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How to make a pong beer table


To make a tennis table with your own hands means, first of all, to save a significant amount: for such a one, on which it is convenient to amateurly throw a ball, you will have to pay at least 10,000 rubles. A tennis table where you can play as an adult will cost three times as much. Folding roll-out - even 1.5-2 times more expensive. Well, tournament ones ... we won’t; we didn’t take prizes at prestigious competitions. And nevertheless, any of them, which is not inferior to branded samples in the possibilities for the game, can be made independently. And at the same time to get a hand in the joinery, in life, too, come in handy. The design of the tennis tables is simple and does not require the use of subtle technological techniques.

On what only people do not play ping pong, sometimes you wonder. A table for a three-player game can still be understood. Although, having attached himself with fervor, with heat with a suitable part of the body in height to an acute angle, the side player will experience truly extreme sensations. But what to do on that table, which is on the right in the figure, you’ll think about it. We will not go into experiments or describe curious constructions, if only because there are a lot of them. Extreme types of ping-pong have long gone beyond the boundaries of subculture and have become a popular hobby for which the whole industry works. We will figure out how to make a tennis table for the house, cottage, on the street. And for the children too. Let them walk under the adult table, but I want to leave. This is a very exciting game - table tennis.

Sophisticated tennis table design

In RuNet roam descriptions of a quick-assembled tennis table to the drawing in Fig. on right. Apparently, it’s copied from the old MK, in any case, the construction is known for a long time and was produced in series during the perestroika conversion. It is convenient to play on such a table if the countertop is suitable, see below, but it is for this class of products too complicated constructively. Which predetermined his fate in the “notorious” cooperative years: it turned out to be unprofitable when enterprises needed to consider their resources, rather than state ones.

Making a do-it-yourself table tennis table is much easier, see next. fig.costing less simpler parts. Legs also do not have to be stitched onto a cone, as long as adjustable furniture legs-thrusts were attached to them for using the table in the room (shown by an arrow). After all, the main thing in the tennis table is the table top, which ensures the correct rebound of the ball, see below. Something, of course, also depends on the supporting structure, which we will also deal with.

Drawings and appearance of details of a quick-assembly tennis table

About street tables

A street or summer house tennis table on the lawn or just on the ground is its only option when the supporting structure is preferably made of metal. If the table is on a solid base, the resonance of its metal parts affects the sliding, sticking, rolling and scrolling of the ball, see below, although a direct bounce seems to be normal. This is felt by those who know how to make cut (twisted) throws. Soft earth dampens the vibration of the metal, and you can level the table on steel legs simply by pushing them into the soil. In addition, the wooden legs rot in the open. For the nuances of making a country-outdoor tennis table on a steel support, see next. video and we will deal with wood, which you can play without any.

Video: do-it-yourself outdoor tennis table

According to the rules, the ping-pong hall must be at least 5x8 m in plan. You can leave the ball between each other in the living room or under a 4x6 m canopy. But not everyone can afford to hold such a room only for table tennis, therefore folding ping-pong tables are quite demanded goods. And therefore, dear - sporting goods is not an essential item and the wrapping up on it, production and trade, is practically unlimited.

Folding tennis tables

Of the purchased folding tables for table tennis, it is better, of course, to take a wheelchair table, on the left in fig. But - the prices! However, on the tennis table-tables, on the right in the figure, they are not much behind, and it’s a lot more inconvenient to manage them, as a rule, they fold / fold the tennis table-book together, or the legs (tables) get stuck or have a “cover” on the head (user). In addition, a retractable folding table for table tennis makes it possible to train alone (one half of the tabletop is raised and serves as a shield-chipper), which you can’t do on a book table.

The mechanisms of branded folding tennis tables are quite complicated, but to make a folding table tennis table yourself is no worse if you fix the tabletop halves when folded with detachable brackets. So that they are not lost, they can be tied to a frame with a fishing line.

Drawings of a folding table for table tennis

Drawings of a folding wooden tennis table are given in fig. One remark: there is no need to make a laborious typesetting of boards from the boards, however, perhaps, the author of the design just had suitable boards at his disposal. In all respects, the best in this case would be a plywood worktop half as thick as a plank, but not from a simple building plywood. Moreover, at the same time, additional installation lines for fasteners can be launched from underside without damage to strength, which will be more correct. In general, the table top is the most important part of the ping-pong table, for more details on the table tops of tennis tables, see below.

