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Svetlana LubenetsHow to receive guests


Every hostess knows that receiving guests is a very troublesome business. First, you clean the whole day and stick out at the stove: you cook, steam, fry, then you need to run a marafet, and finally, falling from your feet from fatigue, meet the guests with a smile.

In the West, it has long been customary to celebrate birthdays and other celebrations in restaurants and clubs. Our elite adheres to this principle. After all, conducting such events outside the home is much more convenient: they ordered a service room, sat, had fun, and parted. Helpful waiters bring dishes, and you don’t need to wash the dishes, and the mood will not go bad.

In addition, outsiders with their aura violate the energy of the home, and after they leave, the owners may feel discomfort or deterioration, especially if one of the guests is not completely healthy or arrived at the house with bad intentions - it happens!

Nevertheless, most of us are still forced to receive guests at home. And it’s good if this meeting is planned in advance. Then you can take your time to clean the apartment and buy groceries. And if suddenly a telephone rang and in half an hour a company of six came up? Well, albeit not six, but only one girlfriend with whom you have not seen for six months? It remains to act very promptly.

What to do if guests come unexpectedly

Let's start cleaning from the living room. First, collect all the little things - cosmetics, discs, pencils. Put it all in a large box or shopping bag and stuff it away for further viewing and sorting. The main thing is not to forget where they hid. Fold the papers and books in neat piles; you should not put them far away.

Then pack your clothes. Do not try to hang everything “as it should” - carefully put things on the shelf of the cabinet, you will understand later. All this will take no more than three to five minutes.

You may need to vacuum the carpet in the living room. Resist the temptation to vacuum the whole apartment, because you will not come to the excursion. At the same time, you can only vacuum the corridor. This is a few more minutes. If the floor in the hallway, even after it has been vacuumed, is not pleasing to the eye, use a damp broom. Another minute or two.

It's time to look in the mirror. If you have a darned robe and hair sticking up, urgently need to change clothes and comb your hair. But don’t even think about putting on your favorite evening dress and a hairdryer. If you don’t have proper home clothes, a turtleneck and jeans will do. Careful makeup - lip gloss and a little mascara for the eyes. Do not forget to freshen up with deodorant.

For preening 4-5 minutes. The guests have not come yet? Then let's continue.

Look in the toilet and bathroom to check for toilet paper and a clean towel. If the plumbing is far from the ideal of cleanliness, perhaps you will have to put on rubber gloves and walk on it with a rag with a “Comet”. But do not get carried away, just erase the main plaque. This is a couple of minutes.

Now to the kitchen. Of course, you can hope that the guests will not come empty-handed, but it is better to hit them with something tasty, specially made for them. Surely you have on your note a signature dish that can be prepared in a few minutes? For example, charlotte: beat two eggs, add a glass of sugar, a glass of flour, chopped apples - and the oven. She will be ready in half an hour, when the guests have already arrived, and you will serve her "in the heat of the heat." An appetizer can be prepared in the form of a wide variety of sandwiches, which are beautifully laid out on plates.

Everything. If you have time, you can very quickly and at the same time beautifully set the table.

It is covered, putting slides of plates and glasses. In the center of the table are bottles of mineral water, juices and other drinks. Bread is cut into thin slices and placed on plates, alternating white and black in a circle so that one slice covers the edge of the other. In the middle of the plate, a circle of slices is placed vertically. Plates of bread are placed along the table, and between them are butterdishes, small plates with thin slices of meat, ham, chicken, tongue, sausage, all kinds of cheese, chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, in short, everything that was found in the hostess in the refrigerator. You need to put knives near the greasers, forks near the plates, and guests themselves can prepare sandwiches to their liking. Do not forget to put spices, herbs and napkins.

The holiday should be prepared

Now consider how best to receive guests in a less extreme situation. When we are preparing for the reception, a whole series of questions immediately arise: what is the best way to create a menu, prepare dishes, and what to serve for dessert.

The main thing is that there are a variety of dishes on the table, but each in a small amount, beautifully laid out and decorated. If you see that guests liked the dish more than others, it is better to bring an additive later. A good mood will be created by a bright, clean room, whether it is a dining room or kitchen, a properly served table, deliciously prepared food served in beautiful plates, and the friendliness of the hostess.

Please note that without prejudice to your nerves, you can pay enough attention to 7-9 guests. If there are more, you will need an assistant. Otherwise, you will not be able to control what is happening, the guests will begin to break up into small groups and someone will surely be "overboard". Communication with friends, no matter how much pleasure you get from him, will require serious expenditures of energy from you. Therefore, before the start of the holiday, take half an hour or an hour to simply lie down and relax, gain strength.

In this case, the table should be set 1-2 hours before the arrival of the guests. By this time, you need to finish all preparations and have time to relax.

The festive table is set with a tablecloth, plates are placed, knives, forks, spoons are laid. To the right of the plate, put the knife with the tip to it, on the outside of the knife - a tablespoon, and on the left side of the plate - fork with the teeth up. A dessert spoon is placed in front of a plate. In the middle of the table they put a dish or a basket for bread, cut into thin slices, a salad bowl, a decanter with a drink or water, a salt shaker.

The napkin is placed in a plate or to the right of the plate, under the knife and spoon. If you do not use cloth napkins, it is recommended to have paper on the table.

