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How to eliminate a very bad smell if it stinks from a car’s air conditioner


After a certain time, an unpleasant odor may appear in the car. There can be many reasons, but the main problem is the smell from the car’s air conditioner, which is distributed throughout the cabin. Often in car services you can hear the phrase: "I turn on the air conditioner and it starts to stink." When using the air conditioner for a long time, this is a common problem.

Instead of the expected coolness, an unbearable stink. Fried in an iron pan, in the summer heat, is not an option. It’s impossible to endure such a smell for a long time. The only way out is to find and get rid of the unpleasant smell in the passenger compartment. A logical question arises: How to get rid of it?

The cause of bad smell

The unpleasant odor arises from the process of decay, harmful bacteria begin to multiply on the ventilation surface of the machine. The air conditioner vaporizer is the best collection of odor and debris and bacteria. The evaporator in the car acts as a conventional radiator. In other words, the evaporator simply cools the air flow.

Through the air intakes or the filter located in the cabin, the air flow is directed to the radiator. The evaporator, like the radiator, has a wide surface and complex shapes. This design is attractive to bacteria, and their elimination can take a lot of time of funds and physical exertion.

In the operating position, the evaporator has a temperature much lower than the ambient temperature, and therefore condensation acts on it. All dirt and dust gets wet and the process of decay begins, which in turn forms the smell of dampness and charm. So, all that is needed for the smell of a wet rag or refrigerator is dampness and dirt.

Of course, harmful bacteria, and even mold, can develop on other elements, like on an evaporator. But it is the unpleasant smell from the air conditioner that becomes a big problem, as it does not allow the use of the entire system. I want to get rid of such inconvenience as quickly as possible. There are several methods for dealing with unpleasant odors (not including Christmas tree fragrance).

How professionals get rid of the stench

In fact, there are many solutions, but all of them require time and resources. The first thing a car service worker does is removes all the dirt from the air conditioning heat exchanger. Also, work is underway to eliminate all harmful bacteria and fungus, even in hard-to-reach places. To do this, you need to get to the inside of the air conditioner, namely the evaporator.

Sometimes this is a time-consuming task, since you need to completely disassemble the instrument panel. But in such situations, a specialist can disinfect with gas or special foam. This method is less effective, but it does its job well. The longer you do not eliminate the problem of unpleasant odor, the more acute and unpleasant the smell will be. Therefore, you need to solve the problem of bad smell as soon as possible.

There are several ways to get rid of the cause of an unpleasant stink. Key fixes:

  1. Gas antiseptic.
  2. Foam antiseptic.
  3. Liquid antiseptic.
  4. Manual flushing of air conditioning elements.

Gas antiseptic

To disinfect with a gas antiseptic, a number of sequential actions are used. For starters, the machine includes air circulation, in the average fan mode. Next are the air intake holes, which are usually located near the feet of the passenger or driver. Then activate the antiseptic gas cylinder and close the machine for 10 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the machine should be aired. This is a very simple but ineffective way. After some time, the smell may reappear.

Foam Antiseptic

Such an antiseptic in appearance resembles a cylinder with mounting foam, and its application principle is similar. In the repair service, the entire cabin filter is first removed, and then a large amount of antiseptic foam is released to the ventilation and air conditioning elements.

Then, with the engine turned on, the entire cooling system is fully warmed up. Thus, from heating the foam will begin to expand, due to which it will penetrate further. Within 10-15 minutes, it will gradually settle. In the end, the car heats up, in order to dry the foam, and draw the vapors of antiseptic into the car system. If the evaporator is located under the dashboard, there is a chance to eliminate odors from the air conditioner.

This method is more effective than simple gas. Since it penetrates deep into the system, there is a chance to kill the harmful bacteria of the fungus. But the method may not give the desired result. As a result, the money spent will not give the desired result.

Liquid antiseptic

In any case, you can not use household chemicals. Detergents can seriously harm the entire system and cause irreparable harm. All aluminum and metal materials in the enclosure may oxidize, and the system will no longer be airtight and will begin to let air through.

In salons, and repair services use a special antiseptic solution. Such a solution effectively fights harmful bacteria and germs. It also spares all air supply elements, and even vice versa prevents their wear. Therefore, only a specialized solution should be used for washing.

To achieve maximum effect, you need to form a pair of this antiseptic. Typically, the treatment is carried out with a spray gun. The whole mixture is used to process all ducts and air conditioning in the car.

All vapors, as in the case of a gas atomizer, are sucked into the entire system through air intakes. When the fan is on, the vapor enters the evaporator and can destroy an unpleasant odor.

Even the most powerful antiseptic is useless if garbage has accumulated in the entire system. During a short operation, the problem will manifest itself again. Therefore, there is a more effective way that can permanently maintain freshness in the car salon.

Manual flushing of air conditioning elements

The following method is a 100% guarantee to fix the problem for a long time. You can eliminate odors when you turn on the air conditioner by completely disassembling and cleaning. On our own, to do the job efficiently and accurately will not work.

The showroom will disassemble the entire system, clean the fins of the evaporator radiator. Also help to remove all blockages, debris and putrefactive fungus. You can find quality service at Services accurately and efficiently remove blockages of any complexity and disinfect with the best means. It's simple, leave a request for cleaning the air conditioning system and choose the right car service. Quickly, efficiently, profitably repair a car with us.