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14 signs to know that a girl loves you


A woman always wants to know and understand, but does her man really love her with whom she has been in a relationship for a long time? And in fact, there is one question that can help you with this. Putting it to your man, you will understand how he really treats you and what he feels - unconditional true love or only the convenience of the fact that you are the way he wants to see you.

Just ask him one simple question: "What do you think I should be?" and then listen very carefully to his answer, because it depends on him how the man actually perceives and treats you.

Of course, there may be a lot of options for his answers, but basically they still come down to one of two. First option: this is when a man begins to tell you very actively that in his opinion you should be well-groomed and fit, feminine, economic, tender, caring, loving, sexy and at the same time cute, and also be interested in everything that his friends like him and relatives, well, and much more from his list of requirements for the ideal woman of his dreams.

Or it will besecond option: then he will say that you just have to be yourself, because that is how he loved you. And if you want to change or improve something in yourself, then he, of course, will support you and will be happy to help you if it really makes you happier, but, in his opinion, you are already beautiful and you just need to be ... just being happy is the most important thing for him.

I think you already understood, based on these answers, when a man really loves his woman and sincerely wishes her happiness, and when he simply wants to "blind" her ideal out of her and he will be with her exactly as long as she is this "ideal image "will be able to support.

Therefore, draw the right conclusions and remember thattrue love - this is when you are accepted with all the giblets and shortcomings with which you, of course, can somehow struggle and improve, but at the same time, you will understand that you are loved and accepted as you already are.

That is, you are already enough and you don’t need to jump above your head every day to somehow hit and keep your loved one near. After all, he appreciates in the first place what kind of person you are, and not just your “wrapper”, values ​​your uniqueness - exactly what distinguishes you among hundreds of others and exactly what made him once in love with you.

Of course, not only the answer to this question is of great importance, but also how the man treats you, that is, does he reinforce his words with his actions and efforts, because this is really very important.

But, in my opinion, exactly how a person perceives you - as an object for improvement, on which you still have to work and work, or as a living person with your pluses and minuses, but of such a beloved and dear one - is key in building truly harmonious and happy relationship. These are the relationships I sincerely wish you!

Love and take care of each other, good luck!

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Regards, Your Psychologist, Victoria Kirsta

1. She calls / writes first.

You stand and do not know: does she love me? Or just wants to stir up a new iPhone and hide into the sunset? If she initiates communication, you are interesting to her. She is bored and does not want to wait for your move. This is a good sign. Cool and the fact that she is not shy to demonstrate it. Calls and messages from her are now the norm, she will take the first step herself.

For a girl, her personal time is just as valuable. And if you see that she wants to spend it with you, and takes the first steps herself, you can be calm. So she is really interested in you and misses communication.

2. She gives you presents.

As soon as she begins to break down the stereotypes that a man should pay for everything, she demonstrates her feelings.

Real relationships - when you both invest in them, including money. Gifts are a way to make you happy, to please. This is a sign of feeling. When egoism fades into the background, then love begins.

If you see that the gifts were chosen with love, that she spent effort on them, then it was important for her to please you. And this is a sign of love.

3. She invests emotionally.

If a girl loves you, she worries and takes care of you. She cares how your day went. She wants you to share your problems with her. You are now part of her life. Keep in mind that she wants to ask questions not because she sticks her nose everywhere. She shows that she loves you.

Notice, this means that she thinks about you and worries.

Emotional investment is a very important and significant factor.

Do not be angry if a woman asks for the second time whether you will come soon. This is not control. She just worries and is waiting for you.

4. She reckons with your interests.

Adapts to your schedule. Understands when you are tired or hungry. It takes into account what you like and what not. Now you will go to films that both of you like. And order a kitchen that you approve of.

If your interests are now on a par with her own, then you are an important person for her. Take a closer look if your girlfriend has become more attentive and respectful to you.

