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The smell of cat urine on the floor in the apartment, how to get rid of?


The cat is constantly aiming at wooden floors.

The tree was literally saturated with this smell, and it was smashed from clean floors. And neither vinegar, nor bleach, nor other tricks can remove the stink. How to get rid of this smell without changing sex?

Tell me a remedy (brand and name) or folk remedy, maybe there is some stain, etc.

fill that place with soda, it absorbs the smell very well, you can pour it a little vinegar or citric acid and leave it for a while so that it penetrates and removes the smell, and then thoroughly wash the floors, and in general there is a special cat repeller in pet stores to he didn’t methyl there! Mix it with perfumes more sharply and the cat will be weaned to do his work there! You can also rub this place with orange peels properly!

The cat should not be given away, but castrated! It’s the norm for a non-castrate to mark his territory. Though splatter.

While you can try to wipe the floor with a solution of iodine (10-20 drops per 1 liter of water). But any means fights only with consequences - labels. The reason for the appearance of tags will not go anywhere until the cat is neutered. (The simplest operation, by the way. Even the operation in the full sense of the word does not turn out to be called. He moved away from anesthesia and rode off. No wounds, no dressings, no treatments.

Try to wash this place with plenty of warm water with soap or a special detergent for mopping, and when it dries, drop plenty of citrus fruit oil (lemon, orange, bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit) - this will not only remove the sharp specific smell of cat urine, but also scare the animal from this place.

Those who get cats, especially if they live not in a private house, but in an apartment, should be prepared for the fact that their cat will mark its territory at least occasionally. Since the neighbors may also have a cat, the smell of which yours will even feel through the doors. And even more so, the smell of those cats that just walk along the porch sniff, and also mark their territory. They are not to blame for this. This is nature, the struggle for territory on their instinctive level. It’s almost impossible to wash tags! Wash it.

Causes of Odor

Urine in cats has a very pungent odor, which is difficult to remove with soap and other household chemicals. The reason must be sought in a specific composition:

  • urochrome gives the urine a certain shade,
  • urea is responsible for the stickiness that persists after the puddle dries,
  • uric acid accelerates crystallization and makes urine difficult to remove.

Even if you thoroughly wash and rub everything for a long time, only the upper layers of the “mark” will leave, and after a while the aroma will appear again. Much depends on the absorbency of the material - it is much more difficult to remove a puddle from a carpet than from a tree and, especially, a laminate. therefore removal of the smell of cat urine from the floor should be carried out as quickly as possible and taking into account the type of surface.

Urochrome glows under ultraviolet light, so our specialist can easily find traces of marks and cat urine on the floor and conducts additional processing of these places.

Harm from the constant smell of cat urine

The main reason for the unpleasant smell of urine of a furry pet is ammonia. A short stay in rooms with a low ammonia content is not harmful to health, but if the concentration of the substance becomes elevated, problems can arise. The main ones:

  • severe irritation of the mucous membranes,
  • runny nose
  • cough,
  • pulmonary edema.

At a concentration of ammonia of 25%, burns of the mucous membranes and skin develop, but cat urine does not have such indicators. Over time, you will get used to the characteristic aroma, but it is still harmful to health, irritates the airways, and can provoke asthmatic attacks. It is especially dangerous to inhale ammonia vapors for young children and pregnant women.


In order not to wonder then what to wash the floors from the smell of cat urine and how to remove the smell of cat urine from the floor, if standard methods do not help, follow these recommendations:

  1. Set up your toilet in a secluded, quiet and dark place.
  2. In corners where the cat can theoretically decide to spoil, spray with a sharp aroma.
  3. Put peel of citrus or pine cones in flower pots.
  4. Constantly wash the tray - the cat will go looking for a new place for the toilet if its pot is dirty (one animal can go to the filler 2-3 times, the other will not be more than one).
  5. Do not yell at the pet and do not beat him - he may be offended and will begin to take revenge on you.
  6. Castrated cats do not mark territory and behave more educated than non-neutered cats.
  7. If the animal makes puddles everywhere and constantly, take it to the veterinarian - perhaps the problem is not in harm, but in infection of the urinary tract.

Also, the cat may not like the toilet itself, the type, flavor of the filler, the size of the tray may not fit. Install a trough in a quiet secluded place near the toilet - not the best option. Watch not only the floors, but also the sofas - cute cats love to dirty the places where they usually live. Also, the reason for constantly getting past the tray can be under stress - conflicts, aggressive attitude, the appearance of someone else’s shoes in the house and, accordingly, new smells.

Understand how and how to eliminate the smell of cat urine from the floor, if you see that the pet has croaked - start acting immediately, otherwise the liquid will eat into the coating. Remove the puddle, press the stain with a dry cloth, but do not rub or smear it.

By the way, acid crystals mostly smell, not urochrome and urea. They do not collapse under the influence of water, exude a sharp aroma with increasing air humidity.

Dry odor fog

You do not know how to kill the smell of cat urine on the floor, or home recipes like vinegar, potassium permanganate, special sprays simply do not help? We know how to remove the smell of cat urine from the floor quickly, guaranteedly and without unnecessary chemistry - this is dry fog. The technology will appeal to everyone who does not know:

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  • how to kill the smell of cat urine from the floor,
  • how to quickly remove an unpleasant odor, get rid of old spots,
  • what to choose, so as not to harm the health of households and save yourself from unnecessary actions.

How to remove the smell of cat urine from the floor using dry fog? It is enough to pour special liquid into the spraying equipment and carry out spraying. The aroma of the product is pleasant, even, it can be subtle or pronounced fresh. It is not required to wipe the surfaces after treatment; to ventilate the rooms for a long time too. Due to its special composition, the liquid does not clog equipment.

