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How to freeze stuffed pie


Posted by admin on 06/17/2017 Updated 05/22/2018

If you ask me which kitchen appliances I find most useful, I will no doubt call you a freezer. I do not know of another device that would also work hard, quietly doing its job, and at the same time save me a lot of time and money.

Some people underestimate and underuse their freezers. They store in them semi-finished products, ice cream and the like. If you are one of these people, let your freezer help you save time, money and effort.

It does not matter if you are the proud owner of a free-standing freezer, or combined with a refrigerator. Any freezer can be used effectively.

6 main reasons to use your freezer more efficiently:

1. You will not need to go to the grocery store often, saving time and money

2. You can store products that you rarely use, saving money

3. Allows you to store products purchased wholesale and stock, saving money

4. Allows you to have food on hand for cases when you spontaneously decide to cook something, saving time on a trip to the store

5. You can freeze ready-made food, saving time

6. Allows you to store baked goods for breakfast or snacks, saving money and time

Below I will list 50 foods that can be frozen and stored in the freezer. I froze all these products, and most likely a lot of this list is still in my freezer. I will not list the products that you buy frozen, because I assume that you yourself will guess to freeze them. For example, the most common is the freezing of berries, fruits, and vegetables. You can read about how to freeze them correctly in this article.

How to freeze

In general, biscuits, bread and other pastries are well suited for freezing.

The cooled biscuit can be frozen whole or cut into pieces. To freeze, place the pieces of cake in a cooling tray of a suitable shape.

It’s also easy to freeze pastries.

Cakes and cookies can be frozen after applying the cream or without it, since the cream well tolerates freezing.

Tip: Prepare 2-3 times more dough than required. Use 1/3 for baking, and freeze the rest. Thus, you save time and energy.

Cakes and pies can be frozen raw or cooked.

No decorations - just put the dough in a silicone baking dish in which you plan to bake the dough in the oven. Place the mold in the freezer for a couple of hours until it completely freezes, and then transfer it to the Cooling Tray of a suitable shape.

To save time and energy, freeze pies and pies in the finished form.

Shortbread, pastry and puff pastry very well tolerate freezing.

The cooled pancakes and pancakes can be folded 2-4 times and put in cooling trays for storage. Subsequently, they are easy to separate from the total mass and heat without compromising structure and taste.

Light flour snacks, pastries from puff pastry also tolerate freezing well.

Great for freezing dumplings and dumplings.

You can freeze croissants, they retain the quality after defrosting.

In order not to go for bread daily, you can store portioned bread in the freezer.

To do this, buy fresh bread in a bakery or cook it yourself and freeze it immediately after cooling.

Before freezing, be sure to cut the bread into slices or slices. This is necessary to defrost only the desired volume.

Choose the cooling tray that best suits your bread form. For slices of bread, the cooling tray is small high, and for small baked goods it is better to use a medium low.

Freezing whipped cream ☆ Useful tips (Jul 2019).

Knowing that you can freeze the cake, and the crusts of the cake can help you plan strategically for your next baking session. You can work ahead, breaking the task into a test session, and then leave the cake at a later date.

With the first part of your job, you can focus on finding, modifying, or creating the best recipe for filling the pie. Even better, you can bake a quick pie with minimal notice, even if you resort to opening a jar with a ready-made filling or using pudding.

Your goal is artisanal pleasure or a quick, no frills dessert, you are halfway there.

Option 1: How to Freeze a Cake

This option is great for saving on the freezer. The price you pay is that you still need time to wipe the dough and then wrench it.

  1. Make the dough for your pie crust, following the instructions in your recipe.
  2. If your crust crust recipe makes more than one crust, divide the dough into separate amounts of cake before freezing.
  3. Form the dough into a ball and place it in a freezer bag or wrap it in a double layer of plastic wrap. You might even want to do both that will allow you to put more than one dough ball in the freezer bag. This is useful if you bake more than one pie at a time.
  4. Name the bag (Pie Dough) and name it so that you know when to use it.
  5. Store the dough in the freezer for three months. First use the oldest dough: first first, first.
  1. Use: grate the dough in the refrigerator overnight. Then roll up, as usual, with a skipping rope to form your bark.

Option 2: How to Freeze Cow Pie

This is a good option if you have enough space in the freezer. You can use frozen peel at any time. The disadvantage is that you cannot use your cake for anything else in the interim, plus it will take up a lot of free space.

You can use this space for ice cream!

  • Make your dough, roll it out and form your crust in a cake.
  • Then, put it all - the cake and everything - in the freezer.
  • To use: Thaw the crust of the pie in the refrigerator overnight, and proceed with your pie recipe. Alternatively, you can use your frozen bark and just add a couple of minutes to your normal baking time.