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Making a beautiful hair hoop with flowers


From time immemorial, various adornments in the hair have given girls special appeal. Today, various hoops and headbands are also at the height of fashion. They are suitable for almost any hairstyle and every type of face. Moreover, they look great not only on loose hair, but also with those taken in a braid or tail. In addition to the beauty attached to the hairstyle, the simplicity of their use is considered a clear advantage of hoops. Among other things, these hair accessories can not only be purchased in a wide assortment in the store, but also easily make a hoop with your own hands.

Modern rims can be recreated from various materials, but most often plastic and metal are used for their manufacture. It is also relevant at the moment to tighten the base of the product with a cloth. To choose a hoop to taste is not difficult. Fortunately, their choice is quite large - these are hoops equipped with rhinestones and stones, and rims with flowers, lace and even buttons. If you want to get a hoop that is perfect for a certain outfit, you can purchase a base and decorate it to your own taste. If necessary, you can completely do the creation of a hoop with your own hands.

In order to make a hair hoop on your own, you must have several required items. First of all, this concerns the frame for weaving, which can also be replaced with a wooden frame. The only thing in such a frame will need to drive carnations at an equal distance from each other. You can use bobbin gum as the base of the rim. The future hoop may be made up of rows of beads. Therefore, in addition to existing items, you should purchase the beads, a needle, a fishing line or a thread for beads. There should also be several pieces of bobbin gum.

To begin the creation of the rim, you need to fix the rubber bands on the frame. Then, having retreated about 3 cm from the end of the frame, you should tie the needle and thread - they will be needed in the future for threading the beads. Beads are strung on the thread in the quantity how many beads would like to have available in a row. Next, the thread, with already strung beads, is stretched over the elastic to the opposite edge of the frame. Beads, in turn, are distributed in such a way as to be in the gap between 2 gum. Then another row of beads is strung on the needle and the thread is threaded in the opposite direction. Thus, it is necessary to weave the hoop to the required length. It is important that rows with beads have maximum tension. If desired, you can add a rim and other decorative elements, both during weaving, and at the conclusion of the work.

Materials and tools we need:

· A real rose - needed to create sketches of the petals,

· A hoop (smooth, light and thin, without decor),

Paraffin candle (to shape the petals)

Chiffon fabric (colors: pink, cream, dark green, light green),

· A needle and thread matching the color of the fabric.

Step 1 - make the petals

To make the petals as natural as possible, you need a real rose - you need to take one bud, carefully disassemble it into petals and sort them by size.

You should get several sizes (usually 4). Next, you need to take a sheet of paper, write on it the sizes of the petals (1, 2, 3 ...) and then, alternately applying the petals to the paper, outline them along the contour.

The hat of the bud also needs to be carefully taken so that it opens, and circle around the contour.

After the desired number of petals and a hat are outlined, paper blanks need to be cut and laid out in size. The more buds, the correspondingly more blanks need to be made. Do not forget about the leaves - you need to make about 4-6 pieces, for them you will need separate small squares of fabric.

Now you need to cut the same petals, but from the fabric. To do this, attach the blanks to the fabric, circle along the contour and carefully cut. Hats can be made of light green fabric, and the roses themselves are made of cream and pink.

As a result, you should get such neat piles of fabric blanks. For convenience, they can be pierced with toothpicks so that they do not fly apart:

Step 2 - form the flowers

In order for the petals to take a more natural shape, they need to be slightly burned above the candle, but not so that the fabric is scorched, but only to bend.

The resulting petal must be rolled up into a tube and stitched at the base with a thread. Then repeat the same with another petal and connect it to the first.

And so, repeating the sequence of actions, you need to collect a whole rose from petals of different sizes. Each subsequent petal is folded (but not just into a tube, but as if imitating a real flower) and sewn to the rest.

At the base, you can make the petals of a different color to make it more realistic and beautiful. In the end, you should get such a rose:

Then you need to do the rest of the roses in exactly the same way. The sizes can be varied by making smaller roses (without large pink petals). On the hoop, compositions with flowers of different sizes look more natural and natural.

After the roses are ready, you can proceed to the buds. You need to take a blank of any (even green) color, heat it above the candle, turn it into a tube and sew with a thread.

Then do the same with the rest of the petals and sew together, forming a dense green bud that mimics an unbroken rose.

