin for you. We hope you find them useful!

Properly selected and applied tonal means can work wonders. The tone refreshes the face and makes it sculptural.

Before using foundation, apply your daily moisturizer to your face. Let it dry and pat the excess with a towel.

For flawless application, do not forget to use a sponge, brush or beauty blender.

After applying the foundation, be sure to blot your face with a napkin.

Always choose a foundation that can improve your skin type. Oil-free formulas are best for acne prone skin, moisturizing formulas are good for normal to dry skin, and hypoallergenic creams are ideal for sensitive skin.

Never test tone on your wrist or elbow. The skin in these places is significantly different from the complexion. It is best to apply the tonalnik on the unpainted face and wait a few minutes. After a while, the cream will darken, and you will be able to understand whether it is suitable for you.

Apply foundation in a circular motion, moving from the center to the periphery.

Avoid applying cream in large portions. It is best to distribute the base with small peas. So the base will lie more evenly and naturally.

If possible, apply the foundation in daylight. Even if there is artificial lighting in your bathroom, it is very important to check it in daylight after completing the makeup to reveal all the flaws and irregularities.

The correct procedure for applying makeup: step by step instructions

Follow the step-by-step instructions exactly to create the perfect look for every day.

Wipe your face with a cotton pad soaked in tonic, apply a basic moisturizer, wait a few minutes until it is absorbed.

    Advice! If you have a very important day ahead, and the makeup should look perfect, use these few minutes to use hydrogel moisturizing eye patches. They will help the concealer to stay better during the day, not tarnish or slide. Also at this point, apply a moisturizing lip balm. By the time you start lip makeup, they will be completely moisturized.

If necessary, at the next stage, use a special serum or primer for the face according to the type of skin or features of makeup tasks: self-regulating (if the skin is oily), silicone-based (for additional makeup resistance), radiant (to give the effect of “glowing” skin).

Not sure which primer is more suitable for you? Take our simple test.

Then apply foundation. So that the makeup does not look heavy, and the skin feels comfortable under the layers of makeup, apply each product with a very thin layer.

At this point, contouring can be done with a creamy texture. Walk the light corrector under the eyes, along the back of the nose, the center of the forehead, the “dimple” above the chin, the dark corrector under the cheekbones, along the sides of the nose, at the temples or other areas that you would like to correct.

Feather the borders with a brush or sponge, so that there are no obvious stripes on the face.

In this make-up option, we used Giorgio Armani Eye Tint liquid eyeshadows, which can be easily shaded into the haze even with your fingers.

If you plan to focus on the makeup not on the eyes, but on the lips, change the order of points 3 and 4. Then, having done a bright makeup of the lips, you can adjust the degree of brightness of the makeup on the eyes and eyebrows so as not to get too bright and extravagant makeup.

Always begin to emphasize makeup with the strongest, whether it be eyes, lips or eyebrows, and then complement with makeup on other parts of the face.

With a large fluffy brush, spread the powder over the face, then add the blush, walk through the highlighter over the protruding parts of the face.

Perfect Makeup Tips

A few more life hacks for those who are just starting to learn the basic rules of make-up.

  • To dye the lower eyelashes, use a disposable plastic spoon. Place it under the eyes and apply mascara on the eyelashes: this way all the excess will remain on the spoon, and will not be printed under the lower eyelids: you do not have to re-apply the concealer.
  • If you want to effectively highlight your eyes, but to make the makeup look natural, use a highlighter. Add a little funds to the inner corners of the eyes, as well as under the eyebrow on the protruding part, put a “highlight” in the center of the movable eyelid.

To give your lips a true 3D volume, try the following trick: add a little blush with a shimmer or light satin shades to the center of the lower lip. Blend the product with your fingers.

Another simple option for everyday makeup, which is suitable even for beginners, look in our video.

Preparing your face for makeup

Any makeup can be applied only to healthy, prepared skin. Ideally, the surface of the face should be flat, without pimples and other injuries. To do this, you need to constantly care for the skin, make nourishing masks, use a scrub and moisturizer. Then on the surface of the face it will be possible to correctly apply makeup, making it persistent and beautiful. Then you can look great not only in everyday life, but also in the photo.

