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7 steps to a perfect figure


Despite their youth, beauty and natural attractiveness, many girls tend to lose weight. The cause of excess weight at such a young age can be health problems, but most often hated kilograms appear due to an improper lifestyle, when girls neglect the basic rules of nutrition and ignore physical activity.

A lot of articles and notes in magazines have been written about how to lose weight for a girl, and the Internet is full of various diets, but the essence of any weight loss is reduced to proper rational nutrition and sufficient physical activity. Another feature that is typical for girls is to lose weight when the weight is normal. To prevent this, you need to know how tall and weight the girl is perfect.

Perfect height and weight of a girl

As a rule, the ideal weight is considered at which the optimal functioning of the body and the longest life expectancy are observed. This weight is typical for girls leading a healthy lifestyle. But ideal weight does not mean that the figure is perfect and the girl is beautiful, moreover, these ideas differ in different cultures and depend on personal tastes and fashion trends, and also change over time.

To determine the ideal height and weight of the girl, there are several formulas, but each of them has its pros and cons:

  • A simple formula for calculating the normal weight of girls: measure growth in centimeters and subtract 110 from the obtained indicator. The plus of this formula is its simplicity, and the minus is that it does not take into account individual characteristics of a person and age,
  • Brock's formula is similar to the previous calculation, but is true only with growth above 175 centimeters. For girls below 165 centimeters, 100 is deducted from growth, and for those who have a height of 166 to 175 centimeters, 105. Also Brock takes into account the physique of the girl. The figure obtained for the calculation should be reduced by 10% for girls of asthenic physique, increased by 10% for hypersthenics, and left unchanged under a normosthenic constitution.

How to remove a stomach for a girl

For a beautiful and flat stomach, there is one very effective exercise. First, there is preparation for the exercise, and then its implementation itself.

It is necessary to lie on your back and stretch your legs, while your hands hold a towel behind your head. Then you need to pull the navel to the spine, while the lower back should be pressed to the floor. The hips are pushed to the floor, and the socks are bent.

When the preparation is completed, you can begin the exercise itself. To do this, you need to raise the body and move to a sitting position, while lifting is necessary without a jolt, the back is round, abdominal muscles are used. Then also smoothly, vertebrae after vertebra, you need to return to the supine position. The towel behind the head should be constantly stretched. The exercise is repeated 15 times.

How to remove a girl’s belly with this exercise? Firstly, to perform it correctly, that is, do not tear the hips off the floor, and if it is difficult to keep your legs pressed to the floor, you can bend them at the knees and rest your feet on the floor. Secondly, you need to give this exercise 5-7 minutes daily. Only when these conditions are met, you can become the owner of a beautiful and flat stomach.

How to lose weight in hips and buttocks

Another problem area for young people is the hips and buttocks, because it is they that are striking in the before and after photos of the thinner girls.

Do not get involved in intense physical exertion, as they only condense the hips and buttocks, but their volume may remain the same. Effective exercises for weight loss of the hips and buttocks are:

  • Kicks
  • "Bicycle",
  • Walking on the buttocks on the floor
  • Torsion of a hoop in problem areas.

For weight loss in the hips and buttocks it is very useful to walk, giving it from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours daily. Performing these simple exercises, you can get the answer to the question of how to lose weight for a girl in problem areas.

How to choose a weight loss training program for a girl

If the schedule of work or study allows you to allocate time for training in the gym, then this opportunity should be taken. But how can a girl lose weight on simulators? First you need to make an individual training. It’s better not to do this on your own, but with a trainer who knows how to remove a stomach and what exercises are suitable for each muscle group.

When drawing up training for girls, the following points are taken into account:

  • The number of repetitions of the same exercise is 12-15 times, while 7-8 repetitions are enough for guys. This is because women have less fiber in their muscles, which means that more repetitions are needed to get the desired effect.
  • Fewer squeezes, since they require the use of great force, and it practically does not affect the final result,
  • Exercises for the upper body should be present in the complex along with exercises on the muscles of the buttocks, hips and abs,
  • The duration of the training should be at least an hour, since only such a duration will help to achieve the desired effect.

These are the main points that affect the development of a weight loss training program for girls. Using them in practice, you can achieve significant results in the fight against excess weight.