Another stage is the flower hat. You need to take the blank, heat it above the candle and wrap the bud with it, and then flash it. All other buds also need to be wrapped with hats.

Step 3 - form the petals

We do not do blanks for leaflets. We will form them from the squares of green chiffon. The size of the leaflet depends on the size of the square. To make it smaller, the square can be doubled, tripled, or quadrupled.

Then, using a needle with a thread, you need to pick up a future leaf along the edge so that its approximate shape is visible. Thus, the fabric is strung on the needle, then the needle is stretched, and the sheet is sewn. It turns out the following:

The edge of the leaf that remains after stitching must be trimmed so that everything looks neat.

After all the flowers, buds and leaves are ready, arrange them depending on your idea. Make sure everything fits together and looks harmonious.

Step 4 - Prepare the Hoop

To ennoble a hoop, you need to wrap it with a satin ribbon. First we fix the tape, for this we put glue on the hoop and press the tape. Then you need to wrap the entire hoop with tape, without missing anything. Periodically, you need to apply glue so that the tape adheres well in all areas.

The ends need to be scorched above the candle so that it does not subsequently open and shag.

The finished ribbon-braided hoop looks like this:

Step 5: collect the hoop

The fun begins: the composition. All flowers and leaves should already lie in front of you in the desired sequence. Choose a rose, drip it to the desired place on the hoop with glue, and glue the flower, pressing it tightly.

Petals need to be fixed from the bottom, dripping glue directly onto the fabric and pressing it tightly against the hoop.

In exactly the same way, you need to fix all the other roses and leaflets. The result is a very beautiful composition.

We complement the hoop with buds, carefully inserting and gluing them between large flowers. Thanks to them, the composition looks more harmonious and diverse. To make it even more beautiful, you can attach even more leaflets, but it is not worth much to part.

The finished bezel looks like this:

The main thing is to ensure that all elements are well sewn to each other and glued to the hoop itself, while no traces of glue are visible. It is very important not to rush, because the work is quite painstaking and long.

Such a hoop can easily be worn for a summer walk, adding to it a light girlish look, for a festive event or a thematic photo shoot. It performs its functions as well as a simple bezel, only requires a slightly more careful attitude.

You can buy a base - a simple bezel, in our online store Dombusin. com. We also have polymer clay, beads, beads, sequins, foamiran, ribbons and much more that you may need to create a hand-made hoop.

DIY hulahup

In order to make a beautiful hula hoop with your own hands, you will not need much. You must find a piece of water pipe with a diameter of not more than one inch. Such pipes are successfully used for watering summer cottages, in the manufacture of water supply, etc.

Of the tools and other materials, in order to make Hula Hoop yourself, you will need:

  1. Hacksaw to cut a pipe,
  2. Construction dryer for heating pipes at the ends,
  3. PVC insulating tape - hula hoop will turn out much more beautiful if you use colored electrical tape or colored tape for its manufacture.
  4. The adapter is plastic, it is necessary that it is inserted into the inside of the pipe. If there is nothing suitable, then you can try to connect the pipe with a piece of another pipe of a smaller diameter or, in extreme cases, with a wooden chopper.

After all the materials and tools are found, you can make a hula hoop with your own hands. First you need to determine the diameter of the circle, or rather the length of the pipe used to make a home-made hula hoop.

To do this, bend the pipe into the ring from the shoulder and approximately to the waist. Then you need to make a note on the pipe in which place it will be necessary to cut it to the required length.

After the pipe is cut, its ends are connected by an adapter. To facilitate the process of connecting the ends of the pipe with an adapter or piece of pipe of a smaller diameter, you should use a building hair dryer for heating.

How to Decorate a Homemade Hula Hoop

At this Hula Hoop do it yourself is almost ready, it remains only to decorate it. First, with colored tape or electrical tape, you should carefully wrap the pipe junction with the adapter. After that, you can decorate Hula Hoop, using the same colored tape or ordinary electrical tape.

As you can see, making a hula hoop with your own hands is not at all difficult. And if there are pieces of pipes left on the balcony after the repair, then you should not waste time, because not everyone can brag about the "aspen" waist.

