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Canopy to the cottage for the car: types, materials, manufacturing


A carport is a simple, reliable and practical way to protect an iron horse from precipitation, "surprises" of birds, sunlight, leaves. At the moment, there are many options for how to make a carport, they differ in size, shape, material of manufacture.

The article will focus on the technical features of the building, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various designs, which materials are best to choose. We also offer drawings and step-by-step instructions on how to build a carport for your car yourself.

Introduction: carports, features and nuances

Let's first understand why it is better to make a carport in the country. First of all, when there is no cover over the machine, then raindrops can penetrate into the body, which over time will provoke the appearance of rust. In addition, hail can leave dents on the surface of the machine, and dust will clog into all slots. In this case, the sun's rays can burn out the upholstery on the seats.

The hinged structure can stand aside, or adjoin any objects. Powerful legs guarantee a secure fit

The country canopy is quite light, but it is enough to cover a car that is not always in the country. The design for the car can be built very quickly. At the same time, the construction can be done from a profile pipe, from ondulin or from boards, and simpler options from fabric.

You can also purchase a ready-made version from the manufacturer, for example, folding or prefabricated. You can make options from affordable materials. You can look at the photo how different carports look like.

Prefabricated buildings can be assembled from individual purchased items.

If you decide to build such a design for a car yourself, then you need to know about such features:

  • Before starting work, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work, including projects and drawings. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the volume of the necessary material, as well as the permissible loads, sizes, cost and location,

You can make a beautiful canopy with a gate. Also, such a device can be one part with a hzblokom or complement the barn. You can build a cantilever version of the design, and for a simple construction you can use an ordinary change house.

The shelter attached to the hozblok is very convenient

The location of the carport at the cottage

Before starting any construction work, you need to think about a place for a canopy. From the selected site, you need to remove the sod to a depth of 12-15 cm, and then build a pillow of crushed stone and sand. In this case, you can build a small slope, as well as drainage structures around the perimeter. Then you need to lay any parking cover on the pillow. If the machine is too heavy, a reinforced concrete screed can be installed.

Durable stone coating

Depending on the method of location on the construction site, they can be autonomous, and can also be used as an extension to a garage, bathhouse or hozblok. Galleries that connect the house and the gate are also popular.

Separate devices stand on metal or wooden supports. If the structure adjoins another building, then it can have the following support options:

  • beam supportwhen it is held from the sides on a beam, and the second on supports,
  • cantilever-supporting - fasteners are performed using brackets or corners,
  • console option Recommended for small designs.
Console Device Option

Carport in front of the garage

Now consider the options for garage canopies and the features of their construction. The most common option is when the canopy is placed in front of the garage door. It can be done on one or two cars. A similar construction can be built between the garage and the house. In the photo you can see the most popular ideas. Sometimes a combination of a garage with a carport is used.

Design option in front of the garage

When deciding how to make a light canopy, you can place it on the side of the main structure. For the construction of the roof, materials such as metal profiles, pipes, as well as wooden beams are used. And the roof can be made of polycarbonate, corrugated board or metal. Part of the canopy can be placed above the garage. Similar designs can be of the following types:

  • open have a common wall with a garage,
It looks like an open design
  • closed have three walls. At the same time, sheathing is performed using wood, tent fabrics or lining. If necessary, the canopy can be covered.
Closed shelter

In addition, such buildings can be collapsible or stationary. Often a garage with a canopy is built under a gable roof, this option is recommended for a wooden frame. If the design is arched, then you can use a metal frame with supports.

Garage or carport - which is better: the answer to this question depends on the financial means, design purpose and materials used. The most convenient solution is a combined option.

Carports attached to the house: photo

An extension near the house is popular as adjoining structures are easier to install. And you can also use a simpler mount. Before deciding how to build such a canopy and how to fix it to the wall, you need to understand the materials.

The frame for construction near the house is often made of a wooden beam or metal pipe. Also, structures near the house are built of brick or stone, and also poured with cement supports.

Variant of construction near the house

The project of a canopy in front of the house involves the presence of strong supports that can withstand the heaviness when the snow comes off the main roof of the house. How to make beautiful designs can be seen in the photo.

Any such design consists of a roof and a frame. Particular attention should be paid to the base. You can choose the following material:

  • wood malleable in processing and it does not require any complex tools. But this material requires special care. The tree eventually becomes fungal, rot and crack. It must be protected with special impregnations,
Spacious and durable wooden canopy
  • steel pipe installed using a welding unit. Such material can last a long time,
Steel elements
  • combined option involves the use of steel frame cladding with wooden battens.
Combined building

For a roof, a more aesthetic solution is the use of cellular polycarbonate, and you can also use a profiled sheet.

Features carports for 2 cars

Using awnings, practical structures for two cars can be erected. When choosing a specific design for two cars, you need to choose the right size. The photo shows the best options for such buildings. You can combine this design with the hozblok. The spacious design for two cars has dimensions of 8 by 6. The standard width should be at least 2.5 meters.

Two-slope construction for two cars

Types of Canopies

A canopy for a car made of wood is a convenient design that has many positive features. First of all, it protects the car from negative weather conditions. At the same time, it is quite easy to install, for this reason the canopy can be made even by a beginner home master.