It is important to remember that one who really wants to get rid of the "fat pillow" can. To see the results of a diet or exercise, first of all, you need to want to change yourself and your life. With the difficulties that everyone who is losing weight will certainly encounter, you need to remember the ultimate goal and constantly work on your mood. And the best motivation will be photos of thinner girls “before” and “after”, because if they could do it, then others will succeed in achieving the same result.

How to lose weight with a diet

The woman’s body is biologically programmed to create a “strategic reserve” - a layer of subcutaneous fat. This layer is necessary for the successful bearing and feeding of the child. That's why all the surplus quickly accumulate on the waist and hips, and getting rid of them is extremely difficult.

Various strict diets only exacerbate the situation. Since time constraints are regarded by the body as a danger of starvation and death, after returning to the usual diet, he begins to make “reserves” at double speed.

To lose weight and insure yourself against his return, the diet needs to be reviewed radically:

  • Minimize fast carbohydrate intake. Favorite cakes, sweets, chocolate and pastries will have to be almost completely abandoned. However, this does not mean that life will have fewer pleasures: high-calorie desserts can be replaced with light fruit ones, and dark chocolate in small quantities is even useful.
  • Increase the proportion of fresh vegetables and cereals in the diet. Firstly, they consist of digestible carbohydrates and provide the body with energy without turning into fat. Secondly, they have a lot of useful fiber. It not only creates a feeling of satiety, but also stimulates the intestines.
  • Refuse fatty meats and fish. Replacing pork loin with veal, and mackerel with flounder or perch has the most positive effect on the figure. The body receives enough protein and valuable micronutrients, consuming its own subcutaneous fat for their absorption.
  • Eat more dairy products low Fat. They provide the necessary amount of protein and calcium. As for the completely fat-free options, their nutritional value is much lower, since vitamin D is fat-soluble.
  • Reduce consumption of animal fats. Vegetable oils contain a sufficient amount of fatty acids and do not contribute to the development of atherosclerosis. However, cholesterol is an important factor in the synthesis of sex hormones, so you can’t completely refuse butter and eggs.
  • Significantly limit alcohol consumption. If a glass of dry red or white wine a couple of times a month does not hurt, then stronger spirits will significantly contribute to weight gain.

Of great importance in the struggle for a slim waist are also soft drinks. First of all, it is necessary to increase the consumption of water, since it is involved in the breakdown of fats. Tea is better to drink green, and coffee is natural (and not too often).

As a sweetener, use stevia or other sweeteners. It is advisable to make juices on your own, and vegetable ones are preferable to fruit ones. It is better to forget about sweet carbonated drinks forever.

It is important not only to eat quality healthy products, but also to do it on time. Often, women notice that even one or two meals a day (with its low calorie content) contributes to weight gain. The reason for this is slowdown of metabolic processes. The body regards such a regime as a threat of hunger and reduces the consumption of nutrients.

To boost metabolism, you need to eat fractionally, at least 5 times a day. At the same time, portions must be significantly reduced, or light snacks should be arranged between main meals. With such a nutritional scheme, the imaginary threat of hunger will disappear, and nutrients will be transformed into energy in a timely manner, not stored as fat.

Having correctly identified the proportion of proteins (a quarter of the daily diet), carbohydrates (the same amount) and vegetables (half), you need to correctly distribute them over time.

  • Insofar as in the morning a charge of energy is required, breakfast should be predominantly carbohydrate. The best option is porridge or a sandwich of whole grain bread with cheese (a combination of carbohydrate with protein is also suitable).
  • For lunch You can eat all three categories of foods.
  • But dinner should consist of fiber and protein.

Methods of cooking and energy value

Reducing the total calorie intake is one of the most important factors for successful weight loss. To lose weight, you need consume less than you spend. This formula works flawlessly, so after counting calories, you should reduce their intake. And since it is required to preserve the initial nutritional value of products as much as possible, cooking methods must be optimized.

It is necessary to refuse not only fried, but also dishes requiring long cooking. Roasting and Stewing - Best Practices heat treatment.

Physical activity

Women who want to lose weight need to move as much as possible, and everywhere. For example, at home, regular cleaning can be a great workout if you do everything fast, energetic, dancing to incendiary music.

Need also walk more: to work and back, for shopping, in the clinic and so on. If you live in an apartment building, it is advisable to go up to your floor without an elevator. Ascent and descent of stairs perfectly strengthens blood vessels, heart and leg muscles.

