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How to get rid of bad breath in sneakers


Society is met not only “by dress”, but also by smell. The commonplace smell that comes from shoes can spoil the overall impression. A specific aroma, especially in summer, is clearly felt from sneakers, closed shoes, moccasins, etc. Not everyone can throw out a new, but unpleasantly smelling pair, so we will devote an article to the problem of how to get rid of the smell in sneakers using folk and industrial means.

The problem of “smelling shoes” is relevant for both women and men. Quite often, embarrassing situations arise when taking off shoes at a party, when choosing shoes in a store or in other situations. Eliminating the smell from sneakers does not mean getting rid of the problem completely, therefore, in this article we will discuss how to minimize the manifestation of hyperhidrosis on the feet.

To the root of the problem - why shoes smell

You can conditionally divide the cause of the unpleasant smell from sneakers and any other shoes into two groups:

  1. Sweating feet. Sweat itself does not have such a specific smell, but the bacteria that secrete the products of their vital activity in a humid environment, which appears inside the sneakers when the feet are sweated, contribute to a specific “coloring” of the aroma. Inadequate hygiene, as well as all kinds of diseases (foot fungus, endocrine disorders, diabetes mellitus, circulatory problems, etc.) can cause increased sweating.
  2. Poor quality shoes and environmental conditions. Not everyone can afford to wear exclusively leather “breathable” shoes. Therefore, sneakers with the words "made in china" flaunt on the feet of more than half the population. As for the external conditions, warm (not in weather) socks, increased physical activity, and hot weather can provoke the appearance of an unpleasant smell from sneakers.

We deal with an unpleasant odor at home

Such simple methods have proven themselves well:

  1. Washing. If your sneakers or other shoes are made of fabric, ordinary washing with a washing machine will help to cope with the unpleasant odor. In order not to damage the decorative elements on the shoes, before placing them in a centrifuge, place the shoes in an old pillowcase or special laundry bag. The use of fabric softener will help to cope with “smelling sneakers”.
  2. Freezing shoes. With this method, shoes are placed in a plastic bag and sent overnight inside the freezer. In the morning it must be pulled out and placed in the sun. This method helps to eliminate bacteria, because of which the smell appears.
  3. Use of newspapers. To remove moisture, you can use regular newspapers. Crumple them and place them inside the shoe. Newspapers do an excellent job. Also, for the purpose of getting rid of moisture in sneakers, creative people with a non-standard approach use fillers for cat's toilets.

Popular ways to get rid of the smell in sneakers

There are quite a few folk recipes that are used when sneakers stink. How to remove the smell quickly, tips from the people:

  1. Wipe the shoe inside with a used tea bag.
  2. To help stink help: alcohol (ammonia), lemon juice, lavender oil. Use these tools to process the insole of the sneakers.
  3. Herbs such as: sage, mint, eucalyptus, oak bark, lemon balm contribute to odor elimination. They are recommended to be placed inside the sneakers at night (dry composition).
  4. Place 10 tablets of crushed activated carbon in sneakers. The tablets “draw out” moisture and eliminate unpleasant odors.
  5. Soda and baby powder have the same effect as activated carbon. Only the first is not recommended for black shoes.

Special odor neutralizing agents

In addition to folk methods, there are industrial tools that will help get rid of the smell of sneakers. Fast-acting include shoe polish for odors. They are aimed at neutralizing an unpleasant odor, and also contain antibacterial components.

The choice of spray is individual, since what suits one does not always help others. Only practical application can determine a product that can eliminate the unpleasant smell of shoes. Such products are intended for application (spraying) on ​​the inner surface of shoes. It is recommended to apply the spray in the evening so that by morning the sneakers have time to completely dry.

Please note that the composition of really good sprays and ointments should contain menthol, camphor and extracts: chestnut, calendula, grape leaves.

Another remedy - a pharmacy, which has proven itself in practice, is alum. Powder can be purchased at the pharmacy. He is poured into socks and walked in them for 20-30 minutes. Alum can also be used for foot baths (the recipe is given below).

Foot baths

In addition to standard foot washing with soap, special foot baths should be used. They will help normalize the functioning of sweat glands.

