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How to peel double-sided tape


Double-sided tape is a useful item in every home. But many people know firsthand what the marks of double-sided tape are. This material has a very stable adhesion to the surface and when it is removed, not only traces of glue can remain, but also whole pieces of adhesive tape on the surface. Dealing with this problem with bare hands can be very difficult. Here are some ways to wipe double-sided tape from the body of a car, furniture, plastic, glass, metal and other surfaces.

The heating

If the surface from which you want to remove the tape is heat-resistant, then it’s nice to heat the adhesive tape with an ordinary hair dryer. This procedure will heat up the adhesive material, soften it and the adhesive tape can be peeled off the machine or furniture without making any effort. The remaining traces of glue can be removed simply by wiping with a cotton cloth.

Vegetable oil

This is another way to remove the remnants of double-sided tape. Oil is poured onto the surface if it is horizontal or a cloth moistened with oil is applied if the surface is vertical. The oil is left to interact with the glue for a while. When interacting with oil, glue loses its adhesive property. 15 minutes after applying the oil, the stain can be removed with a simple cloth. Now it remains only to wash the surface with soap in order to remove oil traces.


For this purpose, gasoline or paint thinner can be used. The tool is applied to a napkin, which processes the stain from the tape. Thus, the glue is quickly and easily removed without leaving any marks on the surface. A serious disadvantage of this method is the aggressiveness of household chemicals. It is possible to damage the surface using chemical agents. Also, the disadvantage of the method is an unpleasant chemical smell, which cannot be washed for a long time after stain removal.

This tool is also aggressive, but does not leave long-lasting odors. Using vinegar, double-sided adhesive glue softens and dissolves. After processing the surface with vinegar, it is enough to use a regular cloth to remove traces of glue. This method is perfect for removing sticky marks from mirrors, tiles, plastic, metal, glass and other surfaces.

Window Cleaner

Most of these liquids quickly and effectively cope with the remnants of double-sided tape, due to the alcohol content and soap solution. This tool will help get rid of not only glue residues, but also the sticky tape itself, which is also removed with great difficulty. Window cleaning products are not considered aggressive and are suitable for removing adhesive tapes and traces of them on any surfaces.

How to remove tape from glass

To remove tape from a window, mirror or glass, moisten the area with hot water. When it gets to the adhesive part, you can easily remove the wet tape. If this method does not help, you can mix in half ethyl acetate and gasoline, and then wipe the problem area.

Vegetable or essential oil will help. Lubricate the adhesive tape with oil and, when it is absorbed, remove the tape with a cloth also moistened with oil. Some types of these products are made on the basis of aluminum foil. They do not leak liquids and oils, so the methods listed here will not help.

For cleaning, you can gently pry the tape with a sharp object and pull. But be careful, as the glass is easy to scratch. You can first heat the area and then remove the adhesive tape with a scraper. To clean the glass, you can also use special cleaners, acetone, alcohol or a solvent. Such tools will remove both adhesive tape and the sticky trace after it.

We remove tape from household appliances

1. Add a little dish detergent to warm water. Preheat the area with adhesive tape for two to three minutes with a hairdryer, then wipe with a sponge dipped in soapy water. If necessary, repeat the process.

2. First, peel off the tape manually, and then lubricate the area with acetone or nail polish remover with acetone content. Then you need to leave the composition for five minutes and after that remove the traces with a clean cloth. Acetone will not damage the enamel of household appliances, but it can effectively remove adhesive tape.

3. Vinegar, alcohol or an antistatic agent will help to clean double-sided tape from the refrigerator, stove or other equipment, and no spots will remain after the tape. Apply the composition to the problem area and leave for three to five minutes. Then you need to remove the remains with a damp cloth.

4. Window cleaner is sprayed onto the stain and left for several minutes so that the adhesive tape is saturated with a solution, which is then cleaned with a cloth or sponge.

5. Professional stain removers, traces of markers and felt-tip pens effectively dissolve glue and remove sticky deposits. By the way, as such a remedy, you can use preparations for washing a car interior.

6. Use solvents to remove traces of labels and stickers, tape, tape, and other items. But do not take organic solvents, otherwise they will ruin the plastic household item! In this case, synthetic means or odorless highly purified solvents are suitable.

7. Vegetable oil can efficiently and quickly remove adhesive tape. Wipe the desired area with a cotton pad moistened with oil. After two to three minutes, rinse with a cloth and dishwashing detergent to remove greasy deposits after oil and sticky marks. Scotch tape will have to be wiped long enough, but this method will not harm the surface of household appliances.

8. Universal and multifunctional silicone grease WD40 will cope with the removal of adhesive tape and sticky traces. More practical and convenient means in the form of a spray. Spray the composition into the desired area, leave for a minute and remove the residue with a dry paper towel or cotton cloth.

9. A cleaner for bitumen stains, which can be bought in automobile and construction stores, will help to wash the adhesive tape in five seconds. In this case, the composition does not harm the technology, but leaves a pungent odor. So that the apartment does not smell, you need to ventilate the room well after the procedures.