Weight Loss Workouts

Even the most ardent opponents of sports have to admit that the process of losing weight is faster if you combine a diet with special exercises. In addition, the body acquires feminine relief, and the skin is evenly tightened. Regular cardio loads (running, stepping, walking, etc.) will help faster burn subcutaneous fat, and gymnastics will tone muscles.

To ensure uniform study of the muscles of the whole body, the following exercises should be included in the training complex:

squats - they give the necessary load on the hips and buttocks, making them elastic,
lunges - designed for the front surface of the thigh,
toe lifts - work out the shin,
push ups - contribute to weight loss and pumping hands,
torso bends and turns - strengthen the muscles of the back,
twisting (diagonal and straight) - form a press.

The listed items are basic and have many different options. As for the number of repetitions and sets, it all depends on the initial training of the athlete.

In general, it is recommended to perform the exercise until a sensation of muscle fatigue appears. However, you can’t engage through pain or to the limit: a serious injury is likely.

A set of exercises for the whole body (video)

Watching TV regularly or surfing the Internet is not the best way to relax. In your free time, it is desirable take a walk in the nearest park or ride out of town on a bicycle. Traditional women's options for a hobby - embroidery, knitting or beading - it is also better to change (at least temporarily) to something more mobile. Regular ballroom dancing help to lose weight quickly and may reveal your talents.

Nutritional supplements and folk remedies

The pharmaceutical industry offers women a wide variety of drugs that promote weight loss. Use of any fat burners (based on caffeine or chitin) only valid after consultation with a doctor.

You cannot trust colorful advertisements or reviews and accept dubious means. At best, they will be ineffective, and at worst, they can seriously undermine health.

To verified and safe folk remedies can include food and beverage based celery with turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and other spices. Various decoctions and infusions of herbs, dulling hungershould be taken with caution. The best way to lose weight is still a combination of physical activity and diet, since it’s easiest for a woman to quickly lose weight at home.

Why does overweight appear?

As a rule, weight gain in women at this age is due to the fact that the metabolism is not working as fast as in the early years. Weight gain during this period occurs even in previously slender women.

Statistics show that if ladies of forty years of age do not take into account the fact of a slowdown in metabolism and continue to lead a normal lifestyle with an abundance of junk food and lack of physical activity, then their weight increases within ten kilograms over the next ten years.

In addition, experts in the field of dietetics identify the following causes of overweight in mature women:

Menstrual period

Restructuring in the work of the body of the hormonal plan,

An especially important reason is the improper balance of hormones. These hormones include:

1. Estrogen. His level drops as soon as a woman enters the period of a menstrual pause. The female body immediately goes into protective mode and begins to resume estrogen deficiency due to body fat. The amount of kilograms gained purely depends on how much the body experiences a lack of hormone,

2. Progesterone. During the onset of menopause, the body also loses this hormone. The lack of progesterone in the body of the fair sex contributes to the incomplete elimination of fluid. As a result of which the lady notices the weight gain and the occurrence of swelling after awakening,

3. Testosterone. This hormone has an important effect on the increase in muscle tissue. With the onset of menopause, its content in the female body also decreases sharply. A decrease in testosterone leads to a decrease in muscle mass and muscle tone. In addition, a lack of hormone provokes a slowdown in metabolic processes in the body. A woman notices that calorie loss is not happening as fast as before. Fat deposits, in turn, are deposited at double speed,

4. Androgens. In addition to female hormones, there are male hormones in the body. With the onset of a menstrual pause, their indicator in the body of a woman begins to grow. It is because of androgens that the deposition of adipose tissue in the abdomen occurs.

It is very necessary to monitor the content of this hormone in the body, since a strong imbalance of androgens is the cause of the development of severe stages of obesity.

5. Cortisol. The production of this hormone occurs in the adrenal glands and also has a very strong effect on metabolic processes in the body. During menopause, cortisol levels increase and fat deposits are observed in the upper area of ​​the body. In addition, this hormone provokes an increase in glucose in the blood, increases the rate of conversion of carbohydrates to fat, provokes a false sensation of hunger and exaggerates the present. The body turns on a saving mode and converts incoming calories into body fat,

6. Insulin. It is a protein hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body. During the menstrual pause, the fair sex develops insulin resistance. This leads to an increase in the amount of androgens in the body, which convert calories into fats. This happens if there is an excess of carbohydrates and a lack of fat in the body.

In the absence of proper nutrition, this imbalance leads to the development of second stage obesity, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and various pathologies of the heart and blood vessels.