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How to keep Lego in a house with a small child


The constructor of Lego is very popular all over the world. This is an exciting, entertaining and educational game for children of all ages. From colored elements you can collect a variety of objects, design cars, castles, even entire cities. In general, all that is enough for imagination.

For those who assemble Lego, the collection of design models is gradually increasing. As a result, it becomes difficult for the child to find the desired element among many blocks. Therefore, the question of how to correctly sort and store Lego details becomes relevant.

Take our recommendations on how to store Lego parts at home - and you can make the assembly of the designer even more fun, and at the same time teach the child to order.

Lego constructor storage rules

1. The best option is to teach the kid to sort the designer by initial sets, or by color, size (by color and size, or by color and type (in the first case, for example, so that all 2x4 blue plates are in one container, and all red plates 2x4 - in another, in the second case, so that all red bricks are in one place, and all red beams are in another)), shape, types of parts (bricks, plates, roof parts, wheels, windows, other details). Choose the most convenient sorting method. First help the child distribute the blocks, and then he will be able to do it himself. To make it convenient, you can take packages or some temporary containers.

2. Lego can be stored in ordinary plastic containers. They come in different sizes, with and without caps, so it’s easy to pick up containers of suitable shape and volume. To save space in the room, it is better to stay on containers that can be stacked on top of each other. Another option is to buy a finished bookcase with containers.

3. When choosing containers, it is better to dwell on transparent ones, since their contents are always in sight. Another good option is to pick up several baskets according to the color of the parts and sort the parts of different colors into them.

4. To store small elements of the designer bags are perfect - regular or with a zip-lock. They should be put in a separate container.

5. Do not fill the containers to the top, otherwise it will be difficult to find the necessary elements, it is best to stack Lego in 1-2 layers.

6. If desired, you can purchase a special Lego table with niches for parts or cabinets, containers and a playing surface. This is very convenient in order to build, model and store the constructor when not in use.

7. You can try folding Lego into cylindrical-shaped food containers. They have transparent walls, thanks to which the contents of the jars are perfectly visible. These containers can easily be placed in a cupboard, on a windowsill, a bookshelf and in any other place.

8. The manufacturer also offers a Lego bag. It is a round fabric rug with lace around the perimeter. After the game, just tighten it and the details will be in the bag.

9. You can take a large capacity and install a partition inside for sorting parts, or use organizers for needlework, boxes for storing tools. If the Lego collection is still small, this method will save space.

10. To organize an effective storage system, it is not superfluous to sign each container: it will be easier to search for the necessary details, since you do not have to look into each container or box. And in order not to lose the instructions for Lego and know what model of toys you have, you can create a special folder with files.

A competently and neatly organized space for games forms a child’s habit to keep order. Sorting and arranging Lego details in places, he learns attentiveness and diligence.

How to conveniently store Lego

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Lego storage problems

In general, about the fact that lego convenient to store some kind of "in a special way"We guessed not immediately. And at first we just had a big plastic box, where all the details were poured - all sizes and colors.
But how much time is now being saved, including for children (by the way, I talked about how we save time with children)

And although lego it wasn’t very much, sometimes it was necessary to pour everything on the floor to calmly find the right headlight or grille. You understand that if mom can afford to pour everything on the floor (she will then collect), then the child, having poured everything on the floor, will take one necessary detail and go on. Best case scenario "in the end» (although this end is very difficult to determine, because you want to build, swing on the rings, jump on a trampoline, and then build again) he will try to collect, but this, I tell you, is not very simple. And therefore parents will collect, while a lot lego not spread throughout the apartment.

Pros in the proper storage of Lego

Therefore we decided lego sort. Firstly, if you need a part, you are looking for it not in the whole heap, but in a small bunch of identical parts. Secondly, even after pouring out this small box it is easy to assemble it, thirdly, since the parts are sorted by size and shape, they are easy to find (while in a mixture of, for example, large and small parts, small ones are very difficult to find) Fourth, Gleb turned out to be able to find the necessary details himself: if he needs doors, he takes a box with doors and selects the necessary one from the whole variety, if he wants headlights, grilles and other decorative elements, he also takes the necessary box and finds what necessary.

And besides, removing his "working" a place (where the construction unfolded and formed a lot of unclaimed details), he himself tries to put everything in place, thereby practicing sorting every day =)

How to store lego

I will also say that I am sure that it is necessary to sort by shape, but not by color. As I said, it’s very difficult to find the right part if parts of different sizes are mixed. And if they alsomerge in the eyes“, Since one color - the task is complicated at times.

So, now I will tell (or rather show) how we sorted our lego. By the way, I met some tips about storing legos in lego idea books.

At the grocery store, I bought a lot of small ones (and large) plastic jars. These jars can be made by yourself, for example, by cutting half a 5-liter plastic bottle from the water.

Now it remains to lay out everything on them. By the way, having decomposed once, after playing, you might think: “But is everything conveniently laid out for playing and constructing?»Maybe it’s worth changing something. Change the layout, focusing on your needs and the needs of the child is possible and necessary! Therefore, do not be afraid to make a mistake - spread out, play, think about what is missing and fix it.

Here's what we got:

Box with plates. All plates larger than 4 (I mean, more than 4 "pimple«) Those that are less stored in small parts with headlights and rudders.

A box with thick parts - cubes. All thick parts starting from 4, but excluding sticks.

Box with the aforementioned "chopsticks“Starting from size 3.

Box with "single«, «twos"And"in threes«.

A box with small details, ranging from headlights and grills, ending with caps and backpacks for men.

A box with wheels and axles for them.

A box with doors and windows.

Box with beveled corners.

Boxes with unusual details. Generally in lego lot "unusual details“So if, for example, you put each type in your box, you’ll just get confused in the boxes. It seems to me that the number of boxes has already reached the limit. In the same box we put parts from the tank, hooks for the crane and so on.

Above the game shelf, dad made another narrow shelf where all these jars with lego You can put and take the right one.

Here is such a simple way.
I am pleased to read about how you store and play lego in comments!