We remove the tape

To clean the surface of tape, you must first remove the polymer base. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Try to remove it with a clerical or ordinary knife, prying the base with it. Often this is enough to peel it off.
  2. If it’s not so easy to peel off the tape, and you have a drill or a screwdriver at your disposal, buy a rubber disk in one of the construction stores that is specially designed to wipe even the most durable adhesive tape. It is necessary to install the disk on the drill and carefully remove the entire tape. It is important to do this at low speeds so as not to damage the surfaces on which you work. This addition is especially useful for those who often deal with cleaning double-sided tape.
  3. You can resort to the help of chemicals. One of the most popular is white spirit. If you can’t find it, take gasoline for lighters or kerosene. Soak liquid with unnecessary rags and attach it to the base of the tape and gently rub. The rest is pretty easy to remove. Be careful with this method. It is quite harmless to plastic, not very suitable for delicate surfaces and can easily wash off a layer of polishing or paint with glue. The best option is if you plan to stick something on the surface to be cleaned in the near future to hide traces of solvent exposure.
  4. Adhesive tape is easier to remove at high temperatures. Heat it with a hairdryer, building or household. After heating, the base can be removed with a rounded plastic spatula. Be careful, some surfaces, for example, made of thin or brittle plastic, may be damaged due to heating, do not blow them for too long or heat only the edge of the base so that you can remove it.

Remove glue

Durable acrylic adhesive is responsible for the stickiness of the adhesive tape. The fight with him and his untidy tracks may drag on for a long time.

You should not resort to the help of soap solutions, ordinary detergents and cleaners. In the fight against acrylic glue, they are either useless or ineffective.

For cleansing, one of the proposed methods is suitable:

  1. The easiest way to use vegetable oil. Put it on a rag, with its help generously oil glue and leave for several hours, preferably for 12 hours. After that, the glue is easy to wipe. If the surface allows, use a solvent to complete the process. The method is not suitable for processing furniture from unprotected varnish and paint wood. The wood absorbs the oil and greasy stains remain on the furniture that cannot be removed.
  2. A clerical eraser can also remove glue. You need to wipe off the glue with them, as you would erase the traces of a pencil, removing the spools that appear. This method is harmless and universal. It can be used both for furniture and for glass and plastic products, but it is not very convenient if you have to clean a large surface.
  3. The best option to remove traces from the glass is a glass cleaner. If a regular household cleaner doesn’t work, find one that is sold in car dealerships. It is at times more effective in combating glass contamination and is able to quickly and easily wash glue.
  4. White spirit, gasoline, solvent, acetone and even medical alcohol are also suitable for removing glue. Be careful when using them, observe safety precautions and evaluate the capabilities of the material you are cleaning. Start processing only when you are sure that the product will not harm.

To never again wonder how to remove double-sided tape, use the adhesive tape designed specifically for quick or easy peeling the next time to stick anything. Today there are a lot of options for adhesive tapes that are easy to attach and no less easy to remove, even if you used them a long time ago.

Now you know how to wipe the double-sided tape and its traces, so in the future this will not be any problem for you.

1 How can tape be scrubbed from the surface of glass and walls?

For the first time such a product appeared a very long time ago, and now it is represented by a huge assortment of various options and manufacturers. For several decades, these products have been actively used in everyday life, used for car repairs and in the construction business. Double-sided tape has a fairly useful property to stick something on a flat surface.

Sometimes we start using double-sided tape, not knowing how to remove it from the surface in such a way as not to leave enough huge traces. It is very difficult to wipe it off and many tools and tools are used for this process. Each owner will be able to choose the most acceptable and cleansing option for himself. In this section, we will consider completely different two options for removing adhesive tape from different surfaces.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself

First you need to understand in detail how to remove double-sided tape from walls and doors, since it is most often used for these surfaces. Removing adhesive tape from these planes is accompanied by the use of a so-called building hair dryer. If there is no such thing in the household, you can use an ordinary analogue for hair. After installing it in the nearest outlet, you must turn on the hair dryer at full power. It should be kept at a distance of several centimeters from the adhesive tape, and you need to start this process from the edges or corners. After heating, the adhesive tape should be cleaned easily and leave virtually no residue, so before you remove it, you need to warm up its location well.

It is necessary to eliminate adhesive tape gradually by heating small areas of the surface. The remaining small traces should be started to be wiped off immediately after removing the adhesive tape, using a very stiff sponge and absolutely any washing powder. If there is no hair dryer in the house, you can use hot steam. To do this, boil water in a large container and bring it to certain areas of adhesive tape. This is inconvenient, but actually very effective.

In the case of glass, this method is unacceptable, as this can cause cracks to appear on its surface. Naturally, cleaning powder can not be used in this case either, since they contribute to the appearance of scratches. How to remove double-sided tape in this case? In such situations, experts recommend the use of:

  • soft sponges
  • glass cleaners,
  • medical alcohol
  • cleansing oil
  • polish for glass.

