Useful Tips

How to make a beautiful tail for different hair lengths


1. Fold two tailsto create the illusion of one long and thick tail.

2. This method is perfect for curly hair.

3. Make inside out tail and tuck the ends into a low bundle.

4. When you want to remove hair from the neck, do tail inside out side.

5. You can simply curl your hair, collecting it on the right side and twisting it and securing it with hairpins.

6. Another interesting option - tail double knot.

7. Tie two strands in a knotto wrap the tail.

Long tail hairstyle

8. If you want wrap a ponytailIt’s worth knowing one useful trick.

  • Take a small strand from the bottom of the tail and twist it with a curling iron.
  • Then apply strong fixation varnish to the strand and wrap around the base of the tail, tipping the tip into the elastic.

9. To give the tail the desired height, use bow tie.

10. You can also support the tail two invisible.

11. Tail in several tiers - A great way to remove hair during a workout.

This hairstyle is ideal if you have a long bangs or a haircut in layers that often come out of the tail.

12. If you have shorter hair, remove the back strands, tied in pigtails.

13. If you get out the side strands, braid side braids.

14. If you have thick hair, you can make a romantic hairstyle by twisting your hair in a voluminous side ponytail.

15. Give your ponytail a sloppy look with dry shampoo.

16. Add volume from above by first making a half-tail.

You can first pile on top before tying the tail.

Ponytail Hairstyle Options

17. Do large bow over the tail.

  • Tie your hair in a ponytail.
  • Wrap a small strand around the tail and secure with invisibility.
  • Take a lock of ponytail and an elastic band of the same color as the hair, tie around the lock.
  • Make a loop and divide the loop into two parts.
  • Fasten the two loops of the bow from the strand that are invisible on both sides.
  • Separate a small strand under the bow, wrap the bow with it and fix it with invisibility.
  • Wrap the lagging end in a loop, hiding it in a bow and securing it with invisibility.

18. Wind your hair in a minute, collecting them in a ponytail and dividing it into 2-3 parts.

19. Even if you have short hair, you can also add volume to your hair in the style of Bridget Bardot.

How to Make a Ponytail Hairstyle

20. And here is a way that will help prevent sticking hairs.

  • Comb the hair on the crown and make a small ponytail, tied with an elastic band and leaving strands behind and on the sides.
  • Comb the remaining back strand and pile into the existing ponytail, tying it with a second rubber band.
  • Gather strands from the sides and connect with the existing ponytail and tie with a third elastic band.

Now the weight of the hair will not pull the ponytail down.

21. If you have very thick hair, separate the strands from above to give volume to the crown.

22. Fluff middle and back strands using a comb before tying the ponytail.

23. To create an impression of thicker hair, use eye shadow under the color of hair.

24. If you have long hair and are willing to take risks, you can do hairstyle in layersby cutting the tail.

25. Ponytail bracelet is a new fashion accessory that will decorate any tail.

Options for braiding a beautiful tail on your head

Today, you can count about 80 options for different hairstyles, which one way or another include the tail. Therefore, do not confine yourself to familiar species only - you can also master others - interesting and stylish hairstyles based on the tail.

There are three main options - to make the tail at three levels: high, medium and low. The result is three different, in their own way, interesting hairstyles. Some are quite satisfied with these options. But you can go further - there are many more great options. Attention: those types that we will consider are far from all types, but only the most popular and simple to use.

1. Low tail weaving

A great option for the office with a strict dress code.

Take the hair from the frontoparietal and occipital area to the host. Leave whiskey free. Separate the strands in turn from the right and left temporal zones. Weave them together, wrapping their tail.

Connect the twisted strands under the tail. Spread the weave to hide the elastic.

2. Asymmetric inverted tail

Anyone can handle this elegant hairstyle. Make a tail: it should be located below the ear as close to the head as possible. Separate a small strand at the bottom of the resulting tail and wrap an elastic band around it. Lock with invisibility.

Pull back a few centimeters and pull her tail with one rubber band. Make a hole in the resulting area and twist the tail into it. It should be something like a loop. Create volume by slightly stretching the strands in the loop.