Now you know how to repel the smell of cat urine from the floor quickly, non-toxic, without harm to people and pets. Possible aromas of liquid for dry fog - vanilla, rose, green apple, cherry, cinnamon, coffee, orange, black ice, anti-tobacco, there are combined floral, citrus compositions. The average room treatment time is 15-20 minutes. Approximately 1.5 ml of agent is required per 1 m3. You can buy liquids in different volumes, it will be most advantageous to do this with dry fog kits. After processing, even the harshest and most persistent odors go away.

Why the cat does not go to the tray

When the little kitten has not yet learned to walk in the tray, he can arrange a toilet in any place he likes.

Gradually, he grows up and gets used to cope with his needs in a special place where the owners install the tray, but if the adult cat goes to the toilet in an unsuitable place, this can happen for the following reasons:

    The cat does not like her tray. When choosing a tray for your pet, the owners should consider that the kitten will grow up and therefore select its toilet for growth. The size of the tray should be at least 1.5 times smaller than an adult cat. When there are several cats in the apartment, each toilet should be separate, because it is a calm and secluded place that representatives of the cat family do not like to share among themselves. Also, the reason why the cat does not go into its tray may be its poor-quality cleaning and flushing. Cats have a very developed sense of smell, and they acutely feel when the toilet is not cleaned. For this, it is necessary to clean the cat tray from garbage and feces daily with detergents.

With a disease of the urinary tract, the cat may simply not have time to run to the tray

  • When new smells appear, the cat can react in such a way as to drown out the new smell by going to the toilet to the place where it comes from, so you need to be very attentive to the guests' shoes and place it during the visit in a place inaccessible to pets.
  • Cats are very subtle natures and require a corresponding attitude. They do not accept rudeness and too persistent caresses, so an offended kitty can express its dissatisfaction by going to the toilet in the wrong place.
  • In some diseases and at a fairly old age, cats may urinate more often and sometimes incontinence may develop.
  • A cat with small urinations can mark the territory, thus declaring its supremacy. Moreover, the smell of labels is more caustic than the smell of urine.
  • If the cat walked past the tray, remove urine immediately, otherwise the place will be saturated with smell

    In the event of a situation when the cat urinated in a place not specially designated for this, it is necessary to immediately begin cleaning on the floor and take measures to ensure the removal of the smell.

    All cat owners are familiar with the problem of eliminating cat urine. It can be removed, but it’s not easy, and these difficulties bring sad moments into the life of cat owners. If a puddle is found, it must be quickly removed without leaving anything. You can use paper napkins for this. Urine dries quickly and then becomes almost invisible.

    Fresh urine needs to be removed immediately, because after it dries, it will be impossible to do this.

    When moisture enters dried urine, an odor immediately appears, the intensity of which is not less than the initial one. This is especially noticeable on shoes, after the first wear the smell appears unbearable.

    Odor Remover

    There are many ways to remove the smell of cat urine from the floor. Their use depends on the type of coating on which the source of unpleasant odors is located and the time from the moment of urination to the beginning of active actions to eliminate the consequences of these events.

    1. The most common and affordable means by which any surface is cleaned and which kills all microbes is vodka, with which you can succeed even when cleaning old stains, and when removing tumors from pets, this product is even more effective. The only drawback of this product is its alcoholic aroma, which is eliminated much easier during wet cleaning.
    2. A potassium permanganate solution is also used as a means to eliminate a heavy aroma. This drug is especially effective in cleaning flooring and linoleum. The solution should be kneaded so that after its application there are no traces and spots on the surface.

    Even a soap dispenser can help deal with odors.

  • The diluted juice of freshly squeezed lemon will help not only to clean the floor surface and eliminate unpleasant odors, but will also help to discourage the desire of the four-legged resident of the apartment to go to the toilet in a place treated with citric acid.
  • To eliminate traces of a cat's toilet from the floor and remove odors, vinegar is diluted with water in the ratio of one part of vinegar to three parts of water.
  • When using soda, the place of stench is sprinkled on it and watered on top with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Traces and spots not immediately detected can be left for several hours for a more thorough introduction of the solution into them and then cleaned and washed.
  • Alcohol or vodka dissolves aromatic substances in cat urine well

    After treating the bowel movements that emit an unpleasant odor with the indicated products, the floor surface must be washed with chemical cleaners.

    Depending on the type of flooring, the possibility of using various means can be determined from the table:

    Type of coatingRecommended Use
    1Carpeted flooringGlycerin, laundry soap, a mixture of soda with vinegar (3: 1), a mixture of liquid soap with peroxide (2 teaspoons of soap in a glass with peroxide)
    2Linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.Vinegar, liquid glycerin, potassium permanganate

    To prevent the cat from trying to go to the toilet in the wrong place, you need to clean and wash the cat tray more often with special tools.

    Special odor control

    On sale there are a lot of products intended for the care of cats, among which there are formulations developed by specialists to eliminate odor. They can be presented in the form of granules, spray and all kinds of pastes.

    Professional cleaners must be used in strict accordance with the instructions attached to them, according to which it may take some time for the effective action of the enzymes that make up the drug used.

    Using these products, which kill the bad breath, you can clean the cat tray and eliminate the bad smell from the surface of the carpeted floor. For more information on how to get rid of the smell of urine, see this video:

    A black incandescent lamp is used to detect long-standing spots with cat stains. In the rays of her light, such places glow with a yellow light.