First you need to gently pry the corner of the tape and eliminate the maximum length of the adhesive tape. After this, as a rule, some sections of adhesive tape remain that need to be washed. They are sprayed with all of the above means and removed with a sponge. It’s not easy to erase the remaining tape, but alcohol makes this process a little easier. In the same way the adhesive tape is removed from the car.

2 How to remove double-sided tape from other surfaces?

For other, not so delicate surfaces, as a rule, other improvised means are used. Most often in the process of removing adhesive tape:

  • gasoline
  • medical alcohol
  • acetone,
  • kerosene,
  • solvent,
  • vegetable oil,
  • hair dryer.

It is very important to understand that it is not necessary to immediately start using all of the above tools. First of all, you need to try to remove the tape yourself, but other methods are usually used only to eliminate small residues. The only permanent remedy should be hot air or steam. To start with it, you need to try to get rid of the tape. The rules for this procedure are given in the last section. If you peel off pictures or photographs, this method is not recommended. The fact is that hot air can damage any delicate publications.

It is recommended to use alcohol on plastic products, as other products can dissolve or spoil it. It is not as aggressive as, for example, acetone or kerosene. Subsequently, the use of medical alcohol will not damage even the paint with which this material can be processed. For best results, rubbing alcohol into tape and letting it brew for at least 5 minutes. Professionals claim that after this, the adhesive tape is removed very easily and very quickly.

Few people understand how to peel off double-sided tape from the fabric, because then it is very difficult to remove it. First of all, in no case should you use solvents and kerosene. If you do not adhere to this rule, you can forget about your thing once and for all and simply throw it away. It is best to use a hairdryer and alcohol.

For plastic surfaces, it is customary to use any oil, even sunflower. This is an environmentally friendly product that will not damage the product. Well, plus to everything, it is oil that best copes with this task. On unpainted materials, such as wood or metal, solvents and acetone can be used. These liquids practically leave no traces and do a good job of removing double-sided tape. The only negative is the presence of an unpleasant odor of these liquids, for the elimination of which it will be necessary to spend a lot of time.

3 How to get rid of the traces that arose from the adhesive double-sided tape?

After the adhesive tape is completely removed from any surface, the question arises of how to wash the huge traces that remained after it. If this is not done on time, dust and dirt will linger on the glue residues, and this is simply unacceptable in a living room. Removing such marks from different surfaces is not so simple.

Most household items are made of plastic or plastic. Before you begin to remove unwanted traces from this kind of surface, you should evaluate the quality of the material. This will determine the future method of cleaning. High-quality plastic is able to withstand almost all aggressive products, including gasoline. Chinese products can be very vulnerable to most methods.

First of all, you need to remember that it is necessary to remove traces immediately after removing the adhesive tape, since after a while it will be much more difficult to do. To remove glue residues, use gasoline or vegetable oil in this case. This should be done very carefully. First you need to pour oil on a cloth and rub it well into the tracks. After this procedure, you need to wait at least 2 hours. During this time, any stain can lose its stickiness. As a rule, after that, the remaining glue is removed with a simple cloth. To eliminate grease, the surface after the procedure must be washed with any detergent. The same rule applies to wooden lacquered furniture, glass, metal and other surfaces.

Теперь понятно, как очистить любую поверхность от скотча и его клейких следов. Искренне надеемся, что наш обзор поможет спасти любимую вещь, деталь интерьера и даже автомобиль.

Как очистить мебель от скотча

For furniture with a varnished surface, do not use a hairdryer and hot methods, as well as solvent compounds. Otherwise, you risk seriously damaging the surface. For wood and varnished surfaces, use eucalyptus or other essential oil. Lubricate the required area with oil and leave for two to three hours. Then remove the base. We clean the glue residue with a glass cleaner.

For plastic furniture, use oil, a hairdryer, white spirit, acetone, gasoline or thinner. And to remove sticky stains, dilute soda in water to the state of sour cream, apply the composition to a sponge and wipe the area. Then rinse with clean water and let dry.

With upholstered furniture, peeling off the tape is easy enough. Acetone will help to remove sticky traces. Treat the sticky area with acetone and then wipe with a cleaning agent or soapy solution. At the end, wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

To clean the tape from furniture made of chipboard, use a second tape, masking tape or stationery knife. A sticky mixture will remove a special mixture. Mix tooth powder with shaving foam or a good dishwashing detergent. Apply adhesive tape to the rest and wait until the stain begins to liquefy. We remove the diluted glue with a damp sponge. How to clean furniture from chipboard, see here.

How to wipe off marks and stains from adhesive tape

We learned how to peel double-sided tape from the surface. However, after the procedure, sticky traces remain on objects. Vegetable oil will help get rid of stains. Well oil the sticky area and leave for 10-12 hours. Then wipe off the remaining trace with a sponge.

An ordinary school eraser removes glue qualitatively. Rub the desired spot with the eraser and remove the spools that he left with a cloth. When removing adhesive tape and sticky marks or stains, it is not recommended to use dry soda, metal brushes, sponges with an abrasive surface. They will scratch and spoil any products, including wood, plastic or glass.