Repeat to the end of the tail.

3. High tail with spikelet

A fashionable combination of rigor and negligence. It can be performed on both long and medium hair. The hairstyle takes a little longer than the previous ones, but it is suitable not only for workdays, but also for corporate parties.

Separate the hair in the temporal area. Weave a horizontal back spikelet (it is also called a fish tail). From the resulting braid, slightly stretch the strands.

Collect the remaining hair in a high tail with a spikelet. After fixing with an elastic band, untie the tip of the braid so that it mixes with the tail. Hide the elastic by wrapping it in a thin strand of hair.

Select a strand from the tail and braid another spikelet. If you have thin hair, use false locks. When weaving, pull the locks so that the braid turns out to be voluminous. Fix the tip with silicone rubber.

1. Iroquois with Dutch weaving

A vivid image for daring natures, as well as for going to a club or to a party.

Divide the hair into two parts. Fix the lower one with an elastic band or a clip.

Braid the top in the form of a Dutch braid: it consists of three strands and looks like a French one. Pull the strands from the braid to make it seem even more voluminous.

Tie the remaining hair in a high tail, including a braid in it. Fluff it up.

2. Textured low tail

The combination of a smooth crown and a fluffy tail is the perfect solution for a romantic dinner.

Make a deep side part. Using a corrugation iron, create a basal volume and gently comb the hair in the temporal zone.

Make an asymmetrical tail. A strand in the face can be left outside, then to hide the elastic under it.

Using a curling iron, give the tail a texture. Curl curls so that the ends of the strands do not twist. Comb the curls with your hands and treat with a structuring spray.

3. High tail in retrostyle

Make a tight high tail (do not forget to hide the elastic), leaving a strand at the forehead and laying it on its side. Place a roller under the tail and secure it with studs at the desired height.

Divide the hair from the tail into two parts. First comb and distribute the lower and then the upper roller. Lay out the hair so that the roller is completely closed.

1. Tail with a square braid

Practical option: with this weaving, no locks will be knocked out while running or doing crossfit.

Make a low tail. Divide it into three strands. Make a hole in the extreme strands with your finger and insert the middle one in them.

Repeat until the tail ends. Fix the tip with an elastic band.

2. Tail-bundle

A simple, but very effective hairstyle that will not fall apart during training.

Make a tail on top of the head. Put a roller on it to create a beam or just a volume rubber band of a suitable color.

Spread the hair evenly on the roller. Separate and lock the lock from the center of the tail. Put the elastic on the roller and mask it with the ends of your hair.

Loosen the strand in the center of the beam. It can be left straight, braided from it or curled.

3. High tail with weaving

Hairstyle in case you need to run away from the gym or to meet with friends. Just fluff the strands after a workout.

Gather the high tail. Fix it with an elastic band. For greater reliability, you can use an invisible elastic band. Hide the elastic with the bottom of the tail.

Separate the strands on both sides of the tail. Cross them. Then separate the small strand from the tail and attach to the weave. Continue as long as the hair allows. Secure the end with an elastic band.

For the duration of the workout, it is better to leave the strands tightly intertwined, and after that - pull it out a little. This will allow you to quickly change the image.

1. Tail of curls

Divide your head into zones. First curl the hair on the back of the head, combing each strand at the roots. Use a large curling iron. Comb the hair and collect the curls in the tail.

Curl your hair at the crown. Gather another tail by combining it with the first. Take a thick strand from the tail and wrap the elastic.

Curl the temporal zones and lay them towards the tail.

2. High volume tail

In beauty salons, such hairstyles are called oriental or 5D tails.

Separate and form the tail first in the lower occipital region. To give volume, grind and comb the hair in the tail. Make curls ironing. Then do the same with the temporal zones. At the end, pin them with studs to the tail.

Make two more tails: in the upper occipital and parietal area. Give volume to each and curl. Turn the hair at the forehead with a tourniquet, pull out the locks and fix with the help of wax or varnish ribs. For simplicity, you can simply comb.