And the little ones?

Children's Tennis Table

As for the cost of ready-made tennis tables, a story similar to folding is repeated with smaller ones for children. Branded children's tennis tables look elegant, no doubt, see fig. on right. But the prices for them with liberal democratic values, as they say, do not smell close. But how, after all, the best is for the children! And nothing better should be for the best. Principles of principles, and marketing is marketing.

Well, here you can get out of the situation by making a children's tennis table with your own hands, see fig. The design is simple, even a purchased mesh is not needed. You can put this sports equipment on a regular table, on stools, a children's table, and in general on any stand. Or just to the floor. There are such fruits of the joint efforts of parents that he himself is a little more than a racket, and already, puffing, throws it.

Drawings for a children's tennis table

About the metal in the tennis table

Amateurs who prefer to tinker rather than join carpentry often make their own tennis tables from simple pieces of wooden beams connected by shaped steel fixtures, such as those in fig. The venerable pros will not feel the difference in an oblique rebound from the same countertop on such a table compared to pure wood.

Steel table tennis table base construction

However, oddly enough at first glance, a wooden-steel table is less durable than a completely wooden one. Nobody plays, yawning and scratching. And if, in excitement, you shy away from the table, the sharp edges of the connectors cut the wood over and over, and the table loosens. Round through steel fasteners do not give such an effect, because in a table of the correct design, concentrated loads on the sharp edge of the metal do not occur or there is none at all.

Oak tables

It is also undesirable to make the base of the tennis table excessively strong and massive, as in fig. Here it is already a matter of injury risk. It's better if the table moves over from an accidental “collision” of a player and has to correct it (which is also provided for by the rules of professional competitions), than run a belly over the edge of the tabletop, or even worse, lower the abdomen by its corner and be under the care of a traumatologist.

Overly sturdy and massive tennis tables

Tennis Table Sizes

The standard table tennis table sizes are 9x5 feet and 30 inches from the floor to the bottom of the net. The height of the grid is 6 inches, the take-out is the same. How much will it be in millimeters, see fig. Whether a game will be played with or without a grid is determined by the conditions of a particular tournament, but in home-made ping-pong tables its role is somewhat different.

Tennis Table Sizes

The presence of a connection, connector or installation line of fasteners in the table top of a tennis table is permissible only in one place: across under the net. At the same time, materials suitable for countertops (see below) may be available in sheets (plates) of width less than 1525 mm, or there is nowhere to adjust the departure from trimming. In this case, it is permissible to reduce the width of the countertops, but provided that the width of the grid with the extension should be at least the same 5 feet.


As you know, a ping-pong ball falling freely from a height of 1 foot, which is equal to 12 inches or 305 mm, should bounce straight off at least 10 inches or 254 mm from the table top of a table tennis table. However, the oblique rebound is of great importance in the game, especially if the throw is cropped, i.e. the ball rotates quite quickly.

Ideally, the ball with an oblique rebound should fly off as a physical point from an absolutely hard and elastic surface. The influence of the already mentioned sliding, sticking, rolling and scrolling balls in the interaction of these factors spoils the throw. We will not go into theory, it’s difficult. Coriolis at one time developed a theory of the game of billiards, which in mechanics is not in last place. Manufacturers of billiard tables, cues, balls know it, use it, but the billiard players, who cut any theorist on the table under the nut, begin to shake on behalf of Coriolis. So let's move on to practice: from what material will the table top of a tennis table be better?

Unified in a noble way from boards, like a table top of a dining table - definitely not. Unless the tree is used, an expensive, select, fine-grained one: stained oak, ash, walnut. Half a century ago, the tops of tournament tennis tables were made of teak or ebony. The tabletop of the ping-pong table, rallied from ordinary coniferous boards according to all the rules of furniture art, will soon go waves invisible to the eye. You can somehow leave such a ball, but slightly cut it - the enemy only smirks.

Plywood is simple

Table Tennis Table Design with Plywood Worktop

Amateurs often make table-tops of tennis tables from plywood, especially since a pair of standard sheets 1525x1525 is more than enough for a tabletop of a folding table, see below. The smallest sheets of 1475x1475 mm available for sale are also suitable for an amateur table.

