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How to Avoid Skin Problems


It turns out that working on a computer causes, among others, skin problems. Dermatologists are inclined to believe that computer radiation has the ability to penetrate into the deep skin layers and destroy the internal structure of the fibers.

The skin, especially dry, is quickly dehydrated, loses its elasticity and firmness. Computer attack is the cause of premature wrinkles and sagging.

What do experts advise to neutralize the effects of the computer?

One of the solutions is offered by German scientists. They shocked the world with a sensational discovery. It was found that tomatoes and cabbage protect the skin from harmful computer effects if these vegetables are eaten at least 500-700 grams daily. Their Dutch colleagues advise after taking a computer to take relaxing salt or coniferous compresses: a soft towel soaked in a solution to hold on your face for a couple of minutes.
Fruit recipes

Chinese doctors insist on “fruit recipes” for beauty. They recommend nourishing a person who is in close proximity to the monitor for a long time “from the inside” - every half hour to drink a few sips of water, in which lemon or grapefruit juice is added. And also consume daily at least 300 grams of freshly brewed green tea, which neutralizes the effects of computer radiation. Effectively, in their opinion, rubbing the skin with a slice of fresh apple or frozen fruit juice.

Oxygen instead of radiation

Japanese experts continue to develop their long-standing idea: to put pots of cacti near the side of the monitor, which absorb at least fifty percent of the computer radiation. This is what we knew, but the amazing results of experiments conducted by Japanese doctors have been published recently. It turns out that cacti not only absorb negative energy, but also convert dry and air-conditioned air into an atmosphere saturated with oxygen.

Canadian cosmetologists consider irrigation of the face the most miraculous means. If the skin is not covered with powder, then just spray it on your face or wipe it with a towel moistened with mineral drinking water. In the presence of makeup, it is necessary to use a high-moisture thermal spray, which not only restores the skin's natural moisture, but is also able to “fix” the makeup and fix its color.

Bread instead of water

Scientists of all countries are unanimous in their opinion that in a room where computer work is boiling, air conditioning, fans, or at least window panes must be installed. Plus daily wet cleaning, as computers intensively attract dust, which also settles on the face. The main rule of cosmetic care for a “computer” face is enhanced skin hydration. Women who work on a computer should use moisturizers daily, at all times of the year, and apply a protective cream under makeup.

Doctors from Lithuania recommend once a week to completely relax from working on a computer and offer an effective remedy for dehydration of the skin - washing with rye or Riga bread: pour the hot water on the hump and strain after cooling. This solution will perfectly replace water.

Why skin problems

Leather is a kind of “litmus”. It is enough to look at the skin of a person and you can very likely determine what ailments he suffers from. The skin takes on the function of cleaning, when the body is corny can not cope with this task. The cause of most formations on the skin is problems in the digestive system.

Often allergic reactions, acne or acne occur against the background of a lack of beneficial microflora. You need to understand that the intestines, in fact, are the immune system. Over the years, we lose the beneficial bacteria that we once received with mother’s milk. Reducing their number leads to a wide range of problems.

Malfunctions of the nervous system can also occur on the skin. No wonder they say that all diseases are due to nerves. The endocrine system is also prone to affect the condition of the skin. Problems arise against the background of changes in the work of organs that are part of the described group. The same applies to the hematopoietic and immune systems.

How to deal with skin problems?

The algorithm for dealing with skin problems is as follows:

Restoring the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and other body systems. To do this, you need to conduct a thorough examination and develop an effective algorithm to deal with problems,

A healthy lifestyle, including active sports and proper nutrition. It is advisable to refuse fatty foods and desserts or reduce their number to a minimum,

Rejection of bad habits,

Regular cleansing of the body. You can achieve your goal in a variety of ways: through medical treatment and various kinds of procedures.

Taking care of one's own health should be a priority for a modern person who is able to objectively assess the possible risks and consequences.

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