Awnings for a car made of wood can be of several types:

  1. The extension. One side of the structure rests on the wall of a house, garage or other structure. The carport attached to the house can be made of wood, it can also be combined with metal products, brick, slate.
  2. Stationary canopy. This is a stand alone design. Its roof is supported by free-standing racks. It can be made not only of wood, it can be supplemented with red brick, slate, polycarbonate.
  3. Canopies with a roof without a slope. This is the simplest design, it is made without much complexity by many summer residents. But this type of canopy has some drawbacks - a large amount of debris, various branches, and dry leaves often accumulate on the roof surface. All this must be cleaned with your own hands, otherwise the roof can quickly rot.
  4. Structures with a complex shape of the roof. It is quite difficult to make a carport for a car of this type with your own hands, for this you need to be able to read the drawings. It is not possible to build this structure without a scheme, because many mistakes can be made in the process.

Car Canopy Materials - Support Structure

Making a carport with your own hands is possible from almost any material, their choice depends on your capabilities and the budget for the construction. Let's analyze the most popular projects:

  • A canopy under the car is made of wood, it can be a beam, glued or profile, logs, trunks. Wooden structures are very simple to manufacture, do not require special tools, but are fire hazard, require careful processing with antiseptics and fireproof mixtures.
  • Metal canopies under the car, perhaps the most popular form of construction. The frame is made of pipes, boiled from a metal profile or this is a beautiful forged product. The construction of a canopy of metal requires special welded equipment and skills to work on it or the involvement of specialists. The construction is strong, reliable, durable, the only negative is corrosion, so metal parts must be protected from moisture.

Polycarbonate carport, photo of a convenient and ergonomic idea

  • Construction on stone, concrete, brick poles - carports under the car are more massive compared to the previous options, but they do not require additional processing and are easier to operate.

Carport, photo of a combined building made of wood and stone

How to cover a carport

When choosing a canopy, you should focus on the general architectural style of other buildings. It is important to determine the materials. An important point is the cover. The choice of material depends on the type of roof. Such options are often used:

  • single slope option is the easiest to install. It is recommended for the construction of detached buildings,
Pitched roof
  • gable structures also used for autonomous structures and for tent structures,
Gable roof gets rid of rain
  • for attached and individual canopies are used arched roofs.
The arched canopy not only protects the surface well from precipitation, but also serves as a decoration for the design of the courtyard

For the construction of structures with a gable roof or with a gable roof, materials such as metal tiles, slate, corrugated board, ondulin or polycarbonate are used. To make arched structures, rolled metal and polycarbonate are used.

The simplest option is a pitched roof. In this case, the slope of the ramp is approximately 25 degrees. For pitched structures, hard sheet material is great.

Canopy Materials

To make a high-quality and durable do-it-yourself carport made of wood, you need to thoroughly prepare. To begin with, it is worth understanding what parts the structure consists of, usually the frame and the roof enter it. The frame is considered the most responsible, so it should be made of durable materials.

The carcass frame can be made of the following material options:

  1. Tree. This material is considered the most affordable and practical. It is easy to process, does not require the use of special tools for cutting and joints. But still, compared with other types of foundations, wood is not durable. Material eventually cracks, deteriorates, rots, and becomes covered with a fungus. And to increase the service life it is necessary to apply special care. Additionally, the surface of the wood is recommended to be treated with impregnations, varnishes, protective paints,
  2. Steel profile pipe. In order to make a canopy for cars with their own hands from metal, a welding machine is required. But the finished design can last several decades. However, the steel profile pipe has negative sides - under the roof of wide awnings, the creation of curved trusses is required. If this is not done, the whole structure may collapse under the weight of snow,
  3. Combined options. Often, when building a carport for a car, two types of material are used at once. Structures with a steel frame and a lath made of wooden battens look beautiful and stylish. They combine durability and stylish design.

The second part of the carport is the roof. It can be made from a profile sheet or polycarbonate material. Both materials have good strength characteristics, durability and beautiful appearance. Canopies made of polycarbonate for the car will look more airy and aesthetically pleasing.

For areas where large hail often falls, it is recommended to use more expensive varieties of polycarbonate, which have a protective film.

Canopy Options

A canopy is a small architectural structure consisting of supporting parts, a roof and a place for a car.

Basically, it is located near the house, so it should be made in the same style with the exterior. The photo shows various options for carports.

Features of the preparation of the place

The construction of a carport is recommended to start with the organization of the place. Its size depends on the number of machines that will be installed. If a small design is planned, then the area should contain one standard car.

When preparing a place for a canopy, it is worth following the following recommendations:

  1. After the site for construction is selected, it is necessary to cut off all grass, sod, weeds.
  2. The upper part of the soil must be removed to a depth of 12-15 cm. Instead, a pillow of sand and gravel is laid, an additional tamper is used.
  3. In preparation, a small slope is being constructed along the way. And if the terrain is low, then drainage pipes are laid around the perimeter.
  4. After making the canopy on the sand cushion, it will be possible to lay any coating for parking.

