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Small bedroom - the best ideas for a small bedroom in 2017 (110 photos)


Many dream of a spacious bedroom, which could fit all the necessary pieces of furniture. However, even a small room can be made cozy and functional. It is only important to organize the design of a small bedroom. With all the features and nuances provided, you can fit the necessary furniture into a limited space and avoid crowding.

Lighting in the small bedroom creates more space.

Choose an interior style

There are basic styles that can be embodied in a small bedroom:

      • Modern. The design of a small bedroom in such a design combines the clarity of graphic lines, calm shades and the absence of unnecessary details. Furniture is recommended to use reliable and neat, without unnecessary elements. Walls and ceilings are gray or white. For the floor choose discreet colors. As accents, paintings, plants, ceramic figures are used. Choose a spotlight, place a few sconces near the beds. The final emphasis will be linen made of silk or cotton, plain,
    White color in a small bedroom.
    • Classic style. If you like luxury, this design option is for you. This style combines pink, white, peach tones and gypsum stucco moldings, crystal chandeliers, columns. Choose a bed with a headboard covered in soft leather. Great carved furniture in ivory. For the design of curtains, velvet or satin is suitable, which fit the tone of the overall interior. The same material can be used for a canopy,
The small bedroom is decorated in bright colors with bright accents.
    • Provence. Helps to embody the atmosphere of the southern part of France in your own bedroom. To create this style, pastel colors are selected. As a textile, choose chintz, slightly faded, as if it had faded in the sun. On the fabric can be an ornament in the form of flowers, peas, a cage. Furniture is worth using simple. No pretentiousness, in bright colors,
    • Loft style. It combines the absence of finishing materials on the walls, the spaciousness, large windows and high ceilings. For a small bedroom from this style, you can adopt several useful ideas. On the walls you can leave a simple masonry of their brick. There are a large number of finishing materials to simulate this effect. The bed should be chosen without legs. It is installed on the floor without coating. A characteristic feature of the loft is to give the room the appearance of a haven of a free artist. Any decorative elements should be absent. To visually add room to the room, you can place a wardrobe with doors with a glossy metal effect in the bedroom. It’s worth using blinds as curtains,
Small bedroom in green colors.
  • Minimalism. This style is most optimal for small rooms. Minimalism lies in the absence of any frills and decorations. All surfaces are perfectly smooth, the furniture is clear, no more than two bright accents in the room,
  • Scandinavian style. Such a design is associated with coolness and transparency. Usually used shades of white. The style is suitable for rooms with windows facing south. Scandinavian design suitable for warm climates.

Finishing and materials

All the proposed styles for the design of a small bedroom are based on the use of light shades. For walls, it is better to choose a pastel color scheme. This will help visually expand the space. If you want a wallpaper on your wallpaper, choose a small one. Large design elements on the canvas should be abandoned.

You can create a stylish ornament on one side of the wall. To do this, you need to purchase two types of wallpaper. The bedroom will have a harmonious contrast. The ceiling should also be white. This will additionally visually increase the space. For example, you can make a suspended ceiling with LED backlight. The location of the bulbs you determine yourself.

For the floor, it is preferable to use a laminate, which is laid diagonally. This arrangement creates the effect of increasing the area. Before you purchase all the materials necessary for repair, it is important to correctly measure all the parameters of the bedroom. This will help calculate the exact amount needed.

Placement of furniture, appliances and accessories

In a small bedroom, it is recommended to use compact furniture. A great option would be a bed that can be put in a closet. With a convenient and practical placement of all pieces of furniture, you can avoid cluttering up the already small space. This will free up all the aisles. Thanks to this, you can freely move around the room.

The original design of a small bedroom.

Putting the bed in the closet during the day, you will have a large amount of free space. This solution has the following advantages:

  • Comfortable and comfortable sleeping place,
  • You will have not only a berth, but also a wardrobe for storing things. At the same time, the construction will take up a little space,
  • Putting the bed in the closet frees up the space in the bedroom,
  • There is no need to purchase a chest of drawers. All bedding will be stored in the closet with the bed,
  • The angular type of construction is characterized by increased capacity.
Harmonious combination of colors in a small bedroom.