In front of the plate, but slightly to the right, glasses and glasses are arranged in one line. Their quantity and size depend on the drinks to be offered. The wines are served in a glass of transparent white glass on a long leg. The bottom of the vessel should in no case be flat, because in a glass with a flat bottom and vertical walls, the wine does not "give off" its aroma. The ideal shape of the glass is ovoid with a truncated sharp end or just a truncated sphere. Its capacity is from 150 to 250 ml, less for white wine, more for red. The glass should be filled by one third. The upper two-thirds are needed for opening a wine bouquet. The walls of the glass will not let it dissipate and keep the whole gamut of aromas.

It will not be superfluous to put a small plate for salad in front of the plate on the left, and in several places on the table several small plates for bones and other leftovers.

Place the sandwiches nicely in shape: round slices of bread on one plate, triangular slices on the other, rectangular slices on the third, etc.

It is recommended to cut bread just before serving, so that it does not dry out, in addition, in two or three places in the same plates or baskets, you need to put a few more slices of bread so that it is closer to each device. For the same purpose, two or three salt shakers are placed.

Served table with love and knowledge, always looks beautiful. However, the best decoration is flowers. They create a mood, an atmosphere of solemnity and festivity.

Flowers in the room should be placed at such a height that they can be viewed from above or from the side. Color tones should be in harmony with each other. A very spectacular combination of dark red, red and pink shades against a white tablecloth. Yellow and blue tones will look good. Flowering bright plants stand out well against the background of green fern, asparagus, etc.

Vessels for flowers should be stable, simple, but beautiful in shape. Variegated, decorated with bright vase patterns are undesirable. Wildflowers look good in low small containers.

Arrange plants in a vase. That part: the stem, which is immersed in water, should be cleaned of leaves and pruned.

Tall plants on long stems, such as gladioli or calla lilies, will be in the way of those sitting at the table. Such flowers are best placed on a separate table.

Specialist advice

The bouquet will look beautiful if you put an insert with holes in the vase, a metal mesh, a hedgehog tattoo or spacer sticks. You can put a low vase with flowers in the center of the table, put greens on the tablecloth to the right and left of it, and against the background of greenery, spread roses or carnations across the entire table. Closer to the device, at the rate of one bouquet for four devices, it is good to put violets or forget-me-nots in a miniature porcelain or ceramic vase. They will make smart the table and small bouquets of daisies, cornflowers, daffodils, spruce branches. You can put flowers on the right side of each device, while the stem should be 10-15 cm long.

When seating guests, help them sit comfortably. It is advisable to serve food in plates of the same size, shape and pattern and place them at such a distance from each other so that the hands of those sitting at the table move freely. If the food is served individually for each guest, it is placed exactly opposite the person sitting. Women are served first.

A gala dinner usually consists of cold appetizers, a cold (possibly hot) fish dish with side dishes and a hot meat, poultry or game dish with a side dish and sauce. When serving food, you must follow a certain order and sequence. On the table put snacks and salads. Warm soups are served first. All this stimulates the appetite.

The dishes are served in the following order: after appetizers, a fish dish is served, and then meat or game is served on removable plates.

Appetizers served in salad bowls, on multi-portion dishes, are placed, if possible, on the left side of the person sitting at the table, and drinks - on the right. For each such dish, put the device necessary for laying out food on plates.

From multi-serving dishes, the food is transferred to small plates, first the main product, then the side dish and sauce.

Garnish with a spoon, which is held in the right hand, help with the fork located in the left. The main product is shifted, giving the devices the shape of tongs: a fork is placed between the thumb and forefinger, a spoon is between the index and middle.

To unfold fragile, crumbling products and steaks with an egg, the instruments are shaped like a spatula: the handles of a spoon and fork (or two forks) are held in your hand, the teeth and grooves of the spoon are spread apart to form a spatula. The same form can be given to the devices, holding them one in the right, the other in the left hand.

Before you put a new group of dishes, you need to remove the used dishes and appliances. It should be remembered that you can not serve the dish and clean the dishes across the table.

You can clean only after all guests have eaten. They start from the place where a woman or an older woman sits. Empty plates are removed on the right side of the guest. After that, new dishes are served on the left side.

Before serving dessert, remove everything from the table, leaving only glasses for water. Remove the crumbs using a special brush and dustpan or a clean, rolled-up napkin on a plate.

For dessert, fruit, jelly, cream and cake are served. Fruits should be placed in vases. You should also serve small clean plates, teaspoons, put knives to clean the fruit.

A festive lunch or dinner ends with coffee or tea, which can be served not in the dining room table, but in another room.

The feast, when all the guests gather at one table, compares favorably with the buffet table in that such a joint meal will automatically bring your guests together. Don’t worry if you don’t have any exotic specialties in your arsenal. Food, of course, is important, but do not try to arrange a feast of gluttony.

If you overfeed the guests, they will no longer have the strength even to communicate. Be sure to consider how to entertain your guests. Moreover, entertainment can be invented both for the time that will be spent at the table, and for the time before and after the feast. There are many games that even adults will enjoy.

Do not try to talk all the time yourself, the ability to talk guests is much more valuable. Having given them the opportunity to tell about their talents and successes, you will be remembered as an attentive and sincere hostess. By the way, remember three taboos for conversation: politics, religion, disease. With such themes, the holiday will be ruined.

❀ Expert advice

In a large company are usually heavy smokers. Well, if there is an opportunity to send them to smoke on the balcony or in the porch. But if guests smoke in the room, then the smell of tobacco is then badly expelled even by a draft. You can clean the air like this: open the windows and put 2-3 wet towels in different places of the room. They absorb tobacco smell well. For the same purpose, you can light several candles in the room where you smoked.

And finally, a few more rules of good form. Napkins, appliances that the guest dropped on the floor, you need to immediately replace clean, and only then pick up those that fell. If the guest stained the costume, give him a wet towel and help remove the stain. A small stain on the tablecloth is wrung out with a towel and covered with a napkin. If the stain is large - replace the tablecloth.