3. Low volume tail with weave

A gentle image that is suitable for graduation and even weddings.

Curl hair slightly with a large curler. Then do a side parting and separate the hair on the temporal zones. Leave a lock on your forehead if you like elongated bangs.

Weave left and right on the spikelet. Fix the ends with invisibility, stretch the strands. Lay the braids on the back of the head so that the thicker one is on top. Secure them with invisibility.

Collect the remaining hair, as well as the ends of the braids in the tail. Secure it with a transparent rubber band.

How to do a careless tail

This option is suitable, including if you don’t have time to do a full styling or if you didn’t have time to, say, wash your hair. Careless tail in this case will be a real salvation.

In the photo - a sloppy tail for short hair:


  • Put a little foam or modeling mousse on the hair - drive it gently with your fingers into the strands.
  • Create the necessary basal volume by whipping the hair at the base of the hair with your fingers.
  • After these manipulations, the hair does not need to be combed - you just need to smooth it and put it in a ponytail on the back of the head.
  • If time permits and there is a desire, the tips of the ponytail can be curled a little with a curling iron to give the hair a greater texture. You can also pull some strands from the hairstyle to make styling more sloppy.

A short length does not allow you to create a chic ponytail and many other types of hairstyles, but a low stylish ponytail is the same option that suits this length. It is better if the hair is straight - curly hair is better to straighten with an iron - at the same time they will be added a few centimeters of length, which will make a more beautiful ponytail or you can wind your hair onto the iron and achieve the effect of neat waves. It will also be interesting to learn about how to make a low bun on medium hair with your own hands. To do this, follow the link and see the contents of the article.


  • Comb the hair and divide it into three sections: two lateral and one occipital.
  • Gather the occipital part in a ponytail and fix it with an elastic band.
  • Then take one side part and wrap it around the gum on the back of the head, fasten the tip with invisibility.
  • Do the same with the second side.
  • Inspect your head for broken strands. If you find - smooth them with gel.
  • The base of the tail can be decorated with beautiful accessories.

On the video, how to make a beautiful tail out of hair:


This option is an elegant and feminine solution for every day. It looks especially good and harmonious on medium hair. Moreover, the hair structure can be either straight or curly - in both cases, this hairstyle looks great.


  • Comb the hair and make a side part.
  • Collect hair in a not too tight tail and fix on the side where most of the parting is. Fasten the tail with an elastic band. All - a quick hairstyle is ready. You can use a variety of accessories - hairpins, elastic bands, even scarves.

But how the asymmetry haircut will look for short hair and how difficult it is to complete such a haircut is indicated in this article.

But what hairstyles from braids for long hair are the most popular, is described in detail in this article.

What is the pattern of weaving braids from ponytails with elastic bands, you can see the photo in this article.

You may also find it interesting to learn how to braid short hair.


Another name for this hairstyle is the reverse. Looks great on medium-length hair, simple and quick to do.


  • Comb the hair, collect it in a tight tail. It should be located behind - in the back of the head, low.
  • Make a hole in the base of the tail and insert the tip of the tail into it, tighten the loop.
  • This technique allows you to add unusual hairstyle, while masking the elastic.
  • If you want to give styling more decorativeness, curl the ends of the tail. The combed and bulky tail also look great on medium length hair.

But how to braid a twisted braid to herself at home and how good such a hairstyle will look is described in detail in this article.

On long hair

Of course, you can make almost any tail on a long head of hair. Here are examples of the most suitable hairstyles for long hair - those that are absolutely accurate.

Consider how to make this classic hairstyle, which will look especially beautiful with long straight hair. Attention: if the hair is curly, it is necessary to straighten it with a hair iron before doing a hairstyle.


