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Overview of clothes for the beekeeper


In the beekeeper’s outfit, a special place is taken by the means of protecting the face and the whole body from bee stings. Convenience in work is also an important requirement. Currently, the market offers a wide range of protective equipment. And when they are purchased, the main task of the beekeeper becomes - to choose the most reliable, convenient, practical, durable from the variety offered by the market.

I, a beekeeper with ten years of experience, for a long time also could not decide what is better to buy from protective equipment - a jacket or overalls.

After listening to the advice of more experienced beekeepers and my own thoughts, I opted for overalls, because found many advantages in it.

My jumpsuit is made of natural cotton fabric with a veil, i.e. the tissue has a natural origin and promotes natural thermoregulation. In other words, it is hygroscopic and easy to blow. The jumpsuit is equally suitable for both men and women.

The overalls came with a protective hat-mask type "Euro" (something like a mask of a fencer). The overalls during work do not constrain movements. Seams, pockets and elastic cuffs (elastic bands) are designed and made with the aim of creating a comfortable and safe working environment for the beekeeper.

In the belt and cuffs for arms and legs, tight elastic bands are sewn, which prevents the bees from entering the inside of the overalls, i.e. under protective clothing. The main front zipper provides wide opening and comfortable dressing of overalls.

My package also includes gloves. The gloves are made of genuine sheepskin leather of light color and fabric sleeves sewn to them. Soft, fingers do not lose their sensitivity. Made to last - the seams are carefully stitched, they sit well on the hands, it’s convenient to work in them. Tight elastic bands are inserted into the free ends of the sleeves, which prevent the bees from climbing under the fabric. Thanks to them, you can save yourself from bee stings and eliminate many mistakes. I want to say that gloves cannot be washed at all. Some practitioners recommend periodically lubricating the skin with pork fat to prevent it from drying out and cracking.

But I don’t really need them, because I’m used to working without them, in case of urgent need I rub my hands with mint lemon balm, which grows in my apiary.

The face mask is attached to the jumpsuit with the help of a zipper with two runners, easily reclines back if necessary. It has a black plastic mesh in front. The throat is covered with a special valve with Velcro. The main drawback of the mask is that the nose rests on a protective plastic mesh, which is very dangerous and inconvenient, especially when removing the swarm. I found a way out of this situation: I put on a cap with a hard visor, which somewhat removes the grid from the face.

All runners after closing the zippers are fixed, which prevents their spontaneous opening.

I note that in the overalls there are two functionally important plastic zippers - one along the body, the second two-castle (two-runner) for attaching the mask to the overalls - around the neck. Both zippers are covered with protective fabric straps.

In order to always have the necessary tools at hand, the jumpsuit is equipped with three deep pockets (2 pockets on the chest, and one back).

In front of the jumpsuit there are two pockets at the chest level with Velcro fasteners and one behind the patch pocket in the trouser section at the hip level.
Overalls advantages:

  • the bees do not bite overalls, do not get irritated, behave calmly,
  • the mask is removable, which allows for separate washing (I wash the mask with my hands, a suit in the washing machine),
  • reinforced mask, holds well on the head,
  • comfortable to work in it even on hot days,
  • deep comfortable pockets on flypapers.

  • the nose rests against the mesh of the face mask.

1. To increase the temporary resource of overalls on the elbows and knees, you can install pads (such as patches).

2. Holding sleeves can be installed on the sleeves, as many beekeepers work without gloves, and if you stretch somewhere, the sleeves expose the hand.

3. For additional ventilation under the armpits, you can install a mesh with an opening (with a zipper), on the back you can also install a similar ventilation mesh.

4. For a more snug fit of the overalls, zippers can be installed on the sleeves, which will create additional convenience when performing intra-zeroth works (especially spring ones!), And also a pocket for a mobile phone can be made on the sleeve.

5. In the delivery set, include a spare net for the face mask.

Suit at work:

The main task of the overalls is to protect the beekeeper from bee stings. He copes with it 100%. This jumpsuit satisfies all my needs. The overalls are additionally equipped with gloves that provide comprehensive protection from bee stings, as well as from the effects of propolis.

Pleasant to the touch, well perceived by bees, they are not annoying, provides constant circulation (ventilation) of air. In hot summer weather you feel comfortable in it. This fabric is not fleecy, after washing practically does not sit, is not covered with spools. Everything is stitched qualitatively, the seams of the overalls are reliable and accurate.

Satisfied with the purchase, I recommend for a purchase.

Beekeeper's overalls

Overalls are a universal form which is convenient, practical and provides the maximum degree of protection. It will not only protect you from bees, but also protect your clothes from getting honey, propolis resin and wax. Some models already have face-protecting nets in the form of a hood, so you won’t have to buy it separately in this case.

The design of most overalls is one-piece, with a zipper. Lightning makes it easy to put on and take it off. The fabric for its sewing is chosen durable - linen two-thread. In general, most models are approximately the same, they may vary slightly in cut and appearance.

In order for it to fit more tightly to the body, elastic bands are sewn into the cuffs, as well as in the area of ​​the waistline. Thanks to this, the bees will not be able to climb under the jumpsuit.

Accordingly, the risk of being bitten will be eliminated. It will be good not only for man. A bee that bites a person dies. Therefore, protecting yourself with specialized clothing, you make your work safe, and also save the life of the insect.

The advantages of overalls compared to regular clothes:

  • protects against attacking bees due to the strength of the material of which it consists,
  • the material from which the jumpsuit is sewn is water-repellent,
  • it has a multilayer structure, and the first layer has a breathable structure that will allow the skin to breathe,
  • the material of which its outer layer is made will not ignite with ease, which is very important for safety, as beekeepers often use smoke during work.

Beekeeper jacket

Many just need a beekeeper’s jacket. Indeed, it is not necessary to buy overalls, you can buy only a jacket if you already understand in this matter and have certain skills. The jacket will allow you to feel greater freedom of action compared to overalls. It will reliably protect the upper part of your body from bee stings during all procedures.

As a rule, the majority of all bee maintenance work falls on the hot summer period, in connection with this the jacket is sewn of light, thin, but durable material. As a rule, this is chintz. It is easy and convenient to work in a chintz jacket.