If the canopy is built for a heavy SUV, then a reinforced concrete screed is suitable for the base.

To do this, a plank formwork is created, it is required to pour concrete to the middle, then the reinforced mesh is laid out and the concrete mixture is added. Full hardening of the site occurs within a month.

Optimum building dimensions

In order to make the carports made of wood convenient and comfortable, it is important to consider the dimensions, this is required at the preparation stage, which will allow to avoid serious problems in the future.

To accommodate a standard car with a length of about 4 meters, a canopy with dimensions of 5x2.5 meters will be convenient. But for parking large cars, for example a minivan or a jeep, it is worth making a structure with dimensions not less than 6.5x2.5 meters.

Be sure to not forget about maintaining the required level of height. The design should not only include the machine itself, but its load on the upper trunk. But still, do not make too high a canopy, this can negatively affect its service life. The fact is that with a strong wind there is a possibility of loosening of the roof and its supporting elements, and this often leads to the destruction of the entire structure.

If canopies for a car made of wood with a height of more than 3 meters are planned, it is important to think about arranging the transverse beams with a powerful base in advance. They should cover the entire structure around the perimeter, this will greatly increase the strength of the canopy of wood. The roof should be gable, this version of the roof is considered the most durable and stable.

Preparatory stage

To make a strong and durable carport attached to the house or a stationary structure, it is important to prepare the necessary tools and materials. First of all, we mark out a place for the future building - for this, a machine is installed in the construction zone, places for supporting elements are planned. Be sure to check that the supporting elements do not interfere with the installation of the car and opening the doors.

Usually the roof is longer than the canopy. She can go beyond its perimeter by 50-100 cm, this is considered the norm.

If canopies for a car from polycarbonate are planned, drawings will be the most important stage of construction. They will help to do everything correctly and accurately according to the given parameters. Drawings can be made independently or found ready-made on the Internet.

For self-production on paper, it is recommended to draw the planned structure in several projections - from above and from the side. It is important to correctly calculate the required amount of material. It is advisable to add 10%, this will eliminate the need to purchase the missing funds for construction.

For the frame, you can use a steel pipe or a wooden beam, it all depends on the desire of the owner. But if a tree is chosen, it will definitely need to be treated with special protective coatings.

Carports are made using tools and materials from the following list:

  • saw,
  • hammer,
  • если производится строительство навеса из бруса, то для его крепления понадобятся гвозди,
  • для работы с профилированной трубой будет нужна болгарка и сварочный аппарат,
  • уровень,
  • отвес,
  • колышки,
  • twine, any strong rope or cord is suitable as it
  • shovel,
  • clamps
  • for fixing and fastening, self-tapping screws will be needed,
  • screwdriver.

How to make an attached single-pitched carport made of wood

As mentioned earlier, in order to make a strong and durable single-pitched carport made of wood, drawings must be made in advance. Without them, the construction process will not be entirely correct, they will help to pre-perform the calculations and allow you to purchase the necessary amount of materials.

When everything is ready, you can begin the process of constructing a single-slope structure:

  1. First of all, support elements are installed. For them, it is worth using a solid timber, preference should be given to pine options. Its cross section should be 7.5-16 cm.
  2. Holes are drilled in the ground into which the pillars will be installed. The depth of the holes should be 4.5-6.5 cm.
  3. The installation of the pillars must be correct. To do this, you can use the level or rail, it is laid on top of the supporting products. Usually there is space between the hole and the pillar, it is recommended to fill it with cement mortar, this will strengthen the pillars, and they will stand firmly in place.
  4. At the next stage, the rafter system is assembled. It is made of timber with dimensions of 15x5 cm. The spacing between the rafters should be no more than 100-120 cm. On the one hand, they are attached to the wall surface, and on the other hand to the supporting elements. For fastening you will need screws and metal corners,
  5. In a perpendicular relation to the rafters, edged boards are beaten, they should have a thickness of about 4 cm and a width of 15 cm. As a result, small cells with dimensions of 90x90 cm are obtained,
  6. Roofing sheets are laid on the grid. For a pitched roof, slate or metal coating options are suitable.
  7. To extend the life of the canopy, the tree must be treated with special protective mixtures - impregnation, varnish, paint.

Production of a stationary canopy

Many often wonder how to make a polycarbonate canopy for a machine with a freestanding design. Of course, it is not necessary to use polycarbonate, slate and metal roofing are also suitable, this is not the case. In order to carry out a durable and solid construction, it is important to stock up on the necessary materials in advance.

The following supplies will be needed to make a small canopy for one machine:

  • three bags of cement
  • sand,
  • crushed stone with a fine structure,
  • wooden supports - 6 pieces,
  • a board with dimensions of 3x10x10 cm - 15 pieces,
  • timber 5 × 15 × 60 cm - 13 pieces,
  • roofing materials, polycarbonate, slate, metal tile are suitable. In total, 18 square meters will be required,
  • bolts with dimensions 10x150 - 10 pieces,
  • self-tapping screws for metal tiles - 160 pieces,
  • 500 grams of nails.