  1. Tray of decoction of oak bark. For one liter of water you need to take 3 tbsp. l crushed bark. Boil the broth for half an hour. Drain the broth in the basin and add warm water. Keep feet for 20 minutes.
  2. Contrast baths. For the procedure you need to prepare two basins with water. In one it should be hot, in the other cold. Alternately lower your feet in hot or cold water. Such baths can be done daily. In addition to preventing hyperhidrosis, contrast baths are one of the methods of hardening that helps to strengthen the immune system.
  3. Bath with potassium permanganate. Such bathtubs do an excellent job of disinfection, killing pathogens on the surface of the feet. This results in less sweat and less odor.
  4. Bath with alum. To prepare the bath, you need to dilute alum with water, proportion: a quarter of a teaspoon per 1 tbsp. hot water.

Shoe care

Do not neglect the care of shoes, since quite often this factor contributes to the accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms on the insoles, which leads to an unpleasant smell of sneakers. Having dealt with the task of eliminating an unpleasant odor, it is important to keep the shoes clean so that they do not appear again. The basic rules of care are as follows:

  • leave the shoes open, undo the sneakers so that the inside can be ventilated and dry until the next sock,
  • wash your sneakers regularly and wipe the inside, replace the insoles with new ones from time to time,
  • knowing about the problem of sweating legs, have two main pairs of shoes and wear them alternately every other day, this will allow to air the replacement pair a little more time,
  • at the end of the season, be sure to ventilate the shoe before storing it in a box or closet. Wash and dry well if necessary.

To defeat the smell of sweat, you need to monitor foot hygiene, take care of shoes, apply means to reduce sweating, and then you will not be afraid of embarrassing situations.

Activated carbon

Their owners can get rid of the intrusive smell in black shoes by pouring crushed activated carbon into it instead of soda.

Effectively remove the stench will help warm water with a small amount of bleach. Pour the solution into the shoes and wait a few minutes. If bleach is not at hand, you can similarly get rid of the unpleasant odor with any bleach.

It is enough just to remove any unpleasant darling in shoes with a cotton swab or a cloth moistened with alcohol. Wipe all the inside of the shoe and wait a while. The stink that caused you so much discomfort should disappear.

Green tea

Green tea lovers can benefit from this wonderful drink in two ways: put used tea bags in your shoes and after a few hours they are guaranteed to help remove the unpleasant odor of sweat. Another way to get rid of stench with the help of green tea is to pour it into shoes, wait a few minutes, then send it to dry.

Hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide is an excellent tool to help remove any stench. Pour the peroxide solution inward and wait for it to finish bubbling. After this, the liquid can be poured out, and the shoes sent to dry.

A cotton swab soaked in vinegar can save your sneakers from an unpleasant aroma. Wipe them inside several times and take them out to fresh air for ventilation.

Bay leaf

This fragrant seasoning is another product that can relieve you of an unpleasant odor. Put some ground leaves inside and the problem will disappear. For prevention, you can also put bay leaves under the insole closer to the toes.

In winter, it’s wonderful to free the shoe from unpleasant aromas. Just take them out onto the street or balcony and leave them overnight. In summer, you can try to put your shoes in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer (of course, if there is enough space for this).

And even when you find a way to get rid of the smell safely, do not forget about careful shoe care and personal hygiene.

Regularly change the insoles and be sure to dry the sneakers inside using special electric shoe dryers or regular newspapers.

To combat sweating feet, use special creams and deodorants. Foot baths with the addition of a decoction of oak bark, strong tea or soda help to cope with the problem. And of course, you need to regularly wash your feet and change socks in a timely manner.

Bringing the smell out of sneakers is easy

The unpleasant odor in any case is the result of the growth of bacteria and high perspiration. Inside the shoe, a dark and humid environment is ideal for the development of any kind of bacteria. And first of all, disinfection is necessary.

The most effective disinfection is freezing, because microbes die at low temperatures. To hold it, just place the sneakers in a paper bag and put in the freezer for a day. At the end of the period, remove the shoes and let them warm up.

An excellent disinfectant is also steam. At high temperatures, harmful fungi and bacteria are destroyed, which produce unpleasant odors. For this purpose, you can use a conventional iron (with a steamer) or a steam cleaner.

And of course, ordinary washing in the best way will help get rid of unpleasant odors. However, sneakers must first be washed in the “Delicate” mode, wrapped in a pillowcase at a moderate water temperature. Drying such shoes is better in the air, after soaking up excess moisture with paper towels. It is not recommended to dry on the battery, as this may lead to a decrease in its size or the surface will crack at all. If it is not possible to wash the shoes in the machine, then you can manually just wipe them with a damp piece of cloth inside and out.