Get ready for guests to arrive

For a long time people go to visit each other. They bring bouquets, cakes, gifts with you. You, little princesses, of course, have already visited more than once. In the houses of some people you feel so good and comfortable that sometimes you don’t feel like leaving.

At festive lunches or dinners in other families, it’s boring and dreary, and time runs so slowly that sometimes you even have to figure out some reason to leave quickly and finally breathe a sigh of relief. Why does it depend? How to make friends so that they love your home?

Guests love the hospitable hosts. What does it mean to be hospitable?

Hospitable - means welcoming to guests.

Hospitality - a cordial, affectionate attitude, coupled with a willingness to help with something. Note, dear readers: not to serve, but to serve, that is, to make a person pleasant. It is not so easy to make pleasant things. You will have to work hard for this.

Until now, your parents probably received guests in your homes, and you only helped. Perhaps they dusted them, ran for bread or mayonnaise, and placed plates. Now you can cook and spend almost the whole holiday yourself. Of course, mom and dad still earn money, and therefore you can’t do without their participation, but let their intervention be minimized.

Holiday preparation is a foretaste of pleasure. It is no less pleasant than holding a celebration, even though it will certainly have to be spent on time and effort.

True, it’s worth starting with deciding when you don’t have to arrange a holiday at all:

• when someone in the family is sick,

• when there are babies,

• when the apartment is in a state of repair,

• even a few girlfriends should not be invited to chat in the house if the mom plans to clean the apartment or do a big wash.

So! All of the above reasons, because of which it is not worth celebrating, are absent! So princess, you can proceed! Where to start preparing for such a home holiday, such as a birthday? Think with a search in the stores for a new dress? Nothing like this! The hostess should never dress better than the guests so that they do not feel embarrassed. But we will talk about this separately. So where do you start?

The first step is to get the consent of the parents, because they are the main people in your house. They make decisions. Even if the parents are not at home, do not have any parties in the apartment without their permission. Deception will somehow open somehow, after which you can lose parental trust for a long time.

When the consent of mom and dad is obtained, you need to carefully consider who to invite. By the way, the success of your holiday, dear reader, depends on this in many respects. The main rule is

Invite only those people with whom you are pleased to talk.

No need to try to add all your friends to the guest list at once. Ordinary city apartments are often small in size, and many guests simply can’t accommodate them. It is difficult to treat and entertain a large company, since you will not please everyone.

случайных, малознакомых людей.Они могут быть попросту опасны,

друзей, которые между собой в ссоре.Твой праздник может быть испорчен тем, что эти двое станут весь вечер выяснять отношения и портить настроение себе и другим,

того, кто уже несколько раз отказывался прийти к тебе в гости.Не навязывайся.

Далее определись со временем, к которому будешь приглашать друзей. If the holiday is carefully prepared, then you should not tell your friend: “Run to me tomorrow evening!”It is not accepted to respond to such an invitation, and therefore you can be left without guests at all - alone with your holiday treats. It is necessary to clearly state the time by which you will wait for friends. If you make a colorful invitation with your own hands, then you can write the day and hour for which the celebration is scheduled, and even your home address and phone number. Your friends can show an invitation to their parents, and they will be calm about where their children will spend time. The invitation can also indicate the time of the end of the event, and then the guests will not stay at your place for too long.

When inviting guests, it must be said that you are going to celebrate. This rule does not apply to a birthday. After all, real friends remember your birthday without reminders. Nevertheless, it will be better if you indicate in the invitation that you are collecting guests on the occasion of your own birthday.

You should invite in advance: ten days or a week, so that people can properly manage their time and, perhaps, even manage to postpone the things that were scheduled just on the day of your celebration. Do not be offended if someone from those whom you really would like to see at your holiday refuses the invitation. They may have serious reasons for which no one is obliged to explain. You should say: "Very sorry. See you some other time. ”

Next, you need to solve the question - what do you expect from the holiday. If you do not ask this question, then you can get a birthday like Tanya.

Tanya spent the whole day on the eve of her birthday and the morning before the guests arrived in the kitchen. They prepared many salads and in a special way fried chicken, which was covered with a delicious brownish crust. Tanasama sliced ​​salad products, decorated them with greens and funny figurines made of vegetables, fruits and eggs. She especially liked the frogs from small cucumbers and butterflies from half-sliced ​​circles of lemon, which her mother taught her to do. For the cake and pastries, Tanya herself knocked down the cream and smeared them with baked cakes, grated chocolate, chopped nuts and decorated the pastries with this mixture. Mom advised the girl to draw daisies on paper, cut them out, put them on the top cake covered with cream, and only then sprinkle with chocolate and nuts. When Tanya carefully removed the paper daisies, the cake was covered with white flowers. Between them installed 11 candles. The cake has become fabulously beautiful. Tanya thought she would be very sorry to cut it and eat it.

When the doorbell rang and the first guest entered the apartment - beloved Tanya's girlfriend Vika, both the housewives, both mother and Tanya, were still in kitchen aprons and with tousled hair. But Vika is her own man! Tanya put her at the computer, and she ran to change her clothes. A button suddenly came off the elegant blouse, but there was no time to sew it, because the doorbell was already ringing continuously. Tanya had to convince herself that no one would notice a torn button, because everyone would look at a stunningly beautifully laid table.

Opening the door to the next guest, Tanya inadvertently cast a glance at herself in the mirror and was horrified: her hair in sticky locks hung miserably along her face. For some reason, the comb was not in the usual place, and the girl had to tidy untidy locks behind her ears.