  • Prepare the gum in advance - better than a neutral shade as close to the color of the hair as possible. You will also need invisibility.
  • Comb the hair and carefully, using a comb with frequent cloves, collect all the hair in the tail on the top of the head - high. Pick up all the strands - so that there are no flaws left - they will be very striking.
  • Take the invisibility and fix it inside the received shock.
  • Elasticate your hair. The second invisible also hold the strands on the other side. Thus, you tightly fix the curls, and the tail does not loose, it will retain its intended shape.
  • Carefully comb the tips so that they do not tangle anywhere.
  • Separate one strand and wrap the elastic around it - tightly, fasten the tip of the strand with invisibility.

Smooth horse

This hairstyle can be performed at three levels of height. It features stunningly stylish views. But, despite the apparent lightness, it is as simple in execution as it seems. This hairstyle should be done on absolutely straight, smooth hair - without “roosters”, protruding strands, or any other flaws.

Experts advise to close up a smooth tail only after two or three days have passed after washing the hair - in this case, the hair is already slightly oiled with sebaceous secretion and does not fluff, so the hairstyle acquires the smooth surface it needs.

Classic horse

This option is a great choice for evening and everyday outings. It can be considered universal. Many stars of show business, including Hollywood, resort to this hairstyle. Such a tail makes the image especially attractive, sexy and fatal. Ideal for long, non curly, healthy hair.


  • Comb the strands carefully and collect them all at the required height. This tail can be formed anywhere - on the top of the head, and on the back of the head, and between these two extreme points.
  • Bangs are not recommended to be left.
  • Carefully remove all the “cocks” - nothing should spoil the appearance of the smooth styling done. You can even apply a little gel to your hair to give it more smoothness and create a smooth surface.
  • It is necessary to hide the not very aesthetic appearance of the gum. To do this, separate a small strand and wrap it around the elastic. Secure the tip of this lock under the tail with an invisibility.

For thin hair

Many women, unfortunately, are familiar with the problem of thin and thin hair. But do not despair - the hair "tail" is suitable for such a head of hair. Consider the most suitable options for this type of hair:

  • Wash your hair and blow dry.
  • Comb your hair thoroughly.
  • Treat the hair in the root zone with an iron that will give the necessary volume. The iron should be a corrugation.
  • Take a curling iron and twist the curls inward. After the next strand is wound, do not touch and unravel it - let it remain in the state as it was removed from the curling iron.
  • Pull all the strands to the top of the head, form a tail.
  • You can cover the hair with glossy varnish - to give the necessary gloss to the hair. The result is a beautiful, even "glamorous" styling. Suitable for parties and night clubs.

It will also be interesting to know which haircuts for thin rare hair for volume currently exist.

On the video how to make a beautiful tail from thin hair:

Эта прическа — отличное решение для тонких и редких волос. Хорошо подойдет и для дневного выхода, и для вечернего, придает девушке образ роковой красотки, отлично смотрится с любой одеждой. It is not recommended if the hair structure is unhealthy, the locks are brittle, dry or there are split ends - in this case it will be almost impossible to achieve the chic that this hairstyle requires.

In addition, combing the strands does not benefit the hair, and can damage it even more.


  • Separate a fairly wide strand from your forehead, carefully - without fanaticism and excessive enthusiasm - comb it.
  • Poke this lock on the back of your head with an invisible one, smooth it, sprinkle with varnish.
  • Collect the remaining free strands in a tail on the back of the head - it is necessary that the invisibility that holds the combed strand be included in this design.
  • Secure the structure with a rubber band or other suitable accessory.
  • The tips can be wound on a curling iron or whipped a little with the use of foam.
  • The tail can also be with or without bangs. The latter option requires the right features and a perfect oval, because the hairstyle greatly reveals the face. In this case, styling without a bang will look just fine. And the presence of a bang, on the contrary, will help to mask the flaws of the appearance, to correct it.
  • When combining a tail with various hairpins, elastic bands, combs, hairpins, rims and other decorative ornaments, we can get a new hairstyle every time.

But how the hairstyle of a mulvin woman with a pile will look, is described in detail in this article.

All types of tail, except for a smooth one, will look better on a clean, washed hair. When washing your hair, do not forget to use a rinse conditioner or conditioner - after this treatment, the hair acquires the necessary silkiness and softness, becomes obedient and easy to style.