To perform a canopy with a gable roof, it is important to do everything correctly in accordance with the scheme. Drawings in this matter will be necessary, they will help to calculate all the elements and allow marking the location of all the important parts of the structure.

Before you make a canopy of polycarbonate for the machine with your own hands, all the necessary lumber is prepared. They are treated with antiseptic coatings that will protect them from insects, mold and fungal infections.

Using a tape measure, the length and width of the building are marked. Next, a rope or cord is pulled along which the supporting elements will be installed. In each corner of the future canopy, one support column is installed, they are also placed along the walls every 3 meters. Then dig holes in the ground to a depth of half a meter.

Canopy process

After that, the following actions are performed:

  1. Poles fall into holes in the ground. It is important to make sure they are evenly deepened, for this a level or a long board is used.
  2. After the extreme support elements are completely aligned, you can proceed with the installation of intermediate posts.
  3. It is necessary to ensure that residues from sediments and debris do not linger on the roof surface. This requires a height difference between the left and right sides of the structure. The difference in size must be at least 4.5 cm.
  4. So that the supports are firmly in place, they are poured with cement mortar. It is prepared from crushed stone, cement and sand in a ratio of 4: 2: 1.
  5. A bar with dimensions of 5x15x60 cm is placed on top of the racks. The distance between each bars should be about 80 cm.
  6. Across the canopy, the bars are also laid out. In the center and along the edge, the beams are fastened with 3 × 10 × 60 cm boards and nails.
  7. At the end, the roof is installed. It is attached using self-tapping screws, and all excess is cut off.

It is absolutely necessary to construct a drainage system through which water from rains and snow will come out of the roof.

To do this, ebbs are installed around the perimeter of the canopy. Special fastenings for gutters are fixed along the entire length, they are screwed with self-tapping screws. And then the ebbs are mounted in the fasteners.

The construction of carports is not an easy task, but feasible. The main thing is that everything needs to be thought out and prepared in advance, correctly calculated. In this matter, drawings or diagrams that you can make yourself or use ready-made options will help. Preliminary calculations will help to acquire the necessary amount of material, and will also allow you to do everything as you need.

Types of roofing and materials

A carport with a pent roof is the easiest way to arrange a place for comfortable parking. Here it is important to correctly make the Mauerlat - strapping along the top ends of the pillars and the rafter system, which must withstand wind loads and snow pressure on the roof. If between the pillars less than 4500 mm, you can do without additional supports, if more, then you will have to make additional supports. For a canopy under the car, the minimum roof pitch is 25 °, but the final pitch depends on the choice of roofing material.

Good to know: With a roof slope of 25 °, 300 mm of height is added per meter in length, so if the canopy under the car is 5 m, then the rear pillars should be higher than the front ones by: 5 * 300 = 1500 mm.

Making a carport for a car with your own hands - photo example, how to make a shed wooden structure

Less often, the canopies are equipped with a gable or hip roof, these are already large and complex buildings designed for multifunctionality, for example, the first floor is for a car, and the second is a gazebo.

Types of roofing materials for a single-pitched rafter system:

  • professional sheet
  • ruberoid,
  • soft tile
  • metal tile
  • Ondulin,
  • slate,
  • polycarbonate
  • awning.

Under the arched, arched roof, a canopy for the car is made of polycarbonate. Usually this is a metal arcuate design, welded under the truss from shaped pipes or forged product. It is important to calculate the strength and design of the bearing elements. Canopies made of polycarbonate can be considered universal, they look easy, almost invisible on the site, so they fit into any architectural composition.

Mobile carport

Now you can buy compact, folding carports. I represent a metal frame with an awning roof. The assembly scheme is simple, you can install the design with the efforts of 1-2 people in 1-2 hours.

Carport in the country, do-it-yourself marquise can be installed in 2-4 hours

This option is convenient for summer cottages and field trips. The kit may include side walls made of soft glass or awning.

Mobile carport for the car in the country, if necessary, you can always roll it up or move it to another place

The platform for a carport can simply be covered with gravel, but more prudent owners arrange a concrete slab, pave with natural stone or paving slabs. So that the site does not collapse, it is necessary to prepare the site: remove the upper fertile soil layer, fill the bottom of the pit with sand and gravel, and compact. Do not forget about the slope and drain so that the water does not stagnate on the site.

Good to know: In order to protect the machine more reliably, it is recommended to equip the canopy with additional side walls.

It is better to make the platform at ground level, if it is higher, do not forget to provide a descent

Features of accommodation

The carport can be a freestanding building, attached to the house, hozblok, garage or adjacent to the fence. The choice of location depends on the conditions on your site. It is better if the design will be supported on independent supports, but if necessary, one of the sides can be made console type.

Do-it-yourself carport construction - an example of how to attach a structure to a house

Which canopy is better

Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, wood is rotten and burns, metal rusts, special welded equipment is necessary, and besides, these materials require constant maintenance. It is troublesome to build from brick and stone, laying skills, efforts for mixing concrete, and more time are required than equipping a wooden and metal canopy.

Forged products are the luxury and grace of your home.

Here, the choice depends on your capabilities, it is easiest to build from wood, but if you are doing fine with metal, then it is likely that welding the frame will be much more convenient for you.

