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How not to spill anything on yourself


Yes, I just don’t want to! Nasty, passive, worthless. And it seems like you want to give up everything and relax, but the feeling of inferiority, outstanding debt does not let go.

When this sensation fills every cell of the body, you realize that self-control is completely lost. Self-esteem wriggles in near-death convulsions and other hazards immediately emerge, such as “since everything went off the beat, I'll go eat sandwiches!”

How to break yourself in such minutes? How to force yourself to do something? Let's look into this article!


We will look at several ways. The first is life hacks that can be used as matches: lit - excellent, not lit - try another one. The second and third are more serious methods of self-control with the help of willpower and motivation.

To start doing things, you can try the following methods:

1. Come up with a ritual to get started

Such is the structure of man: a chain of events can trigger certain processes in the body. For example, in the absence of light, the brain begins to produce melatonin, a sleep hormone. In case of danger, there is an excitement and the reaction "hit or run." This phenomenon is called triggers.

Triggers can be used to your advantage. For example, to program the body that after drinking a mug of green sweet tea, it should work hard. Just repeat the process “tea → work” more often, and the brain will build a neuro-associative connection. Unbeknownst to you, this connection will grow stronger, and subsequently, will create a constant reaction that will help you get involved in the business more quickly.

2. Provide remuneration for the work performed

Great job - great reward! If you can’t get out of apathy, you can exchange more evil for less. Fast food, TV shows, anything, just to start at least something to do.

How do you limit yourself? Allow this, after the work done. In the end, the rules exist in order to break them!

3. Break a large task into many small ones and perform them one at a time

It is known that in any sphere of life “regular people” achieve success, that is, those who constantly, with small steps, go to the goal. Unlike impulsive and changeable people, they get results much faster.

This is also our case. Returning to work regularly, pinching off a piece of it from us, we exhaust our business so much that the fear of it will disappear. Before us will be slices of a once huge elephant, which it would be impossible to eat entirely.

4. Complete a difficult task in one sitting

When after 2 hours of work you are in a state of flow, when you figured out all the subtleties, when your hand is full, and the speed is maximum, it's silly to put pressure on the brakes. Let your eyes be strained from the computer, let the body be physically exhausted - it’s better to push a little just before the finish.

It happens that there is 10-15 percent left, you leave to have a coffee or read messages for 5 minutes, but for some reason you relax so much that you want nothing again. “Come on, there is not long left!” You say to yourself. And then this “not for long” develops into half an hour, an hour and so on.

Agree, with a sense of accomplishment, rest is much more pleasant. The soul is calm, which means the body is relaxed. In a word - Lafa!

5. A glimpse into a bright future

Sometimes dull and monotonous work bothers everyone so much that they lose their motivation to do anything at all. We concentrate on the current state and forget why everything was started.

But that’s why we and people are capable of analyzing the future! Able to predict the results and consequences of their actions. To represent the freedom and vivid sensations that will occur after the solved problem.

This should be addressed, after the onset of the next depressive strip. Try to accumulate as much positive charge in your thoughts as possible. Just do not get carried away, otherwise the flight of fantasy can painfully collapse upon impact on reality.

6. Create a pleasant atmosphere

A strand on the table is an order in the head. Fresh air - fresh thoughts. Quiet environment - a quiet pace of work! This series is basically endless.

We must try to attract the workplace to itself. Imagine an artist who closes in his closet and enthusiastically begins to create. Nobody distracts him, he always has everything at hand. And he sits there at least all day, giving rise to another masterpiece.

If you want to love your work, you need to become such an artist in everyday life. And for this you need to create a "closet" with all the amenities and comfort. Let the imagination come into play, let it do its job!

7. Plan carefully

Forcing yourself to do something can be difficult due to the lack of a plan. Hands fall when uncertainty hangs over a difficult task.

A wise schedule will help dispel the fog of confusion. This means not just scribbling the list “do this, this, this”, but prioritize:

    A - do first B - proceed only after all done A C - delegate, if possible D - remove at all

Knowing your priorities, you will move in a direction that will lead you to the finish line much faster.

8. Disconnect with external distractions

    Forget about browser tabs Forget about phone Forget about conversations Forget about music Forget about thoughtless thoughts Forget about what you need to forget

It happens that you will only accelerate and begin to gain altitude, as a telephone call drops you abruptly to the ground. And again you have to start all over again, to delve into, to understand. It’s better to be a savage for an hour and not know what the greatest historical events have occurred during this time, but to complete the work 2 times faster.

10. Do not chase the ideal

No businessman, no scientist, no athlete began a career with perfect results. An example is Thomas Edison's favorite author of self-development books. He made 10,000 attempts before creating a light bulb.

The same thing in our lives. While others are testing the soil through bitter experience, you may be striving for excellence on the first try. It is because of this that they achieve more, and you get tired of endless improvements and monotonous work.

The pursuit of excellence is certainly excellent quality, but in some cases it can hurt productivity.

11. Make a piece of creativity

A small child sits in each of us. True, most people have taught him to shut up and accept boring work. But he also has rights!

Let him fool around a bit and diversify his life. Turn your task into a game, in an interesting pastime. Maybe this will help to sober up the attitude to the upcoming business and fulfill it with full dedication.

