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How to wean yourself is harmful: 10 tricks


Eating habits - that which has been formed since childhood or acquired over the years - are the most difficult to overcome. According to statistics, quitting smoking and drinking alcohol is much easier for most people than stopping to eat cheeseburgers, ice cream or fried potatoes with meat. Many begin to eat properly, withstand a couple of weeks or months and break down at the time of stress.

But if you have a strong desire to improve your health, cleanse the body and prolong a healthy life, without having reached a whole bunch of chronic diseases by the age of fifty, it’s worth taking five steps that will make it possible to switch to proper nutrition.

Any change begins with the decision to make that change. The realization that junk food is really bad for the body leads to disease, dulls the mind and gives a constant feeling of heaviness - the first step to success.

It is necessary to decide what kind of food is considered harmful and whether it is possible to abandon it completely. Many, having read articles on the benefits of vegetarianism, abruptly stop eating animal protein without thinking about the consequences, and get the exact opposite result - weakness, aggravation of gastrointestinal problems, edema, loss of muscle mass.

Replacing harmful products with healthy ones

After awareness, it is worth making a list of products that I would like to exclude from the diet as quickly as possible. It can be:

  • fast food - fried potatoes in dubious oil with flavorings, fatty burgers on white rolls, sauces, chicken in butter and sandwiches with sausage and cheese substitutes,
  • sweet shop pastries - donuts, cakes with fat substitutes, sweets, margarine and sugar cookies and other confectionery.
  • all sugar-rich foods
  • fatty foods - pork, fatty beef, duck,
  • industrial chocolate
  • food triggering migraine attacks - sausages, sweet lemonades, caramel, industrial sauces,
  • any food the use of which causes a feeling of guilt - from chips to a white bun with jam.

To the list of harmful products you need to make a list of substitutes. It can be:

  • chopped fruits and vegetables,
  • steamed whole boiled cereals, slightly boiled,
  • dairy products from a trusted farmer,
  • honey and its derivatives,
  • nuts, seeds, vegetable oils,
  • chips made from flaxseed,
  • bean
  • occasionally - whole-wheat flour sweets baked by hand.

Replacing some products with others should be mandatory - otherwise a person may at some point understand that he has nothing to eat and buy a pack of sausages.

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Healthy eating takes time. Many are mistaken in believing that the right products are more expensive, but this is not so. A pack of cottage cheese is cheaper than a piece of cake, a kilogram of lentil is cheaper than the same amount of fatty meat, you can not talk about the difference in the price of sausages and chicken - chicken costs much less.

But the transition takes time. In the dining room at work, you can choose stew and vegetables - but not always, mainly they offer patties with pasta and mashed potatoes, that is, what is in maximum demand.

A sausage sandwich for breakfast does not require cooking time. Protein omelet with greens - it already takes several minutes and you need to consciously approach its preparation.

But, replacing the usual dumplings for dinner with stewed beans with chicken breast, vegetables and curry, after a week the person realizes that his head works better, his mind cleared up, and his strength for everything, including cooking, increased.

You can arrange different thematic weeks for yourself - Indian, Egyptian, French - and cook a varied and tasty meal from the allowed foods.

Replacing food incentives

The encouragement in the form of chocolate, candy or ice cream for a good grade in childhood is so firmly entrenched in the mind that even in adulthood, many do not understand how else to reward themselves.

Non-food promotions are a great way to stop eating bad food and feel better. What can replace the award in the form of chocolate and cake?

  • Walk in the park,
  • massage session
  • a walk to the movies,
  • call a friend or mom
  • A new book,
  • attendance of a workshop on modeling, drawing, sewing.

Doing sports

Any sport - a gym, dancing, yoga, biking, jogging - can quickly give up greasy and junk food. Looking at the chocolate bar and realizing how many kilometers you have to run on the treadmill to burn these harmful calories, many refuse sweets once and for all.

When practicing yoga, it is difficult to combine it with the use of chips and fatty chicken - both the body and the spirit begin to protest.