We looked at many different tail options. Now you know that this hairstyle is not limited to all the well-known "horse" option. Therefore, experiment, choose the most suitable options for yourself and surprise friends and loved ones in a new way.

About the tail - the story

Women began to do the first hairstyles in ancient times, using combs of bones and wood.

With the development of a civilized society, hairstyles became more beautiful and diverse, women found new ways of styling, decorated their hair with floral wreaths and ribbons.

Currently, there are more than 80 variations of hairstyles with a ponytail.
Want to look original and interesting? It is not necessary to turn to a stylist for this, it is quite realistic to do it yourself, it all depends on your ingenuity and imagination.

Hairstyle ponytail is performed in 3 versions: high, when the hair is collected on the crown, low - at the back of the head, medium - at the level of the ears.

Which tail options are common:

  • ponytail is smooth, in height: high, low, medium,
  • with fleece,
  • volume,
  • asymmetric
  • inverted
  • with bangs and without,
  • with braids
  • Malvinka
  • tail waterfall
  • tail with bow
  • Kardashian tail
  • ponytails to school,
  • with accessories.

Hair styling before creating a ponytail

Before creating any hairstyle, preliminary preparation and styling is necessary. Your hair will look beautiful and well-groomed if you adhere to a certain sequence:

  1. First you need to wash them with shampoo designed for your hair type.
  2. To use conditioner, balm or other means for leaving, hair will become smooth and obedient.
  3. Dry and comb your hair well.

This option is for a classic or smooth ponytail, but for a volumetric ponytail with volume, you should choose a different styling.

See how to wind your hair on the irons, giving them volume in a matter of minutes, and the instructions in the photo and video format will allow you to repeat them after the first viewing.

Use this knowledge to add sophistication to your tail.

Learn how to lay a long bang so that your look will amaze and delight everyone! All the secrets of styling bangs are here. Many options and 50 photos will please both beginners and advanced "gurus" in hairstyles.

Volume tail styling

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo.
  2. We apply the balm only on the ends so as not to overload the roots.
  3. Dry your hair with a hairdryer and carefully comb it.
  4. We process the root zone with a small iron corrugation. We process each strand, 1/3 of the length.
  5. We twist the ends of the hair inside into the classic curling iron. We maintain the curling iron at a maximum mode of 20 seconds. Curls do not unwind.
  6. We pull the strands from the occipital area to the face. Shine your hair to give gloss.

Training video on creating volume on the hair to create a volumetric ponytail:

Depending on what occasion you are preparing the hairstyle and what effect you want to achieve, curl your hair or vice versa, straighten, comb or create a little volume at the roots, parting. So, the hair is prepared and laid, which means that the floor is done and it is time to start creating a hairstyle.

How to choose an elastic band for hair?

How to make your hairstyle last all day? You need to choose the right gum. Prefer soft elastic bands, they cling less and break off hair.
Gum "treats" your hair gently: with a fabric sheath (inside their elastic band for underwear), for hair with terry, silicone springs.

Now crochet elastic bands have become popular, they perfectly and permanently fix hair in the right position, stretch and compress perfectly.

Want to make the tail exactly centered?

Determining where the tail will be, navigate by the palm of your hand, the distance behind the ears when applying the hand should be the same as the height of the tail itself. When choosing a high one, do it directly on the top of the head, the middle one in the back of the head and the low one at the beginning of the neck. Practice before making your tail for the first time.

Consider several tail options for different occasions.

Classic high tail

The most popular option is a high ponytail. Well suited for everyday wear and make your look well-groomed and elegant. If the hair is curled, you must first straighten it with an iron.

  1. Prepare an invisible comb and gum as described above.
  2. Carefully comb the hair and collect the upper part of them on the crown, as for the "Malvinka" hairstyle. We select hair from the sides and back.
  3. Hold the tail in one hand (left) and fasten the invisibility inside the collected hair, wrap the elastic several times around the hair and the second invisibility, similarly, fasten it inside the tail (on the opposite side).

