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How to go to a night club


Refrain from these nonsense if you are a decent man. Or indecent, but you want to seem decent.

September 14, 2015

Even from such an everyday event, like going to a club with a drink, women and loud dances, it turns out you can have fun! All you have to do is observe the simplest etiquette rules that will give you a sober, even sober person.

But first you need to understand why you ended up in that club, and who all these people are around. In most cases, all of you have the same motive - to show yourself, to see new interesting faces and remember old ones. People come there for communication (or something like it), but with all this, nobody at the celebration of life needs obsessive, unnerving, uncontrollable, or simply inappropriate characters.

01 Do not argue with face control

They do not let me in, so there are reasons, often completely absurd, and in no way connected with your appearance or financial situation. Faster to catch a taxi and rush to the next club, where the gatekeepers are more accommodating than bickering and waiting for a miracle. And if something was not to the liking of the club itself, then, as long-standing practice has shown, it is useless to demand a complaint book, to threaten a prosecutor, a sanitary epidemiological station or compromising information on Facebook. It doesn’t work, for some reason the leadership and security clubs have stone hearts.

02 Do not take pictures

People want to relax, stretch out, relax. They do not want to constantly pose, frown from flashes, wait until you catch the focus there and make the eighth successful take. Even if you simply must invest in the Internet a full report about your party with your friends, do mercy - limit yourself to a couple of shots, remove the camera and then merge into the general fun. Burn your inner photographer!

05 Do not take small glasses

For a good outdoor activity, a cocktail requires two things. First: fast cooking, so as not to wait for two drinks until the morning. Second: deep and tall glasses from which the drink does not spill. Because cocktails for romantic gatherings by candlelight are undesirable in a club setting.

06 don't hold hands

People who cut across the dance floor, holding hands, cause a feeling of inconvenience, both moral and physical. There is no joy in letting a train of friends pass by themselves, who suddenly wanted everyone to go to the bar at the same time, or they simply dance around an imaginary Christmas tree. Although for some reason this always seems to them to be a great idea and a fun way of moving in the club space. But this is not so.

07 Do not replace politeness with silence

Squeezing to the exit or the bar, stepping on one’s leg or catching one’s handbag on one’s nose, many prefer not to apologize, since whoever hears “sorry” in the club roar. There is logic in this reasoning, but in practice, such a policy is fundamentally wrong and offensive. And sooner or later it can lead to unpleasant conflicts. But unpleasant conflicts are what you can do at home, why spend time and money on an expensive club ?!

Spiridonova Nadezhda Viktorovna

Psychologist. Specialist from the site

the author, yes, first go just to "scout"))) Not for long, just to look around what's what, since you worry so much :)

We will be! I go there not to get a job, but to relax. Take a shift or not. )))))))))

author, but everything is much simpler))))
dress in jeans, a T-shirt, sneakers))) with you a little cash, a little cell phone - it's all possible to shove into your pockets. If possible, leave the keys at home)))
hair in a bun, dyes not worth it - it's hot there)))
will they pester or not - it all depends on you, on your behavior))) but it’s better to take the boys to the clubs anyway - then they definitely won’t pester)))

There was a thought with intelligence. Why am I ... and I will do it! And what clocks should be approached to get an idea of ​​music, atmosphere and contingent? Well, the truth is I have never been and I am very excited !! and in clubs you usually still have to pay for entry, right? Does face control still exist?

what club do you go to?)))) I also want to dance))

Who told you the horror stories? Mom or something? You, if not a secret, where do you live?

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5, well, in different clubs in different ways. somewhere there is control, somewhere not. in ordinary clubs girls often free admission)))

Anya, I also want to dance, but not with anyone ((girlfriends do not like nightclubs very much. Maybe we will cooperate))

Thais, how old are you?) Moscow?

Prepare for the disco as follows: sleep, make up, choose what to wear, look in the mirror, once again make sure that everything is in order and on. Replaceable shoes do not need to be taken! Everyone is walking in boots now, it’s even fashionable. Outerwear is handed over to the wardrobe. You can drink everywhere the main thing in small quantities)) Of course I do not know to pester, well, they will probably get to know you. It’s better not to take a bag with you at all, in any case I don’t take it, because I don’t understand where to put it if I go to the dance floor)) And shake more for her. I need to. Disco starts at 22, the height is high and in different ways, at 00 or 01. I usually get close to 00, again, whether you ordered a table or not. If not, it’s better to come early. Of course, it’s better to dress something beautiful, but in order to be comfortable, or even so for the first time, you will also have a wig about how you look all the time. They don’t sprinkle anything at the bar)) And in general there’s nothing terrible there, so go, dance and relax to your health!)) Good luck!

"Take a shift or not." ugaaaaaaaarrr))))

Take it. And take it with you. Have a picnic right on the dance floor. )))))

"Walk", "do not spill")))). Here is such an audience at our discos, gee

Author, where are you from? And then they write here jeans, a T-shirt, sneakers, a bunch) Somewhere it goes, but somewhere it doesn’t.