- Hello, Tatyana! Congratulations! - classmates Olya and Valya, who had come, began to twitter.

Then Olya, rounding her already round eyes, stared at Tanya’s legs. Following her friend, the girl lowered her gaze down and was covered in a paint of shame. She managed to put on a smart blouse, but on her legs, it turns out, old training pants stretched out on her knees ugly rallied.

- I am now! - Tanya cried out and again rushed to change clothes.

For some reason, there were no new silk trousers on the back of the chair. Tanya rummaged through the entire closet and already wanted to go to complain to her mother, when she suddenly saw trousers lying in a shapeless lump on the floor behind a chair.

When Tanya picked them up from the floor, she wanted to cry. Trousers were wrinkled. Hopelessly. If you could still afford to put on a blouse without one button, then crumpled trousers to such an extent - no way ... The girl again rushed to the closet. There was nothing worthy of a new blouse. I had to wear black jeans, in which she went to school every day. Then, for about ten minutes, Tanya was still looking for a comb to at least somehow tidy her hair.

When the hostess of the holiday came out to the guests, they sat sadly on the couch and chairs and looked intently at the festively set table. Tanya got amused. Still, the table is the highlight of the holiday! Now, as everyone pounces on salads and forgets to forget, they had to wait a long time for the start of the feast. She, Tanya, will still tell them how each dish is prepared. Guests will be very pleased.

The guests were really very pleased with the salads. Fifteen minutes later, they tried everything on the table, but for some reason they listened to the secrets of cooking sluggishly.

- Well, what are you! Eat! - Tanya persuaded friends. “There is still so much Greek salad left!” And a lot of salad Olivier! Eat! Do not be shy!

The guests were either shy, or already ate.

- Mama! - Tanya shouted with all her might.

The mother, still steamed from the stove, flew into the room.

- What happened? She asked fearfully.

- They don’t eat! - Tanya whined whiningly and pointed to the already slightly moistened salads.

- And here we are now a chicken to them! - said the mother and disappeared behind the door, and a few minutes later returned with a hot chicken, exuding the aroma of special herbs and spices. She gilded beautifully on a platter, lined with rosy slices of fried potatoes.

The guests perked up noticeably. The chicken was eaten in ten minutes, and tense silence hung again at the table.

“Well ... maybe one more salad ...” Tanya suggested. Honestly, not only a new portion of salad, but even a small pea from it would not fit into her own stomach, but the birthday had to be continued somehow.

- Nah ... Tan ... will not enter already ...

- Ate horribly ...

“You can burst straight,” rushed from all sides.

Mom entered the room and asked:

- Well, guys? Maybe bring some tea?

Guests began vying to refuse. Tanya understood them well. She herself was disgusted to even think of a cake with daisies and candles.

“Well, tea can be done later,” my mother agreed, and before hiding behind the door, she added: “Play for now.”

“So she said - play! What are we, small children ?! ”- Tanya thought displeasedly and was the first to leave the table. Following her, the guests rose from the chairs and again decorously sat on the sofa and in the armchairs. Some did not have enough space, and they were forced to stay at the table.

“And in our apartment yesterday the lights were turned off for the whole evening,” Kostya, Tanya’s neighbor at the desk, finally uttered in complete silence.

“They always turn off our house,” agreed Valya, who lived with Kostya in the same entrance.

“When the lights are turned off, that's nothing ...” Olga noted. - Here we turned off the heating in the winter last year ... wow ...

- Yes-ah ... heating is yes ... - Vika intercepted. “I don't like it when it's cold.”

“And I do not like,” Tanya supported her friend.

This ended the conversation. Those who stayed at the table felt better, because they put more salad on their plates and joylessly picked their forks. Still, at least some activity!

- Tan, can I turn on the computer? - asked Kostya.

- You are welcome! - Tanya joyfully agreed. She felt sorry for the guests.

Kostya sat at the computer. Tanya chose for him the most interesting game "Adventures in the magic forest." Kostya plunged into the virtual world. The other guests stood beside him for a while, then Valya, looking at her watch, said:

- And in twenty minutes the next series “Girls from our yard” will begin. I think I will go…

- I, too! - picked up Olga! - I’ll go to my grandmother. She invited me for a long time!

- Not! Girls ... how about ... A cake? - Tanya was upset. - He's with candles ...

“I don’t feel like it already, Tan ...” Vika answered guiltyly. - Then eat yourself. I'll go too. Thank you for the treat. That was tasty. I don’t want to eat until tomorrow!

When the best Tanya’s girlfriend gathered home, it became a signal for general departure. Everyone fussed, reached into the hallway. Even my mother could not persuade the guests to stay for tea.

When everyone left, Tanya sank down on the ottoman in the hallway and wept bitterly. At that moment Kostik flew into the corridor, saw the crying mistress of the house and was very surprised.

- Tan! What are you doing? - he asked. “Where is everyone?”

“Our guests left, they didn’t even try the cake, and Tanya tried so hard ...” my mother said in frustration.

- Tank! You do not roar! Already eaten all! And the cake ... Well, uh ... if you want, I’ll try ... - Kostya tried to console his neighbor at the desk.

Tanya didn’t want anything. She burst into sobs and left for her room. The cake, which she made with such love for the guests, never touched. He was eaten at home. Anyway, almost the whole next week the rest of the festive meal was eaten up (a meal is a meal).

