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Service “Trial Courier” - legal support in St. Petersburg


Anyone who has ever received a subpoena, court request or any other legal court document knows about the existence of judicial couriers. These are those who deliver the relevant papers to the parties involved in legal cases. The courier may “transmit” documents to the defendant or deliver them to other persons located in the defendant’s place of residence or at his place of work. Requirements for those who wish to become legal couriers may vary. This article offers some basic guidelines for those who wish to become a legal courier.

Judicial courier in St. Petersburg

Service "Judicial Courier" - services for the technical support of the trial (filing documents with the court registry, copying the case file, obtaining a court decision, etc.) in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

Thanks to this service, you do not have to look for law firms in St. Petersburg and conduct lengthy negotiations only in order to entrust the submission of documents to the court or to take a copy of the trial record.

The judicial courier will fulfill any order: all queues are out of order, put the necessary marks, deliver the documents to the addressee on time (because we know the addresses of all the courts in St. Petersburg).

Types of Services Provided

1. Copying of case materials

2. Submission of documents to the registry of the court:

  • petitions, statements, reviews,
  • comments on the minutes of court hearings,
  • court complaints
  • additional materials
  • lawsuits.

3. Obtaining certified copies of solutions

4. Enforcement of court requests

5. Copy of court records

6. Obtaining writ of execution

7. Submission of writ of execution

  • Submission of writ of execution to bailiffs
  • Submission of writ of execution to the bank
  • Submission of applications, petitions to bailiffs
  • Obtaining acts from bailiffs of performers

8. Obtaining evidence in court cases

9. Presentation of subpoenas

10. Formal attendance at the preliminary meeting

Duration of the service: from 1 business day.


  • In some cases, you need to draw up a power of attorney for our specialist.
  • Our services and expenses can be paid under the contract and, accordingly, can be recovered as legal costs.

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