And the horror stories I really got from my mother))))) Well, none of my entourage goes to clubs, everyone is already serious and with their families)) Okie, I understood with clothes and a bag! The girls. Thanks you! P.S> You will see a girl in a club with shift and sandwiches - it will be me! :-)

And I live in the northwestern part of Moscow. The club has not yet decided. I want to Prospekt Mira, there is a 80s dikotek)

Guest, 14, oga, read the Slav Ozhigawa and learn the yoke, and only put patty chiba into the club :))

Don’t listen to your mother; if you haven’t been to the club, then your mother will never know how. PS: and sandwiches are an idea, at a time of moneyless students, sandwiches in the club were eaten in the morning in the toilet cubicle)))

17, I, too, in NW)))))) On the avenue of the world, a fig disco))))

15, I always dress like that))) I already attract a lot of attention to myself with my dances, and if I get dressed, my companion will go crazy))))

Anya, I’m not saying that it’s like dressing, collective farm, etc., it’s just that you don’t go to all clubs by definition, but a person goes for the first time, it’s a shame if they don’t let me go, the complexes so you can earn)

OK. and in which clubs will they let me in jeans and a T-shirt? For the first time I would have been easier, without too much glamor and pomp .. And then I can’t tear my ass from the seat due to constraint)

22, oh, for sure))))) the author, you will be allowed to go to the clubs of the average degree of ponting in jeans, a T-shirt-bunch. For example, in B-1, B-2, 16 tons.
Any paradise opera requires a marathon))))) I don’t like pathos, I go to simple places))) and most of all I like to dance in the Atmosphere at Bolshaya Poshtova - this is m. Bauman))
but I go to the club just to dance))

author, I have long understood that much more important than rags appearance - teeth, hair, skin. )))) I've already killed so much money in my mouth, chew. )))) and how much remains to be. it was possible to buy a foreign car already))

Yes, what kind of teeth ?? I just want to dance)))))) in a comfortable and suitable environment.

author, go to the atmosphere)))

two girls go dancing. Why do they need a table? drink cocktail and dance until you drop)))))

30, you can sit down at the bar, have a rest, have a drink))))) and then dance))) Murka, I guess you and I have different ages just))))
4 hours I can dance and not notice))

Anya, in the form that you described, you can go for a run, but not to the club))) Hair in a bun, no need to dye, wear sneakers. I hope this is banter)

A ja hozhu sjuda. Russkaja diskoteka v Germanii.

Do you know how to dance, author?

it all depends on your appearance)) evaluate yourself soberly .. if you look good, then you can aim at some thread of pathos clubs, if on average - it’s better at those that are simpler, so that it would not be offensive if you don’t let go .. dress again the same (as they wrote above) based on where we are going .. Neo, B-1 - jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers, that’s it) otherwise we arrived once in Neo in heels and dresses (we drove to friends). so the whole club was staring at us)))) if there’s a thread like Factories, and even more so Opera Raya - you need to dress more nevertheless more decent .. As for putting on makeup and putting your hair in order - I think it's always worth it. . no matter what club. You can take a small bag, a friend and I sometimes take one for two if there are no pockets or a lot of junk .. But it is best to try to do without it. With a table it’s better than without a table .. it’s understandable to everyone)) But we’re talking when we’re with friends .. finances don’t make it noisy))) therefore we give preference to clubs where you can stick in if something happens without booking a table .. by the way, about the fact that sometimes they interfere with something in drinks - the suspicion is completely justified .. this really happens .. well, here you can not be safe, you just need to know the measure

About Clubs - Beginners

I know that many young people do not go to clubs, but in vain, because this is a whole piece of culture, especially since you can get acquainted with girls, and girls, on the contrary, with boys :-).

On the topic of clubs, and so many articles have been written, glamorous and embarrassed, I will try to devote this article to beginner clubbers.

Club choice

The first thing to do is choose the club where you are going. Clubs are conventionally divided into categories of trump card or rigidity face control. To get started, go to a simpler club, where face control is medium and lower than rigidity, just in case, prepare the retreat moves in the form of another club, you never know, suddenly the selected club will have a full house and you will not be allowed just because there are a lot of people . Therefore, have an option in reserve. The less trump club, the lower prices there. You can get to clubs in Kiev for free using the site - There you pre-register and go through the lists, or at a discount, or even free of charge.

Always write down the club’s exact address and telephone number, and also see the club’s location on the map.

The choice of day and time

The most club days, it is not difficult to guess, is Friday and Saturday, I advise you to go these days, there are a lot of people, there is someone to look at. Usually, the height of the party starts at 0-00 and lasts up to 3 nights, but given that if you are not lucky with the club and you are not allowed, I advise you to come to the club around 23-30, so that it would be time to go home or to another club on a public transport, not taxi.

Who to go with, company choice

It is best to go with friends who are not far away from you, so you will save on a taxi if you do not plan to party until the morning. Friends can be both female and male, the main thing is that everyone would have the mood to dance and have a good rest. Remember, for the first time you will simply look at others, delving into the taste of night and night life, so do not plan to shoot anyone, although this option is possible :-).

There is a logical question, what to do if friends do not go to clubs?
- you can go alone
- or still cheat friends
- or find someone on the Internet, VKontakte and other places, I’m sure there are people with whom you can hang out, there would be a desire to find them and a little luck.
In the end, you can change the company a bit, by asking friends if they have friends who go to the club and go with them.

Clothing, appearance

It is advisable for the club to dress brightly, at least neatly. The cheapest option for guys is a shirt, jeans, shoes. The club is hot, so you can forget about the sweater. All things should be your size and they should look good on you. If you do not have decent clothes, you will have to buy them. Just need to pick up the kit, that is, that everything would look decent. And the colors combined and everything was your size. And jeans are better to buy classic blue rather than black.

For girls - it’s hard for me to advise anything, you should look spectacular, sexy, emphasize your strengths and hide your flaws.

Of course, you need to take a shower in front of the club, scent slightly, put your hair in order, do your hair, cut your nails, put on your makeup in moderation, make a manicure, and look great in short. Yes, and you should be comfortable in your clothes!

Well, everything is ready, now you can go hang out, do not forget to take a good mood with you, in front of the club you can drink a jar of Revo, Byrne, Red Bula with vodka, but in no case beer, and in front of the club it means not directly in front of its doors , and they still won’t let it go, but somewhere around the corner :-). And do not forget to bring chewing gum.