The oblique rebound from plywood is correct, but sluggish, i.e. the ball sticks a little before flying away and loses some of its energy. Until the full excitement on the plywood table can not be played. This drawback can be mitigated by painting with water-based acrylic paint in 2-3 layers, which at the same time will increase the moisture resistance of plywood. For the same purpose, before painting, it is advisable to soak the sheets from 2 sides with a water-polymer emulsion.

Another problem with plywood tennis tables is the sagging and warping of the tabletop as a whole. Here the only way out is a non-folding table on a rigid box-shaped base with struts of a structure similar to that in Fig. on right. A certain plus of it is that the entire support can be made of boards 100x30 and 150x40. Worktop thickness from 16 mm. It is attached to the supporting frame along the contour with self-tapping screws flush 60x4.2 in increments of 100-150 mm, the fastener heads are puttied. For an amateur table it’s so permissible since only very experienced players can apply for a rebound from the edge of the field.

Particleboard, DSP, etc.

Another option for table tennis table tops is laminated chipboard (chipboard) or cement-bonded chipboard. It is necessary to take the laminated chipboard matte, glides on the glossy ball and goes sideways so that the beginner is noticeable. DSP is heavy, but good in its moisture resistance, a tennis table with a DSP acrylic painted worktop can survive more than one winter under the open sky.

The advantages of chipboard and DSP on the table top of the tennis table are also that they are produced in sheets (plates) of 2750x1500, 2750x1750 and 2750x1830 mm in size. This allows you to make the countertop of a yard or outdoor stationary table solid, which, of course, increases its durability and anti-vandal qualities. In the latter respect, it is good for chipboard and DSP that they are non-combustible and repairable (potholes can be puttied). Laminated chipboard is available painted in different colors, and the DSP will have to be painted. The thickness of the countertops in either case is sufficient 16 mm.

The bad thing about this and the other material is that the oblique twisted rebound from them is anything but the same as the hand was giving. But for an amateur game in the air this does not matter, because in the open air and the “cool” pros just throw around, the very subtleties of the throw are affected by the air temperature and the uneven heating of the table, racket, ball by the Sun. And the lightest breeze, of course.

As for the flat sheet slate, the adhesion of the ball to it and its scrolling are even greater. And the material itself is heavy and fragile, a crazy bully can split a countertop with a freshly drunk bottle. True, flat slate is cheap, but this is its only advantage.

Laminated plywood

Laminated plywood is not a new material at all, as is sometimes written. In everyday life there are still products from plywood, laminated with bakelite, more than 100 years ago. That already speaks about the quality of the material. Now plywood is most often laminated with non-combustible and mechanically resistant melamine. Melamine plywood is by far the best material for a tennis table top:

Basis - waterproof birch plywood.

  • During lamination, the base undergoes processing, after which during operation it practically does not warp and does not bend.
  • It is incombustible, and mechanical effects by random objects lends itself even worse to chipboard.
  • Available in all colors of the rainbow, see fig. Green and blue laminate (the colors regulated for tennis tables) still need to be searched, because this material is mainly for flooring and furniture, while laminated plywood has shades to choose from.
  • The standard size of the sheets is the same as that of the chipboard, so that you can make the countertop detachable and solid.
  • A rather expensive plastic edge, as for chipboard, is not required, the material is not crumbling. It is enough to saturate the edges with a water-polymer emulsion and paint with white acrylic paint. Using the masking tape, the boundary line of the field is simultaneously displayed.
  • Acrylic paint on melamine holds very firmly, so the longitudinal demarcation line does not rub off for a very long time.
  • A tennis table with laminated plywood worktops wintered outdoors without apparent deterioration in quality for at least 1 season.
  • And most importantly - the bounces of the ball, straight and any oblique, ideal. It was somehow not necessary to cut the table tops of tournament tennis tables, but judging by the bounces after the most unthinkable throws, they are made of laminated plywood. Or from something very similar to her.
  • Tennis table in the country

    In the country, there is almost certainly a place to store a solid ping-pong tabletop. Which is useful and with the usual quality, in the "clearing" for a large company, this time. The second, in the same place, in the country, you need ordinary construction goats in the amount of 2-4 copies. Not only for related work, but also for caring for trees in the garden. It is much more convenient to process the crown of a tree or to take a crop, stepping over the flooring, than balancing on the stairs.