A tutorial video on how to make a beautiful high tail is suitable for those who do not like photos:

Volume tail

Creating volumetric ponytail hairstyles has similar classical steps and a few secrets.
Giving volume after tying the tail:

  1. It is easy to avoid head tightness by slightly stretching the strands in the face, thereby creating volume in the face. Whiskey leave smoothly tightened.
  2. Comb the tail, shape the curls. On the inside, brush slightly to give volume. Distribute a small amount of gloss in the spray.
  3. Using a separate strand of hair, we hide an elastic band, wrapping it around the tail. We wind the tip of the strand on the invisibility and fix it at the base of the tail or on the hairpin.
  4. For a larger volume: turn the tail over and at the base we stab with 3 hairpins on the back.

Step-by-step video with explanations for creating a volumetric tail:

60x tail in Nicole Ricci style with and without strands

Pay attention to the photo, where step by step the creation of a tail without false strands is shown, in the video with them (for those whose hair is sparse or not long enough). Use the option you like best.

Step-by-step instructions for tying the tail 60X:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly and divide it into zones. The upper zone is the crown, lateral zones and occipital. Separate each zone with a comb and fix it with studs or clamps.
  2. From the occipital hair we tie the tail. Smooth, medium height.
  3. We lightly scratch the side strands from the inside and put them on the sides, wrapping the tail around them. To fix, we use an invisible device twisted on a strand or we fix an invisible one. Repeat from 2 sides.
  4. The remaining hair is combed in a row, moving from the crown to the forehead. For airy hair: spray each strand with varnish.
    Do not comb the first strand with your forehead, leave it smooth. We lay the hair strand by strand on the tail.
  5. To smooth a bouffant and to sprinkle a varnish for fixing.
  6. Lay the bangs along the forehead and fix near the tail with invisibles, for a short bangs just comb.

Video on creating a hairstyle tail in the style of Kim Kardashian, Nicole Ricci a la 60:

Low inverted tail

It will take just a few minutes to create this hairstyle. With this ponytail your look will be cute and romantic. Consider the very option of creating a tail and its modifications. In the first case, it will be a waterfall of ponytails, the second is already evening.

The first classic version

  1. Comb all hair back.
  2. Collect not a tight tail, fix with an elastic band.
  3. Slightly lower the gum.
  4. Spin the resulting tail into a tourniquet.
  5. Make a hole over the elastic and thread the tail there, lift the elastic to the base of the tail.

To make such a tail, watch a step-by-step video explaining how to tie a low inverted tail.

Inverted tail waterfall

Unlike the classic: 3 tails are tied and each one turns out in turn. The first without selection of the lower strands, and 2 and 3 with selection.

A more detailed understanding of how to create a ponytail waterfall will help the video.
In this video, the inverted tail hairstyle is shown step by step with its transformation into a waterfall:

This video will show the second version of the inverted tail, when the tails are wrapped without pickups, the previous tails simply skip closer to the head behind the tails.

Sloppy tail

Choose this hairstyle option if you do not have time to wash your hair. It will be appropriate for creating a spectacular image.

  1. Apply a small amount of mousse or foam and beat hair.
  2. Make a basal volume by combing your hair a little or whipping with your fingers.
  3. Without combing, collect hair in a careless ponytail on the back of the head or lower.
  4. If desired, wind the tip of the tail or pull out a few strands.

Bouffant tail

To create the image of a fatal girl, this option is suitable, its basis is combing the hair on the top of the head. An excellent option for girls with thin or thin hair. It is undesirable to do bouffant for girls with brittle, dry and cut hair, they will be damaged even more.

  1. Separate a wide strand of hair from about from the forehead to the middle of the head, gently comb it.
  2. Pin the strand on the back of the head with an invisible one, smooth with a hand or a comb and fix it by spraying with varnish.
  3. Collect the remaining hair in a tail (preferably to capture the invisibility holding the pile), secure with an elastic or a hairpin.
  4. At your discretion, wind the tip of the tail onto a curling iron, straighten or beat with your hands using foam.