12. Destroy the enemy one at a time

Choose one thing. Focus on only one thing. Do not let the wave of emergency classes confuse you.

When there are a million things to do, and each one needs attention, you need to stop and calmly choose the most difficult and nasty. Deal with it, and then repeat the algorithm from the beginning. As the “nasty” decreases, you will notice how the speed of work and the motivation for further actions increase.

Eh, for too long we have been discussing trivial things! Any grandmother would have put this point in one saying: "You will chase two hares, you will not catch a single one!"

13. Relate to interference

If you are constantly prevented from concentrating, this is normal. Naturally occurring events will not go anywhere, they will always interfere in our lives. The attitude towards them is important here.

If you "round up" you can get 2 options for the development of events:

  1. Deal with urgent matters and transfer everything else to tomorrow.
  2. Systematically complete task after task

The first option, of course, seduces. But tomorrow, again, a heap of urgent and urgent matters. And again, transfer and change everything.

If possible, choose the second path. You know that ideal conditions will never be!

14. Set deadlines

We all know how many jokes about endless repairs in the apartment. And all these jokes can be projected onto the prolonged execution of their work. In order not to be a laughing stock in your eyes and finish as quickly as possible, you need to set specific deadlines for the project. Not just “until Friday,” but until 03/03/2033.

If you still come up with an incentive (see paragraph 3), for which it is worth hurry, the work will be doubly fun.

15. Do not scold yourself beloved

If you really workedbut still could not fulfill the plan, do not scold yourself. Everything is fine and life will not end because of this!

Many people compare willpower to muscle, and this is no accident: it has similar properties. With constant training, it can be strengthened, overtraining-tearing.

This muscle is certainly trained in all successful people. It allows them to get up at 6 in the morning, sometimes engage in unloved business, lead a healthy lifestyle, make 100 calls a day, and much more. How to use this terrible weapon?

    The first is to realize connection between physical and spiritual state. You must admit that if you are tired at work, if you have a lot of unpaid debts, if your body is haggard and tired, there is no question of any willpower.

Only when you are vigorous, productive and free can you use willpower as productively and painlessly as possible. Therefore, we must strive so that the blood does not freeze in the veins. Try to keep fresh as long as possible, although this does not always work. The second one. If willpower is muscle, then the inner core is the bone onto which it is attached. When you are confident in yourself and your behavior, it’s easier for you to do something unpleasant. The reputation of an armor-piercing person with a high self-esteem will push you to further achievements.

Strengthening the inner core with a constant desire to work will become just an everyday habit. And the thoughts “I can’t force myself to do anything” will no longer arise. The third. There are things that should be moved beyond decisions. This means that if the business is really important, then do not hesitate to do it or not, but to do it without talking. With the help of internal strength, transfer yourself to the workplace and begin to plow.

As appetite comes with eating, so does the desire to work come with work. It is important to hold out for the first half hour, and then it becomes easier and easier. Fourth. Concessions from the category: "I was good today, so I can pamper myself a little" do not work and lead to a worsening of the situation. A tense muscle suddenly relaxes, and it can be difficult to return it to the opposite position.

It is advisable to choose 1 specific day and completely devote it to rest. Fifth. Goodbye yourself! The punishments that we come up with after the breakdown usually do not last long.

Life consists of pleasant things: eat a chocolate bar, lie on the couch once again, put off tedious work. So sticking remorse in a dark box is sometimes a good solution.

Willpower is certainly good and effective, but it contradicts the person himself. Well, your inner one doesn’t want to do something, he needs to have fun as a child, relax, chat with family and friends in the end!

If there was a “power of motivation” when you pushed, pushed, and now you are charged with action, it would be just fine. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Motivation is a thing coming, and even the most effective techniques sometimes do not work.

However, here's what you can do to motivate yourself to take action:

    To think about your friends and understand that if you do something, then go around them, increase the chances of your success. And they will remain in place. Find a competitor among friends or colleagues in order to arouse the desire to defeat him. Listen to your favorite music, watch a motivating movie or video - this is a huge amount on the Internet. Finally, take responsibility for your whole life. Understand that everything that happens to you is the result of your actions in the past and present Stop accusing others of your failures and inaction, take a paddle and start rowing yourself Realize that daily behavior is a habit. If you get used to choosing a job, not laziness, then next time it will be easier.

Just as separate people form a huge country, so do certain actions in life. Therefore, with each choice to work, you strengthen your strength and motivation for further achievements. At the beginning of the work, tell yourself: I will do this as much as necessary. If day, then day. If year, then year. This will immediately set you up for long-term work without unnecessary disappointments. And, finally, remember (even if it's difficult) about the time allotted to us. Ask yourself: “What will I remember on my deathbed? How did I lay on the couch? How did I give up? How was I afraid to take risks and show emotions? No, it's not about me! ”


In conclusion, I want to say the most important thing: no trouble is allowed to steal your nerves! Either defeat your business in a bloody battle, or run away from it.

Here are some tips! I want to believe that you have found some new recommendations for yourself and learned how to force yourself to do something. Many thanks to those who have read to the end!