    Hence the conclusion: a table tennis table at the cottage can be built generally simply, see. Fig. If the goats are solid capital (but also heavy, bulky) they will need a pair under a tennis table with a plywood worktop (any) or chipboard, in the center in Fig. If the goats are lightweight compact folding, then 4 pcs., On the right.

    The simplest country tennis tables

    In the case when the countertop is composed of 2 parts (say, from ordinary plywood), boards are first placed on the goats under it. It is not worthwhile to connect the halves of the countertop with a piano loop, it will rust, and it is inconvenient to use such a "book". It is better to connect the sheets with plastic dowels for detachable furniture joints. They have one half with a thread, and the other rounded with a slot for a screwdriver. In the mating edge of the joined half of the countertop under the dowel head, respectively hole sizes. If the countertop is plywood, then any reinforcement / framing of the holes is not required.

    A table is a table, but all the other accessories for table tennis, except balls, can also be made with your own hands, although this is another topic. For the grid, for example, there are no special requirements. In table tennis, it is, in fact, just a field delimiter and a lower bounce height limiter, because the feed ball should not roll on the table or go too low above it.

    Table tennis professionals (who have long been an amateur ping-pong) generally prefer to make racquets for themselves, and paste over them ... with sandpaper. So what, what does the box of balls go for the game? But you can trim "before the screech." Иные, взъярившись в игре вне состязаний по-хорошему, начинают играть ребром ракетки. Шарик часто лопается, зато выглядит такая игра невероятно эффектно.

    Сделай свой пивной стол для понга

    Положи фанеру на пол. Сторона, которую вы хотите, чтобы столешница была обращена к полу.

    Поставьте настольную подставку в угол дерева, вертикально. This can be any piece of wood 70 cm long, which is the standard size of the table.

    Place the L-shaped brackets with one side on the table and the other on the leg.

    Screw the stand to place your foot on the table.

    Attach other legs to each corner of the tree using the same procedure.

    Turn the table over. Use sandpaper to fix any imperfections in it.

    Check the table with varnish of any color.

    Color the table as you like. Many people choose the colors of their university or their football team. Be creative and make the table reflect your personality.

    Spray varnish all over the table. Let it dry between layers. Since it can spill alcohol on it, cover it with approximately five layers of varnish.

    From cardboard

    You can make one even if you don’t have glue and adhesive tape. It is done without the use of these materials, and the parts are held thanks to special bends and grooves. It is very easy to disassemble such a table, after which you can remove it, hide it for the time being.

    Of course, you will need a lot of cardboard. But this stuff is not a problem. Even if you do not have empty boxes at home, you can ask them at the nearest store.

    Lay out the parts according to the presented photo selection.

    To do this, set aside the required number of centimeters, line sheets and cut.

    To make the do-it-yourself ping-pong table further, fold the blanks as shown in the photo. To do this, take pieces A1, A, B, make cuts on them along the red lines. Now you need to add along the dashed lines. The following step-by-step photos show how to proceed.

    So you put together the auxiliary parts. Now you need to make a tabletop. For this, a large sheet of cardboard is suitable. Cut it out as shown in the photo. You should get a rectangle 110 by 70 cm. Now you need to insert part D into the valve E with a width of 10 cm. And at the edges these strips will be 5 cm.

    The grid will also be made of cardboard. To create it, cut a strip of the desired length and width, then draw longitudinal and transverse stripes directly from the hand, so that this part looks like a grid.

    To make the table for table tennis further, you will need to design a racket. You can also make it from cardboard. Then cut the same workpiece from this material. To make it denser, you need 2 or 3 of these parts. Glue them together.

    Take a strip of cardboard, rewind the handle and glue it here. Then you will need to paint the racket.

    How to make a racket from plywood, you will learn below, while we offer to see how to make a ping-pong table from this material.

    From plywood and wood

    The following photo shows the dimensions of this table. They comply with international standards. Therefore, if you want to make such a device for ping-pong, then this workshop with step-by-step photos will suit you.

    First look at the legs here. Their sizes are indicated, so you can make these parts by looking at these tips. Make the pins for the support pins with a round rasp. Then you need to drill here, after which you can insert the bolts and nuts that will adjust these parts of the table.

    Make holes with a diameter of 1 cm, and take the bolts with a diameter of 0.6 cm.

    Now you can make a table support. Attach support pins to a wooden board, fix these parts with screws. Then drill the table support to attach the pins here. You will have a non-rigid assembly so that you can tilt the product if desired.

