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11 useful iMessage features you might not know about


It works, the phone was bought a week ago.

There is a problem. Only calls are displayed on the watch, and text messages from contacts and applications are not displayed, although the notification display function is turned on. (fitbit versa)

Good day. Tell me how to solve the problem. When the screen goes blank, music does not play

Thanks for the tips. But why did you miss such a painful question (especially not for a Samsung speaker), how to set the photo size on the S10e? I could not figure it out. But to receive photos from 40 to 340 Kb in size from this device with beautiful cameras is at least insulting! (((
Do not tell me how to fix this tragic situation?

In the new section, “The Daily Poster” talks about the hidden and non-obvious functions of services, programs and operating systems that will make their use more convenient and enjoyable. In this issue we will consider the Apple messenger.

With the announcement of iOS 10 at WWDC 2016, Apple introduced the iMessage update. At first glance, nothing interesting happened: stickers, emojis, and animated fireworks were added. In fact, Apple introduced a whole new platform, open to third-party developers. Over time, users have become available embedded applications of varying degrees of utility. We have collected the best hidden features of the messenger, as well as stickers, applications and games.

Adding Effects to Message Popups

Using effects for pop-ups, you can make these windows dynamic using different expressions. To send a message containing this effect, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Messages app and tap to write a message. Or select an existing conversation.
  2. Write a message or insert a photo, and then press and hold.
  3. Click to view effects for pop-up message boxes.
  4. To send a message, click.

To replay the resulting effect for the message, click below the message. If you cannot receive effects for message pop-ups, check the “Motion Reduction” option.

Adding full-screen effects

Full-screen effects allow you to “revive” the screen with the help of an echo, spotlight and other effects. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Messages app and tap to write a message. Or select an existing conversation.
  2. Enter the message text.
  3. Press and hold, and then tap Screen.
  4. To view full-screen effects, swipe left.
  5. To send a message, click.

To replay the resulting effect for the message, click below the message. If you cannot get full-screen effects, check the “Motion Reduction” option.

Sending a message with camera effects

Camera effects in iOS 12 let you spice up your conversations even more. Quickly take and share photos or videos with Animoji, Memoji, filters, text, funny stickers, etc. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Messages app and tap to write a message. Or select an existing conversation.
  2. Click.
  3. Press, select Animoji * (), filters (), text (), shapes (), or the iMessage application. You can add several effects to a photo or video.
  4. After selecting the desired effect, click in the lower right corner, and then - .
  5. Click to send the photo, or the "Finish" button to add a personal message before sending the photo. If you decide not to send the photo, click in its upper right corner.

* To use Animoji and Memoji, you need an iPhone X or later.

Messages with effects

There are several types of effects for messages. You can send any message using standard Slam, Loud, Gentle and Invisible ink. The latter makes it possible to send hidden messages, the text of which becomes available after touching the message itself. The effects menu is called up by a long tap on the send message button. The message can also be accompanied by take-off balloons, confetti or full-screen fireworks. Similar effects are in the same menu in the Screen section. Effects can be used not only as entertainment, but also to draw attention to certain important messages.

A great option for moments when there is absolutely no time to write and send a message, but the interlocutor needs your answer. A long tap on an incoming message brings up a menu with six standard reactions to the message.

Music from Apple Music

You can send your favorite song to the other party with just two touches: just click the Apps button to the left of the text input field and select Music. Your media library will open before you, the compositions from which you can share with friends, and those, in turn, will be able to listen to them without leaving the messenger.

Replacing words with emoji

Type the text, put the keyboard in emoji mode and you will see how individual words in the message can automatically turn into pictures.

By adding the Polls with Friends app to iMessage, you can easily decide which movie or bar to go with friends, what food to order with colleagues at the office, or what to give to your boss.

Self-creating stickers

You can now create your own set of stickers from photos of friends or favorite moments from movies as quickly and easily as possible, without even leaving the messenger. The imoji app for iMessage allows you to instantly crop the necessary photo under the sticker and save it to your collection.

An irreplaceable thing in any messenger is the ability to send gifs. By default, iMessage does not have a GIF browser, but everything is solved by adding the GIF Keyboard application to the Apps menu directly in the messenger. The application allows you to search for GIFs by keywords and send them with the correct display.

Appointment of a place and time of a meeting

If you are always late or, on the contrary, punctual and do not like to wait for others, the ETA application will help you. With it, you can send a friend the distance from the place where you are to the proposed meeting place. The application determines the time that you spend on the road, walking, moving by car or public transport. True, it costs 229 rubles.

How to add animated effects to iMessage on iPhone and iPad

1. Type the message text.

2. Click on the button Submit (upward white arrow in a blue circle) using the 3D Touch-gesture (slightly). If 3D Touch is not supported on your device, just press and hold the same button.

3. Select the top menu Cloudy.

4. Click on one of the effects that you would like to apply - Cotton, Loud, Soft, Invisible ink.

5. Touch the button Submit.

What effects does Apple offer for iMessage?

Cotton - the text of your message is first shown on the screen in huge letters, and then as if “hits” it, and the shock wave diverges in all directions.

Loud - the recipient will see a huge cloud. At first it vibrates slightly, and then decreases to its normal size.

Soft - the message is displayed in a very small font, and then gradually grows to the usual proportions.

Invisible ink - hide the message cloud in the animated “noise” and bluetooth until the recipient swipes on it to read the “encrypted” message.

How to view cloud animation in iMessage again

If you wish, you can always “see the replay” of what was sent to you. For this:

1. Open the conversation and find the message you want.

2. Press the button Repeat in order to play the animation sent to you again.

What screen effects are there in iMessage?

A list of all known effects with a description is presented below:

Echo - duplicates your text and “floods” them with the screen of the interlocutor.

Floodlight - directs a beam of a searchlight to your incoming messages.

Balloons - sends to your interlocutor multi-colored balloons. They “take off” from the lower right of the screen.

Confetti - “Falls asleep” the whole screen with multi-colored confetti.

Love - a giant heart.

Lasers - Laser flashes and corresponding sounds appear on the screen.

Fireworks - from the center of the screen colorful fireworks “blossom”.

Shooting star - launches a star from the left corner of the screen, it swims up to the right corner and explodes.

Celebration - iPhone displays fireworks and other holiday attributes.

On a Mac, these effects (at least for the foreseeable future) will not be displayed.

How to quickly reply to a message using the icon:

1. Open the conversation

2. Select the message you want to reply to

3. Press and hold the message until the menu of icons appears,

4. Select the appropriate icon and it will be sent to the person you’re talking to.

5. In order to cancel the selected answer, you need to call up the icon menu again and click on it (or select another answer).

If you are having problems with adding effects or animations, then perhaps you have the motion reduction feature turned on and you need to turn it off. This can be done by going to SettingsThe mainUniversal accessMotion reduction.

If this function is activated on the device, effects and animations will not work, because they are based on movement.