In addition to the choice of furniture, it is also important to arrange it correctly. It depends on how organically and freely it will fit into the general style of the room.
To do this, you can use the helpful recommendations:

  • Get furniture without tall legs. It’s best not to have them at all,
  • To store things, choose a wardrobe. It is spacious and saves space with sliding doors.
  • The mirror surface of the cabinet doors will visually increase the space,
  • If you can’t do without dressing tables and cabinets, they must have compact dimensions,
  • Do not buy floor lamps, they take up too much space. Better opt for models that are attached to the walls,
  • The small bedroom should be completely free of items that you are not using.
Small bedroom in beige colors.

When thinking over the design of a small bedroom, special attention is paid to the layout of furniture. It depends on how spacious and free your room will look. In addition, the more competently located objects, the more convenient it will be for you to move around the room.

If you need a TV in the bedroom, then placing it on a pedestal is definitely not worth it. It only takes up more space. Many modern models are mounted on the wall. This is ideal for a limited area.

For storage of various little things suitable shelf, which is placed on the wall. This will allow you not to purchase a table and leave more free space.

The color scheme of small bedrooms

The bedroom is a resting place. In this room a man is sleeping. That is why it is important to use calm and peaceful shades when designing. If the room is small it is best to use light colors. They visually add room to the room. Dark colors, on the contrary, will make the bedroom even smaller. In this case, it is not necessary to dwell on a white or beige tone. Choose any light, calm shades.
What matters is the arrangement of the windows in the bedroom. If they go to the north side, then it is worth considering the warm color scheme. If the windows face south, then it is permissible to use cold shades. If it seems to you that such solutions in the design of a small bedroom are boring, you can add a few bright details. It can be a beautiful carpet, a picture, plants or one wall decorated with photo wallpaper. It is only important that this is combined with the overall interior of the room.

Design option for a small bedroom.

Furniture in the interior of a small bedroom

Do not use too much furniture. Only the most necessary. If you are not going to use any nightstand, it should not be in the room. All small items can be stored on a shelf. She hangs herself on the wall and does not create piles. Moving around the bedroom will be much more convenient.

Furniture without legs, including a bed, allows you to visually increase the height of the ceilings. It has already been noted that the ideal option is to combine a bed and a wardrobe. If this is a small children's bedroom, then choose a bed with several tiers. Use the space you have up.

Small bedrooms have long ceased to be something unusual. Designers have long successfully developed and produced many furniture models, compact and functional especially for small rooms. For example, many beds are equipped with special drawers. It is convenient to store things in them, this does not take up extra space, and there is no need to purchase additional cabinets.

Small bedroom design

To combine originality, functionality and comfort in the bedroom, the color scheme, the furniture used and the general decor should be considered. If you are not close to the idea of ​​a completely light room design, you can combine bright colors and pastel. Using only dark ones is not recommended, as the room will look too small. And when combining light and bright, an unusual combination will be obtained that will not lose the main function - to visually expand the space.

Wall murals can add zest to the bedroom. This will enliven the overall interior. With the help of such wallpapers you can create a certain, unique atmosphere in the bedroom. You should not use deep saturated tones and purple shades. These colors can provoke a sense of anxiety and are not suitable for the bedroom.

In addition to the walls, you should carefully consider the design of the ceiling. An opaque stretch ceiling should be discarded if the height of the room is less than three meters. It is better to make a glossy coating with spot light. For a small bedroom, curtains made of lightweight fabric without draperies are suitable.

Advantages and disadvantages of a small bedroom

Typical housing plans do not please many. Including owners of small bedrooms, it seems that they will have to work hard to get a beautiful and practical interior.

The design of a spacious small bedroom.

The advantages of small-sized rooms are much greater than it might seem at first glance. Among them:

  • In a room with a small area, it’s much easier to create a cozy atmosphere,
  • Lack of large financial investments. The smaller the room, the more economical the repair budget will be. Not only will you need less material, but you can also refuse many furniture details,
  • To arrange a small room for a layman is much easier. In addition, when the dimensions are small, you will think about how to make each corner functional and beautiful. In large rooms it is often necessary to decide how to fill a large amount of free space,
  • A beautiful and original interior created in a small bedroom is much more admired than the same design in a large room. That's because the more space, the easier it is to design it in a non-standard and attractive style.
Small bedroom in lilac colors.