Hair hoop (39 photos) - a fashionable solution for any look

Hair hoops never lost their popularity, did not leave fashion catwalks due to practicality and aesthetics. In ancient times, the crown was a closed ring, and the diadem was not closed. They were the ancestors of the modern rim - a plastic or metal semicircle that secures the hair in front. “How to decorate a hairstyle with a hoop”, “How to choose a suitable bezel in style”, “How to make a hair hoop with your own hands”, we will try to answer these and many other questions below.

Hair band - a practical and attractive accessory

The popularity of a hair hoop lies in practicality and convenience, which does not depend on the length of the hair and the chosen style. The accessory will tame naughty locks, give the face expressiveness and even light mystery.

Fashion trends of a modern woman.

Appearance and hoop - choose the right

Despite the versatility, it is extremely important to choose an accessory for hair, taking into account the features of the image and style.

  1. If nature has endowed you with correct and beautiful facial features, you can safely open your forehead with a hoop.
  1. Wide hoops will suit the owners of long curls.

Elastic band and high beam

  1. If you have thin hair, give preference to a rim with small cloves., which is able to slightly raise the strands of hair and make the hair lush.
  1. Beautiful hair hoops with a lot of decor will suit the owners of the face oval and elongated.
  1. For those who are trying to hide the square shape of the face and divert attention from a heavy chin, wide and large hoops are suitable.
  1. Hairstyles with a hair hoop, involving a small pile, will help visually stretch a round face.
  1. The bando and the hoop will be indispensable helpers for those who seek to hide their high forehead. At the peak of popularity are bando in the form of dressings that mimic natural hair.
  1. Black and beige headbands are universal in their kind.. They are equally well combined with classic business and sporty style.
  1. A fine addition to the business wardrobe will be thin and medium rims, devoid of defiant finishes and bright colors. But on the beach, bright wide hoops will be more appropriate than ever.
  1. Stylists advise adult women to opt for exquisite, expensive and elite hair jewelry, and young girls can safely experiment with colorful plastic hoops.

Advice! A good tandem is made up of a hoop, which in color and decoration is combined with a bag, shoes or outerwear.

Seasonality as a selection criterion

In addition to color and style when choosing accessories, it is extremely important to focus on the time of year. In hot summers, your look will be complemented by light, bright rag hoops resembling scarves and thin metal rims (see also the article “Chic Hair - Best Tips and Secrets”).

So promises to be summer 2015

In winter, fluffy rims of faux and natural fur will be appropriate. They will be especially effective in combination with winter outerwear. In autumn and spring, the rims are selected according to the overall style of the ensemble.

Fur hoop - a solution for winter

Fashion trends

In 2015, stylists and fashion designers returned to the catwalks thin, double and even triple hoops, patent leather and plastic accessories, from which it blows with national color. Especially popular is those who take care of having a hoop with a lot of flowers, bows, beads and lace.

Flower boom - stay in trend

Stone-colored hoops will soften the harsh notes of business attire in military style, a jacket-tunic and a formal suit. The extravagant wide bezel, decorated with a brilliant large flower, will not leave you without attention.

The invariable attribute of their images, the hoops were made by stylists Donn Karan, Fendi and Erin Fetherston. Stylists of the Louis Vuitton fashion house chose thin, sophisticated headbands with a small bow for their models, and tiaras-shaped hoops with massive stones and crystals that completed the evening dresses.

Keira Knightley - a great admirer of rims

With enviable regularity, the popularity of hairstyles in the Roman and Greek style returns, which are unthinkable without a gum hoop. Such popular love and popularity are not accidental and lie in the universality of the solution, the possibility of its recreation with your own hands in an everyday and solemn hairstyle.

The various types and reasonable price of soft hoops allows you to assemble a whole collection, put them on top of loose hair pulled into a bun or tail.

Narrow hoops

Narrow hoops in most cases are made of plastic, metal and textile. In the latter case, they are non-thick pigtails, the ends of which are connected with an elastic band.

Options for wearing such hoops can be traced in the fashion of the hippie generation. This option is able to complement the evening outfit and prove its practicality in everyday life, for example, in a duet with jeans in the style of street-casual.

Thin hoop - a universal solution for weekdays and holidays

Wide rims

Wide accessories take the second place in popularity and go well with different styles. They are worn under the roots of the hair, the most appropriate they will be as decoration of long curls.

Note! In summer, wide rims can be replaced with thin scarves or scarves that can support hair for a long time.