Remove stench from shoes with professional tools

The most popular professional odor control products are:

  • Odorless aerosols (Dividic, Salamander Shoe Deo, Scholl Fresh Step, Kiwi Extra-freshness, etc.) They are quickly consumed, but at the same time they provide good antifungal and antibacterial protection, preventing the further development of pathogenic microbes.
  • Flavored sprays (Solitaire Shoe Fresh Deo, Saphir, etc.). Effectively kill fungi and bacteria and with them an unpleasant odor. There are a variety of flavors (fruit, lemon, floral, etc.).
  • Deodorants with spray. Such funds are enough for a long time and at the same time they are safe for sneakers and legs themselves, since it does not contain harmful gases. They mask odors and provide excellent antibacterial properties. The most popular products are Shoes Deo, Cliven, Odor Gone Shoes, Tamaris 4Ever Shoes.

What means to give preference to is a personal decision of everyone.

Some folk remedies

Of course, not everyone has extra funds for preparations for professional shoe care, but nobody has yet canceled the use of folk remedies.

The most popular odor eliminators are soda, bleach, iodine, bay leaf, activated carbon, citrus peels, bleach, and of course alcohol.

Each of these remedies is good in certain cases. Let's consider some of them in more detail.

Alcohol and vinegar. As a rule, use ethyl alcohol, medical alcohol or vodka. Cotton wool is moistened with these liquids, which is used to process each shoe from the inside. After that, it is worth taking clean fleece for each shoe, moisten it and leave it inside for about 5 hours, after which it is good to ventilate. In the same way, you can resort to the use of ammonia, but in view of its features - a pungent smell, the procedure for processing sneakers should be carried out in a ventilated space.

Chlorine Definitely not suitable for colored shoes. It is diluted in water or with liquid bleach, and the resulting solution is poured directly into the sneakers for 2-3 minutes, no more. After that, you can drain the liquid and dry the shoes well enough.

Bay leaf. It is crushed and poured into each shoe for about 8 hours (best left overnight). Whole bay leaves can be placed under the insole for the preventive purpose of odors.

Activated carbon. Such a simple remedy can well absorb unpleasant odors and even neutralize breeding bacteria. It is enough to take five tablets, grind and, like a lavrushka, pour it into sneakers for the night, and remove it during the day.

Soda. Indispensable for white crosses, on color ones it can leave white spots that are removed quite problematically. The powder is poured in a dense layer and left for about 12 hours. Then just shake it out. For best results, you can mix soda with 50/50 starch and put this mixture into two socks, put in each shoe overnight.

Green tea. Not only invigorates in the morning, but also has good antibacterial properties, which are successfully used to remove such odors. It is enough to take 5 bags and put in each sneaker for the night. Brewed tea can also be used in the form of ready-made strong tea leaves, which is poured into shoes and can be dried immediately.

Citrus Peel. Orange or lemon skins are perfect for this procedure. Putting fresh peels straight overnight inside the shoe, you can effectively mask the unpleasant odor, it will simply interrupt with soft citrus notes. You can use lemon juice, pour it into a sneaker and immediately wipe and air dry.

Unused cat litter. This is an unusual option to eliminate odor and excess moisture, but it is effective. The mixture is poured into socks and placed in each shoe, best for a day. Socks after use can be dried for reuse.

Sneaker odor prevention methods

Already when choosing sneakers, you can make a mistake. In the warmer months, cross-country should be “breathable” and not synthetic in order to avoid that “greenhouse effect”. You also need to choose the right size.

Stops should be clean before each exit. They should be washed regularly with soap. Especially if a person is active in physical activity, playing sports, you need to wash your legs as often as possible, as well as ventilate your sneakers in a ventilated place. You can use fragrance pads.

Insoles should be cleaned regularly (with a toothbrush and washing powder), if they are in poor condition - replaced with new ones, possibly with deodorizing properties. Similarly with socks - they need to be changed and washed every day.

The problem of unpleasant odors can be a banal fungus on the legs, which contributes to the reproduction of "smelly" bacteria. If peeling of the skin, spots, scabies, brownish color of nails has been noticed - these are the main symptoms of the fungus and treatment should be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, the disease can become chronic and its treatment period may increase by several years.