We think, Princess, you understand what was the main mistake of Tanya. Of course! The guests did not come to her at all to eat. Despite the fact that people do not eat holiday salads and cakes every day, it is not a table at all - the highlight of the holiday, as the girl suggested. The guests didn’t want to have so much a bite to eat, but rather to have fun and chat. Tanya, carried away by cooking, did not think that no holiday would go on its own. It must be carefully prepared. And further! The appearance of the hostess immediately sets the guests to a solemn, festive mood. We must be able to calculate the time so that we can even have a little rest before the arrival of friends. The hostess should not look tired and disheveled. It is imperative to provide time for having time to put yourself in order.

So, reader, the main conclusion from our history is this: you must thoroughly think over the plan of the evening and draw up the so-called cultural program. If you know few games and entertainments, you can find them in the chapter of our book specially reserved for this.

If you feel that neither you nor your relatives can entertain the guests yourself, you can invite a person who knows this business and loves. It can be your relative or friend, or a person from a special company that arranges various holidays. But remember that an employee of such a company will organize a standard holiday for you, because you are not familiar with either you or your guests. He will arrange the same triumph in another house, as well as in the third. You, princess, know perfectly well that each of his friends loves and does not accept anything in any way, and therefore you will be able to take into account the interests of absolutely all the guests and give them a special, nothing like holiday.

Based on the volume of the cultural program, you should approximately calculate the time it will take to conduct certain events, and only after that set the hour by which guests will gather in your house. If you have planned a lot of comic contests, quizzes and other tasks, you still need to think about how to support the strength of the amused guests.

We want to offer to arrange for friends not a traditional long feast, but the so-called stand-up meal - joint meal, when the guests eat while standing, freely choosing dishes and drinks, serving themselves. The word “buffet” came to us from the French language and literally means “on a fork”. The origin of this unusual term is explained very simply. The fact is that the main “working tool” during the buffet table is a snack fork. If you do not have special snack forks at home that differ from the usual ones in just smaller sizes, do not worry. The most ordinary forks will do.

Receptions are usually arranged when there are a lot of guests, and there is not enough room for their meeting, as, for example, in ordinary city apartments. And even then, when the purpose of the meeting is not plentiful food, but communication. This is just your case, princess!

Despite the fact that we just said about receptions, it is not forbidden to arrange traditional tea tables.

What foods to choose, what dishes and drinks to prepare for the buffet table and tea table, we will describe further in a special chapter, since this only talks about preparing for the reception of guests.

Suppose that a cultural program, including games, contests and other entertainment, is ready. Products are waiting in the refrigerator. What do you need to do, princess? Are you talking about the dress again? Early! You forgot that the venue of the holiday, namely your apartment, must be issued in a special way. How? Fantasy will tell you! Even just a few balloons in the hallway and in the room where guests will have fun will immediately create high spirits. Do not be afraid to seem small because of such decorations, but rather think about it - after all, adults also decorate rooms for celebrations or parties.

If your birthday, dear reader, falls in the autumn months, in addition to balloons, you can decorate the room with colorful fallen leaves. Of course, carved maple trees look the most spectacular. They need to be ironed through a sheet of paper with a hot iron, and then they will not wrinkle and do not curl for a very long time. If you were born at the very beginning of autumn, when the leaves are still green and do not think to fall off, you can cut leaves from multi-colored paper. Do not hesitate to cut them out even of paper of such colors that do not exist in nature, for example, blue or purple. Pinned by thin pins to the walls, they will look very nice among yellow, red and green. In the event that your house has beautiful and expensive wallpapers or wall coverings that do not include a pin, you can make bouquets of such leaves by placing them in vases in different corners of the room. Entire branches with autumn leaves look beautiful (they can also be ironed without tearing them off from the branches), bright orange bunches of mountain ash, raspberry tassels of berries of the barberry shrub.

If you were born in winter, leaves that were previously prepared in the same way or even absolutely bare branches can be sprayed with silver or golden paint from a spray can. Here it is absolutely necessary to ask the help of parents so as not to spoil anything in the apartment. Of course, snowflakes cut from white paper and foil will also be good. Try to make sure that guests do not confuse your birthday with a Happy New Year!

In spring, even the earliest, they always look good and delight the eye of a branch with freshly hatching young leaves. Of course, the branches must be collected in advance and put in water so that the buds can bloom by the day you are born. When spring is in full swing, willow branches with fluffy “tails”, the first flowers, can be placed in vases.

Summer is the most fertile time for composing floral arrangements. It is not necessary to beg for money from parents for richly decorated bouquets. Wild flowers, such as daisies and bells, look very beautiful in vases. Of course, residents of cities are unlikely to find daisy overgrown on the pavement, and therefore it is worth taking care of such bouquets in advance - to go out of town with your parents. Bouquets of bright yellow sunny dandelions, which have been growing since May on almost every patch of urban land, are unusually spectacular. It is especially beautiful when there are a lot of them in a vase. Only you need to prepare such bouquets just before the arrival of the guests, as the whims, dandelions quickly wither. In addition, they tend to close their corollas at night. This feature of them can be used as a signal that guests should go home.

Avoid pungent flowers. The branches of lilac or bird cherry are very beautiful, but the inflorescences of these plants emit a strong fragrance, from which your guests may get a headache. In addition, their aroma can interrupt the smell of dishes, which is undesirable.

Despite the fact that we are preparing yours, princess, birthday, and gifts, of course, you will receive, you need to think about gifts to guests. “That's the news! - maybe someone will come to mind. “After all, the guests have no birthday!” And nevertheless, dear girls, please remember the most important commandment of a hospitable, hospitable hostess:

The holiday is arranged not for the hosts, but for the guests!

