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How to make liquid lipstick at home


Beauty industry dictates trends in clothing and makeup. Matte lipstick is one of them. Acquiring all the necessary elements of a cosmetic bag can hit your wallet hard, but there are methods for making a matte lipstick on your lips.

Advantages and disadvantages of matte texture

Lipstick comes in two varieties: matte and glossy. Their difference lies in the intensity of the brightness. Matte lips are an innovation in the beauty world. Saturated dark color is especially popular: burgundy, marsala and delicate beige nude.

Matte tone has several advantages:

  1. Universal multifunctional tool.
  2. Perfect dense structure.
  3. Persistent even shade.
  4. Resistance to spreading outlines.
  5. Does not stick to hair in the wind.
  6. It makes puffy lips more expressive.

In addition to useful qualities, there are disadvantages of this cosmetics:

  1. Excessive dryness of the lip rim.
  2. Emphasizes skin irregularities.
  3. Hard to wash off.

Is it possible to do it yourself

On the shelves of the supermarket and in specialized cosmetic stores you can buy various decorative products. Among the many sparkles and liquid lipsticks, it is difficult to choose the right shade and texture. If the girl does not have the means to purchase a cosmetic product or wants to experiment, you can try using home methods.

Instructions are offered on how to make lipstick from scratch or transform from shiny glossy.

A homemade production recipe will create a high-quality and hypoallergenic lipstick. For cooking, you will need the following tools:

  • water bath containers,
  • shape or tube,
  • solid oils (coconut, cocoa, shea butter),
  • liquid oils (avocado, apricot, organ, jojoba),
  • 5 ml syringe
  • cosmetic pigments
  • plant extracts (aloe, rose, tea tree),
  • palette for mixing colors.

We lay out the components in the dishes and put in a water bath to heat, melt to a homogeneous state. The mixture should not boil. If you continue to add ingredients to the hot mixture, a small chemical explosion may occur that could cause a burn. After complete dissolution of the substances, we add cosmetic pigment, plant extracts. As additional dyes, eye shadow or wax crayons can be used. We collect the hot mass into the syringe, cut off the tip and pour into the prepared tube. Leave for some time in the refrigerator so that the mixture solidifies. This lipstick can be easily painted lips.

To create a pink tone, use beet juice, for a light orange - carrots. Add your favorite seasonings and a little Vaseline.

From glossy

To make matte lips at home, you need transparent powder. First, apply the usual lipstick, then with a brush - powder. Thanks to the reception, the pearlescent effect disappears and the coating becomes velvet. Look completely matte if you dust it through a paper towel or handkerchief. Color fastness is guaranteed. Alternatively, you can use the same tones of blush and eyeshadow.

Contour pencil, which is used to apply a matte finish, will help to remove the glitter from the lips. Be sure to hatch the surface of the lip rim, and then you should get it wet twice with a napkin. This method will give the lips a natural look with a muted shade.

Rules for using the product

It is necessary to adhere to a number of specific rules for the use of the product in order to look beautiful and neat with any lipstick:

  1. Before applying, it is necessary to make a softening scrub: honey is mixed with sugar, the mass is applied to the lips with massage movements, then washed off with warm water.
  2. To give a bright color, you should use eyeliner of the same shade.
  3. Apply fondant exclusively with a brush.
  4. Use balm or hygiene to keep your lips moisturized.
  5. Do not use the product in the presence of inflammatory processes on the lips.
  6. Do not rub your lips, lumps may form.

Make-up shine is not recommended for older women due to the expression of fine wrinkles. Use the accent rule: either bright lips or eyes. Bust with contrast threatens to get a tasteless image.

How to make a matte lipstick in the makeup process

To get matte shades, there are several step-by-step secrets in the process of creating makeup:

  1. Exfoliating and moisturizing the lip rim.
  2. Contour drawing a few millimeters from natural borders to increase volume.
  3. Pencil shading of the entire surface.
  4. Lipstick painting.
  5. Application of blush or powder.
  6. Recoat makeup.
  7. Applying a napkin.

These simple steps will ensure quality matte colors. To enhance the effect, repeat the steps again.

Simple ways will help you use your favorite glossy lipstick in any look. It is easy to matte lips with powder, this will save money on buying a new product and increase the durability of your favorite pigment.

Using special tools

How to make up lips matte lipstick? Many leading cosmetic manufacturers offer matte lipsticks that do not require any special manipulation. The main thing - make up lips correctly. To make your makeup perfect with such lipstick, it is worth following some recommendations.

First you need prepare lipsmake them smooth and soft.

This is especially important since matte lipstick focuses attention on all the flaws of the lips.

You can use a lip scrub that removes the top layer and makes the lips perfectly soft. You can cook it yourself: just mix honey, sugar and olive oil, apply this composition on the lips, massage gently and rinse.