Video how to make a pony tail with fleece yourself:

Step-by-step video on how to make a volumetric tail with a pile for yourself:

An example video from professionals on creating a tail with a pile on the front:

How to make a beautiful ponytail to school?

For school, choose a neat and modest image, without using bright and catchy accessories: hairpins, hairpins, bulky elastic bands. School hairstyle should be comfortable so that the hair does not distract from the acquisition of new knowledge and at the same time the child feels comfortable. So, it’s more preferable:

  • classic high ponytail
  • neat tail on the side,
  • inverted tail.

So that the hairstyle does not look boring, you can resort to some tricks:

  • comb or curl the ends,
  • Braid a thin pigtail from a strand of hair in the tail.
  • Lay a thin pigtail around the head.
  • Wrap a pigtail around the elastic.
  • Ponytails in the garden and school with weaving

    Decorating the tail with plaits, weaving or a combination of both is quite simple, but this styling looks more festive.

    Children's hairstyles for every day in kindergarten with step by step photos

    To have a unique tail every day, take a photo on your phone or print a photo, ticking off the option that has already been completed.

    What other hairstyles from the ponytail just do in the morning to the garden or school, we recommend looking here. Detailed step-by-step descriptions and video tutorials will help in an excellent mood to go about your business. Discuss your hair style in the evening to avoid conflicts on this ground in the morning.

    Side ponytail video and step-by-step instructions:

    A training article on creating a ponytail with weaving in a circle with a detailed description and step-by-step photos will help even a novice to master this option of weaving.

    This hairstyle is based on (a braid with one-way pickup), since you have already figured out how to make a ponytail without roosters, now it remains to master the braiding of a braid around the tail in a circle.

    It's time to deal with the catch and repeat this “bell” hairstyle; this name has already been found several times in the literature on creating this hairstyle.

    To make it festive, add a bow to the base or small hair clips with white or black bows, flowers all over the head, they and the falling curls will support and decorate the hairstyle.

    Video how to braid a tail in a circle on a child:

    Video on creating such a ponytail on yourself:

    Instructions for creating ponytail hairstyles with tied strands

    We need: 4 pcs of rubber bands, 2 clips or a crab for holding strands, a spray with water, a comb with a sharp tip and long hair.

    1. Divide the hair into 2 parts: 1 - bangs, 2 - the tail itself. Divide the bangs into 3 large strands, tying each with an elastic band, turn them around.
    2. Pick up the ends of the inverted tails in the tail. Tail to tie high, because at low there will be little space for laying strands.
    3. Moisten the ends of the hair from the spray with plain water. Carefully comb the tail with a comb with rare cloves.
    4. Separate two narrow locks at the edges (from the bottom of the tail) and comb them with a comb. Varnish.
    5. Tie them with a regular knot 1 time. Pretty tight, but not pulling the tail. Fasten the ends of the lock to the tail with crabs.
    6. Repeat the operation until you reach the end of the tail.
    7. Having reached the end of the tail, tie with an elastic band. Spread out if there is an offset somewhere.

    The video will help you understand and easily repeat the creation of a ponytail hairstyle with tied strands:

    Tail to school with classic french braids on the sides

    This tail option is suitable for both long-haired schoolgirls and kindergarten visitors with medium-long hair.

    1. Divide hair into zones: parietal and 2 lateral, occipital separately. Stitch or tie: the upper and one lateral, occipital, so that you do not interfere.
    2. We work with the temporal zone on one side. Separate 1 strand and divide it into 3 parts for weaving a regular French braid with pickups on 2 sides. Weave like this: we shift the right strand to the central, the left strand to the central. We select by a narrow lock on the right and weave, then similarly on the left. So weave until the hair on the side ends.
    3. We weave with the usual braid to the middle of the head, where the separation takes place. We tie the end with a rubber band. We do the same with the second pigtail on the side. Tie them together with 1 elastic.