Those gifts and prizes that you prepare for them, do not have to be large and expensive. Let it be just calendars, small notebooks, postcards, funny sharpeners, badges. Each guest will be pleased to keep a trifle in his memory about the time well spent in your house.

If you, dear readers, have a traditional tea party, you must first figure out how your friends will sit at the table. Then, next to each plate, you can put a small elegant postcard made by yourself, where the name of the guest will be written. By the way, this will help to avoid a situation where girls gather on one half of the table and boys on the other. If you write some riddle next to the name, then the guest will be able to sit at the table after solving it. Of course, you will not send home or leave without a holiday treat someone who can not cope with the riddle. Вы обязательно подскажете ему отгадку. Можно на открытках ничего не писать, а разрезать их пополам зигзагом и вручать половинку каждому вновь пришедшему гостю. Чьи половинки совпадут, те сядут за столом рядом.

Если же ты, принцесса, знаешь, что кто-то из гостей не очень ладит друг с другом, надо постараться сделать так, чтобы им не пришлось сидеть рядом. Для этого на открытках нужно написать сразу по два имени, и тогда гости рассядутся рядом со своими друзьями.

Since at the beginning of the festive evening, guests usually feel somewhat constrained, you need to come up with something that would immediately amuse them, and bring revitalization to the company. You can, for example, before you sit down at the table, read out the dedications to each of your friends, who, of course, you will prepare and write on postcards in advance. With this action, you will firstly unite the guests, since even strangers among themselves will learn something about each other, and secondly, paying attention to each guest, you will prove to be a friendly hostess. Just do all this with fun and at ease, because this is not an official event.

Be sure to think about the musical accompaniment of the holiday. Quiet, light and unobtrusive music can serve as a backdrop to your feast, and communication, and entertainment. If you plan to arrange dances, then it is better to choose rhythmic music. Dad will be able to become the sound engineer of your holiday, but you also need to agree on this in advance. On the eve of your birthday, you can think together with him what songs you will put.

Questions and Tasks

Determine what etiquette mistakes the girls made.

1. - Dasha! Waiting for you tonight at our place. I will celebrate my birthday!

2. - Thank you, Tanya, for congratulations! Run to me in the evening!

3. - Girls, come to visit me tonight. Mom and Dad will leave for the theater. We will have a lot of fun!

4. - Please do not enter this room. There, our grandmother has the flu.

1. You need to invite guests in advance. Best of all in a week. Otherwise, do not be offended if they refuse to come to you.

2. In response to such an invitation to come to visit is also not accepted. It is imperative to name a specific time. The spoken “run-in” form is also not suitable for this case. Need to say - "come, please."

3. You can not invite friends in the absence of adults. Parents can not only be upset by your behavior, but also consider your girlfriends to be rude people.

4. When someone in the house is sick with contagious infectious diseases, it is NOT allowed to invite anyone to visit.

Recommendations and useful tips for receiving guests at home

How many houses on earth! And how few of those we go to. And quite a bit where we are glad, where they will be warmed with human warmth. But the joy in the house is the work of our hands.

People by nature need to be happy and smile as often as possible. And let life not stop and fly fast. You can not leave happiness for later. You have to be happy now, because life is not as long as it seems.

There is no equivalent to human communication, a friendly smile, a joke - the whole atmosphere that is created among friends.

In everyday life, not every one of us knows how to be a good, hospitable host, and not every one is an interesting and welcome guest. You can learn a lot, and the rest will come with experience. First of all, a few words about what everyone should know. To be recognized as a good host or mistress, it is not at all necessary to impress guests with expensive dishes, silverware and rich treats. You can prepare very simple dishes, it is much more important that guests, coming to you, feel good and see that they are sincerely welcome.

Where to start preparing for the reception of guests?

First you need to clean the entire apartment, wipe the floor everywhere, change towels in the kitchen and bathroom, if they are not very fresh, and hang another one especially for guests: after all, many will go to wash their hands. The room in which the guests will be located is especially carefully cleaned. Here you need to vacuum the palace or carpet, if any, clean upholstered furniture, wipe dust off all shelves, wash the chandelier, and arrange fresh flowers.

Upholstered furniture can be perfectly cleaned without a vacuum cleaner using a carpet beater, without raising dust in the room. It is enough to cover the upholstery with an unnecessary wet sheet. Dust settles on the sheet, which is then easy to wash.

Perhaps the most convenient day for gathering guests is Friday or Saturday: the next day you can tidy up the apartment, relax. If you live in a panel house, then it would not hurt to talk to your neighbors first.

Then you do not face the appearance of angry neighbors in the midst of fun or an impatient knock on the wall.

Friends with whom you would like to celebrate an event or just meet at the table should be invited in advance. The written invitation looks too formal, it is better to just call them and agree on the day and time and clarify whether it will be lunch, dinner or just a modest treat. Otherwise, it may turn out that guests who are not informed about your intentions, prudently eating at home, will be sitting unhappily at a table that is bursting with food. Another extreme happens, perhaps even more unpleasant: the hungry guests, who counted on a good dinner without having received it, literally pounce on sandwiches and sweets prepared for wine.

But if you decide to send a written invitation, then you can do it yourself. Attract your children to this, they can decorate them to your liking or even make some kind of colored paper applique. And the text inside can be arbitrary. Just specify the date, time and place of the celebration.

It is worth thinking in advance about how many guests you can receive. If you want the holiday to be a success, consider your possibilities so that you can successfully cope with all the preparations. When sitting down at the table, make sure that their professional interests do not coincide to such an extent that dinner will turn into a discussion or a kind of production meeting.