Decking - does not fade, does not require painting, does not exfoliate

As for roofing materials, of course, it is faster and easier to use a rigid sheet format: polycarbonate, decking, slate. Ruberoid will cost much cheaper, but for installation you will need a rafter crate, just like for soft tiles. The most appropriate option is a professional sheet and polycarbonate, which is called "not expensive and cheerful", but if you compare them, then the corrugated board is susceptible to corrosion over time, but polycarbonate does not have such disadvantages. Plus, it transmits light, so the space will not be darkened if the canopy is attached to the house.

A huge color palette makes polycarbonate a universal material for roofing small architectural forms

The technical side of the issue

Support poles on wooden carports for a car are made of a beam of 150 * 150, 100 * 100 mm, or a rounded log with a radius of 150-200 mm. For metal structures, a round steel pipe with a diameter of 100 mm or profiled with a rib of 80 * 80 mm is suitable. Between the supporting structures, the distance is 1.5-2.0 m, in some cases three-meter spans are allowed, but such options require complex engineering calculations.

Carports made of polycarbonate, photo project parking for 2 cars

For runs - a profiled pipe 40 * 80 mm, for large carports - 80 * 80 mm, for a Mauerlat 100 * 100 mm or 150 * 150 mm, for a metal crate - a pipe 40 * 40 mm, for a rafter system made of wood - edged board 100 * 40 mm.

Carport made of wood, photo of the drawing with the dimensions of the parking lot for one car

The ergonomic canopy size for an average car is 5 * 2.3 m, the dimensions of the building are considered universal - 6.6 * 3.6 m, suitable for minibuses, SUVs, crossovers. In order for the carport for 2 cars to be convenient, but at the same time not take up extra space on the site, it is optimal to stay at a size of 6.3 * 5.9 m.

Carports made of polycarbonate, pictured console design

The height of the canopy depends on the height of the car plus the upper trunk with things. Too low will be inconvenient when leaving the car, so it is advisable to make a height of 1.9 - 2.2 m, if you make the building higher, then precipitation will fall on the site.

Do-it-yourself carport construction, drawings of a parking lot adjacent to the gate

By standards, the dimensions of the carport should be 1 m longer than the car and 1-2 m wide. A canopy for two cars in width is calculated as follows: the sum of the widths of two cars + 1 m from each outer side + 0.8 m between cars.

How to make a carport with your own hands, photo-idea of ​​a simple design under the Polonso farm

For self-construction, ready-made projects with sizes and recommendations can be downloaded on the Internet. We have proposed several practical options for making a carport with your own hands. If the finished project does not suit you, you can execute the drawings yourself on the basis of the finished one, by resizing.

Basic load-bearing elements for a wooden carport

How to build a do-it-yourself polycarbonate carport

We will build a simple metal structure with a pitched roof and a polycarbonate roof.

Dimensional design and materials for construction

We select a place, enclose along the perimeter with columns according to the drawing, pull the rope. Remove the soft layer of soil, dig a pit about 300 mm deep. On each side, every 1.5 - 2 m, we dig holes for supporting poles, with a depth of 700-100 mm, depending on the height of the groundwater and the nature of the soil.

We level the bottom, lay sand and gravel, a layer of 100 mm, we stamp it so that there are no traces of a person of average weight. We install the formwork, we knit the reinforcing frame, for the plate, only corrugated rods of 8-12 mm, mesh 100 * 100, 200 * 200 mm. Separately reinforce the pillars. To do this, pour 200 mm of concrete onto the bottom of the pit, and insert reinforcement into it, frames can be pre-made, tie rods in the form of columns and wrap roofing material in 2 layers.

Good to know: You can not separately fill the columnar foundation, but immediately reinforce concrete pillars into the ground: a metal pipe or bar, but this option is less practical, since the material in the earth will be destroyed even with a protective layer.

We pour concrete, for a slab of enough thickness of 100 mm, we are waiting for the formation of concrete. Since the base will not be loaded, after a week you can start the main work.

Using the corners and brackets, we fasten the supporting metal posts with a diameter of 50-100 mm to the column foundation, check the vertical by a plumb line, set the slopes to maintain the geometry. We check the height of the pillars, if necessary, file to save the roof slope.

Ways to fix vertical support posts

We make the strapping along the upper ends, 40 mm * 40 mm metal profile welded to the base. Next, we attach an additional strapping, perpendicular to the posts, so we get a right triangle for the farm. Using rolled products of a smaller cross section, we weld the stiffeners of the rafter system. We lay the rafters from a square metal profile perpendicularly, every 800-1200 mm, canopy over the edge of the trim 200-300 mm, welded. We clean all parts with a hard metal brush, my solvent. After drying, primer and paint.

A variant of a simple rafter system, which is easy to make with your own hands

We lay a polycarbonate sheet on the rafter system, it is better to use cellular rather than cast, it is more resistant to mechanical damage. Convenient sheet thickness 6-12 mm, the color depends on the rest of the site design.

We fasten polycarbonate to special press nuts in order to avoid water leakage, every 300-400 mm. We close the edges with end plates.