5. She is worried if you ignore her.

She will acutely perceive the absence of messages from you when you have a blockage at work. Ask where you disappeared and why you don’t answer. If earlier she reacted calmly, then a girl in love will react to the lack of your attention with emotions.

All these are signs that she is worried and bored. That she does not care where you are or what you are doing. And not because she needs to check you for lice.

6. She will be inspired by you.

After each of your meetings, her mood will rise. She will be grateful to you, she will say that she had a good time with you.

If after communication she will have energy, this is a very good sign. So you are emotionally fueling her. It’s hard to refuse such feelings, so she will want to extend your relationship.

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7. She does not flirt with other men.

She does not look at other men, does not try to flirt with them. Others for her no longer exist. Only you.

It is important for her to be near you, and only with you. In the company of other men, she will not take her eyes off you. Girls always want to please everyone, but the lover will focus on you. This is the most obvious sign by which you can determine the depth of her feelings.

8. She is afraid of losing you.

She became a little more open. Openly demonstrates that you are dear to her. In a quarrel, she does not say that you need to leave. She would rather try to make concessions and find a number of compromises.

Now to give in and accept defeat is the normal way out for her, because she values ​​the good relationship with you more. Take a closer look at how your girlfriend behaves.

“It is not the one who is weaker who comes to reconciliation. But the one who values ​​relations” (c).

9. She surrounds you with care and attention.

Excited when you get home late from work, calls. It will be important for her whether your meeting was successful, what was discussed at it. She will cook to eat what you asked, and collect the socks that you scattered when in a hurry.

She will try to do everything to make you feel as comfortable and comfortable with her as possible. He will begin to invest his female contribution to the relationship. Caring for you is now on her daily schedule.

10. She will help you.

When a girl loves, she ceases to separate “me” and “you”. She will perceive all problems as general. Get interested in the guy’s affairs, try to give advice and even help somehow. You for her will now become one.

She will become your ally and partner in any matter. Even if she cannot do anything concrete, but you will feel her moral support. And it is worth a lot.

11. She is jealous of you.

Naturally, as soon as the girl has feelings, she begins to be jealous. Perhaps she will try to conceal this fact from you, but she will not succeed.

Jealousy speaks of indifference and fear of losing. Observe how she relates to your interaction with other girls. If she will be angry or upset, then she has feelings.

12. She closes her eyes to your flaws.

And some of them even touched her. She manages to coexist calmly with them. Do not criticize or scandal.

She will accept you completely. With all the cockroaches, poop and poop cockroaches.

She will be calmer in reacting to things that the unloving young lady would have simply infuriated. Take a closer look and keep in mind that you should behave in a similar way.

13. She does not lie to you.

If today she is in a bad mood and she does not want to date you, she will tell you directly. And will not invent excuses.

If she didn’t like the movie you chose, she won’t pretend. The bitter truth will become more apparent in your relationship.

She will become much more frank with you in all matters. Relations are built on trust. You will see, it will be revealed to you as much as possible.

14. She trusts you.

If there is no trust, then there is no intimacy.

She does not get into your phone if you are late at work. She does not monitor your social networks and does not eavesdrop on conversations. She believes in you and understands that since she chose you, she should cast aside all doubts.

In turn, she can share her feelings with you. For her, you are the closest person.

These are the main symptoms of whether a girl loves you. Hope they help. If the article was useful, share it with a friend. Help him fix his personal life.

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Gosh | September 5, 2016

Love is not nuclear physics. Listen to this better. If someone loves you, you will feel it and see. If they do not care, then after your attempts to do something, you will understand that you were sent off. The moral is this.

gudini | September 5, 2016

No need to be afraid and be shy. Just invite the girl to take a walk with you, show your desire and look whether it is mutual or not. If so, then all is well. If not, then you will have time for another girl. You cannot force someone to love you. This is still in the “Aladdin” rule: Everything except murder and coercion to love.