If you still do not know how to replace a wide hoop

The twist of romance

Romantic images are at the peak of their popularity, and with them hoops, richly decorated with brooches and flowers. They are suitable for owners of long hair and curls of medium length. Special refinement and a sense of high taste carry with them accessories coated with precious stones.

Hippie headbands

Despite the fact that the hippie era has sunk into oblivion, the bright accessories of that time found their place in modern images. If you have firmly decided that the hippy style reflects your inner self, and a soft hoop like no other addition would be appropriate, leave the curls loose or braid them in a loose braid, while the hoop should pass under the hair.

Such hairstyles are in perfect harmony with long skirts, dresses, colorful shirts and jeans.

Hippie style

Retro style accessories

The emphasis in selecting a retro bezel is made on its full color identity for the wardrobe. На нем должно быть минимальное количество декоративных элементов, допустим один крупный цветок или бант.

Можно создать обруч с цветами своими руками на основе живых бутонов, который будет элегантно выглядеть в прическе невесты. Особенное настроение такие ободки создают в качестве дополнения к высокому ретро-начесу.

Ретро, которое вновь в моде

Ободок спортивного стиля

Для создания спортивного стиля подходят широкие ободки. Often, preference is given to wide scarves, scarves and even pieces of fabric. They can be worn over and under the hair. Informal and any sportswear is in harmony with them: T-shirts with jeans and shorts, tracksuits.

In search of practicality

Bezel vice versa

Such an accessory has a special appeal and has already won the dense ranks of its admirers. The most spectacular yellow metal hoops, decorated in the form of laurel leaves, twigs or feathers, reminiscent of sunny Greece with their whole appearance.

Photo of a new trend - the “bezel” rim

Men look at the rim

Unlike women's hair clips, men's retain practicality and inconspicuousness. If we talk about the rims, then the male version will be made of dark plastic or metal, have a flat shape and hold hair well. Spring hoops are the best solution to preserve masculinity and gain a unique image.

The bezel may be a men's accessory

The hoop is universal and unique; it came from the depths of centuries and reliably entrenched in modern life. If you are still looking for your image, be sure to pay attention to an inconspicuous, but extremely important accessory (see also the article “Glazing hair - a revolutionary procedure to give it shine and volume”).

And the video in this article will tell you not only how to choose the right bezel, but also how to decorate a hair hoop with your own hands.

7 options for hoops to decorate hairstyles

The ancestors of modern hoops are the ancient crowns and tiaras. The product is an open ring that firmly holds the hair in front. This accessory is practical and convenient, perfectly complementing any look. Do-it-yourself hair hoop is easy to do, the main thing is to be creative, have good taste, have the necessary materials at hand.

The bezel is practical and comfortable.

Appearance and hair hoop - choose the right

A hoop is a universal accessory, however, it is selected in accordance with the peculiarities of style and image:

  1. Girls with long thick hair should give preference to wide rims.
  2. Owners of thin hair need to look at narrow models with small cloves that will help lift hair near the roots and create the necessary volume.
  3. In order to balance the massive chin or hide the square shape of the face, a large wide hoop is suitable.
  4. Thin rims of black or beige color with a minimum of decorative elements are selected for business dresses. At the beach or party, you can show off with colorful models decorated with large decor.

  • The hair ornament should be in harmony with the color and finish with a handbag, shoes or clothing items.
  • Stylists recommend respectable women to wear elegant expensive hoops, and adolescents and girls - to experiment with a variety of plastic models.
  • Landmark for the time of year

    Color and style - this is not the most important thing when choosing jewelry for hairstyles. Seasonality is also an important criterion. In hot weather, rag hair hoops will make the look summery bright and airy, protecting your head from the scorching rays of the sun. Thin metal headbands also work well with summer outfits.

    In winter, models from fur look spectacular. It is important that the fur as a finishing material is present in the design of outerwear. In spring or autumn, the accessory is selected in accordance with the style of the ensemble.

    Global trends for long and medium curls

    Hair stylists offer many interesting hoop options. The popularity of such accessories for decorating hairstyles is growing every year. A variety of products is amazing: leather models, thin rims, thick triple hoops, jewelry made of flowers, beads, lace or fabric.

    Beaded Bezel

    The use of elastic in the evening and business image

    In the design of hairstyles in the Greek style, you can not do without a gum hoop. This hairstyle is very popular, because the simplicity of its styling and beautiful appearance allows you to successfully use it both on weekdays and at celebrations. Soft hoops make it possible to use them as with loose or gathered hair. The main thing is to choose the right decoration for such a hairstyle.