How to fix polycarbonate to the rafter system

In this design, polycarbonate can be easily replaced with a profiled sheet, a material with a thickness of 0.5 mm is suitable.

How to fix a professional sheet

If necessary, such a design can be sheathed on the sides with a wooden grill or hang curtains made of awning, tarpaulin, soft glass.

In our galleries see original and practical ideas on how to make a carport. Ready-made projects are not a guide to action, but a way to inspire our readers to build a “house” for an iron horse.

Carports from corrugated board, photo of construction on a metal frame

Material selection

For the construction of the canopy, you can use various materials:

Building a structure from wood is simple, for it the presence of the usual set of tools is enough.

However, the design is highly flammable, therefore, the use of antiseptic and refractory processing agents is necessary.

The frame is made forged or welded from metal profiles. For the construction you will need welded equipment and some experience, otherwise it is better to entrust it to professionals.

The disadvantage of a metal structure is that it undergoes corrosion, which means that additional protection against moisture is required.

Single slope

The easiest way to build a carport. The most difficult elements of this design are the binding of poles (Mauerlat) and the installation of rafters, designed for sufficient power loads (wind, snow).

With a distance between supports up to 4.5 m, installation of additional supports is not required, more than 4.5 m - you have to install them. The slope of the roof slope must be at least 25 degrees.

Useful advice: if the slope is 25 degrees, the length of the canopy is 5.0 m, then the last supports will be 1.5 m higher than the first, i.e., 0.3 m of height is added per 1 m of length: 5x0.3 = 1.5 m

Gable or hip

More cumbersome and complex multifunctional design: on the first tier there can be a parking for a car, on the second - a veranda.

For a roof with one slope and rafters, various types of materials are used. For example: corrugated board, ruberoid, ondulin, etc.

For roof arches, polycarbonate is an ideal material. The roof-arch is a welded structure made of metal arc-shaped or forged.

Несущие элементы должны быть правильно рассчитаны на прочность и конструктивную форму. Поликарбонатные навесы не утяжеляют вид участка в целом, неприметны и легки.

Мобильный вариант

Складные навесы – это каркас из металла и тентовая крыша. For its simple assembly, a couple of people and a couple of hours for the workflow are enough.

It is used for picnics in the fresh air or a trip to the country. At will it is possible to establish awning walls or soft glass on each side.

Device space for car

Car parking can be covered with gravel, concrete, stone or tile for sidewalks.

For a long period of its use, the site requires preparation. A layer of earth is removed, sand and gravel layers are filled up, tamping is carried out.

Take care of the slope of the site and the device of the spillway. The site should be located at the same level with the surface of the earth, at its elevation it is worthwhile to provide a place for descent.

The canopy can be arranged separately and as an extension to the house or other structure. Which variant of the canopy is better for you to choose, but it is worth considering some nuances:

  • wooden - fire hazard and may rot,
  • metal - susceptible to rust,
  • brick or stone - requires work skills and its cost is higher.
  • roofing from roofing material - inexpensive at a price, but installation involves the lathing of the rafter system,
  • polycarbonate, like corrugated board, is a more acceptable roof option both in price, in quality, and in device. But, corrugated board can damage corrosion.

Technical aspects

For the construction of wooden supports you will need beams (150x150, 100x100 mm) or a tree of cylindrical shape (radius 150-200 mm).

For metal supports: round pipe 100 mm or square 80x80 mm. The gap between them will be from 1.5 to 2 m.

In the device of runs you will need: a rectangular pipe 40x80 mm or 80x80 mm (for large-scale canopies). Mauerlat: a square tube of 100x100 or 150x150 mm. For the device of the lathing - a pipe 40x40 mm, for the rafters - a board 100x40 mm.

For a medium-sized car, an area of ​​5x2.3 m is enough, for large types of crossover or minibuses - 6.6x3.6 m. Two cars will perfectly fit on a platform of 6.3x5.9 m.

A sufficient height will be a size from 1.9 to 2.2 m, which will protect the machine from possible rainfall.

Standards provide for the following dimensions of the canopy:

  • 1 m longer than the length of the machine,
  • the width is 1-2 m more, for two units - 2.8 m (1 m on the sides and 0.8 in between) more than their total width.

Canopy design options with all calculations and instructions can be found on the Internet and build on your own. Or you can hire qualified specialists who will prepare projects according to your desire and bring them to life for the appropriate fee.

How to make a polycarbonate carport

This option involves the installation of a canopy of metal with a shed polycarbonate roof.

In a predetermined place, the fence of the site is made. Cut a layer of earth with a depth of 300 mm. On the sides at a distance of 1.5-2 m, recesses under the supports dig into the depths of 700-1000 mm. It is worth considering the presence of groundwater and soil characteristics.

Sand and gravel (about 100 mm) are filled up at the bottom, rammed. Formwork and frame for a plate of rods with a diameter of 8 to 12 mm and a mesh size of 100x100, 200x200 mm are made.

The reinforcement of the supports is carried out separately. Concrete mixture of about 200 mm is poured into the recesses and ready-made supporting elements are inserted. Then concrete is poured with a thickness of 100 mm.