The main disadvantage of a small bedroom is the lack of space. Because of this, you will have to abandon some pieces of furniture and carefully think through the entire organization of the area so as to preserve functionality and beauty.

How to furnish a small bedroom with visual aids

If your bedroom is not as large as you would like, you can use various elements for an optical illusion. Among the main ones:

Original design of a small bedroom.

    • Glass and mirror parts. It has long been known that mirror surfaces reflect light and help visually increase space. Be sure to choose wardrobes with doors, on which there will be mirrors. You can place several small on the walls of the room. Visually, this will add volume to the area. Be sure to place everything not next to the window, but against it. Reflected light will fill the bedroom, and give additional lighting. If you cannot use mirrors in the bedroom, replace them with mirrored surfaces. For example, stained-glass windows and panels. The visual lightness and transparency of the mirrors do not clutter up the space,
    • The glossy surface of the ceiling and walls. Special glossy paint can replace a mirror surface. It is important not to go too far with color. Bright colors can cause anxiety and aggression. Choose pastel shades that will not put pressure on you, but give you peace of mind. Before using the paint you need to perfectly level the surface. The mirror surface of the gloss begins to refract the light. This will flaunt all the bumps and holes. As a result, you get the effect of untidy painting. If you combine the glossy surface of the ceiling and well-designed lighting, you get the effect of infinity,
Modern interior of a small bedroom.
  • Special wallpaper. To change the perception of space, you can use photo wallpaper. There is a huge assortment of such coatings. Most often used wallpaper with a picture of a landscape or city. Stick them only on one wall. This will be the main focus of the room. If the room is rectangular, a narrow wall is not suitable for photo wallpaper. This will further stretch the room, and the desired effect cannot be achieved. If you need to change the proportions of the room, add harmony to a disproportionate room, use striped wallpaper. A coating with horizontally spaced lines glued to a narrow wall helps to expand it. To increase the height of the room, strips located vertically are used,
  • Lighting. This decor element is important because it can be used to change the atmosphere in the room and create various visual effects. For a small bedroom, the classic version with bright lighting in the center is not suitable. So comfort will not work. It is recommended to do zone lighting. Each area of ​​the bedroom has its own lighting,
  • If there is a balcony. Some apartments have a balcony in the bedroom. And it plays an important role, as it helps to expand the space. It can be included in the overall bedroom interior. The balcony can accommodate additional furniture. It is suitable for creating a separate zone.
An example of an interesting design of a small bedroom.

There are many ideas for decorating a small bedroom. The use of a large amount of light, mirror surfaces, light tones helps to visually increase the area of ​​the room. Many manufacturers produce special pieces of furniture for such rooms, combining functionality, convenience and beauty. You can organize the space so that all things fit, and at the same time there is no sense of clutter. Warning systems are widely used in various fields of human activity - in safety, in industry, in transport, in sports, in culture. This is not a little important point, therefore, to solve this issue, you can buy a broadcast amplifier.

Modern style

Modern style is the most suitable option for those who do not want to experiment with design. Functional furniture, mirror panels at the head, simplicity of lines, wallpaper with discreet texture, gloss, open half-empty shelves create an original interior and add space. White, beige, light green and blue tones for decorating a small room are the most popular in this style.


The bedroom in the style of minimalism requires some asceticism from its owner. It is advisable to use this style for interior decoration of small rooms, since minimalism requires functionality, proportion and even lines in the furniture. Figurines, vintage napkins will be inappropriate.

Minimalism can be bright. Simple lines, an unusual chandelier, as well as a red accent wall look simple and appropriate in a small bedroom.

Scandinavian style

A small Scandinavian-style bedroom combines minimalism and simple beauty. He focuses not on the play of color, but on the laconicism and rationality of using interior items in the room. Neutral wood tones and light walls serve as the backdrop for blue, mustard and gray in detail.