  • Lightly comb the parietal area, strand by strand. We smooth and comb it by laying it back.
  • Let's collect in a high tail: pigtails, hair on the back of the head and combed strands.

    For kindergarten, choose the option with a French scythe.

  • In the upper zone weave a French braid with pickups from 2 sides, slightly giving it volume and not tightening. After weaving, we fix it with 2 invisible me cross to cross.
  • The video will help you figure out braid weaving and tying tail with braiding.

    The braid of ponytails with rubber bands will also be ideal. Since it does not require weaving, even a beginner, as well as a child of 3-4 classes, will be able to repeat it already on a tied tail.

    Let the child pre-train on a doll or mom, and then do such a hairstyle without rushing at home more than once and only then in the morning to school to avoid stress.
    It can be done on the tail of a mulvinka, a classic ponytail or on 2 ponytails, which option do you like more, choose one.

    How exactly the braid is made of ponytails with rubber bands, what is necessary for weaving, and also what secrets must be used to make it look chic. You are waiting for this link.

    A bundle of hair as an option to modify the tail, here you will find many options for this hairstyle with photos and video instructions.

    Having mastered the tail, we suggest you add a twist to your tail in the form of a bow. What bow do you want to make? Large or many small? Watch video tutorials and step-by-step photos on this page.

    Can't make yourself a neat haircut due to dandruff and itchy scalp? Find out how to handle this for several home applications at: http: // -sredstvami-navsegda-bystro.html

    How to decorate the ends of the tail?

    Decorating the front of the head in a ponytail hairstyle is customary, but decorating the tips is what we will do now.

    Photos from left to right:

    Divide the tail into 2 parts and twist it into a tourniquet, twist each strand and weave it together.

    Завязанный хвост, отделяем прядь и начинаем плести косу с односторонним подхватом. Плетем по одной стороне, оборачиваем хвост по наружной части.

    Хвост с 3мя жгутиками

    Разделить хвост на 3 пряди. Закрутить поочередно жгуты, завязать резиночкой, следите, чтобы жгуты двигались слева направо и сверху вниз.

    Плетем косу из 3 прядей, при этом 2 пряди — это лента. Braid and tie the ends with rubber.

    Tail + braid of 4 strands

    We analyze in detail the braid weaving of 4 strands described here. Experiment with a combination of hair and ribbons.

    We weave a classic braid, but we divide the separated strand into 3 parts and stretch, while with the help of foam I will give it structurality.

    Ideas are presented in the photo, look, which of the options did you like the most?

    Features of creating a tail for long and medium hair

    For long and medium hair it is not difficult to choose many options for hairstyles with a tail.

    High smooth tail, combed tail, fluffy tail, light tail on one side and many others. Regardless of whether you are the owner of straight or curly hair, wear bangs or not, all horizons are open to you. If necessary, create volume, complement with non-standard elements, complement with braids or overhead strands, surprise and delight others.
    Ponytail on medium hair

    Ponytail Option for Long Hair

    Ponytail New Year or Evening Hairstyle

    Festive hairdo ponytail with false strands

    If your goal is to create an incomparable, attractive hairstyle, it is not necessary to strictly follow the instructions and tips, look for your options and experiment. Be beautiful and happy!

    Alternatively, you can make a waterfall. At the same time, 3 tails are made, each of which is wrapped. In this case, the first is done without selecting the lower curls, and the rest with selection.

    Cool idea, get such a triple waterfall.

    The tail for the evening exit looks just a bomb)) very beautiful, she experimented herself. The chandelier earrings were dressed and generally pretty)

    You have an exquisite taste, and a tail with long and voluminous earrings looks absolutely gorgeous!

    I think that these hairstyles are beautiful but they lack volume I advise you to do something unique, for example, two beautiful ponytails on the sides, and that's all, the hairstyle is ready. This is advised by a 6th grade schoolgirl.

    Thank you very much for your advice. Do you regularly do this yourself?

    Thank you for such a selection of hairstyles! Many of them have already tried on myself. But some were new to me)

    We are very glad that you found it useful. Come again for new hairstyle ideas.