When the concrete has hardened, we proceed to further work. We strapping along the tops of the supports by welding a metal profile 40x40 mm to the base. We fix the auxiliary harness at an angle of 90 degrees. to the supports. We get the shape of a right triangle.

By welding, we fix the stiffeners of the rafters. We make the installation of rafters made of square metal at a right angle at a distance of 800-1200 mm. We weld a canopy over the edge of the harness.

All parts are cleaned and washed with solvent. We are drying. We apply a primer and paint.

The rafters are covered with polycarbonate material, which is fastened with press nuts to prevent moisture from seeping, at a distance of 300-400 mm from each other. We close the edges with special trims for the ends.

The sides of the canopy can be closed with a wooden grill, tent curtains, etc.

Polycarbonate Carports

Rugged structures can be made of polycarbonate on two machines or for one. Such material has many advantages, for example, affordable prices. Polycarbonate can be placed over any carport. At the same time, simple designs to the cottage can be easily done by yourself.

Polycarbonate is an excellent material for creating any mounted structures. In this case, it is used to cover a large area of ​​the yard

When deciding how to make a structure, it is necessary to take into account the material used to manufacture the frame, as well as the thickness of the polycarbonate. In the photo you can see how similar structures from this material look like for 2 cars or for one.

Polycarbonate is placed on a frame structure and secured with special fasteners. Using this material, you can build a garage with a canopy over the machine.

Awning for the car from a professional flooring

A carport from a professional sheet is one of the most popular. This coating can be easily done by yourself. In addition, such a design is lightweight. It can be firmly fixed to the frame, which will ensure its stability in case of strong gusts of wind.

Such material can also be used as a tent shelter. You can see how the canopy from the corrugated board looks in the photo.

Decking is quite a popular material for creating shelters

Before work, you need to make at least the simplest drawings. Installation is quite simple. Regardless of the design option, you need to lay the corrugated sheets from bottom to top. First, the first part is attached, and its edge is screwed with screws. It is also possible to use clamps with a rubber gasket. After that, another overlap sheet is installed. At the joints, two more screws are screwed.

Drawing for arched construction

Carport for a car from a metal tile

In the photo you can see the options made of metal. With the drawings at hand, you can make simple designs with your own hands. If the roof for the main building is made of such material, then you can make an attached canopy under one roof. In this case, you can make a completely enclosed structure for installing a car.

If a single-pitched roof is used for an autonomous canopy, then you can put the walls on a solid foundation of tile, cement or concrete. Often, different manufacturers offer turnkey designs. In this case, the price depends on the size of the building and the materials used.

The metal tile allows you to create an original design

Canopies from a tree

A wooden canopy is quickly built and can be built with your own hands. A structure made of timber can last for many years if it is treated with special protective compounds. The wood frame for the machine can be covered with polycarbonate, slate, tile or ondulin.

From wood you can create powerful support elements

The budget materials for the cottage include wooden blocks. They are characterized by high operational life. For the material to last for many years, it should be treated with antiseptic drugs.

A canopy on a wooden frame has the following advantages over metal structures:

  • environmental friendliness and material safety,
  • light weight construction
  • ease of processing and installation,
  • low cost.
Cantilever Type Wooden Building

When deciding how to make cover for cars, you need to consider that they are stationary. Also, a project for a summer residence may look like an extension to the house. There are different ways to install wooden poles. To increase their stability, the supports must be additionally concreted. A single-pitched canopy can be used as an addition to an existing building. The installation of such structures requires certain drawings. One edge of the structure rests on the wall of the building, and the second on the racks.

Autonomous facilities for cars are based on four racks. The photo shows different options for such designs. If several machines are supposed to be installed, then the number of supporting elements increases.

Drawing for a shed roof

When erecting wooden structures, some rules will help you:

  • the erection of supports must be performed from a log or profiled beam. For the construction of the rafter system you will need bars of small diameter,
  • roofing material must be selected taking into account the slope of the ramp and the device of the truss structure. Polycarbonate is recommended for decking of various configurations. Decking can be used for pitched gable roofs. For soft tiles you need a continuous crate,
  • the coating should have a certain slope of 5-10 degrees.
Timber construction

As a rule, canopies attached to the building are performed the entire length of the adjacent wall. The average height of the wooden structure should be about 2-2.5 meters.

Metal carport

You can make a functional and reliable metal canopy with your own hands. Most often, a channel, a corner, and also a regular or profile pipe are used for shelter. Installation can be made of lightweight materials on which the awning or ondulin is laid. For capital frame systems, you can use euro slate or metal.

You can look at beautiful ideas for a summer residence on a photo. Metal elements are quite reliable and can last for many years. You can use ready-made solutions, for example, collapsible or prefabricated. They most often come in standard sizes.

To build metal structures yourself, drawings are needed. Installation can be made of metal corners, channels and pipes.

Forged structures are also popular. Such buildings are expensive, and their construction requires specialists. To make a quality design, you need to take into account the dimensions of the machine, the installation of the frame system and coating materials. With a combination of all these characteristics, you can build a quality building.