Linen textiles, a minimum of furniture and home decoration, laconic decor, light walls and a knitted blanket create a simple Scandinavian style.

Classic style

A small bedroom in a classic style will be recognizable if the walls are made in beige or white, and some interior elements will be gilded. Austrian curtains of the most modest cut will complement the image. Designers do not recommend using classics in small rooms, as it requires detailing, which simply does not have space.

In the photo, the black-and-white interior in the classical style in compliance with the proportions of color looks self-sufficient and concise, and bright daylight does not make the room gloomy.

На фото роскошная спальня в классическом стиле. The blue color of the walls gives the effect of depth, velvet textiles, mirror inserts in the cabinets, a chandelier with candles create an atmosphere of mystery.

The interior of a small bedroom in Provence style is possible, but only when using the minimum necessary recognizable accessories in the room. Enough short curtains with a floral print, a delicate color of wallpaper and an accent wall trimmed with wallpaper to match the walls with small flowers. Suitable pink, green and blue tones, as well as their combination.

A small loft bedroom is suitable for a house with high ceilings. This combination of careless walls and the feeling of a garage is created by homemade simple furniture from wooden boards and pallets, a large window, bare and "unfinished" walls. It can be a wall of false brick, white whitewashed walls, wooden panels.

Such an interior is suitable for sunny rooms with a large window (if the window is small, then you can highlight it with a bright color and not use curtains). For finishing the ceiling, a board, whitewash and gray or white paint are suitable. For flooring, you can use a conventional laminate, as well as cork.

Color scheme

When you design a small bedroom to expand the space, you need to give preference to light tones of wall decoration. White will not look sterile if there are bright accents of complementary colors in the interior of a small bedroom.

A light palette fills the room with air and freshness. Interior designers of different levels turn to this traditional method of expanding a bedroom of small sizes. It does not have to be shades of white, pastel shades of pink, blue, beige and gray in combination with a light floor covering will visually enlarge the bedroom of a small area.

A light ceiling in combination with light wallpaper with a horizontal ornament or stripes in the interior will expand the space. For a bright accent, it is recommended to choose furniture or textiles in saturated colors.

The bedroom interior in a small room can be decorated in dark colors only with two windows, several light sources, white textiles and light furniture. You can also make one accent wall dark in contrast to light decor items.

Ideas and Layout

Do-it-yourself small bedroom design starts with an idea. Ideas for the design of the room can be borrowed from magazines, the Internet, from friends. The first stage is the layout of a small bedroom. It depends on the size, shape of the room, the number of its inhabitants. Before buying furniture make up the project premises. This will help you choose the headset of optimal size.

Please note: the main goal is to make the room not only beautiful, stylish, but also comfortable.

Sample furniture scheme for a small room

For a comfortable passage and use of furniture, the distance from the wall or piece of furniture to the bed should be at least 0.7 m. If the bed is double, it must be approached from both sides. In a room for two children, you should maintain a distance between sleeping places - 0.5 m.

With limited space, the bed can be moved to one of the walls. At the same time, there should be free space at the foot, so that a person sleeping against a wall can reach his berth without disturbing his partner. Leave the distance from the door to the wall opposite, so the room will appear wider.

Options for placing a bed in small bedrooms - interior design, photo

If you plan to install a dressing table in the room, then the distance from its front edge to the adjacent furniture element should be at least 70 cm. This is enough for comfortable use of the table, sitting on a pouf. In the passageway, this distance should be - 1 m. When planning the installation of a cabinet or chest of drawers, please note that at least 30 cm of free space is required to open the door and extend the drawers.

Tip: it is not recommended to close the window approach with furniture; this will complicate the washing of windows and the care of curtains.

An example of arranging a small lounge

If you can’t put the bed near one of the walls, it can be placed diagonally in the room. Such accommodation will provide free access to a sleeping place for two partners.

Note: an interesting option is a round bed - it has a streamlined shape, but this design costs more than usual.

In the small bedroom, a diagonal bed provides easy access to the balcony

More examples of how to equip a small bedroom with an area of ​​6, 8 and 9 square meters will demonstrate our selection of photos.