Dancing, especially pair dancing, makes you more follow the figure, as lightness and harmony are the key to success in this sport.

Even simple walks help start to listen to your own body and nourish it properly - juices, fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy products.

Decision combined with the proposed rules is the guarantee that this time everything will turn out and instead of chips during the break, you can please yourself with whole grain breads with soft cheese and fresh cucumber.

Gradually removing one harmful product from the diet after another, replacing sweets and fast food with nuts and fruit desserts, you can not only finally lose extra pounds, but also get rid of hypertension, kidney problems, liver and gastrointestinal tract and look for several years younger.

4. People are convinced that fast snacks are low in calories.

According to the same Stephen Viterli, the popularity of unhealthy snacks adds a deceptive feeling of their low calorie content.

“Chips are one of the most ingeniously designed products on the planet, delivering true pleasure. If something quickly melts in your mouth, your brain thinks that there are no calories in the product, ” emphasizes Viterli.

7. Lack of time to prepare a full meal

As for semi-finished products, sausages and canned food, often people prefer them not at all because of the special taste. Many people have neither the time nor the desire to cook healthier foods. We can get used to sweets simply because there is an excellent pastry shop near the house, which is very convenient to enter on the way from work.

How to wean yourself is harmful

Breaking food cravings is difficult, but possible. You need to act gradually, starting with a change in lifestyle. If you change the diet dramatically, you can provoke depression, irritability and a breakdown in the diet.

The body is like a little stubborn child. It is useless to order a baby, but you can try to negotiate or outsmart.

1. Understand if you are really hungry

The next time you want something tasty, do not rush to indulge yourself. Think about whether you are really hungry, or the desire to drink tea with a cake arose from nothing to do.

If you really want to eat, find an alternative to an unhealthy snack. To do this, keep handy fruits, nuts, dried fruits, whole grain breads.

If you just have nothing to occupy yourself with, try to switch: do something or go for a walk.
Try to imagine what changes will occur with the body and figure if you refuse junk food. And think about what could happen if you continue to eat it.

2. Replace old habits with new ones

Try to eliminate situations that contribute to the desire to eat something harmful. You may have to temporarily abandon going to cafes with friends who do not support healthy lifestyle ideas. The same time can be devoted to jogging, cycling or a quiet walk in the park with friends who also dream of losing weight.

If you are used to having snacks in front of the TV, introduce a new habit. Now you eat exclusively in the kitchen, sitting at the table. And since a person is lazy by nature, laziness will easily keep you on the couch, if you are not really hungry.

3. Instead of giving up food, postpone the snack

If you caught yourself wanting to eat something harmful to the figure, don't say no to yourself. Say better: "Yes, but later." Often this is enough to reduce cravings for junk food. It is possible that in half an hour you will even not want to eat these chips or muffins.

If desire remains, give yourself free rein but at the same time try to eat only half a serving of a harmful dish.

5. Read the labels carefully

Margarine is often contained in seemingly useful bran bread, and a low-calorie yogurt may contain a shock dose of sugar and flavor enhancers.

Do not lean on products whose labels indicate that they do not contain sugar. All kinds of sweeteners are designed for people with diabetes and obesity, for whom sweeteners the only alternative. Only one natural sweetener can be recommended to healthy people. stevia.

7. Try to balance your diet.

  • Maybe craving for certain foods the result of an unbalanced diet.
  • If you often want sweets it is possible that the body lacks protein or complex carbohydrates. If drawn to chocolate, magnesium may be lacking in the diet. To compensate for the lack of these micronutrients, eat more fruits, nuts and herbs.
  • Craving for fried foods will help reduce the adequate intake of omega-3 fatty acids. To do this, try to eat more fish, and include unrefined oils (for example, linseed) in the diet.
  • Drink more water. Water dulls hunger and promotes good metabolism.

9. Cook in advance

As we already know, people often choose not the most wholesome foods, because they don’t want or cannot spend time preparing food.

Experienced housewives have long found an alternative to daily standing at the stove: home-cooked foods. They can be prepared on weekends for a week and put in the freezer.