Face primer

The beginnings of any make-up are the perfect tone. You can achieve it with a simple foundation for makeup. It smoothes the surface of the skin, makes it smoother and firmer. There are some simple secrets on how to apply makeup:

  1. Cover your face with makeup base.
  2. Apply foundation with a sponge.
  3. You can combine two stages: mix these two cosmetics on the back of your hand, before applying them to your face - they will warm up to your body temperature and lie evenly. Before applying makeup, test the foundation on the cheek - it should match the shade of your skin.
  4. Applying the foundation correctly with a sponge or a special brush with artificial nap is hygienic, prolongs the life of cosmetics and provides a gentle massage for the skin of the face.
  5. Smears should be made from the middle of the face to the periphery, then there will be no risk of stretching the skin.
  6. On the eyelids it is correct to apply not a regular foundation, but a special concealer.

It must be remembered that the technique of applying makeup exists in order to maintain health and prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

Face imperfections correction

When studying the question of how to apply makeup correctly, do not forget about masking skin and facial features errors. All women are different, so there is a special technique that allows you to emphasize exactly what they need.

  1. If you have a full face, the application of makeup should include black and white correction of the oval.
  2. It is necessary to correctly select the cheekbones and hide the second chin. This requires a bronzer to darken the whiskey, the space under the cheekbones, the corners of the jaw. It must be applied with a comfortable brush.
  3. To mask a nose that is too long or wide, for example, for a photo, you need to darken too protruding areas with the corrector. Carefully blend the borders of the product and powder your face.
  4. For acne, inflammation and other skin imperfections, it is correct to apply a corrective agent with yellow pigment - it neutralizes redness. Then you need to grind the borders and cover your face with a layer of powder.

Before you apply makeup correctly, be sure to do a flaw correction. This will guarantee the perfect application of cosmetics.

We select the color range of makeup

Many do not know how to choose the right makeup that suits them. What matters here is not so much the application technique as the sense of color. It is worth remembering that makeup for photos and for everyday life is somewhat different. The option for artificial lighting and camera flash can be exaggerated slightly - intensely painted eyes, bright lips, bold blush. But the natural image requires special application - cosmetics should hardly be visible on the face, let others think that this is your natural skin tone. So, to know how to properly apply makeup, you need:

  1. Choose a foundation close to the natural color of the skin.
  2. To achieve an ideal face surface by applying a tinting agent through the hand.
  3. Adjust the shape of the eyebrows - for this there is a tweezers or tattooing technique.
  4. Choose the right color scheme - depending on the color of the eyes and hair.
  5. Make a choice in favor of warm shades of eyeshadow and blush for natural makeup.
  6. In the question of how to choose makeup, rely on photos of the models you like.
  7. Experiment with images, following the sequence of applying makeup.
  8. Remember that expressiveness to the eyes is given not only by shadows, but also by eyebrows.
  9. Apply mascara correctly: on clean combed eyelashes from the roots.
  10. Use lipstick and sparkles in natural colors.
  11. In order to know how to choose makeup, you should abandon too dark and acid shades - they are intended only for professional makeup.
  12. Carry matting wipes to properly correct makeup.
  13. Carry out the application process under such lighting, in which you will go out into the street: in natural daylight, in artificial light in the evening.

If you want to achieve success in the art of make-up, carefully study all the stages and photos of the make-up you like before applying makeup correctly.

Little tricks when applying makeup

For those who want to know how to properly apply makeup, there are several secrets:

  1. Cover your lips with lipstick - if it looks natural on an unpainted face, then it suits you. In the same gamut (warm or cold) you need to do all the makeup.
  2. In the process of applying make-up, do not rub the foundation - this stretches the skin and makes the complexion heterogeneous. It is better to gently pat the skin with a sponge.
  3. In the question of how to properly apply makeup, it is worth remembering that an irregular shape of the eyebrows can spoil the entire image. They should always begin exactly above the inner corners of the eyes and not go beyond the outer.
  4. Perform makeup technique correctly with professional brushes.
  5. Focusing on make-up is better on the eyes.
  6. To make the look more expressive, ordinary white shadows will help. They must be applied to the area under the outer corner of the eye.
  7. When doing makeup for a photo, it is worth taking care of the dullness of the face - excessive shine can create ugly glare.
  8. The brushes used for applying make-up cannot be borrowed by anyone, and they should be washed every three days.

Before you apply makeup properly, study the features of your face, mark the places that need to be adjusted, create suitable lighting, prepare the “ground” and proceed.