How to enlarge a bedroom visually

The color of the walls and ceiling can affect the perception of the interior. The traditional design technique for visually expanding the space is the use of pastel shades in the design of the bedroom. Wallpaper for a small bedroom is better to choose plain, or in a horizontal strip - they make the room wider. The ceiling is preferably decorated with a white shining color. The floor in the narrow bedroom can be laid with a parquet board, or with a laminate across, this expands the space.

Tip: it is better not to use dark colors in the bedroom - they “steal” spaces. They can only be used accented.

Finishing delicate shades have a calming effect, contribute to sound sleep - photos, repair in a small bedroom

So that the pastel interior of the relaxation room was not monotonous, boring, you should add colors to it. You can do this by painting one of the walls of the room with a rich deep color, or by pasting it with bright textured wallpaper. This will create a visual center that distracts from the small dimensions of the room.

Note: panoramic murals pasted onto one of the large walls will add volume to the room.

An example of how to organize an accent group - photo, interior of a small bedroom


The ideal style for the interior design of a small bedroom is modern minimalism. He admits restrained monochrome coloring, a minimum of furniture, decor.

Successful for a small room will be the Japanese style, characterized by functionality, simplicity and grace

Despite the fact that the bedroom has a small area, it looks great in a classic design. The advantage of this style is the rational use of the available space - each piece of furniture is useful, is in its place. A glossy stretch ceiling, visually expanding the space, will give a bedroom a modern look.

Remember: in a small room, the classic interior should not be artsy.

Refined elegance embodied in a small area - design of a small bedroom, photo

Unusually look vintage rooms. Aged objects, elegant cabinets, paintings in frayed frames have a special charm, give the room warmth and comfort. In a small room, this style can be represented by a delicate color scheme, a minimal set of things, and light floral textiles.

Romantic, cozy little corner for relaxation, decorated in Provence style

The interior of the lounge will revitalize a variety of textiles. It can be a bright bedspread on the bed, stylish pillows of various configurations, an original rug on the floor and beautiful curtains on the windows.

Recommendation: limited space should not be overloaded with different details - one or two bright accessories are enough.

The windows of a small room are decorated minimally. The best option is Roman curtains, light tulle with light curtains.

Well-chosen curtains for a small bedroom, photo

A good idea to increase the space is to hang a large mirror in the room. If it is opposite the window, the light will fill the entire room, making it more spacious.

The mirror can be located separately on the wall, or be part of the front of the cabinet

Furniture selection and placement

The relaxation room may also include such items of furniture:

  • bed,
  • bedside tables
  • dressing table,
  • wardrobes for clothes,
  • chest of drawers,
  • puff.
Tip: if the area of ​​the bedroom allows, you can put all these pieces of furniture, if not, select only the necessary ones.

A minimal set of furniture and accessories - design of a very small bedroom, photo

The central element of the bedroom interior is the bed. It is selected according to the level of comfort and ergonomics, and should be as large as the dimensions of the room allow.

In a small room of roads, every centimeter is square, so the place under the bed should be used with maximum benefit. A reasonable decision is to buy a bed with drawers. A bed with a lifting mechanism is also suitable. Under the berth to store bedding and various accessories, a chest of drawers in this case is not needed.

The bed-podium combines original design, convenience and functionality - furniture for a small bedroom photo

Bedside tables are convenient in that you can put the most necessary things on them - a phone, a book, and put a table lamp on top. They do not take up much space, so giving up this piece of furniture is only a last resort.

Idea: making a room for a girl, a bedside table can be replaced with a dressing table.

Option to equip a small lounge combined with a balcony

Wardrobes are needed to store clothes and things. They should be compact but roomy. The best option for a small bedroom is a built-in wardrobe with a mirrored facade. It can be angular, or located in a niche, taking up little space, and mirrored doors will increase the space.

Capacious sliding wardrobe - a lifesaver for small-sized rooms

If you have a separate wardrobe in your apartment, or there is not enough space for a full-fledged wardrobe in the room, you can install a chest of drawers where it is convenient to store everyday clothes and linen.