Uriy | September 5, 2016

If the girl is not looking for a reason to quarrel with you If she begins to smile when she sees you If she tries to make peace with you, as soon as possible If she listens to you and prompts

EvgenS | September 5, 2016

-The easiest way is to ask the girl directly: “Do you love me?” Just what do you hear in response? What you want, for example, "Yes, dear, but how could it be otherwise." Or will there be a languid look and an evasive answer? Such a state of uncertainty, lack of confirmation leads to an imbalance of many men and women. How much does she love and value me? Does she need me? Am I sexy, intelligent? Etc.
Do you feel it in yourself? And do you have an answer to questions that you directly or mentally address to your girlfriend? Do you need confirmation of your significance and personal presence in the life of a girl?

Suppose she does not love you, and meets with you simply because there is no other nearby. You know about it, but because of your lack of principle, you meet her. Where it leads? In the best case, scatter; in the worst, create a family. History knows many cases when a girl, out of compassion for a guy’s feelings (love), “sacrifices” her freedom. But the soul cannot be fooled, and over time it begins to give different signs (illness, crisis, death, etc.) to signal that “not your” person is nearby. Many do not hear these signs or cannot decipher them, and they have been tormented for years, turning their lives into a bouquet of unfulfilled desires. Hence - treason, abortion, divorce, abandoned children. The principle of a compressed spring: no matter how hard it is pressed, it tends to straighten.

To understand: loves or not, one must decide what Love is and what love is. Love is energy, strength, for a person it is not only happiness and reward, but also a test that not everyone can stand. There is Love for the Creator, for mother, child, Motherland, parents, etc. But love is a property of the "animal" nature of man. In love, in the first place is sex, sexual affection of partners. Love is the energy consumption of one person by another.
So answer yourself: it is important for you to know whether a girl has Love or love for you? What do you feel yourself? Love or love? If you have true Love, then you can love no matter where the girl lives, with whom she lives. You just love her and that’s all - without any complaints or attachments. With love, it is clear, as well as understandable why they say: from love to hate is one step. It’s more correct to say “from love to hate”.

В разные периоды жизни у мужчин возникают разные желания. С возрастом некоторые из них остаются, но модернизируются в сторону повышения качества. Например, поменять машину «Жигули» на BMW.
В отношении девушек/женщин желания мужчин также меняются. To ask yourself a question in 15-20 years old “Does a girl love me” is quite normal. Through sexual desires, the young man learns the harmony of the physical body - his and his girlfriend. He learns the world through the feelings of others. This is a very difficult and delicate time, because sometimes one offensive word can leave psychological trauma for his whole life. Even a grin or the phrase “I do not love you” can nurture a complex of inferiority and rejection in a young man. The psyche of a young man will conclude that women are evil. And then the young man begins to defend in his own way - abnormal behavior (perversion, assault, etc.). In such cases, honest and trusting relationships in the family - with dad and mom, really help.
But if the question “loves - does not love” arises in 20-30 years, this is an indicator that the young man has not learned how to build relationships with the opposite sex. How does he rate himself? What does it do for its development - physical and spiritual? How macho is he in sex or a specialist in work? Has he achieved results in social life? Learning is never too late, especially at 20-30 years old.
More abnormal if the question “Does a girl love me” comes from men 35–40 years old. This suggests that the soul may not be sufficiently developed, is in a state of stagnation.

So how do you know?
- If you live with brains and logic, then when the question “Does the girl love me” appears, analyze the girl’s behavior, her attitude towards you, what she says about you and your friends, what actions she does regarding you, etc. Analyze everything that is unusual for you, unknown, but pleasant.
- If you live by intuition and feeling, then turn to your soul, intuition. It is difficult to deceive the soul, although I admit that at a young age it is difficult to “hear” it, the soul. But the girl’s behavior, smell, energy will “tell” you how much you care and love her.

No matter how you study your girlfriend, the main thing is to learn to love your soul and know yourself!