To make matte lipstick look fresh for a long time, moisturize your lips. To do this, you can use lip balm or any vegetable oil.
To ensure that the color of the matte lipstick is as saturated as that of the models advertising it, first apply the corrector on the lips as a base. It will allow you to get a more accurate and attractive appearance of the lips.
Before applying lipstick on the entire surface of the lips, apply a pencil. This will provide a neat beautiful result. Professional stylists always resort to such methods.

The shade of the pencil should be similar to the color of the lipstick. Circle them with a contour, and then paint over the lips inside. You will create a quality base, thanks to which lipstick color will look brighter and richer. The same technique will make it possible to increase the resistance of lip makeup.

Using a matte lipstick, do not rub your lips against each other. Matte texture is slightly different than glossy. It is better to use a special brush, applying her lipstick on all lips. Tassel better to choose synthetic. It is necessary to paint over every corner of the lips, and then the result will be amazing.

To makeup was as resistant as possibleAfter applying the lipstick for the first time, pat your lips with a napkin, and then apply the lipstick again. So the color will be saturated and deep, and makeup will be able to hold on for a very long time. Also, this method will make it possible to prevent ugly lumps on the surface of the lips and not to dry the lips.

Be sure to check that all edges are wiped. For this, you can also apply the corrector, which acted as the basis. You can use a small synthetic brush or a regular cotton swab.
You need to walk along the contour of the lips to eliminate excess funds and some flaws in its application.

How to make matte lips at home without special lipstick? For lips to have an attractive matte texture, it is not necessary to use a special lipstick. Try to embody a similar makeup with the usual lipstick or shine. Perhaps the result will be no worse.

With regular lipstick

If you want to create the effect of matte lips, but you don’t have a special lipstick for this, you can try to apply one cunningwhich make-up artists advise.

You need to take an ordinary lipstick, but it is better that there are no obvious shiny elements in it, and a simple way to make up lips - using a pencil for contour and blending.

Then you will need plain napkin. It must be applied to the lips, and then on top powder your lips or sprinkle them with blush.
As a result, the napkin should absorb all the gloss, and the main color of the lipstick should remain on the lips. You can repeat the procedure again to make the color more intense.

With a usual shine

How to make lip gloss matte? Along with lipsticks, matte lip glosses are also on sale. Sounds weird, but nonetheless matte gloss is very popular, and partly because they are considered universal: they can be used for daytime makeup, and for evening.

Beauticians believe that matte products act better on the skin, as their special structure carefully envelops the soft skin of the lips. Profitable matte gloss advantage in comparison with the usual one in that it does not stick. You can not be afraid that in windy weather, half of your hair will stick to your lips, and then leave ugly stripes on your face.

Glossy lip gloss can be made matte in the same way as lipstick. To do this, use a pencil, gloss your lips and blot the coating with a soft cloth. Do it repeatedly. As with lipstick, the gloss should remain on the napkin, and the intense gloss on the lips.

Please note that matte gloss also looks attractive. only on well-groomed lips.

With peeling of the skin or the presence of cracks or herpes on it, this tool will only make no emphasis.

To avoid such trouble, before applying makeup, you can use masks or scrubs for lips, or at least oily nourishing balm.
Matte gloss should also be used carefully by older ladies, since an excessively large number of them can make facial wrinkles around the lips more noticeable.
Whichever option you choose, matte lips with proper makeup and beating it will decorate your image. Choose the right shade and don't be afraid to experiment.

You can find out how to make a lipstick matte from the video:

Mascara has dried up: what to do?

Have you forgotten to close the mascara tightly and it has dried up? Dont be upset! You can give her a second life in several ways.

Method number 1. Elementary

Lower the mascara for 5 minutes in a container of hot water.

In the same way, dried lip gloss and nail polish can be restored.

Method number 2. We use eye drops

Eye drops designed to moisturize the mucosa and eliminate redness will help dilute the dried mascara. It is enough to drop 2 drops of the product into the bottle with mascara and mix the mascara well with a brush (you can just shake the bottle intensively several times).

By the way, instead of eye drops, you can also use lens care liquid.

Method number 3. We use a tonic

To restore dried mascara will help a tonic that does not contain alcohol.

The procedure for restoring the carcass is the same as described above.

Important! Never use to dilute mascara:

  • salivaif you do not want to subsequently treat your eyes for various infectious and bacterial eye diseases,
  • hydrogen peroxide, if you don’t want to get a burn and even have no eyelashes
  • vegetable oilif you don’t want your makeup to just “drip”,
  • alcohol compounds, which perfectly dilute the mascara, but if it gets directly on the eyeball, it can provoke inflammation and irritation.

How to dilute the foundation?

Unfortunately, not only mascara, but also foundation can dry out and thicken. Any moisturizer that will make the texture lighter and more airy will help to cope with this problem. Dilute foundation with moisturizing should be until you get the right consistency.

But consider one caveat: such manipulation will make the foundation lighter!

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If you want to see more sparkle on your confectionery, then you will probably ask how you can do it simply and quickly, even without the use of additional professional tools. This article provides a simple and easy way to achieve this.