When introducing strangers to each other, say a few words about their hobbies, the nature of their activities: this will help them to get used to it faster and find a topic for conversation. Remember that the beginning of the evening is usually the most troublesome for the hosts. Therefore, it is better to finish all preparations about half an hour before the appointed hour. So you will be able to avoid unnecessary fuss and meet the guests in a good mood. The meeting of the guests, their acquaintance with each other, the first toast - everything should happen naturally and naturally.

If someone came to you for the first time, first show the guest where you can put yourself in order, wash your hands, etc. If you do not do this, it may happen that a guest unfamiliar with your apartment accidentally breaks into the room where the children are sleeping.

The owner of the house should loudly and distinctly introduce people unfamiliar to each other: give a name, occupation, briefly mention their hobbies, interests. Of course, it is unacceptable to talk about the shortcomings and weaknesses of the guest. When acquaintance, first of all, you should introduce the younger to the older, men to women. The main task of a good host is to create a friendly, pleasant atmosphere so that everyone feels as good as possible.

Before inviting guests, think about how they will communicate with each other. Obviously, you should not collect those who strongly do not get along with each other. This will put you and your guests in an awkward position. If possible, try to resolve all conflicts between the guests in advance.

It happens that one of the guests is late and appears when the audience is already sitting at the table. If the newcomers are unfamiliar with those present, the owner must introduce them. At the same time, men should get up, while women remain sitting.

To create a pleasant atmosphere of the evening and a good mood will help and appropriate lighting in the apartment. Too bright lighting in the room does not contribute to the creation of comfort. The light should not be bright, but at the same time, the place where the guests are sitting should be adequately lit. In this case, you can use various types of lamps: pendant, table, wall. Light candles create a pleasant atmosphere. In a word, the choice of lighting depends on the taste of the owner and the general style of the planned evening.

For a friendly evening, perhaps, a pleasant, light music, which is not necessary to listen carefully. If you intend to demonstrate to the guests the merits of your new stereo system, then you risk violating the ease of the evening. Muffled, unobtrusive music will give a sincere character to a friendly conversation, create a pleasant mood.

The guarantee of a successful evening is the good mood of the hostess at home. And it happens only if she managed everything on time: the apartment sparkles with cleanliness, the cake was a success and she herself is smartly dressed and looks wonderful. If you do not feel such inner satisfaction and self-confidence, then all your chores and efforts may be in vain. Your mood will leave its mark on the whole evening as a whole. Therefore, remember that in worries about the upcoming evening, in no case should you forget about yourself.

The duties of the owners, in addition to traditional refreshments, include much more. Here are some rules that tell you what the owners should do, which they should not and should not be done in any way.

With the arrival of guests, you should turn off the radio or TV and devote yourself entirely to the guests. In exceptional cases, you can offer to watch an extremely interesting program, but if guests are not enthusiastic about the offer, you should immediately refuse it.

The hostess should not be in the kitchen all the time. Treats should be taken care of in advance, so that with the arrival of guests there is enough time to sit quietly with everyone at the table. The hostess should devote time after dinner to the guests, leaving washing “for later”. In some cases (many guests, a complicated hot meal), the hostess needs help, she can be allowed to a close friend, neighbor or relative.

It's ugly if you have guests, make long phone calls. In such cases, it is best to say: “I'm sorry, I have guests, when can I call you back?”

The hosts are absolutely not obliged to keep up with those of the guests who drink a lot. On the contrary, the owners, especially the hostess, are obliged to support those who drink a little.

It is totally unacceptable to insist that guests drink. Any violence in this direction indicates a bad form. The owner takes care that the guests do not have empty glasses, but the guest has the right to empty them at the pace at which he wishes. Do not add to a glass in which alcohol remains.

The hosts at the table should be diplomats: they should mitigate possible conflicts if they arise among guests, smooth out the impression of someone’s tactlessness, remind them of decency to those who are able to forget, and make sure that the jokes told do not shock the audience. They are obliged to talk with each of the guests, paying special attention to those who have not yet mastered the house enough.

It is unacceptable to bypass one of the guests with your attention or, conversely, to give someone excessive attention - this is equally indecent. The owners, despite the troubles and cares, must maintain a cheerful mood, be friendly and attentive to guests. In turn, benevolence, courtesy and tact should be inherent in each guest, both in relation to the owners, and in relation to other guests.

How to set the table? It is best to cover the largest of the tables available in your apartment. It is best to cover it with a white or colored tablecloth, the ends of which go down to the floor, and slide it along the length of the wall, so that the guests will be open to the table from three sides. Table setting at different times of the year can be different. In winter, it is better to lay a white tablecloth on the table, but this does not mean at all that the white tablecloth is not suitable for another season. On the contrary, the white tablecloth is intended for all special occasions and holidays, its advantage is that it looks like dishes of any color and the table can be decorated with any colors.

The width of the table should be used only by two-thirds, otherwise any of the guests who wants to take snacks placed too close to the wall on the plate runs the risk of getting dirty or accidentally knocking over a dish with a snack on the edge of the table. Therefore, it is best to place candlesticks with candles and tall vases with flowers on long stems on the side of the table facing the wall.

Place plates on both ends of the table, put forks, knives near them, and, if necessary, spoons, on both ends of the table, also put tall cups with paper napkins. If the table is large enough, place glasses and glasses on it, and if there is no space left for them, use a smaller table or, if you have one on your household, a serving table.

Cold snacks are a kind of hot dinner, but for any housewife they are convenient primarily because they can be easily and tastefully laid out into beautiful dishes, trays, etc. The table can be lengthened due to a smaller table or other improvised means.