Compact metal construction

DIY carport

How to build a quality canopy depends on many factors. First you need to outline the perimeter of the future site. In order for the extension for the car to be strong, you need to fill the foundation under the supports and make concrete pillars. A canopy for a car in the country with your own hands can be built on a pile-screw foundation or on a tape. To build the foundation under the pillars, you will need sand, cement, gravel, supporting elements, a shovel and a concrete mixer.

If you do not know how to make a foundation, then drawings will help you. First you need to remove the sod and dig a hole around the entire perimeter of the future structure. How to install the poles for the canopy depends on the material used. Pits are dug under the supports. This work can be done with a drill. Then the racks are installed and poured with a cement composition with the addition of crushed stone. After this, it is necessary to fill the ditch, around the perimeter at ground level. If you want to know how to properly install the shelter for a car in the country, then, remember that you need to let the foundation settle for a couple of weeks.

Layout for the foundation

The extension involves the installation of a quality site. In this case, you need to fill it with rubble and lay the paving slabs.

When selecting material, consider the design of the building near the house and the building itself. If everything is made of timber, then an excellent option is the construction of boards. If the entire suburban ensemble was erected with the help of corrugated board, then the rest of the structure is made of the same material.

The roof for a car made of polycarbonate is capable of transmitting sunlight, which gives lightness to the entire structure. At the same time, polycarbonate of various thicknesses and a diverse color palette can be used for construction in the yard. Different roofing materials are used for coating.

We build the structure according to the project, in which we take into account the shape of the roof (single-pitched, double-pitched or domed version), as well as the height of the structure and wind and snow loads. This is especially important if the canopy is attached to the house.

In the table you can see the important moments of the construction process.

Picture Important steps Description
Creating a metal frameThe metal frame can be welded. For this, a profiled pipe, a welding unit and a grinder are useful.
The construction of a wooden frameA simple version of the timber. To do this, you will need bolts and nuts, a hacksaw, a wrench for the size of the bolt and timber. All elements are treated with antiseptic compounds.
Installation of supportsPeg locations are measured using pegs and twine. Pits for racks need to be dug to a depth of 50 cm. At the bottom, it is recommended to weld pieces of reinforcement for greater resistance. Support parts are placed in recesses and poured with concrete.
Installation of roofing elementsAlong the entire perimeter of the frame, you need to tie on top and bottom. Before welding, parts can be fixed with clamps. It is necessary to make a large number of corners, and then attach them to the frame. Then these elements are fixed with ties. In this case, they will perform the functions of the crate and stiffeners.
Final workCover the metal with two layers of anticorrosion paint, and the wood with an antiseptic. Roofing material is laid on top of the corners, which is fixed to the frame.
How to lay the flooring under the canopyThe budget option involves the use of a roll of grass or sown grass. You can also use gravel chips, clinker bricks or paving slabs.

In the photo you can see how the construction from improvised materials looks. And also in the video below you can see the step-by-step installation of such a design.

If you want to cheaply build a canopy for the yard, you can make structures from fabric or from a banner. When deciding how to build a building, consider different options and designs. You can see the garden version of the canopies. You can see how to build a structure in the garden or in the yard in a step-by-step master class.

When erecting structures, remember the following rules:

  • the best distance between the supports is 1.15 meters, and the length of the structure is selected depending on the number of cars,
  • choosing a height, do not forget that you need to consider the dimensions of the car with a trunk,
  • supports can be made of timber, concrete or brick,
  • Polycarbonate and corrugated board are among the most inexpensive, strong and durable materials.

The canopy can be decorated with wooden grills, as well as beautiful wrought iron elements. To decorate light buildings, you can use beautiful plants, vines and climbing plants.

Beautiful decor

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Where can I buy a carport

You can also buy inexpensively prepared canopy to the country under the car. You can order designs for a standard project. At the same time, manufacturers often offer turnkey ready-made designs. How much this option costs depends on the material, as well as on the structural features of the shelters. Many companies offer double-pitch, single-pitch, as well as polygonal roofing options.

Reasonable price with installation on wooden structures. The base is often made from pine, oak, spruce or ash. In the factory, cuts, Mauerlat and racks are often made of pine, which has strength characteristics. Wooden canopy is specially treated. All parts are ground and coated with paint and waterproof varnish. You can order a barn with a canopy or any other hut with a canopy. In this case, the cost will increase. You can purchase a metal frame.

Often companies offer a wide range of products than to cover a similar design. Polycarbonate products, metal tiles and profiled sheets are popular.

Digging for the manufacture of such structures can be found on the Internet. Some models and their cost can be seen in the table.

Picture Model Price, rub
Car Canopy Stoke. Aluminum and synthetic fabric20800
Fan type canopy. Aluminum frame, synthetic fabric.24900
Polycarbonate Canopy2500 per square meter
Metal construction2300 per square meter

The table shows the average prices for similar designs.

If you follow all the recommendations, you will be able to build a convenient and durable design in the shortest possible time. In addition, a competently drafted project and drawings will help speed up the construction process. The material should be selected taking into account the general design of buildings in the yard, as well as for reasons of price and practicality.