    To make the table tennis table further, take 2 sheets of plywood, each 1.6 cm thick. Using wooden screws and glue, fix the net support here. Make holes in it, into which then insert the grid pins. Fix them with glue, metal staples and wood screws.

    Take the square wooden blocks and make a frame out of them. Attach it to the table using screws and glue.

    Then you need to make a network device. Its dimensions are given in the following photo. This device will help to connect and align the halves of the table. First, take a 2 cm cross-section. Fix it with wooden screws with screws. And the net itself can be bought at the store or you can take a strong rope and tie such a net from it.

    To continue to make a ping-pong table, do it yourself with your own hands to cut a round wooden rod, attach a head from a larger rod or from a board to it.

    It will remain to color your creation. First coat with a primer, then coat the product with blue or green varnish for wood. Mark with white paint. When these coatings are dry, first apply one coat of clearcoat for wood floors, then a second. If you found it difficult to create such a product, then look at the diagram below. It shows in detail how to assemble a table for table tennis.

    From the old table

    If you need a tennis table for the street, then you can make a concrete countertop. In this case, you will not be afraid that the wooden surface of the table will be soaked. For this product, a melamine mold was used. As a result, the concrete cover was 4 cm thick. Since the weight of this part is quite large, the master strengthened the table by attaching the lower crossbars to it.

    Look, a master class, step-by-step photos to it show the process of work.

    That's how the crossbars were strengthened, then it was necessary to pour concrete into a special form. After the stove has completely dried, it was placed on the table, the grid was fixed in the middle. Now you can play ping pong.

    If you do not have the opportunity to use a concrete tabletop, you need a indoor tennis table, then you can even turn an office table into it. Then the employees of the company will play ping pong during the break. On the table you need to install an additional cover. Use two MDF boards with a thickness of 16 mm. They will need to be interconnected using fixing mechanisms.

    Then you put this cover in place, put a fixed grid on top and you can play.

    Glowing table

    And if you want to have an original tennis table, then let it glow in the dark.

    It is not difficult to make such an effect. It will be enough to create the desired pattern on the countertop using fluorescent paint. You hang an ultraviolet lamp above the table. Then you can achieve this effect.

    5-minute option

    If you do not have such materials, and you do not have the opportunity to make a table for tennis, then use the existing one.

    The main thing is that it be the right size. You can even use dining. And you just have to buy a net, fix it on the holders and start the game.

    The next option is very original. After all, you will end up with a table that you can move around.

    From an old bike

    To make such a table for table tennis, take:

    • bicycle,
    • metal tubes
    • plywood
    • metal consumables
    • welding machine.

    You can buy ball joints, if you want to save money, then try to make the mechanisms yourself. Take the bolt, weld it to the front fork. Weld another bolt onto this pipe. You will need to weld the pipe to the steering wheel. The design will turn out like this at this stage. She is like a spacious bike.

    If you want the table cloth to become a standard size, the frame should be 137 cm. You can take the old metal structure from the tennis table and weld it to the bike.

    If you have an old table, then take a countertop from it and fix it here. If not, then make it from plywood. Paint the bicycle, the metal tube white, and the table will be green with a ruler of light color.

    Now see how to make a ping-pong racket. This is one of the main accessories of the game.

    How to make a table tennis racket?

    • a sheet of plywood 6 cm thick, 30 by 20 cm in size,
    • wood block 13 by 5 cm, thickness 8 mm,
    • soft rubber or skin
    • stencil,
    • glue,
    • electrical tape
    • clamps.

    Take the stencil of the racket, cut it out of plywood. Then you additionally need to draw and cut a handle for a tennis racket from the same material.

    It will take two pens. Glue them on both sides and fix with a clamp so that this part dries out. Then it will be possible to paint the racket with a spray gun, or use ordinary paint in a spray can. Take sheets of rubber or leather. To size the racket, cut out the parts for its two sides.

    Glue these blanks. These materials will be on the working part. And the handle can be sanded, then varnished for wood or wrapped with electrical tape.

    This is how to make a ping-pong racket. Now you know how to create attributes for an interesting game. If you want, you can further decorate the table, use such bright colors for this.

    How to make a ping-pong racket, will tell the video.

    In just 2 minutes you will learn how to craft it.

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