How to make eyeliner soft?

Often you can encounter the following problem: an eyeliner is perfect in color, but it is difficult to apply on the eyelid due to the excessively hard core.

You can soften the rod by holding the tip of the pencil over an open flame for several seconds (it can be a lighter or a candle flame).

How to restore powder and eye shadow?

If the powder is broken or crumbled, you can restore it as follows:

  1. We collect the remains of the powder and grind them thoroughly.
  2. The resulting powder is placed in a powder box.
  3. Irrigate the powder with alcohol (you can use vodka).
  4. We compress the powder with a coin wrapped in a napkin.
  5. Let the powder dry.

The same method can be used to restore shadows and blush.

How to make blush from shadows?

Do not rush to get rid of a broken palette with multi-colored shadows, because this is a wonderful material for creating blush.

The technology for transforming shadows into blush is as simple as possible:

  1. Grind the shadows directly in their cells.
  2. Using a spatula or nail file, put the shadows into the palette for blush with thin stripes.
  3. Irrigate the shadows laid out with alcohol, then cover with a napkin and compress our new blush with a coin.
  4. Let the blush dry.

How to make lip gloss from shadows and petroleum jelly?

Did you know that crumbled eye shadow and petroleum jelly are the basis of lip gloss?

For the manufacture of shine 1 tsp. Vaseline is mixed with shadows, after which the resulting composition is sent for 15 seconds to the microwave. Pour the liquid composition into the container and allow it to cool. It is applied to the lips with such a shine with a brush.

How to make nail polish?

Generally broken shadows and powder are a storehouse of interesting solutions.

So, to add a matte shade to the nail polish, matte shadows or loose powder will help, which is enough to add to the bottle with varnish and mix the contents.

Pearlescent shades will help to achieve pearlescent eye shadow, crushed into powder and mixed with nail polish.

If you want to get a nail polish of the same color as the shadows, simply grind them and mix them with a clear varnish.

Refresh existing nail polish and create a completely new shiny option will help the sparkles added to the bottle with a clear varnish.

Finally, if you have several varnishes that are almost over, you can mix them, thereby not only creating a special color, but also saving on buying another bottle of nail polish.

How to make eye shadow with sparkles?

Bright eye shadows that refresh and complement your look can be made from ordinary sparkles.

  1. We fill the palette from the shadows with sparkles (we assign a separate compartment to each color).
  2. Add alcohol and glycerin to each compartment.
  3. Mix the contents of each compartment.
  4. Wrap a coin in a napkin and compress the shadows (for each color, use a new napkin to avoid mixing colors).
  5. Let the brilliant shadows dry.

How to fix a broken lipstick?

Any woman knows that choosing the perfect lipstick color is extremely difficult. Therefore, it is doubly disappointing when your favorite lipstick breaks.

To "fix" a broken lipstick, you should remove it completely from the tube, melt it in a spoon above a burning candle or in a microwave, and then pour it back into the tube. The lipstick should be refrigerated for 15 to 20 minutes to set.

How to make lipstick at home?

If you want a kiss with you to remain in the memory of your beloved man for a long time, use one of the recipes below and prepare a delicious, and, most importantly, natural lipstick.

Coca-Cola Lipstick

To make a cola-flavored lipstick, an incomplete tablespoon of sugar is mixed with 1 ml of melted cocoa butter and the same amount of cola.

The resulting mixture is brought to a boil over a candle flame, after which it is poured into a tube from under the lipstick (or in another convenient container) and placed in the refrigerator for solidification.

As a flavoring additive, any other sparkling water can be used.

Chupa Chups Flavored Lipstick

Grind one Chupa-Chups and mix with 1 tsp. petroleum jelly. The resulting mixture is sent to the microwave for 2 minutes. Mix the melted composition and pour it into a tube. We are waiting for the lip gloss to harden.

Chocolate Flavored Lip Balm

A delicious lipstick that will not leave anyone indifferent is obtained on the basis of Kinder Maxi chocolate (you can use any other chocolate of your choice).

  1. Melt the chocolate, 1 tsp. cocoa butter and 1 tsp Vaseline in the microwave or in a steam bath.
  2. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
  3. Pour the resulting balm into a tube from under the lipstick.
  4. Let the lipstick cool.

How to make a lip scrub?

To make your lips not only beautiful and tasty, but also gentle and well-groomed, we recommend preparing a simple, but no less effective scrub at home.

To make a scrub, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Chocolate bar KitKat.
  • Ground coffee - 1 tsp
  • Vaseline - 1 tsp

Break the chocolate into small pieces, mix it with coffee and petroleum jelly, and then send it to a water bath before melting the chocolate. The resulting mixture is placed in a tube. We use the scrub once a day, and store it in the refrigerator.

Do not be afraid to experiment by creating your own unique beauty recipes! But at the same time, use time-tested components in the manufacture of home cosmetics, which will help to exclude the development of an allergic reaction!