    DIY hair jewelry

    Beautiful hoops, rubber bands, hair clips - all girls, girls and women like these accessories. Do you want to learn how to make original hair jewelry with your own hands? Do you think this is very difficult? On the contrary! Making hair jewelry is a very exciting and not at all difficult task.

    DIY little wreath for girls! Photo MK!

    Hair Bandana

    The role of a bandana can be played by a neckerchief of a suitable color for you. To do this, fold it into a triangle and twist it to get a kind of tourniquet.

    Then wrap the bundle with a tourniquet from the scarf, holding its two ends with both hands. Twist the ends as shown.

    Wrap the bundle again with a handkerchief and tie, leaving the ends free.

    Button elastic

    The original gum will perfectly decorate a simple tail or braid. To do this, you can use ordinary buttons.

    In our case, this is a button covered with fabric with a metal tail for the thread on the back. But you can also use plastic buttons with holes.

    We insert a thin elastic elastic band into the metal tail.

    And we stretch it as shown in the figure.

    Elastic hoop

    A butterfly or flower hoop will perfectly decorate your hairstyle and complement the corresponding image.

    It can be made from any hard material, such as denim or artificial leather.

    Prepare two strips of material. Fold the thicker in half, then glue or sew together.

    Squeeze the butterfly and stick to it a thin, wrapping it strip, pre-lubricated with strong glue.

    To complete the hoop, sew a piece of elastic on a thin strip on both sides and glue the butterfly.


    The flower can be used both as a decoration for a hairstyle, or as a costume decoration in the form of a brooch.

    Prepare the shape of the flower, and then outline it on the fabric to create a full flower. Fabric choose the best chiffon or tulle.

    You need about 26 layers of material to get a full flower.

    Cut out the layers. Sew them in the center. Sew a decorative ball in the middle of the flower.

    Hoop with beads

    Prepare an old “toothy” hoop, embroidery thread, bead ribbon, strong glue.

    Apply glue to the edge of the rim and start wrapping it with threads.

    After the first winding, glue the thread to the second end of the rim.

    Place the string of beads on the hoop and wrap the threads as shown. Fix the ends with glue.

    It is best to make hair jewelry from satin ribbons. And when you learn, you can try another material.

    The main types of petals

    First, we will learn how to make two main types of petals - round and sharp.

    So, prepare satin ribbons with a width of 5 cm (maybe less, but then it will be harder to learn), a lighter, glue and scissors.

    Cut the tape into squares measuring 5 * 5 cm.

    Then fold the square in half, you get a triangle.

    Now fold again.

    And then fold the last time - you get a petal.

    Now you need to slightly cut the lower edge of the petal and singe a lighter.

    The tips of the petal also singe with a lighter and quickly press with your fingers.

    Here is such a sharp petal you get.

    The round petal is done a little differently. First, fold the square of the ribbon into a triangle. Then fold the side corners of the triangle down.

    Then fold in half.

    Now singe and press with your fingers. The tips of the petal also singe and squeeze. And we have a round petal ready.

    From round and sharp petals you can make simple flowers. To do this, make 6-9 sharp or round petals. Now you need to make the base of the flower. Cut a small circle out of cardboard and tape over the cardboard circle. Glue is better to use moment gel. Then glue the petals on the circle. Glue a bead in the middle. These are the flowers you get.

    If it is difficult for you to glue the petals individually, you can collect them first on a string.

    Double layer petals

    And now we will learn how to make two-layer petals.

    For a two-layer petal we need: two ribbons of different colors. Now add separately the sharp petal of one color and the sharp petal of a different color. But not until the end, the last time the petals need to be folded together. Fix the tips of the petal and singe, then the tips of the two petals will connect.

    To make a two-layer round petal, you need to fold two squares of different colors into triangles separately. Then connect the two triangles and continue to fold as a simple round petal. When the petal is ready - singe the corners.

    These are the petals you get.

    You can complicate the flowers and make several tiers. Then it will take 9-15 petals for the lower tier and 6-9 for the upper. First make the lower tier, then glue on top a small flower, but without cardboard. On the back you can stick an elastic or a hairpin.

    Now we will learn how to make a rose.