In its form, such a treat is convenient for the owners and not burdensome for the health of guests: for the owners there is no need to perform many duties - from long cooking to accurate, attentive service and constant invitations to try a particular dish. Thus, the owners get the opportunity to just sit and chat with their guests. And the guests feel freer, since they don’t have to “stick to the protocol” and it is possible to raise a toast or just “have a bite” at any time convenient for them.

It goes without saying that with this “method” of receiving guests, in order for the evening to be successful, it is necessary to organize and prepare everything in advance - the only way to create a pleasant atmosphere and achieve direct communication.

Do not forget to leave a place on the table for dessert plates and devices, paper napkins, wine glasses and tea cups.

There is no need to bother with too much guest service - they can serve themselves. The owners only need to take away the dirty plates in time and put the clean ones on the table.

If the owner is not sure of his abilities to occupy the company, then it’s nice to invite one of your friends to help entertain the guests. But keep in mind - this person must have certain qualities.

What should be the host?

• No more stupid than everyone sitting at the table.

• Remember who he came to and for what reason.

• Not dumb or blind.

• Not drunker than all the others, but not a teetotaler.

• Do not dance on the table.

• Witty and resourceful.

• Do not use foul language and profanity.

• Height not lower than the edge of the table so that it can be seen.

• Do not forget why he started his toast.

• Do not laugh louder than others at your joke.

• Do not repeat common truths.

• Do not argue or fight with those who came to the celebration.

• Do not fall from drinking on the floor.

• Do not forget that he came not only to eat and drink, but also to entertain society.

• Do not be offended if no one is listening to him.

• Do not ask the audience: “Uh, what did I stop at?”

• Do not chew during toast.

• Remember at the end of the celebration the name of your wife and your address.

• Do not kneel on ladies.

• Do not wipe your mouth with a tie.

• Do not forget your place if you went out to smoke.

• Do not hit a lot of dishes.

• Do not ask to be left to sleep in this house.

• Do not jump across the table.

• Do not take unfinished bottles from the celebration.

• Do not make a toast in a language that no one knows (unless there is an interpreter nearby).

• Do not leave the feast first.

• Do not pick your nose during a toast (neither in your own nor in someone else's), even if you really wanted to.

• Do not exclaim: “When, finally, will coffee and ice cream be served?”

• Do not step on your feet while dancing.

• Do not say out loud: "What is the ugly master's daughter."

• Do not drive away the annoying fly with vase flowers in between toasts.

• Do not calculate how much money was spent on the holiday.

• Remember that he was given a horn to drink, and not to extract sounds from him.

• Do not blow your nose during a toast and do not sneeze towards the guests sitting nearby.

• Do not start the song that you don’t know the words in the hope that other guests know.

• Do not choose bigger or tastier pieces from the dish.

• Do not repeat often the words: "Well, this owner is too tight!"

• Do not remember, during the toast, whether the iron is on at home or not.

• Do not climb into the plate with the salad by hand. Do not tell someone else's wife: “Let's go home. I want to sleep".

• Do not inform everyone about their everyday problems. Remember that there is no reason not to drink.

• Do not insert into your speech those words whose meaning you do not know.

• Do not shine velvet curtains on your shoes between toasts. Do not pick your fork in your teeth or crawl under a table.

• Do not look at the same pretty woman during toasts and do not wink at her.

• Do not tell everyone: “Ah, how tired I am here!”

• He does not remind the hostess that her fortieth birthday was celebrated five years ago.

• Do not use a dish with vinaigrette instead of a pillow.

• Do not interrupt your toast by going to the toilet.

• When making a toast, do not yell at the owner's dog, even if she began to eat from your plate.

• Do not make long breaks between toasts, fond of eating or talking with a pretty guest.

• Do not complain out loud that the wine was sour, the meat was burnt, and the fish was choked.

• Do not try to get the spilled sauce wet with a napkin (and if you did, do not attach it to a neighbor).

• Говоря о достоинствах кого-либо из присутствующих мужчин, не смотреть при этом только в сторону заинтересовавшей тебя женщины.

• Не держать одновременно в правой руке бокал, а в левой рюмку (или наоборот).

• Во время тоста не снимать с себя обувь (даже если она жмет).

• Если столкнул на пол хрустальную вазу, не делать вид, будто это вина соседа.

• Returning to the table after a forced absence, do not ask: “Do you know where I was sitting (standing, lying)?” Having eaten all the caviar, do not require supplements. Do not whistle in four (or two) fingers, calling guests to attention.

• Do not wave your fork as if conducting an orchestra.

• Do not squeeze spilled French cognac from your tablecloth into your glass. Do not brag to the neighbors on the table that he has already managed to seduce the owner's wife.

• Do not demand that by the end of the holiday they support by the arms while you say the next toast.

• Do not remove the tie while making a toast, and if removed, do not tie it afterwards to another’s neck.

• Do not praise yourself too much during toasts.

• Do not promise the owners that tomorrow you’ll come with all your relatives to eat the half-eaten.

• Do not replace the flower in the buttonhole with the silver spoon of the hosts.

• Do not put a piece of cake in your pocket, even if you like it.

• When leaving home, do not put on someone else's coat, even if it is better than yours.

• Saying goodbye to the owners, do not try to knock the door if it opens "on itself."

• If you arrived at a holiday in your own car, do not try to find it after the celebration, but go to a public transport stop, while not pushing the line, saying: “Skip it! I am the host. ”

• Do not swim in the fountain or quench your thirst on the way to the house.

• Finding in the morning that you are in the police station, do not continue to make toasts: they still will not understand and will not appreciate it.