An example of how to furnish a small bedroom without using a wardrobe

Increases the comfort level of the bedroom pouf, bench. You can sit on them, drink tea, fold clothes before bedtime. But with a lack of space in the bedroom, these pieces of furniture can be abandoned.

Compact furniture with low legs will save space - an example of how to design a small bedroom

Many people prefer to watch TV before going to bed. With the small size of the rest room, it is better to choose a flat model and install it on the wall opposite the bed.

Tip: it is better to put all the additional equipment on the shelves, or hide in cabinets.

Without a TV stand, your TV will take exactly as much space as the picture on the wall

Planning and zoning of space

If you have a bedroom with a workplace, or combined with a living room, it is advisable to divide it into functional zones. The following techniques are used for zoning the premises:

  • podium device
  • creation of a multi-level ceiling,
  • the use of combined decoration of walls, floors,
  • arrangement of a sliding screen, curtains.
Attention: when separating functional areas, you should focus on the location of the bed - it should occupy a central place.

Having fenced off with a curtain, one person can sleep peacefully, while his partner is still working

The breakdown into zones is carried out with the help of lighting. The central chandelier in the room can be supplemented by wall sconces on both sides of the bed, a floor lamp, or a table lamp in the working area.

Soft diffused light will create a cozy atmosphere in the room - repair of a small bedroom - design, photo

With the right approach, even a tiny room can be made as comfortable as possible. Developing the design of a small bedroom, it is necessary to carefully consider the layout of the room, create a layout for furniture, choose the right color scheme for decoration. And various design techniques will help to visually expand the space and break it into functional zones.

Materials for decorating the ceiling, walls and floor

The ceiling in a small bedroom with the right choice of color and material shape will help to visually enlarge the room. For example, a stretch ceiling with a glossy canvas will create a reflection effect.

  • For zoning the room, you can use a matte stretch ceiling with glossy inserts, which additionally, with different configurations, can adjust the shape of the room.
  • The image of the sky or stars in the interior will cause associations of space.
  • A good option would be a combination of the color of the walls and ceiling, and contrast can be curtains, curtain rods and textiles.
  • For finishing the ceiling, latex paint and drywall with glossy film are also suitable.
  • It is advised to use a mirror insert for interior design of a small bedroom not over the entire area of ​​the ceiling, but only in the center, this will create a feeling of bottomlessness.
  • When using frosted glass with backlight for decoration, the problem of a low ceiling is also solved, and a frosted window with a pattern is suitable for the attic window.
  • A two-level convex ceiling in the room will be inappropriate, in contrast to a concave with a glossy surface.
  • A decorative molding around the perimeter creates an extension effect.

For decorating the walls of the room, painting with white or pastel colors, paper or non-woven wallpaper without a picture, or with small patterns is best suited.

Wallpaper for a small bedroom can be in a small pattern, and if they paste the center of the ceiling and walls, it will replace the suspended two-level design.

The accent wall in the room can be pasted with contrasting wallpaper, make a backlit panel, decorate with photo wallpaper, textile inserts.

In the photo, the murals in the small bedroom create the effect of a large window or flight over the city, such a room does not need additional interior decoration.

The walls in the small bedroom for further expansion can be decorated with mirror inserts.

In the photo, the bedroom interior is in beige and brown tones, made according to all the canons of the modern style, the mirror panel at the head of the head creates a window effect, and the vertical shelving make the room visually higher.

The floor in a small bedroom is best done in bright colors and prefer a parquet board or laminate. When laying it, it is advisable to use the masonry technique diagonally, this will also expand the interior of the bedroom in a small room. A small carpet will decorate the floor in the color of furniture, which is easy to care for.

Curtains and decor

Curtains for a small bedroom should be selected without a large picture, but it is better to make a choice in favor of Roman and roller blinds, if this is an attic, then curtains can be abandoned altogether. It is permissible to use light tulle to protect from the sun and a feeling of weightlessness.

No need to load the walls with decorative frames and paintings, one picture or photo at the head of the head will be appropriate.

Shelves do not have to be completely forced, it is better to keep them half empty to facilitate space.

Neutral tones of beige, laconic decor of shelves, light curtains, terry carpet and wooden floor are always associated with comfort.