    We will need 5 * 5 cm tape squares, glue, scissors and a lighter.

    First, add the square to the triangle. Then fold the side corners down.

    We slightly trim the tip and singe - the corners should fasten. We got a rose petal.

    Now we do a lot - 15-20 such petals. We begin to collect our rose. First we make a bud. Spread glue on the base of the petal and twist the bud.

    Next, collect the petals - apply glue to the base of the petal and wrap the bud around it.

    And so in a circle glue the other petals. Rose is ready. Now you can make leaves (we’ll talk about how to make leaves a little later) and glue them on the base circle, and on top - the rose.


    What else can be done from ribbons? An interesting chrysanthemum.

    For this flower we will need: a tape measuring 5 * 7 cm or 2.5 * 6 cm, a lighter, scissors and glue. It is necessary to fold the tape in half face up.

    . and cut off the corner. Then solder where cut off.

    Now you need to collapse the edges on one side and the other inward and solder.

    We make many such petals and collect chrysanthemum. Cut a circle out of cardboard and glue it with tape. Then glue the petals around the edges. After that we glue the next tier of petals - a little closer to the center. Then we glue the petals even closer. And the last petals are glued in the center. We decorate the middle with a bead or several beads. Chrysanthemum is ready!

    Here is another interesting hair ornament in the form of a flower. You will need three multi-colored ribbons (for example, orange, yellow and white), glue, scissors and a lighter.

    For the first five petals we cut a tape 3 cm long and 2.5 cm wide, for the second row 9 pieces 3.5 cm long and the same width, and for the third row prepare a tape 4 cm wide and 4 cm long - 10-11 pieces.

    Now all the petals should be rounded on one side with scissors (trim the corners a bit). Then process with a lighter on both sides. And now the most important thing - bring the lighter to the rounded part of the petal and raise the petal above the lighter.

    The petal will round a little like this.

    Then at the bottom of the petal we make small pinches with a lighter. The petals are ready. We will collect the flower. Connect the five white petals with glue, the petals are slightly on top of each other.

    Then we collect the second row of yellow petals in a checkerboard pattern, and the last we collect the third row of orange petals. The middle can be decorated using beads or stamens. Here's a flower you get.

    You can change the sizes of the petals and get other duchesses - small or large.

    Now let's talk about leaflets

    To make flower leaves, we need a tape 8 centimeters long and 2.5 centimeters wide. Fold the tape in half.

    . and cut off half diagonally. Now solder the edges with a lighter.

    It turns out such a leaflet.

    It can be left so or turned inside out.

    Let's make some bows.

    We need a tape 5 cm wide and 13 cm long - 10 pieces. And a thin ribbon, preferably silver, with a width of 2-3 mm and a length of 13 cm - 5 segments.

    First, all the ribbons are scorched at the edges, so as not to crumble. Then we fold all the segments in half and collect them on a string.

    Tighten and tighten the thread. We also make the second bow.

    And now we are collecting. Glue the second bow on one bow.

    Glue silver loops on top. Glue a bead in the middle. The bow is ready.

    Instead of silver loops, you can make a flower of six sharp petals 5 * 5 cm in a different color. Glue the flower on the bow.

    You can also make a hoop. You can simply stick flowers or bows on a hoop of a suitable color. Or you can first wrap the hoop with tape, securing the tape to the ends of the hoop with glue. Glue flower arrangements or bows on top.

    DIY jewelry for hair.

    Recently, work has become very popular - Hair ornaments.
    In stores now you can find a large number jewelry for hair. These are headbands, clips, bows, hairpins, flowers and various other decoration. Beautiful work are expensive and not everyone can afford to buy, but there is a way out - you can do it yourself nice and an original gift.

    We will need:

    1 - Satin Ribbon
    2 - Lighter
    3 - Thermo gun and knife.

    First you need to make blanks for our lilies 26 petals.

    Using a lighter, you need to burn the edges and immediately stretch the petal, it ceases to be flat.

    Now we make veins at our petals, for this we heat the knife and from the reverse side we draw along the petal

    (the petal should be put on a soft cloth).

    That's how it should turn out. Victoria made 5 stripes with a knife.

    1 row make seven petals glue them on a circle (diameter 4.5 cm)

    2 row also make seven petals in a circle.

    From 3 rows the petal will look like this, for this we drip a drop of glue on the bottom of the petal